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South korea Tour Packages

South Korea Tour Packages Seoul and South Korea are idolized by nearly everyone we know. Some people are interested in cosmetics. Many people are addicted to music and television series. And practically everyone, including ourselves, is enamored of the cuisine. In recent years, South Korean technology and pop culture have erupted into the worldwide mainstream. This "Korean Wave" has transformed Seoul into one of Asia's most po Read More

South Korea Tour Packages

Seoul and South Korea are idolized by nearly everyone we know. Some people are interested in cosmetics. Many people are addicted to music and television series. And practically everyone, including ourselves, is enamored of the cuisine.

In recent years, South Korean technology and pop culture have erupted into the worldwide mainstream. This "Korean Wave" has transformed Seoul into one of Asia's most popular tourist destinations, with over 17.5 million international visitors expected in 2019.

Unfortunately, the travel slowdown has put an end to this tourism boom, but whenever borders reopen, expect it to resurface with a vengeance. Until then, you can use the most recent edition of our Seoul travel guide to plan your next trip.

To make you even more enthusiastic about visiting the country of kimchee, K-pop, and Korean cosmetics, read about the best activities to do, the trendiest districts to visit, and the tastiest dishes to eat.


South Korea tourist visa is not required for citizens of United Arab Emirates for a stay up to 30 days.


Seoul is the capital and largest city of South Korea (Republic of Korea). It has a population of 10.29 million people within its city borders, but when you take in the surrounding areas, that number climbs to 25.6 million, making it the world's second largest metropolitan area.

It's no surprise that Seoul is currently the fourth most economically powerful metropolis in the world, trailing only Tokyo, New York City, and Los Angeles (as measured by GDP).

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South Korea, like Japan, has four different seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Spring (March-May) and autumn (Mid-September – Early November) are the most popular times to visit Seoul since the weather is pleasant and the scenery is spectacular.

Spring, with its cherry blossom pinks and whites, and Autumn, with its blazing reds, oranges, and yellows, are both marked by a dramatic change in color. The following is a list of what to expect for each season.

MAR-MAY: One of the greatest seasons to visit Seoul is in the spring. The weather is perfect, and the city is bursting at the seams with flowers. If you want to see the cherry blossoms, you should visit South Korea during the second week of April (around April 9-10). You'll have the best chance of seeing the cherry blossoms this way. Keep in mind, though, that the blossoms are heavily reliant on the weather, so there's no assurance they'll be blossoming at that time. If the cherry blossoms aren't yet flowering in Seoul, you might take a day trip to Jinhae, which hosts Korea's largest cherry blossom festival.

SEPT-NOV: The fall is likely the greatest season to visit South Korea, unless you're looking for cherry blossoms. The temperature is perfect, and the foliage is at its peak, just like in April. If at all possible, schedule your trip around late October or early November.

DEC-FEB: If you want to go skiing, snowboarding, or simply enjoy the snow, winter is the time to go. Winter in Korea, on the other hand, is bitterly cold. We visited in early November and were somewhat aback by how cold it was already. If you don't mind the cold, there are various ski slopes within driving distance of Seoul.


We'll let you in on a little secret: South Korea is a really affordable trip! The cost of living in South Korea is low (unlike Japan, which it is often conflated with). In addition, the accommodations are of good quality for the price.

Every sort of lodging is available in South Korea, including hostels, urban Airbnb’s, and various hotels. Everyone will find something to their liking! If you're on a budget or traveling alone, consider staying in a hostel. If you have room in your budget to indulge, there will be something spectacular here as well!

But how does any of these possibilities fit into your financial plan? That is an excellent question. Let's take a closer look at each of them now.

Hostels in South Korea

South Korea has a large number of hostels to choose from. They are frequently the cheapest choice available, as is the case in other countries. But don't expect to find them everywhere; they're few outside of major cities like Busan and Seoul.

In South Korea, the lowest hostels cost as little as $10 per night.

Hostels offer a variety of benefits in addition to their low costs. They tend to lean towards being convivial locations, centers for international travelers visiting this East Asian nation, with community kitchens and common spaces. Backpackers will like the free breakfasts, nighttime events, and staff-led walking excursions.

Airbnb’s in South Korea

South Korea has a lot of Airbnb’s. Unlike hostels, you'll find them almost anywhere – and they'll often be in high-rise buildings in modern flats. They're usually small, but they're filled with everything you'll need to have a truly local experience practically everywhere in the country.

They can cost as little as $20 per night.

Staying in an Airbnb anywhere in the globe means you'll have a lot of privacy. Staying in a real apartment rather than a hotel (or hostel) provides a lot of independence, and having a kitchen to make your own meals keeps prices down. Furthermore, they are frequently located in regions where you may have a more true sense of the place you are visiting.

Hotels in South Korea

While they are the most expensive lodging choice in South Korea, they are nonetheless reasonably priced. In fact, a stay in a nice, mid-range hotel in Seoul can be had for roughly $50. In comparison to many other countries, that's a steal! You can expect significantly lower accommodation rates in other locations across the country.

At South Korea, staying in a hotel can be a great way to stay in elegance. Housekeeping, concierge services, daily breakfasts, and on-site amenities like gyms and restaurants mean you won't have to lift a finger. If you thought that traveling cheaply in South Korea meant skipping hotel stays, think again!


The South Korean won, officially the Korean Republic won is the official currency of South Korea. A single won is divided into 100 jeon


South Korea is a small country, covering only about 100,000 square kilometers. That means a 2-week tour will comfortably cover its relatively modest area.

South Korean transportation is also reasonably priced. Because of this, and its relatively small size, adventuring is a very practical choice, especially on a shoestring budget. To get from point A to point B, you have a choice of economical high-speed trains and even more affordable intercity buses.

Then, once you're in the cities, you may take use of the low-cost metro (or bus) systems to move around.

Overall, South Korean public transportation is comprehensive, cost-effective, and truly opens up the country beyond its well-known cities.


Food is always a highlight of life in South Korea, whether it's grabbing some street food or feasting on high-end multi-course extravaganzas.

Bap (rice) and a variety of banchan (side dishes), as well as soup and the omnipresent kimchi, are staples of Korean cuisine. With plenty of garlic and chile, soy sauce, hot chili paste, and fermented soybean paste, expect huge, powerful flavors.

And, for the most part, food in South Korea is reasonably priced. Unless you want to eat so-called royal cuisine, it's cheap all around the country. Make certain you don't miss out on the following:

Barbecue in Korea

Dakgalbi Bibimbap

These gastronomic recommendations will help you save the expense of your trip to South Korea even more:

Look for noodle restaurants.

Food on the Street

Choose a buffet.


Korean, often known as Hangul, is the official and national language of both South and North Korea. The language is vastly different from that of the West. South Korea has a population of almost 51 million people, half of whom live in and around Seoul, the country's busy metropolis.


South Korea has a diverse range of attractions to keep you occupied during your visit. From the exquisite centuries-old palaces of the capital city to historic towns in Jeonju and the tranquil seaside of Jeju, there's something for everyone.

There are more fascinating locations where you can learn more about today's South Korea, in addition to cultural attractions. The DMZ, numerous museums, Busan's fish markets, and modern-day metropolitan areas such as Seoul's Cheonggyecheon – a beautifully landscaped river district – are just a few examples.

Fortunately, attractions in South Korea are reasonably priced. Museum admission varies from free to $5 at places like the National Museum of Korea.

Many historic places are free to visit elsewhere; Changdeokgung Palace, for example, offers a glimpse into South Korea's imperial past for $2.70.

There are many free activities available as well; try the following:

Hiking is extremely popular in South Korea. It's no surprise that hiking is regarded as an unofficial national sport, with apparently endless mountains with well-marked paths and breathtaking views (often including historic and cultural monuments).

Villages of Hanoks — These refurbished medieval towns with hanok (traditional wooden dwellings) are often free to visit and explore. Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, for example, has roughly 900 dwellings to explore at your leisure.

Akbar Travels Recommended Best South Korea Tour Packages

All of our Korean tour packages from Dubai have been meticulously planned to encompass the attractions of each region while removing the stress of having to schedule everything yourself. These Korean tours offer to leave you with some fantastic holiday experiences, with included excursions like as experiencing the magnificent city of Seoul, adventures to the famed Island of Jeju, and hiking. All of the details, including flights, lodging, and transfers, are taken care of, so all you have to do now is relax and enjoy your vacation.

Take a look at some of our most popular South Korea itineraries below and book now to save big:

Akbar Recommended Best South Korea Tour Packages

KOREA Packages


KOREA Tour Package Price

Stunning Seoul

4 Nights / 5 Days

AED 2,258

Splendid Seoul with Jeju Island

5 Nights / 6 Days

AED 3,222

Highlights of Seoul with Busan

5 Nights / 6 Days

AED 3,964

Tales of South Korea

7 Nights / 8 Days

AED 4,727

From Seoul to Hiroshima

6 Nights / 7 Days

AED 5,124

From Seoul to Kyoto

10 Nights / 11 Days

AED 9,238

Places To Visit In South Korea

South Korea has everything a traveler could ever desire in a vacation. It boasts a vast and fascinating history, a vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, welcoming people, and a world-class tourism infrastructure (including a new high-speed rail system). It's also a land of contrasts, with sights ranging from old hilltop Buddhist monasteries like Bulguksa to ultra-modern skyscrapers like the Lotte World Tower in Seoul.

It also boasts one of the most unique tourist attractions in the world, a no-land man's that is part of a military boundary between two countries that are still formally at war (the DMZ). With our list of the top tourist attractions in South Korea, you can choose the greatest places to visit.

Changdeokgung Palace

Changdeokgung Palace was usually the favorite royal residence among the five major palaces established by the Joseon Dynasty in the 15th century near Seoul. It was here that the monarch and his family went about their daily lives.

The palace is more than a single structure; it is a collection of structures, each of which fulfilled a distinct purpose. Some are used as lodging, while others are used as libraries, dining rooms, and meeting spaces, among other things. Make time to visit the 78-acre Huwon, or palace garden, which is located behind the palace. Pathways, green spaces, pagodas, streams, and lakes abound.


Are you aware that you may go to the beach in Korea? Busan is the country's second largest city, and its coastline is surrounded with gorgeous beaches and resorts. There's also a lot of culture and history to be found here. Be sure to stop at the Beomeosa Temple and Gamecheon's hillside village. Gamecheon, Korea's counterpart of Santorini, is a European-style community perched on cliffs above the sea.

Jagalchi Market, the country's largest commercial fish market, is a must-see for seafood aficionados. Consumers can enter a portion of the market, and there are numerous tiny eateries that can prepare your purchase so you can eat it right there. Busan is easy to reach; on Korea's KTX high-speed bullet train, it takes roughly two hours from Seoul.


Jeonju is a historic city in South Korea that was once the Joseon Dynasty's spiritual capital. It is about 90 minutes by rail from Seoul. Many old temples and shrines, as well as a hanok village, can be found here. These can be found all around Korea. They are maintained neighborhoods of old and ancient residences (Hanoks) that allow visitors to experience life in ancient Korea.

Some of the hanok villages' homes are open to the public for tours, while others have been converted into museums (as well as restaurants and hotels), but the majority remain private residences.

N Seoul Tower

Yes, everyone who visits Seoul should climb to the top of the city's most famous observation tower. Its near-mountaintop location, along with the tower's height, puts you nearly 500 meters above sea level and the city below. However, set aside some time to visit the nearby mountain range. The tower is located near the summit of Mount Namsan, and the entire region is managed by the city as Namsan Park. Within a few minutes of downtown Seoul, there are kilometers of hiking paths to discover.

Indoor and outdoor observation rooms, as well as restaurants, are located on the top levels of the N Seoul Tower. LED lighting covers the exterior of the tower, which is lit each night in seasonal light shows. 

Bukchon Hanok Village

Hanok villages are living museums that can be seen in a few locations in Seoul and Korea. They're old neighborhoods that have been repaired and conserved, some in their original locations (like Bukchon) and others re-created with Hanoks (traditional Korean dwellings) relocated from other areas. They allow visitors to experience not just what it was like to live in a hanok, but also what life was like in Korea 600 years ago.

Many of the Hanoks are museums or feature cultural demonstrations, so you can enjoy the tiny, narrow streets while also learning about Korean culture. Many are private residences, and some even provide lodging. This is what makes these village areas so unique; many of the homes are privately owned and occupied by real local residents, making them actual living history.

Choosing Akbar Travels’ Korean tour packages from Dubai gives you the freedom to discover destinations without having to worry about the details. We've spent over 40 years crafting and refining tour itineraries full of must-see sites and off-the-beaten path experiences you won't find on other tours. Our Travel Experts will take care of every element and their passion and local knowledge will bring your journey to life. We do the work, and you concentrate on taking the trip of a lifetime. You can also book budget Switzerland tour packages from Dubai, UAE.

Everything's sorted for you - from flights and hotels to sightseeing and activities. Ready to start your adventure? Switzerland is calling you; get your suitcase ready!

Akbar Holidays provides you a range of South Korean packages, ranging from best Korean packages for couples & family to Korean packages from Dubai in the UAE. Book your South Korea package with Akbar Holidays today!


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