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Goa with our Goa tour packages has the ideal combination of tropical surroundings, vibrant nightlife, and natural beauty. Visit our Goa packages to gather all the details you need to know to organize an excellent holiday to the party-state. This collection of Goa trip package for Goa will make your vacation enjoyable and hassle-free, with information on the top tourist sites and opulent resorts. In these posts, learn about the state's best-ke Read More

Goa with our Goa tour packages has the ideal combination of tropical surroundings, vibrant nightlife, and natural beauty. Visit our Goa packages to gather all the details you need to know to organize an excellent holiday to the party-state. This collection of Goa trip package for Goa will make your vacation enjoyable and hassle-free, with information on the top tourist sites and opulent resorts. In these posts, learn about the state's best-kept secrets. For you to thoroughly enjoy your holiday, each Goa packages for couple provides crucial information such as the best time to visit, how to get there, and other specific tips and information. Every Goa packages for couple we've arranged has served as a venue for us to express our passion and enthusiasm for India's top party spot. With the aid of these Goa trip cost packages, you may discover fresh and unusual areas rather than restricting yourself to popular beaches and tourist sites. These Goa holiday packages contain information about Goa trip cost for both North Goa and South Goa, in the Portuguese-influenced region of India. To ignite everyone's travel love for Goa, pin your favorite Goa holiday packages and feel free to share them on your social media platforms.


If India's most coveted vacation had a name, it probably sounded a lot like our Goa tour packages. Goa is as near to a fantasy paradise as you can get with our Goa packages, with crystal-clear beaches, exotic activities and themed events, and a dynamic blend of traditional and modern culture. It is an old Portuguese colony that exudes historical charm and provides a variety of adventure activities, relaxation, and mouthwatering Goan cuisine on your Goa trip package. Goa travel has been one of the most eagerly awaited tourist destinations since the imposition of a national lockdown in March, a sentiment that the majority of us share. The state tourism ministry has announced Goa packages for family with rules to guarantee both visitors' and locals' safety.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you and all the information like your Goa trip cost, you need to pick the right Goa tour packages for you. Choose our recommended Goa Tour Packages from the list below:


Akbar Recommended Best Goa Tour Packages




Goa Escape Aldeia Santa Rita Self Drive


Rs 3,999/-

Goa Escape - Resort De Alturas


Rs 8,999/-

Goa Escape White woods Resort and Spa


Rs 10,699/-

Goa Escape The Zuri White Sands Resort and Spa


Rs 18,299/-

Goa Drizzle


Rs 19,699/-


Goa on our Goa tour packages is a feast for the senses, blessed with serene beaches, lively festivals, and mouthwatering cuisine. Goa is a beautiful place to travel to at any time of year, but the winter season, between December and March, on our Goa packages is the ideal time to go since the weather is the most consistent. Goa, with our Goa trip package has the busiest travel season which starts in October and lasts through January. If you enjoy culture, the monsoon season, which lasts from June to September, is the finest time to see the vibrant Goan festivities. Sao Joao, St. Peter, and Bonderam festivals all have a carnival-like atmosphere. The Dudhsagar waterfalls are also at their most impressive during the monsoon with our Goa holiday packages.


With the best weather and our Goa tour packages, December in Goa is vibrant. The start of nightlife means that all the pubs and clubs are busy on our Goa packages. One of the greatest destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve is without a doubt Goa on our Goa trip package. Whatever Goa travel you choose, there is always activity there. You'll be able to take in music performances, food vendors, and a stunning lighting show that you'll set off at midnight all across the city. As an alternative, you may spend New Year's Eve on the beaches on your Goa packages for couple. You may take part in a party there that features fire-eating contests, dancing, and fireworks to ring in the new year. Although it may be crowded for our Goa packages for family, Goa will never feel tranquil, let's face it. If you go in December, there is a higher chance to meet interesting travelers. Its high season for a reason!


For those who enjoy beaches and partying, Goa is always a treat with our Goa tour packages. But compared to other times of year in the "party state," Goa in the winter is more endearing and exciting with our Goa packages. Don't worry if you've scheduled a Goa trip package for the end of the year or the beginning of the new year and are wondering what to do to make your vacation enjoyable. These thrilling occasions and celebrations have got your back on your Goa packages for family. Instead of spending your time wandering from shack to shack and beach to beach, make your trip to Goa a memorable one by attending any or all of these activities.


November through February in Goa on our Goa tour packages are considered the winter months. The daytime temperature is often around 30 degrees Celsius, and the nighttime temperature may be as low as 18 when traveling on our Goa packages. The coldest month in Goa is January on our Goa trip package. There isn't any rain, but there is still a lot of sunshine. These elements combine to make the winter in Goa a fantastic time to visit with our Goa package from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Kolkata, Nagpur, Indore, Coimbatore, Jaipur and Lucknow.


Both the finest and worst times to visit Goa are during the winter but not on our Goa tour packages. Even if the weather is fantastic and there are many EDM parties and events to attend with our Goa packages, this is also Goa's busiest travel season. In addition to being congested, it is also more expensive than other months for hotels, flights, etc.


Accommodation in Goa on our Goa tour packages ranges from five-star luxury, beach resorts to basic guesthouses, homestays and hostels designed to suit those on the smallest budgets. As a rule for your Goa packages, you’ll find Goa’s best hotels near the beaches with beach view stay and entertainment. For a luxury Goa honeymoon package, there’s no shortage of 5-star properties to be found – while your Goa trip budget will have to be considerable, the levels of service and pampering on offer will more than make up for it. Akbartravels.com offers something for everyone, from the family looking for a fun-filled holiday to a couple planning a romantic escapade to the seasoned world traveler expecting a higher level of service and luxury. We compare prices from a large range of hotels, so you can find the right room at the right price if on a Goa packages for family. Whether it’s for one night or an extended stay, choose from our range of comfy hotels, with somewhere to match any budget. We search wider, so you don’t have to. Come, let us inspire you!




Goa's Sao Joao festival honours customs and religious beliefs in a spectacular way you can witness on our Goa tour packages. On this day, with our Goa packages you’ll see people march while singing hymns from different religions and the Mando. In order to set apart participants in the Sangodd from other groups, they wear uniforms. Additionally, this is the moment when a person's sense of adventure comes to the fore when on your Goa honeymoon package. The youngsters can showcase their abilities through a variety of competitions.


As a sort of homage to St. John the Baptist, on your solo trip to Goa, see worshippers on our Goa tour packages jump into and swim in home drinking water wells during the Catholic festival of Sao Joao, which is observed in Goa in a unique way. In Goa, young men plunge into wells during this festival to recover the presents that the people have thrown in. Exclusive of your Goa trip budget, the event, which takes place on June 24 at the start of monsoon season in Goa, sees participants of all ages diving into wells, ponds, and streams.


In North Goa's Bardez taluka, on our Goa trip package for friends, visit the hamlet of Siolom has vibrant boat racing you can experience with our Goa tour packages. However, not all of Goa celebrates the Sao Joao holiday with the same zeal. The festivities with our Goa trip package for couple can take on a gloomy tone in the south. In Siolim, Anjuna, Candolim, Calangute, and Assagao in particular, it is celebrated with tremendous fervour and zest.



Goa is a veritable shopping paradise on our Goa tour packages. One of Goa’s malls is home to several well-known foreign companies, perfect if you want this include on our Goa honeymoon package. Another popular alternative for shoppers is street shopping. It's a terrific opportunity to experience Goa's wonders while Goa travel shopping, stopping for a leisurely lunch, and shopping again all on the same street. Cashew nuts, feni, spices, handicrafts, apparel, beachwear, faux jewelry and accessories, paintings, etc. exclusive of your Goa trip budget are all popular in Goa.


Shopaholics take note, below are the best places for shopping on your Goa tour packages:

  • Panjim Market

  • Anjuna Flea Market

  • Mapusa Market

  • Calangute Market Square

  • Gandhi Market

  • Mackie’s Night Bazaar



There are lots of ways to experience the Goa food scene on your Goa tour packages. With food of course being a big part of any culture, our Goa honeymoon package is a great pick that includes places to eat your way through the whole Indian food on a Goa packages for family: besides authentic seafood cuisine. Exclusive of your Goa trip budget, try the famous Goan dishes are Goan Fish Curry, Pork Vindaloo, Rava fried fish, Chicken Xacuti, Crab xec xec, Bebinca, Fonna Kadi, Kingfish, Chicken Cafreal, Prawn Balchao, Sanna, Goan red rice, Feni and Bebinca among others.



As the sun sets on the beaches of Goa, the peppy nightlife of this glamorous destination begins to emerge with our Goa tour packages. Boasting some of the best nightlife in the world, Goa offers a selection of venues with live entertainment, in house DJs, bands, concerts, international acts, carnivals and so much more with our Goa honeymoon package. From eccentric night clubs and jazz bars to beach clubs and pool bars, Goa nightlife with our Goa packages from Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Surat, Chandigarh, Vadodara, and Rajkot, is like nothing you've ever experienced. The Indian state is home to thousands of pubs, bars, beach clubs, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes to keep you entertained every night, whole year round. Most bars and nightclubs kick off around midnight and stay open all night long. If you are young or on our Goa trip package for friends and love to party, then the vibrant nightlife of Panjim is perfect for you!


Top party joints when on a Goa trip package for couple include LPK Waterfront Club, Sinq Night Club, Café Mambos, Curlies Beach Shack, Cape Town Café, Cohiba Bar & Kitchen Nyex Beach Club and Hill Top Goa.


Goa is a traveler’s dream best with our Goa honeymoon package. It’s a relaxing beach holiday, it’s cultural, it’s historic, it’s an adventure and it’s bubbling with tastes with our Goa travel packages.


When you think of Goa, you probably picture a seaside hideaway with views of sparkling sands, clear waters, and a glittering sun in the distance. In the beach capital of India, on a solo trip to Goa, a beautiful green environment encircles the golden shoreline that stares out towards the dazzling waters. Goa, the smallest state in the union, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country with our Goa travel packages.


Goa is most often known to visitors as North and South Goa, with the former being the place to go if you're looking forward to a "happening" vacation and the later, if you need a more tranquil break from your busy life. Goa provides everything you need for a successful family vacation with our Goa travel packages, a fast weekend break with friends, or a romantic moment with someone special.


In India, visit Goa trip from Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Kerala and celebrate it as a milestone toward reaching adolescence. A new type of freedom is promised by Goa’s broad stretch of coastline part of your Goa trip cost per person. Goa gave rise to a "New Found Land," where you may be visiting on our trip to Goa from Bangalore, drifting away from the biases and societal niceties that bind you more than logic and reason can want! Visit this area with our Goa trip package from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Surat, Indore and Guwahati which was formerly a part of the famous Hippie path that flourished from Europe to Nepal.


You do not only go to Goa once. Take our trip to Goa from Bangalore as you wish to reside there and indulge in the salty breeze-served intangible elixir that the Arabian Sea offers! On our Goa packages for friends, you should go to Goa. Even after several unsuccessful attempts to schedule a trip with a different group of friends, do return to Goa on our Goa packages for friends .


Famous Attractions:

With beautiful beaches, magnificent temples, adventure-fuelled adventure sports, scrumptious cuisine and much more, exclusive of your Goa trip cost for couple, Goa has so much to offer! Aside from the usual highlights and attractions that draw the attention of tourists, there are also many hidden gems on our best Goa packages known only by locals. As one of the most beloved Indian states never to be settled with our Goa packages for couple with flight from Delhi and Chandigarh, it is also studded with implausible cultural and historical sites, including sights and ruins that stretch back hundreds of years. And despite the heavy flow of tourism with our Goa packages with flight, Goa preserves its quintessential identity with its own distinctive culture and history and carefree people famed for their smiles.


Best places to visit on a Goa trip for couple in Goa: Dudhsagar Falls, Aguada Fort, Shree Mangesh Temple, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Tropical Spice Garden, Deltin Royal Casino, Chapora Fort, Pandava Caves and Arvalem Waterfall, Mangeshi Temple, Fontainhas, Goa State Museum, Casino Pride.



Travel to Goa from Mumbai and visit Goa's Ancient Latin Quarters, a UNESCO Heritage Zone, which is popular with tourists because of its charming old buildings in pastel shades of yellow, green, blue, and pink that have spacious balconies and red-tiled roofs. Exclusive to your Goa trip cost for a couple, discover the historic structures, charming shops, bakeries, restaurants, and art galleries as you stroll through the streets crowded with souvenirs, handicrafts, Tibetan products, and other items.



Goa is home to countless tourist attractions on our Goa package from Delhi with flight, but none are as beautiful as the many beaches that exist on this land. With more than 99 miles of amazing coastline, there's a party, relaxation or scenic spot for everyone inclusive of your Goa trip price. There are certain things that characterize a Goa beach experience — clear waters, white sand, and the numerous watersports. It goes without saying that on your Goa family trip you will see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Several of these beaches, such as Baga and Calangute, have become heavily touristed, serving more to facilitate partying than relaxation. However, peaceful, quiet beaches still do exist in Goa if on a honeymoon trip to Goa.


Goa is home to well over 25 amazing beaches, from raucous party spots to calm and tranquil ones. Goa's beaches complete your vacation by providing lively beaches like Baga, Calangute, Anjuna, and Arambol that ring the northern coastline with a tonne of bustling shacks selling mouthwatering Konkan fare and cocktails and mocktails to go with it.

If you're looking for some peace and quiet on your Surat to Goa and Mumbai to Goa package for couple, South Goa is a great place to go. It has calm beaches like Colva, Palolem, and Galgibaga (renowned as an Olive Ridley turtle breeding site) that are isolated from the outside world yet well worth seeing.


Here is our inclusive budget for Goa trip list to the best of the best — some well-known, some completely remote — that will keep you more than busy on your Goa honeymoon packages from Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Bangalore:


Baga Beach

Calangute and its neighboring beach Baga are for you if you like activity (and don't mind crowds). On sun loungers and in the surf on your Goa adventure packages, you may unwind all day long. And when the sun is too intense, as part of your Goa activities package just go inside the beachside bars and eateries for a nice drink and some tasty seafood. After sunset, you may go to clubs like Café Mambo, which are open until the early hours.


Candolim & Calangute Beach: 

Candolim is renowned on our family holiday packages in Goa, for its beauty and is distinguished by its scrubbed sand dunes, clean seas, crisp sea wind, and vast expanses of soft sand. Take our Goa stay package to enjoy Parasailing, banana rides, scuba diving, and jet skiing are more activities that adventurers might engage in. After the beach, stop by one of the adjacent shacks for a cool cocktail prepared with the local Goan liqueur feni to relieve your thirst. Let the serenity now permeate you.


Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach, part of your Goa honeymoon package price, has the atmosphere of one of Goa's secret beaches because of its serene beach setting. Majorda, which has a legendary link to Lord Rama, is a culinary haven. When Lord Rama was taken as a youngster, it is thought that he was carried to this seashore. According to legends, Lord Rama visited Majorda Beach while searching for Goddess Sita. It is one of South Goa's most lovely tourist destinations you can visit on your Goa packages from Mumbai with flight.


Colva Beach

Colva is not a secret, yet it nonetheless has a tranquil, isolated atmosphere. Take our Delhi to Goa honeymoon package to visit the beach as it is a great place for a fun-filled family day out because of its calm waves, family-friendly eateries, and water sports. For more information on your Goa trip cost from Kolkata, visit our website.


Palolem Beach

Palolem, for a Goa family trip package, has a less boisterous population, is the best beach in Goa for honeymoon to spend a relaxing afternoon boating, swimming, or sunbathing. If you're fortunate, dolphins could even be seen. The southern part of the beach transforms into an outdoor club when night falls and has a silent disco where you may pick your own music. Want to stay by the water on our Goa tour packages from Vadodara by train? For that, there are movable coco huts; nevertheless, if on our Goa honeymoon package with flight and comfort is your first priority, there are resorts and motels nearby.


Miramar Beach

Travel to Goa from Bangalore as we would contend that Miramar is one of the prettiest beaches in Goa, offering unmatched vistas of the Arabian Sea, along with a generous serving of fine sands and untamed vegetation. Get here on your Goa tour package from Indore, and after you've gotten your fill of swimming and tanning, head to the beach to locate wonderful restaurants and entertaining gift stores. Want to get intimate? Keep on staying till sunset with our Goa trip package for couple from Delhi, to see Miramar at its most gorgeous (and to capture the perfect honeymoon pic).


Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach is an excellent option as part of your Goa package price, if you want a bohemian beach vacation. Beach sports like windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, and scuba diving are available throughout the day, and after the sun sets, it's party time. Go to the Beachside shacks and pubs on your Goa packages for family with flight, like Curlies and Shiva Valley emit psytrance music. Visit the flea market on Wednesday on your Goa packages from Mumbai for family if you're in town if you want to buy genuine souvenirs.



Vagator, on your Delhi to Goa package for couple, which is only a short distance from the popular Anjuna Beach, on your Goa holiday packages from Mumbai is less congested and a great location to unwind. Beach shacks, eateries, and retail establishments are all nearby. The Hindu god Lord Shiva's visage is etched into a beachfront boulder at the end of the beach. Once there, continue your journey another mile to see the famed Chapora Fort. If you enjoy parties, Vagator won't let you down because trance parties are frequently hosted there at establishments like Disco Valley, Hill Top, and the Mango Tree.


Morjim Beach

Take our Delhi to Goa holiday package and keep a watch out for the kingfisher, sand plover, sandpipers, quill, cuckoo, and bay-backed shrike in Morjim, which is overflowing with many bird species. It's a fantastic location for dolphin watching as well. On the beach, there are several shacks and eateries, some of which are owned by Russian restaurateurs, so you may sample both Russian and Goan food there.


Arambol Beach 

The ideal beach location for you is Arambol on our Goa vacation packages, if you want to catch some waves away from the crowds. new to surfing? Check out the Surf Wala School, which provides instruction of a high calibre. You may practise alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, tai chi, and reiki in addition to surfing. Live music performances, jam sessions, and drum circles take place throughout the evening.


Sinquerim Beach

Beautiful Sinquerim Beach on our Goa packages from Bangalore for family has a broad stretch of golden sand. You may also tour the Aguada Fort, which provides a beautiful background to the location. It is one of the greatest beaches in Goa to enjoy water rides and other water activities. One of Goa's top beaches for trying out water sports is this one. After the thrilling and tiring water activities, when you start to feel hungry, go over to the food vendors to enjoy some fast Goan snacks.


Dona Paula Beach

If a wonderful length of soft sand, quiet waves, and palm trees aren't enough of a reason to visit Dona Paula, then the captivating sight of the sun setting over the lake at night should. You may also get your heart racing on your Delhi to Goa packages for couple with flight by windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing, parasailing, and taking motorboat rides if you're feeling very daring.




No visit to Goa would be complete without stopping by some of the most lovely cathedrals and churches in the world. Even if you’re not very religious, these architectural masterpieces are a must-visit due to their history and their majestic beauty. Let’s take a look at some of them and why you should include these stops in your Goa tour.


Basilica of Bom Jesus

Perfect for a Goa trip with friends, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is the most commonly visited church in Goa. This church in Goa, which dates back to 1594, is one of the oldest in the country thanks to the Jesuits who came to India in the 15th century. The Dom Martin Basilica Bom of Jesus astonishes everyone who arrives with its intricate works of precious stones, the uncorrupted remains of St. Francis Xavier, and strange works of impressionist painter. It is also one of Goa's most well-known churches.


Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

A must on our Goa solo trip package, this church, which is located in Panaji, is one of the oldest in Goa. It boasts a double flight of symmetrical steps and a beautiful outside construction. This church, a magnificent illustration of Baroque design, also houses Goa's second-largest bell.


Se Cathedral 

The Se Cathedral on your family holiday packages in Goa with flight is the largest cathedral and monastery in Goa due to its exquisite architecture. It was constructed as a monument to St. Catherine as a celebration of Portugal's triumph over India. This location, which is home to the Great Golden Bell and has received the Pope's blessing in the shape of the Golden Rose, exudes a very strong spiritual atmosphere. Additionally, it is surrounded by some of Goa's top retail areas.


Church of St. Cajetan

One of the most stunning buildings in South Goa is the Church of St. Cajetan, which was inspired by St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican city. The cathedral, which depicts the majesty of the Portuguese Era with its Corinthian architecture and decorations in the Baroque style, has legions of fans all over the world.


St. Francis of Assisi Church

One of the esteemed Roman Catholic churches and part of your Goa family package cost is this one. The church's interiors are intricately inlaid with embellishments and are recognised for their Baroque and Corinthian architecture. Two statues—one of Christ and the other of St. Francis of Assisi—can be found on the tabernacle. The golden interiors of the cathedral are exquisitely ornamented. There are several paintings that show St. Francis of Assisi's life. The frescoes and carved woodwork are equisite.


Mae De Deus Church

It is one of Goa's most beautiful churches on our Goa trip budget from Hyderabad, and it is elegantly constructed. Its massive whitewashed walls and mediaeval pinnacles will unmistakably bring to mind Disney castles. As the lights shine over the church at night, it appears even more gorgeous. Due to its spectacular perspective of gothic architecture and exquisite interiors, it is one of the greatest churches to see in North Goa.


The St. Catherine's Chapel

This is the first of its sort to be constructed in Goa and is primarily a Christian ecclesiastical church. Built in 1510 by the Portuguese ruler, this church is little yet extremely lovely. The church, which was originally constructed to honour St. Catherine, was later modified before being completely restored. The chapel is simplistic in its interior design. Rectangular window panes are an omnipresent characteristic of the interiors.


No matter your religious sentiment, these stops will intrigue and thrill you as travel around Goa.




In order to experience the real side of Goa, you must visit the Goan markets if on our Goa family packages from Delhi. One of the very best things about visiting (or living in) Goa is having the chance to visit the state’s famously wonderful food and shopping markets. Markets in Goa offer the best bargains for all kinds of Goan Souvenirs. Even a stroll along the streets full of Goan markets is a sight to behold.

Some of the best markets in Goa are the Flea Markets, Anjuna Flea Market, Holiday Street, Friday Bazaar, Baga-Candolim- Calangute Market, Panjim Local Market, Saturday Night Market, Tibetan Market and Margao Market among others. From north to south, don't miss Goa’s most famous historic markets!



The moment you start picturing Goa as the adventure-seeker and one of the avid beach lover's best destination, it is also one of the most visited places for a divine retreat. Known for its unmatched rich heritage and world renowned temples, Goa is the much sought after abode for souls seeking a sacred sanctuary. The religious temples and holy sites stand impressively with unfailing strength and glory. Some of the celebrated temples are:


Mangeshi Temple

Sri Mangeshi Temple in Goa is one of the biggest and busiest temples in this country of sea and sun, with a history spanning more than 450 years. It is devoted to Lord Mangesh, a manifestation of Lord Shiva who is revered at this location as a linga. The balustrades, domes, and columns of the temple architecture make for an alluring picture. The compound of the temple includes a stunning water tank. A seven-story deep stambha or lamp tower in the shape of an octagon may be found at the entryway. This imposing tower, built in the form of a Goan temple, is a sight to see when lighted by oil lights on special nights.


Shanta Durga Temple

The renowned Shanta Durga Temple in Goa has a history that dates back more than 450 years. This temple worships Goddess Durga as a middleman between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, therefore the name Shanta Durga, or tranquil Durga. She is seen in the deity's image clutching a snake in each hand. The serpents are thought to stand in for Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.


Mahadev Temple

Mahadeva Temple, which has been designated as a protected monument, is old enough to be included among Goa's ancient temples. Dedicated to Lord Shiva is a distinctive self in terms of architecture. A three-stepped entry to worship the linga is located in a pillared entrance hall composed of the finest basalt stones. The Mahadev Temple in Goa draws both believers and admirers of nature all year long.


Saptakoteshwar Temple

Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple, one of the numerous significant Hindu temples in Goa, is distinguished by the Mughal-style architecture of its mandap or temple hall and its towering light tower. Visitors come from all across the nation to the sacred site to participate in the significant Gokulashtami yearly temple celebration. So, on your next vacation to Goa, be sure to visit this enchanted location.


Chandreshwar Bhoothnath Temple

One of the most popular temples in South Goa is Chandreshwar Bhoothnath Temple. This historic temple serves as both a viewpoint and a location because it is perched atop Chandranath Hill. To get to the temple, you may either walk up the granite stairs or take a car on the motorable road that goes there. As the Lord of the Moon, Lord Shiva is revered at this location. On full moon evenings, the Shiva Linga within the temple is positioned such that it shines radiantly, which is a beautiful sight to see. Additionally, whenever the moon shines on the linga, water is reported to pour out of it!


Brahma Temple

The sole temple in Goa that is devoted to Lord Brahma, the universe's creator according to Hindu mythology, is the Brahma Karmali Temple or the Brahma Temple. It is said that the finely carved deity of Lord Brahma housed in this temple dates to the 12th century. Along with Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma is depicted in this statue. The tranquilly of the area where the temple is situated is what attracts people. The temple complex is the perfect place to relax for a while and take in the serene atmosphere.


Mahalasa Narayani Temple

The Mahalsa Temple is one of the well-known temples in Goa, housing a variety of faiths. Some claim that the goddess hit the little pool of water within the temple with her toe, causing it to grow. Unsurprisingly, an idol with countless legends surrounding it was also discovered there.


Mahalaxmi Temple

The Panaji Village's presiding deity is housed at Mahalaxmi Temple, one of North Goa's most significant and popular Hindu temples. Around 18 holy pictures representing the many sects of the Holy Bhagavata may be seen in the sanctuary of this magnificent temple. A large number of tourists visit Goa's Mahalaxmi Temple every year. The Mahalakshmi goddess is revered as the Goddess of riches and serenity and is shown with a linga on her head.


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