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  • Processing time: 3 WORKING DAYS
  • Validity : 60 DAYS
  • Fees: AED 700
  • Processing time: 3 WORKING DAYS
  • Validity : 60 DAYS
  • Fees: AED 800
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Bahrain Visa FAQs

  • add Is a visa required for entry into Bahrain?

    Unless you have a GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) passport, you will require a visa to enter Bahrain.

  • add What types of visas are available to Indian citizens for Bahrain?

    Depending on the reason for your travel, the necessity of sponsorship, the location of issue, and the anticipated number of visits, there are many visa classifications. Indian travellers typically choose tourist or business visas. Indian nationals need a tourist visa to enter Bahrain for sightseeing, recreational activities, or family visits. While Indian nationals who want to attend business meetings with Bahraini enterprises should use business visas.

  • add How can I apply for a Bahrain Visa online?

    With Akbar Travels, the process of applying for a Bahrain Visa online is smooth and seamless. The steps are:
    1. Choose your preferred type of Bahrain visa based on your travel type
    2. Pay online
    3. Submit your documents via email or whatsapp
    4. Receive your visa when approved

  • add Do I need to present my passport for the Bahrain visa stamping?

    No, you don't have to send in physical paperwork to get your visa. You must send the documents to us by email or WhatsApp. The electronic Bahrain visa is distributed through email. Your passport does not have a stamp.

  • add How soon can I submit an online application for a Bahrain tourist visa?

    One month prior to your intended departure date, you can apply for a visa.

  • add How long does it take to get a Bahraini visa?

    It takes 10 to 12 working days to process a visa for Bahrain.

  • add What are the entry conditions of a Bahrain Visa?

    • You must not take up paid employment during your visit to Bahrain.
    • You must be able to support yourself (and any dependents) during the visit.
    • Passport must be valid for length of time you will be in Bahrain, or the length of the visa, whichever is longer. If your passport validity is in doubt, you may be denied entry to Bahrain.
    • Visitor must have a valid confirmed onward ticket to leave the Kingdom of Bahrain.

  • add When can I submit an online application for a Bahrain visa?

    Three months prior to the date of travel is the earliest that a Bahrain visa can be applied for. It is advised that all visa applications be submitted at least two weeks before travel in order to enable enough time for visa processing.
    The application must be submitted at least four weeks before departure to a Bahraini Embassy in India.

  • add What are the eligibility criteria for Bahrain Visa application?

    To enable the authorities to process your application, you must clearly state:

    • Why are you visiting Bahrain
    • How long you intend to stay in Bahrain
    • How will you support yourself during your time in Bahrain
    • What is the purpose of your visit to Bahrain?
    • Type of passport you hold and for how long it is valid
    • Where do you intend to travel following your visit to Bahrain?
    • If you have a permit to enter the country you intend to travel to after your stay in Bahrain
    • Meet all the Bahrain visa requirements

  • add What is the Bahrain visa photo size requirement?

    The Bahrain visa photo must meet the requirements described below. If not, the application will be delayed until you provide correct photos:

    • Photo must be 45 mm X 35 mm in size
    • The face should cover 70-80% of the photo
    • In colour white and black photo won’t be accepted
    • Taken against a plain white background
    • Taken within the last 3 months
    • Your head should face the camera directly. It should not be tilted or turned, even slightly
    • The head must be centered in the image. You must look directly at the camera and show your full face
    • Do not wear sunglasses or tinted/coloured glasses.
    • If you normally wear glasses, your eyes must be clearly visible in the photo

  • add Can my Bahrain Visa get rejected?

    Yes. Like other country visas, your visa application for Bahrain can be rejected for a number of reasons. The most common Bahrain visa rejections are:

    • Errors in the Visa Application
    • Blurred Photograph
    • Criminal Record (past or current)
    • Prior Employment Visa
    • Previous Dubai Visa unused
    • Profession in the Passport

  • add How can I prevent being denied a Bahrain visa?

    Other causes could also lead to a Bahrain visa denial, however many of them fall within the aforementioned guidelines. Here are some strategies you might employ to increase your chances of getting that decision reversed or having a subsequent application accepted:

    • When applying for a Bahrain visa online, make sure your passport is still valid for at least six months.
    • The size of the Bahrain visa photo must meet Dubai Immigration specifications.
    • Your submitted documents should all be legitimate.
    • When requesting a new Bahrain visa, confirm that your current visa is no longer valid.
    • Your Bahrain visa application will ultimately be approved or denied by the Bahrain Embassy. It would be better to rely on a travel agent to take care of the necessary tasks if you are unclear about the visa application procedure. They are experts with the necessary education and experience to lead you in the proper direction.

  • add How many times can I use my Bahrain visa?

    The visa is often of the single-entry variety. But, if you choose a multiple entry visa, you can travel to the nation more than once while your visa is still valid.

  • add Does the visa have a validity period?

    Yes. One month after the date of issuance, the Bahrain visa expires. You must enter the nation by the end of this timeframe.

  • add Can I extend my visa while I'm in Bahrain?

    At the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs office (NPRA) in the Kingdom of Bahrain, this visa may be extended once for a period of 14 days by paying a charge.

  • add Can I obtain a Bahraini visa upon arrival?

    Non-Citizens of the GCC cannot obtain a visa on arrival and must apply for a Bahrain visa in advance of their trip.

  • add 17. Will I be permitted to work in Bahrain if I am there on a business visa?

    You need a Bahrain work visa in order to engage in any paid employment in the nation.

  • add 18. Can I obtain the best deals and discounts on a Bahrain visa?

    Yes. With our tempting discounts, offers, and deals on Bahrain visas, you may save money, time, and effort.

  • add Do I really need to buy travel insurance?

    Candidates are strongly encouraged to buy travel insurance to protect their vacation in case of unforeseen circumstances like medical emergencies, aircraft cancellations, baggage delays, loss or other.

  • add What is the quickest way to obtain a tourist visa for Bahrain?

    Get in touch with our visa specialists to apply for your Bahrain visa right away with the fewest paperwork and lowest visa cost. There is no requirement to come to our office, provide physical documentation, or communicate with the Ambassador. All of it is done for you.

  • add Do you still have concerns regarding the Bahrain visa application process?

    For any questions you may have about Bahrain visas, don't hesitate to contact us.


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Simple steps to get a Bahrain Visa

Akbar Travels has been a part of more than one million travel dreams. We offer quick and hassle-free Bahrain visa assistance. With a highly professional and dedicated team of Visa Experts, we are here to cater to all your Bahrain visa application requirements. Read more

Throughout your visa process, you will have a dedicated visa expert handling your application.

Here are the steps to apply for a Bahrain Visa through Akbar Travels:

Step 1: Contact our Visa Expert with your travel plans and gather all the visa information and requirements.

Step 2: Pay your Bahrain visa fee online and get your documents picked by us from your home or office.

Step 3: Our Visa Expert will verify, complete your Visa application online and schedule an appointment as part of the visa process

Step 4: On the appointment day personally visit the High Commission / Visa Application Center (VAC) to submit your Biometrics (fingerprints) and documents.

Step 5:Receive your Bahrain Visa.

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Easy procedures to obtain a visa for Bahrain

Over a million people's travel fantasies have been fulfilled thanks to Akbar Travels. We provide rapid and simple help with bahrain visas. We are here to meet all of your Bahrain visa application needs with a highly qualified and committed staff of visa experts. Read more

You will have a dedicated visa expert overseeing your application throughout the entire visa procedure.

The steps for requesting a Bahraini visa services through Akbar Travels are as follows:

Step 1: Call our visa expert with your travel itinerary and complete all necessary paperwork.

Step 2 Pay for your Bahraini visa fee online, and we'll pick up your documents from your house or place of business.

Step 3: As part of the visa procedure, our visa consultant expert will confirm, finalise your online visa application, and set up an appointment.

Step 4: Come in person to the High Commission / Visa Application Center (VAC) on the day of your appointment to turn in your biometrics (fingerprints) and paperwork.

Step 5: Get your visa for Bahraini.

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Requirements for travelling to Bahrain

  • Have a valid passport and a valid visa for Bahrain;
  • Have good health Read more
  • Good morals
  • Complete understanding of your lodging and travel information to provide at immigration if required
  • To assure your return to your home, purchase round-trip or return tickets
  • Country or your next destination once your visa expires
  • Follow the broad rules and the moral standards of the country.
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Travel Checklist

  • Passport that is valid for at least six months
  • Depending on your visit's goal and length of stay, a valid Bahraini visa Read more
  • Valid return or onward tickets
  • Travel schedule
  • Foreign currencies
  • Any further documentation to substantiate the reason for your stay, particularly for those with business visas
  • Before leaving, have all documents verified.
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Things to do when you arrive in Bahrain

  • Keep all of your travel documents on hand and prepared to be shown to the immigration agents for verification.
  • Be sure you don't have any prohibited materials with you, such as "any immoral items liable to cause a breach of the peace" such novels, audiobooks, audio and video tapes, that won't pass through customs. Read more
  • Always have a copy of your passport on you when you are travelling within Bahrain.
  • Write down the country's emergency hotlines.
  • Understand the etiquette requirements for public settings.
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Bahrain travel information

The kingdom of Bahrain has a long history of trade and has developed into a contemporary cosmopolitan today. Bahrain, the smallest Arab nation, is essentially an archipelago made up of 33 islands. The nation's rich culture and history have been bringing in a sizable number of visitors each year. Read more

  • The nation's capital, Manama, exudes all the pleasures of a contemporary metropolis. There are also quaint, old-world settlements where ancient Bedouin artefacts can still be found.
  • Many yearly festivals are organised by the Ministry of Culture and may be ideal times to visit the nation. Some of these popular fests are Spring of Culture, Bahrain Summer Festival, and Bahrain International Music Festival which features musical and theatrical performances and much more.
  • Bahrain's weather, like that of the majority of Middle Eastern nations, is typically hot and dry. From November through March, the nation experiences a pleasant to cold climate, with daytime highs of 10 to 25 degrees Celsius. It is bright and warm from April to October, with highs of 37 to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The majority of the cities are thought to be safe for travellers, and the country has a low crime rate. It is hardly unexpected that pickpocketing has increased in frequency in Bahrain given that it is a popular tourist destination with more than 10 million tourists each year.
  • Visitors are urged to exercise caution when in crowded public spaces, especially in the historic market districts. Bahrain's official language is Arabic, but English is commonly used in the urban areas.
  • All of the major international cities and Bahrain are regularly serviced by the majority of Middle Eastern carriers, including Gulf Air, Etihad Airways, Oman Air, and others. The public transportation network in the Kingdom of Bahrain is effective and comprises cabs, ferries, and buses. For local transportation, it is also typical to have access to private taxis and rented cars.
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Where should one go in Bahrain?

  • Bahrain has a long list of tourist attractions and is well known for its stunning mosques, historic forts, and traditional markets. One of the main tourist destinations in Bahrain is the National Museum of Bahrain, which has some of the best historical exhibits. Al- Fateh Mosque is a work of architectural beauty that can accommodate up to 7000 worshippers at once.
  • The Riffa region, which is conveniently located, has a number of historic gems to discover. One of these is the Riffa Fort, a 19th-century structure constructed of clay in the manner of traditional Bahraini architecture. The Bukuwara Street Market and the Riffa Bazaar are also great locations to find one-of-a-kind items. Read more
  • Muharraq, an island city that once served as Bahrain's capital, is worth seeing. Several kinds of regional foods and crafts can be found in the city's traditional market, or souq.
  • Sites like Arad Fort and Bahrain Fort offer a glimpse into the nation's illustrious past. In 2005, UNESCO designated the Bahrain fort as a world historic monument.
  • The Bab Al Bahrain neighbourhood, often known as the "Gate of Bahrain," is in the heart of Manama. It was constructed by the Brits in the 1940s and then held government offices. Currently, the majority of visitors favour the region for its Arab-style dining and shopping.
  • Tourists frequently visit this Souq to purchase a wide variety of spices, fabrics, kaftans, handicrafts, souvenirs, dry fruits, and nuts. One can also find plenty of quaint eateries in the area.
  • With so much gold on exhibit, the renowned Gold Souq is definitely worth a visit. Here, only the purest gold jewellery with purity certifications are offered for sale. The only natural pearls in existence today are the highly sought-after Bahraini pearls, which are for sale.
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Basic Requirements to visit Bahrain

  • Have a valid Passport and valid Bahrain Visa;
  • Be in good health Read more
  • Good moral character
  • Thorough knowledge of your accommodation and itinerary details to furnish at immigration if asked to
  • Return flight tickets or onward flight tickets to ensure your return to home country or your next destination once your visa expires
  • Adhere to the moral standards of the country and follow the general rules
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Travel Checklist

  • Passport with at least 6 months of validity
  • Valid Bahrain Visa depending on the purpose of your visit and duration of stay Read more
  • Confirmed return or onward tickets.
  • Details of accommodation.
  • Travel itinerary
  • Foreign currency
  • Any additional documents to support your purpose of visit, especially for business visa travellers
  • Have all documents authenticated before traveling?
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What to do when you arrive in Bahrain?

  • Keep all your travel documents ready to be produced for verification by the immigration officers
  • Ensure you are not carrying any forbidden items that will not pass through customs, including ‘any immoral items liable to cause a breach of the peace’ like books, audiobooks, audio and video tapes Read more
  • Always carry your passport or a copy of it while traveling within Bahrain
  • Note down emergency helpline numbers in the country
  • Be aware of the general rules of conduct in public places
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Bahrain travel guide

With a rich trading history, the kingdom of Bahrain has evolved into a modern cosmopolitan today. The smallest among Arab countries, Bahrain is actually an archipelago consisting of 33 islands. The country's rich tradition and heritage have been drawing a fair number of tourists every year. Read more

  • Manama is the capital city of the country and has all the charms of a modern and bustling city. Also, there are laidback and old world villages which still houses remnants of the ancient Bedouin culture.
  • The Ministry of Culture organizes a number of annual festivals which might be a good time to visit the country. Some of these popular fests are Spring of Culture, The Bahrain Summer Festival, and the Bahrain International Music Festival which features musical and theatrical performances and much more.
  • Like most Middle Eastern countries, the weather in Bahrain is also hot and dry mostly. The country has a pleasant to cool climate from November until March, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius. From April to October, it is sunny and hot, with temperatures reaching 37 to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The crime rate is low in the country and most of the cities are considered safe for travelers. As a tourist destination with more than 10 million visitors yearly, it is not surprising that pick-pocketing has become quite common in Bahrain.
  • Tourists are advised to be vigilant in crowded public places, particularly in the old market areas. Though Arabic is the official language of Bahrain, English is widely spoken in the cities.
  • Most of the Middle Eastern airlines like Gulf Air, Etihad, Oman Air, etc. among others run regular services between all major International cities and Bahrain. The Kingdom of Bahrain has an efficient public transport system which includes buses, ferry services, and taxis. Private taxis and rental cars are also commonly available for local travel.
  • What to see in Bahrain?

  • Known for its beautiful mosques, ancient forts, and traditional markets, Bahrain is sure to keep the tourists engaged with its list of tourist attractions. Bahrain National Museum, which has some of the finest exhibits of Bahrain history is one of the top attractions of the country. Al- Fateh Mosque which can hold up to 7000 worshippers at a time, is an architectural splendor worth visiting.
  • Located centrally, the Riffa region has several historic jewels to explore. One of them is the Riffa Fort, from the 19th century built in typical Bahraini architecture style, out of clay. The Riffa Bazaar and the Bukuwara Street Market are good places to pick up some unique souvenirs.
  • The old capital of Bahrain, Muharraq is an island city worth visiting. The city’s traditional market or souq is where you can find all sorts of traditional food and crafts.
  • Arad Fort and Bahrain fort are sites which give insights into the glorious past of the country. The Bahrain fort was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005.
  • Bab Al Bahrain meaning 'Gate of Bahrain' is located in Manama's central business district. Built by the British in the 1940s, it housed government offices then. Today most tourists prefer the area to experience the Arab style of shopping and dining.
  • The Souq here is a favorite spot among tourists to buy all kinds of spices, fabrics, kaftans, handicrafts, souvenirs, dry fruits and nuts. One can also find plenty of quaint eateries in the area.
  • The famous Gold Souq is well worth a visit with all the gold on display. The gold ornaments sold here is of the highest quality with purity certifications. The Bahraini pearls which are much in demand are available for sale and are the only natural pearls in the world today.

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Bahrain Facts and Figures

Kingdom of Bahrain
Time in Bahrain :
GMT 3 hours Read more
Major Cities:
Manama, Riffa, Hamad Town
765.3 km2
10 million
Bahraini Dinar
Main Airline:
Gulf Air
National Day:
16 Dec
Indepedence Day :
Jul 10
International Airports:
Bahrain International Airport, BAH
Best time to visit Bahrain :
November to February
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