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Air India Express Online Booking

One of India’s most well-known budget airlines, Air India Express is based in Kochi, Kerala. An entirely owned subsidiary of Air India, the national carrier of India, is Air India Express Limited (AIEL). With a focus on serving Indian expats in the Middle East and other countries including Bahrain, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Muscat, and Kuwait, this airline was founded.

If you’re looking for the best airline to get the cheapest flight tickets to the Middle East, Air India Express will be your best option. The airline runs over 660 scheduled flights each week to about 30 locations in the Middle East and South-East Asia.

In 2005, the Air India Express began its trip. Many travelers search for inexpensive airfare on short-haul international flights booking to the Middle East and South-East Asia, and Air India Express strives to provide reasonable airfare for all. Despite being a low-cost carrier, Air India Express has managed to gain customers’ trust by providing top-notch services and point-to-point flights with numerous hubs across the nation.

Air India Express Flight Tickets Booking

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Air India Express Flight boarding pass and check-in

Although Air India Express has become a well-liked low-cost carrier, there is no option for passengers to check in online. Passengers are recommended to be at the airport at least three hours before departure to prevent delays, as this will be beneficial. Online seat reservations for Air India Express flights are available up to 12 hours in advance of departure.

Air India Express Services

The introduction of meals on-board is one of Air India Express’s endeavors to increase overall customer happiness and become India’s most popular low-cost carrier. There is a broad selection of cuisine available for the travelers. The airline has taken care to put together the best menu selection, which includes delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

You have 24 hours before departure to place an order for your special dinner. They have also given their menu names ranging from SPML 1 to SMPL 15. If you have reserved a meal option between SPML-9 and SPML-15, you will be given a free snack box.

The vegetarian breakfast options available to passengers include Tomato Rawa Upma, Vada, Sambar, Parathas, cut fruits, etc. Omelets, chicken sausage, potato wedges, and croissant with a butter chiplet are a few non-vegetarian breakfast options. Indian or Chinese food might be served during lunch or dinner. In certain selections, there is also fish curry in addition to other items. The Air India Express flight should be checked for the most recent menu change.

So, choosing any of the SPML menu options 1 through 15 will readily satisfy your palate. Online reservation for the same is simple to complete.

Air India Express Flight Baggage Guidelines

When using Air India Express, travelers must abide by specific luggage restrictions that have been established by the airline. The following policies are highlighted:

• The check-in luggage limit for domestic flights is 25 kg.

• Depending on the tariff type, the allowance for flights from Gulf locations to India is 20/30/40 Kgs.

• The allowed for a flight from India to the Gulf is 20 kg.

• The allowance for flights from Singapore to India is 20/30 kg.

• Baby passengers are allowed 10 Kg of free luggage.

• The total length, width, and height of check-in luggage must not exceed 62 inches (158 cm).

• Per individual, a cabin bag weighing no more than 7 kg is permitted.

• The cabin luggage can only have a maximum dimension of 115 cms (L+W+H).

• On the Air India Express, passengers are allowed to bring one additional laptop bag.

• The check-in baggage allowance from India to any other international city is 20 Kg.

• The demands of the passengers are also a priority for Air India Express, and the excess baggage option enables travelers to bring extra weight with them.

• Online excess baggage sales are offered in increments of 5 kg and 10 kg, and travelers can purchase the necessary amount to carry extra stuff when travelling.

• Carry-on and checked-in baggage allowances cannot be combined.

• Similar to this, the traveler is responsible for covering the extra fee if checked baggage exceeds the allowed amount.

• Make careful to pack all of your priceless items in checked luggage. Put all of your valuables, medications, cell phones, laptops, and other necessary items in carry-on luggage along with it.

• In addition to the complimentary baggage allotment, Air India Express passengers have the option of purchasing additional baggage space. Extra luggage space is offered in two distinct sizes (5kgs and 10kgs), and one can purchase the necessary quantity as needed.


Air India Express Travel Classes

One of the top low-cost airlines in India, Air India Express strives to offer its customers top-notch services at competitive rates. Air India Express is a great option for short or medium haul flights because there is no business or first class. It is one of the top aviation service providers in South East Asia thanks to the high maintenance and safety standards, and the IATA-IOSA registration attests to the excellence of our offerings.

Air India Express Fleet Information

The goal of Air India Express has always been to reduce costs while still providing passengers with high-quality services. With its impressive 25 Boeing 737-800 fleet and low-cost business model, anyone can afford it. The plane is environmentally friendly and great for short- and medium-distance trips. The airline has gained popularity for its favorable experiences and reasonable pricing.

Air India Express Flight Booking With Akbar Travels

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Air India Express Flight Status

Stay updated on your Air India Express flight status with airline convenient and reliable tracking service. Whether you’re departing, arriving, or waiting for connecting flights, Airline real-time updates keep you informed every step of the way. With user-friendly interface and accurate information, you can travel confidently, knowing your journey is in good hands. Experience peace of mind and seamless travel with Air India Express flights. Check your flight status now and fly with confidence

Air India Express Flight Popular Routes

New YorkMumbai to New YorkBOM-JFK
LondonMumbai to LondonBOM-LHR
ParisMumbai to ParisBOM-CDG
DubaiMumbai to DubaiBOM-DXB
KuwaitMumbai to KuwaitBOM-KWI
JeddahMumbai to JeddahBOM-JED

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