Air India Flights Booking

Air India Booking

With its headquarters in New Delhi, Air India is India’s national airline. Talace Private Limited’s Air India Limited is a Tata Sons Special-Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The Airbus A330-200, Airbus A319-100, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777-300ER, and Boeing 787-8 are among Air India’s 118 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. It now operates flights to 31 foreign and 60 local destinations. The airline’s hub is Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, with several focal locations across India. Air India is the largest international carrier operating out of India, with a market share of 18.6%. The airline became the 27th member of Star Alliance on July 11, 2014.

R. D. Tata created Tata Airlines in 1932. After WWII, it was renamed Air India and became a public limited business. It became the first Asian airline to get a jet aircraft when it received its first Boeing 707 called Gauri Shankar on February 21, 1960. Attempts to privatize Air India were launched in 2000–01, and after its merger with Indian Airlines in 2006, it began to lose money. In 2017, another attempt at privatization was initiated, with ownership of the airline and related properties reverting to the Tatas in 2021.

Through its subsidiaries Alliance Air and Air India Express, Air India also flies to domestic and Asian destinations. The Maharajah (Emperor) is Air India’s mascot, and the emblem features a flying swan with the Konark wheel inside.

Because of the large number of Indians residing within the UAE, Air India has always been a popular airline in the region. In September of 2021 all discontinued flights to the UAE from India were started again after the COVID-19 Pandemic started to subside. Proper precautions are still being taken by both countries to tackle any future obstacles.

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Air India Flight Ticket Economy, Business and First Class Services offered

Complimentary Refreshments/ meals Spacious cabins & plush seat180-degree recline sleeper Ette
Non-veg/ Veg for international flights Aisle or window seats for every passenger on 747 aircraftWide range of cuisines
Complimentary liquor/ wine Delectable entrees accompanied by wineChoice of vines and champagne
movie screens Exclusive check-in facilityLounge facility
illumination & temperature control systemsLounge facilityAisle or window seats for every passenger on 747 aircraft

Air India Baggage Allowance:


Cabin class/Flight Baggage allowance in KGs
First Class40
Business Class35
Economy Class25
Infants in all classes10
Alliance Air flights (except Shimla/Kullu) (Aircraft types - ATR)*15
Alliance Air flights to/from Shimla / Kullu*10

*Passengers traveling on Alliance Air flights and connecting to Air India domestic flights and vice versa, holding a single ticket, will also be eligible for 25Kgs. This offer is however not available for passengers traveling on a ticket exclusively on Alliance Air flights.

Air India International Flights Booking:

Travel to and from Australia & Far east – South East Asia

OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
IndiaAustralia30 Kg40 Kg
AustraliaIndia30 Kg40 Kg
IndiaTokyo/Osaka2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
Tokyo/OsakaIndia2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
IndiaShanghai20 Kg30 Kg
ShanghaiIndia20 Kg30 Kg
IndiaSeoul2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
IndiaSeoul1PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
SeoulIndia2PC/23Kgs Each1PC/32Kgs Each
SeoulIndia1PC/23Kgs Each1PC/32Kgs Each
IndiaBangkok30 Kg40 Kg
BangkokIndia30 Kg40 Kg
IndiaHongkong30 Kg40 Kg
HongkongIndia30 Kg40 Kg
IndiaSingapore30 Kg40 Kg
SingaporeIndia30 Kg40 Kg
OriginDestinationEconomy Class (OW fares)Executive Class (OW fares)
SeoulHongkong25 Kg40 Kg
OsakaHongkong20 Kg30 Kg
HongkongSeoul/Osaka30 Kg40 Kg
Tokyo/OsakaTokyo/ Osaka Europe/UK/Tel Aviv/ USA /Middle East and Gulf / SAARCO/B: 2PC/23Kgs EachO/B: 2PC/32Kgs Each
Australia/ Far East- South East AsiaEurope/ UK/Tel Aviv O/B: 2PC/23Kgs EachO/B: 2PC/32Kgs Each
Sydney/MelbourneSydney/Melbourne Middle East and Gulf /SAARCO/B: 30 KgO/B: 40 Kg
Australia/ Far east South East AsiaNew York/Chicago/ San Francisco/WashingtonO/B: 2PC/23Kgs EachO/B: 2PC/32Kgs Each
Australia/Hongkong/ Seoul/ Singapore/ BangkokMiddle East and Gulf /SAARCO/B: 30 KgO/B: 40 Kg
ShanghaiMiddle East and Gulf /SAARCO/B: 20 KgO/B: 30 Kg

Air India Travel to and from USA/Canada

FBA on US Routes (Adult & Child)
OriginDestinationEconomy ClassBUSINESS / FIRST Class
INDIAUSA2 Piece (23Kg each)2 Piece (32Kg each)
INDIA NEWARK (EWR) 2 Piece (23Kg each) 2 Piece (32Kg each)
Newark (EWR)INDIA 2 Piece (23Kg each) 2 Piece (32Kg each)
USAINDIA / SAARC / Australia / Far East - South East Asia2 Piece (32Kg each) 2 Piece (32Kg each)
USA (for tickets issued effective 12th November up to 30th November 2020)INDIA / SAARC / Australia / Far East - South East Asia2 Piece (32Kg each)3 Piece (32Kg each)
IndiaCanada2 Piece (23Kg each) 2 Piece (32Kg each)
INDIA (for tickets issued effective 12th November up to 30th November 2020)Canada2 Piece (32Kg each)3 Piece (32Kg each)
CanadaIndia2 Piece (23Kg each)2 Piece (32Kg each)
Canada (for tickets issued effective 12th November up to 30th November 2020)India2 Piece (32Kg each)2 Piece (32Kg each)

Air India Travel to and from Europe / UK / Palestine

OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
IndiaEurope/UK /Palestine2 Piece (23Kg each)2 Piece (32Kg each)
India Moscow 30 Kg 40 Kg
Europe/UK /PalestineIndia/SAARC/Australia/Far East & South East Asia 2 Piece (23Kg each) 2 Piece (32Kg each)
MoscowIndia 30 Kg 40 Kg

Air India Travel to and from Gulf and Middle East

OriginDestinationEconomy ClassBusiness ClassFirst Class
IndiaDubai/ Sharjah/ Abu Dhabi/ Muscat/ Bahrain/ Kuwait/ Doha30 kg40 Kg50 kg
Sharjah Thiruvananthapuram/Chennai 30 Kg 40 Kg
KuwaitIndia 30 Kg 40 Kg
MuscatIndia 30 Kg 40 Kg
DubaiIndia 30 Kg 40 Kg
DubaiGOA 40 Kg 50 Kg
DubaiMumbai/ Delhi (Dubai-Delhi applicable only on AI 916) 40 Kg 50 Kg
DubaiAmritsar/Ahmedabad/Lucknow 40 Kg 50 Kg
DubaiThiruvananthapuram/Kochi 40 Kg 50 Kg
DubaiChennai (Not applicable for booking class -S) Applicable on AI 906 only 40 Kg 50 Kg
DubaiKozhikode (Not applicable for booking class -S) 40 Kg 50 Kg
Abu Dhabi / DubaiIndia 30 Kg 40 Kg
BahrainIndia (Not applicable for booking class- S & T) 40 Kg 40 Kg
BahrainKannur, Bengaluru, Kochi 40 Kg 40 Kg
BahrainKannur, Bengaluru 40 Kg 40 Kg
BahrainIndia 30 Kg 40 Kg
DohaIndia 30 Kg 40 Kg

Air India Flights to and from Saudi Arabia

Journey OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive ClassFirst Class
Riyadh/ Dammam/JeddahIndia30Kgs40Kgs50Kgs
DammamDelhi/Lucknow35 Kgs (L class)/ 40 Kgs (G class)50 Kgs (Z class)

Air India Travel to and from SAARC Countries

OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
Delhi, Chennai, VaranasiColombo30 Kgs40 Kgs
ColomboDelhi, Chennai, Varanasi30 Kgs40 Kgs
KolkataDhaka20 Kgs30 Kgs
DhakaKolkata20 Kgs30 Kgs
Delhi, KolkataKathmandu20 Kgs30 Kgs
KathmanduDelhi, Kolkata20 Kgs30 Kgs
DelhiKabul40 Kgs50 Kgs
KabulDelhi40 Kgs50 Kgs
Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, DelhiMale20 Kgs30 Kgs
MaleBengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Delhi25 Kgs35 Kgs
Delhi, Kolkata, GayaYangon20 Kgs30 Kgs
YangonDelhi, Kolkata, Gaya30 Kgs40 Kgs
OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
SAARCEurope2PC/23Kg Each2PC/32Kg Each
SAARCFar East & South East Asia, Saudi Arabia, Middle East & Gulf30 Kgs40 Kgs

Air India Airlines to and from Africa

OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
IndiaNairobi2PC/23Kg Each2PC/32Kg Each
NairobiIndia2PC/23Kg Each2PC/32Kg Each

Note for all Air India Flights International Destinations:

● Infants in all classes would be eligible for baggage allowance of 1 Pc. – 10 kgs.

● The maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 32 kgs. This rule is applicable on the entire Air India network.


Air India Banned Items:

Items such as the following will not be permitted to be carried on person / in cabin baggage or in registered baggage while travelling on board our flights. The list given below is not exhaustive and prevailing rules will apply.

Air India Flights – Items Which Cannot Be Carried In Hand Baggage:

● Personal Items

● Lighters, Scissors-metal with pointed tips, Realistic replica of toy weapon.

● Sharp Objects

● Sporting Goods

● Guns and Firearm

● Tools

● Martial Arts/Self Defense Items

● Items Which Cannot Be Carried In Hand Baggage And Even As Checked-in Baggage

● Drone/Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) /Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) /Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) are restricted items and cannot be carried in cabin baggage.

● Explosive Materials

● Compressed gases

● Flammable Items

● Oxidizing materials

● Poisonous and infectious substances

● Restriction on carriage of certain 15-inch MacBook Pro Laptops

● Radio-active materials

● Corrosives

● Magnetized, offensive, or irritating materials. Briefcases and attaché cases with installed alarm devices

Air India Restricted Items:

 ● Certain other items such as the following may be carried only with advance approval according to policies of Air India, interlining carriers, and local regulations

 ● Battery-powered wheelchairs with spillable/non-spillable batteries, dry ice, portable medical electronic devices, etc.

 ● Ban on Carriage of Lithium Battery Powered Self Balancing Devices in Passenger Baggage.

 ● Carriage of Battery cells.

 ● Carriage Of ‘Kirpan’ By Sikh Passengers While Traveling By Air.

Air India Check-in Information:

 ● Web Check-in:

You can check-in through AIR INDIA website

 ● Kiosk Check-in:

Self-Service check-in Kiosks are available at some airports to enable you to check in yourself and obtain a boarding pass from the Kiosk machine. This facility is presently available for purely domestic flights.

 ● City Check-in:

City Booking Offices in select metro cities offer City check-in facilities to passengers holding confirmed bookings and traveling with hand baggage only.

 ● Mobile Check-in:

Download the Air India Mobile App from App Store and you will not only be able to check-in for your flight, but also choose the seat of your choice, check time table information and access our contact center information.

Popular Routes of Air India Flights from and to INDIA

Saudi ArabiaDelhi to JeddahDEL-JED35h 45m
UAEDelhi to DubaiDEL-DXB73h 55m
EnglandDelhi to LondonDEL-LCY59h 20m
USADelhi to New YorkDEL-JFK715h 15m
BahrainDelhi to BahrainDEL-BAH44h 45m
AustraliaDelhi to MelbourneDEL-MEL312h 15m

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