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Everything you need to know, including current city and region guides, insider advice, and a variety of resources, to travel to Georgia in 2022. The best Georgia tour packages can be found on Akbar Travels.  This tiny but powerful country in the South Caucasus manages to find practically the ideal balance between comfort and a sense of adventure. Georgia is a relatively easy place to navigate while still feeling (at times) like you're Read More

Everything you need to know, including current city and region guides, insider advice, and a variety of resources, to travel to Georgia in 2022. The best Georgia tour packages can be found on Akbar Travels. 

This tiny but powerful country in the South Caucasus manages to find practically the ideal balance between comfort and a sense of adventure. Georgia is a relatively easy place to navigate while still feeling (at times) like you're well and truly off the beaten path and discovering something that very few travelers have done before.

Where is the nation of Georgia located?

Between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus mountains, in the South Caucasus or Transcaucasus region, is where you'll find the Republic of Georgia. In addition to the Black Sea to the west, it has borders with Russia to the north, Turkey to the south-west, Armenia to the south, and Azerbaijan to the south-east.

The simple thing is that. The answer to the second query, "Is Georgia in Europe or is Georgia in Asia?" is a little trickier. Who you ask will determine the answer you receive? Although Georgia is geographically a part of Asia, it has a more European flavor. most of the time, at least.

Georgia has ties to Western Europe that date back to the Hellenistic and Roman eras. Georgia was considered to be "the final stronghold" of the Christian world following the fall of Constantinople. Today, Georgia has an even more westward-focused outlook and seeks to join NATO and the EU. Visit Akbar Travels for the best Georgia Tour Packages.

Georgia, a country at a crossroads, has always walked a fine line. Georgians were modest and aware that they needed to comprehend both cultures in order to flourish, according to one historian who explained it to me. The nation's literary icon, Shota Rustaveli, was knowledgeable about Sufi mysticism as well as Christian literature, for instance. Broadly speaking, these factors worked together to create a distinct worldview that had an impact on everything from Georgian poetry to the striking architecture in Tbilisi Old Town.

It profited from centuries of cross-pollination of religions, civilizations, traditions, and delicacies as an outpost on the Silk Road commerce route. Georgia contributed a dash of something else to this complex stew of influences to make it uniquely its own. The culture of Georgia is seen in its language, cuisine, architecture, and spiritual traditions.

The challenge of navigating these exquisite paradoxes and complexity is one of the pleasures of getting to know Georgia. Georgia doesn't cleanly fit into either category—neither it's entirely Asia nor quite Europe—and instead sets its own norms.

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Interesting Georgian facts:

  • The Republic of Georgia is the official name of the nation, but its Georgian name, Sakartvelo, is how inhabitants refer to it.

  • Georgia as a whole is approximately half the size of Georgia, the state in the US. Georgia has a population that is less than half that of the state, hovering around 4 million.

  • The second state to make Christianity its official religion was Georgia (the first was neighbouring Armenia). The church is still very influential in today's society, which is dominated by Orthodox Christians.

  • The Gelati Monastery, the Historical Monuments of Mtskheta, Upper Svaneti, and its newest addition, the Colchic Forests and Wetlands, are all included as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Georgia. In 2012, the Bagrati Cathedral was struck from the list.

  • Bochorna, one of Europe's oldest continually inhabited villages, is located in Georgia (2,345 metres above sea level).

  • Georgia is a component of the Trans-Caucasus, which is regarded as one of the regions with the greatest linguistic diversity in the entire globe. Georgia's mountains are home to rich cultures, customs, and cuisines in addition to breathtaking vistas and hiking opportunities.

  • Archaeologists found the earliest signs of a winemaking practice in southern Georgia, earning Georgia the moniker "the Cradle of wine" (grape seeds and residue that are 8,000 years old).

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Why travel to Georgia?

Georgia is interesting, but you don't pay for a flight merely because a place is in an odd place or because it's the topic of trivia night.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in tourism to Georgia, to the point that it is difficult to pick up a travel magazine or scroll through a list of "best locations" without encountering mention of it. Georgia is the focal point of the Caucasus region's moment.

What is it about Georgia that attracts so many tourists? What, more crucially, draws so many visitors back time and time again? Here are just a few of the unique characteristics of Georgia.

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  • The Landscapes: During the Soviet era, it was believed that good citizens would receive an eternity in Georgia rather than in heaven. There are various ways to take in Georgia's natural beauty, from relaxing in open-air hot springs to staying in rural homestays, even if you've never laced on a pair of hiking boots in your life.

  • The Settlements: Let's start with Tbilisi, a city that actually explodes with history and is brimming with creative energy (hot springs are located right in the middle of the city). Every city has an own personality.

  • The Food: Georgian cuisine is a parallel universe of flavors and textures that you've probably never had before, beyond the traditional suspects Khinkali and Khachapuri. This nation is nothing short of a palate-pleaser, from regional cuisines like Megrelian and Rachan to substantial mountain dishes and Tbilisi chefs who put their modern take on the classics.

  • The Drinks: Georgia has gained international recognition thanks to its natural wine renaissance. The most well-known Qvevri wines are those produced in sculpted clay jars, such as the robust Saperavis and skin-contact amber (or orange) wines.

  • Exceptional Hospitality:  Georgians are renowned for treating visitors like kings and queens, and in my experience, the country's residents are as kind as stereotypes suggest. Making a meaningful connection with others is not at all difficult. Georgia will never let you feel lonely.

  • Georgia's History: It is true that the history of Georgia is less well-known outside the country. Every fortress, castle, monastery, and cave city provides a practical history lesson. The myths and stories are especially fascinating to me.

  • Relics of the Soviet Union: Georgia is a popular destination for urbexers and architecture enthusiasts alike due to its Soviet heritage. You will adore Georgia if you enjoy abandoned structures, Brutalist architecture, and mosaics from the Soviet era.

  • The best part: Georgia has a vibe, an air that sets it apart from every other nation I've seen. It has something to do with how passionately individuals have clung to their identities and independence throughout the country's terrible past and present struggles.

Georgia offers it all—amazing food, a long history of winemaking, unmatched mountain scenery, intriguing cities, and kind friendliness. Book the best Georgia tour packages here.

What season is ideal for travel to Georgia?

The ideal time to visit Georgia is in the late spring or the fall.

Georgia's temperature varies quite a bit depending on where you are, although the nation's climate is generally relatively mild. In general, late spring (late April to early June) or autumn (September/October) are the ideal times to travel to Georgia. Warmer weather, great hiking and outdoor activity conditions, and a variety of religious and cultural festivals are all to be expected during these months. Find the ideal and lowest rates on Georgia tour packages on Akbar Travels.

Summer in Georgia.

Good for: Summer festivals and beaches.

Georgia's peak season and most popular travel season is the summer, especially in July and August. Georgia's biggest cities swell to twice or triple their off-season population, while resorts around the Black Sea Coast are operating at full capacity.

As domestic tourism surges, it may be harder to get rail tickets, for example, and prices for lodging and tours rise in tandem with demand.

The best time of year to go hiking in the mountains and relax on Georgia's beaches is during the summer. However, it's not the best time of year to visit the cities due to the oppressively hot heat, especially in Tbilisi (but also in Kutaisi and Batumi).

One significant benefit of traveling in the summer is that mountain roads, such as the Abano pass to Tusheti, are almost always open.

Georgia in the fall.

Good for: For wine and culture.

The peak travel period in Georgia normally lasts until September, but as soon as the weather begins to cool, the people begin to thin out. If you're interested in wine, the autumn months of September to early November are excellent times to visit Georgia.

Rtveli, the yearly grape harvest, occurs in late September or early October. Traditionally, this is a time for feasting, joy, and celebrations, especially in the Kakheti area of eastern Georgia, which is the main center for grape production. The largest cultural event in Georgia, Tbilisoba, takes place in Tbilisi in October.

Autumn is a fantastic season for hiking and other outdoor activities due to the milder weather, infrequent rains, and vibrant fall foliage.

Wintertime in Georgia.

Good for: Winter sports, Christmas celebrations, and quieter cities.

In comparison to other cities in the vicinity, Tbilisi is comparatively pleasant in December or January, although winters in Georgia's mountainous regions are brutally cold. Some isolated villages are totally cut off. Over the winter, the Black Sea shoreline and Batumi are deserted, though the majority of businesses are operational.

Aside from the arid environment and air pollution (which is becoming a bigger issue in Tbilisi), winter in Georgia can be a very pleasant season to go, especially in December when blue skies are frequently encountered.

The streets of Tbilisi are jubilant during Orthodox Christmas and New Year celebrations, which both occur about a week after their counterparts on the Roman calendar. The ski season in Georgia typically begins in late December and lasts until late April. The months of January and February are popular at the resorts in Bakuriani and Gudauri.

Spring in Georgia.

Good for: festivals, food, and hiking.

One of my favorite times to visit Georgia is in the spring, particularly around late April and early May. Typically, winter lasts until Orthodox Easter (mid-April). After that, the weather warms up, wildflowers and cherry blossoms bloom, and mountain hiking is at its best.

Georgia begins to emerge from its winter hibernation thanks to spring wine, spring vegetables, and spring celebrations like the New Wine Festival in Tbilisi. With the exception of the Nowruz holiday (often in mid-March), which typically brings a surge of tourists from Iran and Azerbaijan, there are far less people than in the summer.

The drawback to traveling in the spring is that you could have to deal with a lot of rain, as May is Tbilisi's wettest month of the year.

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Georgia's visa requirements are:

Only a general overview is provided in this section. Please visit Akbar Travels for the most recent information on visas and personalized guidance for your situation.


Georgia has rather lenient rules regarding visa exemptions. Passport holders from 98 nations, including the EU, Australia, the US, and the UK, are currently able to stay in Georgia without a visa for up to a year.

Even better, the waiver program allows you to work (remember that after 183 days in Georgia, you automatically become a tax resident), start a business, open a bank account, apply for temporary residency, and even purchase real estate.

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An extra 65+ countries' passport holders are qualified for either a 30 or 90-day tourist e-visa, which you can apply for online before to departure.


You could also be necessary to possess the following in order to enter Georgia:

  • a passport that is valid for the entire length of the anticipated stay (or for at least three months if entering on a visa)

  • evidence of coverage for the duration of your visit

  • Evidence of future travel (i.e., a return airfare)

According to anecdotal evidence, Georgian immigration rarely requests documentation of onward travel or travel insurance from visitors who are traveling without a visa.

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Georgia travel insurance.

Overall, Georgia is a very safe destination for tourists, however we strongly advise getting travel insurance before you go. If you intend to climb or go skiing in the mountains, this is very vital.

Sometimes, travelers must present proof of travel insurance at immigration after landing in Georgia or when boarding a flight. By 2022, the government will just "recommend" health insurance, not mandate it.

Except for Abkhazia and South Ossetia, all of Georgia is covered by common travel insurance coverage. It is strongly advised to obtain specialized insurance that will cover you for emergencies if you intend to travel to Abkhazia (entrance to South Ossetia is not currently permitted from the Georgian side). Be aware that Abkhazia lacks consular support services.

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How to Travel to Georgia?

A flight to Georgia

The three international airports in Georgia are located in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi. From locations in Western and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Turkey, and the Gulf, there are direct flights to Georgia.

Direct flights from cities in Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, and other countries in Eastern Europe to Kutaisi are offered by low-cost airline Wizz Air. Typically, there are only two or three flights every week.

Flydubai, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Georgian Airways all provide service to Tbilisi International Airport, which serves as Georgia's primary hub (via Western Europe, Israel and Ukraine). 

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The City Bus 337, a taxi, or a private shuttle are a few ways to go from the airport to the city.


There are numerous ways to get from the airport to Tbilisi if your flight lands in Kutaisi and you want to go straight there. Two inexpensive coach services as well as private transports are offered. Tbilisi may be reached in around 4 hours.


Rail is a practical mode of transportation among the three Trans-Caucasus nations. There are sleeper trains that run nightly between Tbilisi and Batumi (only during the summer), Armenia, and Azerbaijan.


International travelers are welcome at Georgia's land borders with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Russia. In general, entering Georgia by land is a quick and easy operation.

Marshrutka vans, upscale cabs, or self-driving are all options for entering Georgia's overland region. Some border crossing places are inaccessible by foot or bicycle. Book your flight from Akbar Travels and Also get to explore Georgia tour Packages.

From Armenia:

Along the boundary between southern Georgia and northern Armenia, there are three checkpoints.

For travelers going from Yerevan to Tbilisi, Bagratashen-Sadakhlo and Bavra-Ninotsminda are the two most practical crossings.

From Turkey:

Hopa-Sarpi, 20 kilometers south of Batumi, is the primary checkpoint on the Georgia-Turkey border. The easiest way to go to Georgia from Turkey's Black Sea coast is through this route (Trabzon)

If you're going from central Eastern Turkey (Kars), a second checkpoint at Posof-Vale would be more practical; however, since there is no official cross-border transportation, this route must be made using taxis and local buses. Akhaltsikhe is the first town on the Georgian side of the border.

From Azerbaijan:

There are two checkpoints along the Georgia-Azerbaijan border, as seen from Azerbaijan. When traveling via Qax from Sheki to Kakheti or Tbilisi, one takes the Balakan-Lagodekhi route. Vans travel directly from Qax to Tbilisi.

For those coming from Ganja, a second checkpoint at Red Bridge-Sixli, southeast of Tbilisi, is convenient.

From Russia:

The Verkhny Lars-Kazbegi border crossing in the mountains to the north of Tbilisi is the only land border crossing between Russia and Georgia. Daily direct vans travel over the breathtaking Georgian Military Highway from Vladikavkaz to Tbilisi.

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Is it safe to travel to Georgia?

Georgia is a remarkably safe travel destination for all kinds of travellers. Petty crime targets tourists relatively infrequently, and tourist frauds are very uncommon. There are some things to be mindful of, chief among them being road safety and shepherd dogs in rural areas.

You won't run into any issues in Georgia as long as you use common sense and prudence, are mindful of your things, use discretion while engaging with others, and use caution when trekking. If you're a female traveler traveling alone, consider trekking or exploring remote locations with a friend.

Political instability is a topic I get asked about frequently when it comes to safety. You may recall that in 2003, Georgia had the Rose Revolution. Be aware that there are still ongoing border disputes and conflicts around occupied and breakaway territory. In Tbilisi, protests are frequently held in opposition to various political policies and societal problems. Even though they are mostly peaceful, it is advised to steer clear of them whenever you can and find another way to express your support.

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Tbilisi is frequently listed as one of the world's safest cities. The same principles—that crime is uncommon and tourists are rarely targeted—apply in the capital. You should be on the lookout for the following frequent scams and other things as well:

  • Hire a cab by using an app.

  • Always inquire about price before making a food purchase in a market or on the street.

  • Avoid exchanging currency at the airport; instead, withdraw GEL at an ATM.

  • Avoid entering a pub that isn't indicated on Google Maps.

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Georgian road safety

In Georgia, there may be issues with traffic safety. We don't say this to scare you; rather, we're letting you know that you should be vigilant about road safety.

Despite the fact that the motorways are getting better every year, some country roads, particularly those in the mountains, are still rather hazardous. The driving, however, which borders on irresponsible, is more concerning. Here are a few common suggestions to manage your risk:

  • Limit extremely long trips by segmenting them (e.g., by spending a night in Zugdidi between Tbilisi and Mestia).

  • Avoid using the highway after dark.

  • If you have reason to believe the driver has been drinking, never get in the car.

  • Avoid inexpensive day trips since they frequently skimp on traffic safety.

  • For mountain routes, use GoTrip transfers as opposed to marshrutka vans.

  • Before renting a car, become familiar with the traffic laws and driving techniques.

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What is the Georgian currency?

The lari, sometimes known as GEL, is the official unit of currency in Georgia. Georgia also uses coins called tetri in addition to banknotes. 1 lari equals 100 tetri.

The following notes are legal tender in Georgia: 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 lari.

The following coins are in use: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 tetri, as well as 1 and 2 lari.

The sole accepted form of payment in Georgia is in lari, therefore even though prices are occasionally listed in USD or EUR, you must always carry lari on you. (This does not apply to South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which utilize the Russian ruble.)

Recently, exchange rates have been moving quite a bit, therefore we advise you to stay current on all the changes.

Georgia has its own system for gauging inflation, which is a fun tidbit. The price of the key components needed to make a Khachapuri—flour, milk, eggs, and cheese—is the basis for the "Khachapuri index."

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In every Georgian city, hotels, shops, and restaurants accept debit and credit cards. Market sellers, cab drivers, and other smaller establishments in Tbilisi only accept cash as payment. Even in Tbilisi, some guesthouses only accept cash.

Cash still reigns supreme in rural regions. Although ATMs are available in most places, it is a good idea to bring enough cash with you when traveling in distant areas just in case.

You shouldn't worry about maintaining your lari in excellent condition because most individuals have no problem accepting wrinkled or even ripped bills.

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In Georgia, there are ATMs in every town, city, and even some larger villages. There are ATMs readily available in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Kazbegi, Mestia, and Borjomi. I strongly advise bringing cash if you're traveling to a rural region because there's no guarantee that you'll have access to an ATM.

TBC, Bank of Georgia, Cartu Bank, VTB, and Basis bank are the ATMs to use in Georgia. While AMEX customers should stick with Bank of Georgia, all of these businesses take Visa and Mastercard. The typical ATM withdrawal limit is 400–500 GEL, while some ATMs impose a fee of 1-2 GEL (this is always displayed on the screen). The withdrawal thresholds for Basis bank and Cartu Bank are higher. Your home bank may tack on extra charges.

Some Georgian ATMs allow you to withdraw US dollars and euros, but there are fees associated with this.

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Best advice: Never confuse a paybox with an ATM. Utility bills, transportation card top-ups, and other services can be paid for using payboxes, which are freestanding boxes that resemble ATMs but are a little slimmer and can be found on almost every corner in Tbilisi. They don't hand out cash.


It is advised that you only withdraw GEL from an ATM in Georgia in order to make things easier for yourself. Avoid changing money at the airport or in the Old Town if you must (the rates are notoriously bad). Rico Credit is a trustworthy business with exchange desks located all over Georgia and Tbilisi.

How much does traveling in Georgia cost?

In my opinion, Georgia has a well-earned reputation as a highly budget-friendly tourism location. Is Georgia affordable? Yes, however it's preferable to use the phrase "value for money."

Prices are generally stable throughout the nation, with the exception of Batumi during the summer peak season and Gudauri ski resort during the winter. A few "touristy" locations, such Mestia, Kazbegi, and Borjomi, can be a little more pricey. Tbilisi is more expensive than Kutaisi.

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Costs on average in Georgia for one week.

Traveler on a tight budget: 390 GEL (120 USD) every week.

In Georgia, backpacking is incredibly inexpensive. You can easily get by on a shoestring if you stay in hostels, take public transportation in the cities, eat locally (Khachapuri is your friend), stick to free activities, and use marshrutka vans to get around. 

Budget traveler: approximately 1050 GEL (325 USD) per week.

This spending limit should allow you to stay in guesthouses or mid-range hotels, sample all the cuisine at both cheap and expensive restaurants, grab a coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night, use public transportation and taxis in cities, buy tickets and tour guides for certain attractions, and travel by marshrutka vans and Go Trip transfers.

Traveler of high class: 3500 GEL (1080 USD) per week.

This involves reserving luxurious boutique hotels, dining at pricier establishments, getting around with taxis and private transports, and going on private day trips and guided tours.

Using the internet in Georgia.

When it comes to internet connectivity, Georgia is leagues ahead of many other nations. All eateries, cafes, motels, etc. provide free Internet access for patrons. You will have access to the internet if you rent an Airbnb or apartment. Except for the Stadler train that travels between Tbilisi and Batumi, buses and trains lack Wi-Fi.

According to the venue and location, internet speeds can range from 20 to 50 Mbps up and down. Additionally, Tbilisi has a free public Wi-Fi network called "Tbilisi Loves You." Although it's not very quick or dependable, it can be useful in an emergency.

There may not be as consistent coverage in rural locations. While the network in Mestia (Svaneti) is frequently sporadic, it is reliable enough for digital nomads to work there in Kazbegi (Stepantsminda).

I strongly advise purchasing a sim card if you want a dependable internet connection for work so that you may hotspot your phone in the event of a power outage.


Sim purchases and activations are inexpensive and simple. We advise getting a sim even if you're only going to be in Georgia for a few days so you can use navigation and order cabs.

With regard to service, price, and coverage, Magti is the best provider. For unlimited 4G, prices start at just 7 GEL per week.

Does Georgian society speak English?

Russian and English are the two other foreign languages that are most frequently used in Georgia after Georgian, which is the country's official language. Younger Georgians are more likely to speak English as a second language than elderly Georgians, who are more likely to speak Russian.

If you stick to well-known locations like Tbilisi, Batumi, Kazbegi, Svaneti, etc., you won't have any trouble surviving on English alone. Knowing a little Russian or Georgian can be useful if you're moving to the country, but it's not absolutely necessary.

If you're visiting Georgia, make sure to include these must-see sights on your itinerary. Georgia is full with amazing experiences, from experiencing the vibrant capital city of Tbilisi and sampling local wine in Kakheti to climbing through Kazbegi National Park and exploring historic cave villages.

  • Tbilisi: A visit to Tbilisi, Georgia's capital city, which is a true melting pot of old and new, is an excellent starting place for any journey to Georgia. Discover beautiful synagogues, 18th-century mosques, Georgia's oldest basilica, medieval Georgian churches, and a Zoroastrian Fire-temple Worshipper's with the help of your local guide. Head to the wave-shaped Peace Bridge that spans the Kura River and connects Old Tbilisi with the city's more modern sections for something more modern. Wander through quaint tiny alleyways and faded 19th-century wooden buildings after a hard day of sightseeing, then relax in a quirky street-side cafe to eat khachapuri while watching the hustle and bustle of local life.

  • Kakheti: Kakheti is Georgia's most well-known wine area, as well as one of the world’s oldest. Georgia's climate is perfect for wine production, with abundant natural springs and mineral-rich water from the Caucasus Mountains, as well as warm summers and mild winters. To appreciate this ideal wine-making location, travel through a beautiful countryside dotted with grapevines and incredible mountain landscapes. Visit family-owned vineyards and visit Kondoli to learn about the organic agricultural practices used to produce distinctive bio wines. Georgia also has a unique wine-making process in which the squeezed grape juice is fermented underground in giant qvevris pots (egg-shaped clay caskets).

  • Kazbegi: In Georgia's Kazbegi region, you'll find emerald-green alpine meadows and towering snow-capped mountains. Kazbegi National Park, which covers 8,700 hectares on the northern slopes of the Caucasus peaks, is home to a diverse range of vegetation and fauna. Among the craggy peaks, you might see a pack of roaming wolves or a lone bear looking for food. Don your hiking boots and set out on a pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Trinity, which sits above a blanket of green in a natural amphitheatre of rugged mountains, at the dizzy heights of Gergeti village. Mount Kazbegi, steeped in mythology and religious history, is supposed to be the site of the eternal chaining of the Greek Titan Prometheus, as well as the discovery of ancient Abrahamic treasures.

  • Uplistsikhe Cave Town: Step back in time and visit the Silk Road cave town of Uplistsikhe on the banks of the Mtkvari River to see a full town cut into the mountainside, complete with streets, churches, palaces, and residences. The town became a significant city on Byzantium's commerce route with India and China in the first millennium BC, and age-old relics from the Bronze and Middle Ages have been uncovered here. Wander through vaulted rooms chiseled into ivory-colored rock, peek into hollow caves that formerly housed religious rites' sacred shrines, and sit on the cascading tiers of a timeworn amphitheatre.

  • Sighnaghi: The picturesque town of Sighnaghi, often known as the 'Paris of Georgia,' is set on a lush hilltop in the Kakheti region and provides far-reaching vistas of the Khaketi Winelands against a dramatic backdrop of the towering Greater Caucasus mountain ranges. Visit a 16th-century wine cellar to try some of the region's wonderful red and white wines, which have been made here for over 300 years, and stroll through the picturesque cobblestone alleyways dotted with 18th-century houses, overhanging wooden balconies, and terracotta tiled roofs.

  • Vardzia Caves: The ancient cave monastery of Vardzia, built into a towering rock face, is one of Georgia's most attractive attractions. The structure was built as a bastion against the Turkish Sultanate by King Giorgi III, and his daughter, Tamar the Great, later built a labyrinth of caves to further defend her people. Explore the mountain's underground maze of candle-lit chapels, halls, refectories, and wine cellars, all connected by small passageways and stone stairways. It's difficult to comprehend how a city could have survived here. Monks, on the other hand, still live in the mountain caves, and the old irrigation canals provide them with water, allowing them to survive in this harsh area.

  • Svaneti: Trek into Georgia's Svaneti region to get off the main path. Indigenous populations live in secluded settlements nestled among the snow-capped peaks and deep gorges of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. The luscious scenery of emerald green pastures is punctuated with medieval stone towers known as koshki, and enormous glaciers fall down valleys toward the inky-blue lakes and rivers. Stay in the village of Becho, which sits in the shadow of Mount Ushba, dubbed the "Matterhorn of the Caucasus," and meet the local Svans to learn about their distinct culture and centuries-old traditions.

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    Highlights of Georgia 4 Nights / 5 Days

    Tbilisi (4N)

    Recommended For :


    Starting Price Per Adult

    AED 1,391

    Customized Holidays

    • Hotel
    • Sightseeing
    • Transfer
    • Meals

    Georgia Wonderland 4 Nights / 5 Days

    Tbilisi (3N) / Gudauri (1N)

    Recommended For :


    Starting Price Per Adult

    AED 1,550

    Customized Holidays

    • Hotel
    • Sightseeing
    • Transfer
    • Meals

    Panoramic Georgia 5 Nights / 6 Days

    Tbilisi (5N)

    Recommended For :


    Starting Price Per Adult

    AED 1,748

    Customized Holidays

    • Hotel
    • Sightseeing
    • Transfer
    • Meals

    Wonders of Georgia 5 Nights / 6 Days

    Tbilisi (3N) / Gudauri (2N)

    Recommended For :

    Family with Kids Friendly

    Starting Price Per Adult

    AED 1,914

    Customized Holidays

    • Hotel
    • Sightseeing
    • Transfer
    • Meals

    Spectacular Georgia 6 Nights / 7 Days

    Tbilisi (6N)

    Recommended For :


    Starting Price Per Adult

    AED 2,182

    Customized Holidays

    • Hotel
    • Sightseeing
    • Transfer
    • Meals

    Best of Georgia 7 Nights / 8 Days

    Tbilisi (5N) / Gudauri (2N)

    Recommended For :


    Starting Price Per Adult

    AED 2,524

    Customized Holidays

    • Hotel
    • Sightseeing
    • Transfer
    • Meals

    Georgia National Day Package 4 Nights / 5 Days

    Tbilisi (4N)

    Recommended For :

    Family with Kids Friendly

    Starting Price Per Adult

    AED 2,999

    Group Holidays

    • Hotel
    • Sightseeing
    • Transfer
    • Meals