Emirates Airlines Booking Online

Emirates Airlines Online Booking

Emirates Airlines is one of the leading airlines in not just the Middle East but the world. Founded in 1985 with just two airlines, one of which was leased from Pakistan International Airlines, today Emirates has a whooping 270 various aircrafts, primarily consisting of wide-body planes like A380 and Boeing 777 in its fleet and flies to over 157 different locations worldwide. Emirates is completely owned by the Dubai Government and is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group. With its main hub being Dubai International Airport, Emirates Airlines offers a world-class range of services to its customers like in-flight entertainment, meal options, religious observance etc. 

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Emirates Airline Economy, Business, and First Class Services Offered

ECONOMYBUSINESSFIRST (only on A380 & A340-500 Aircrafts)
regionally inspired meal from the onboard menuA seat that seamlessly reclines into a fully flat bed with a soft, comfy mattress and a cozy blanketSpacious seats that lean back into flat beds
ICE Entertainment to choose the latest movies and your favorite box sets.Onboard LoungeEntertainment to choose the latest movies and your favorite box sets.
complimentary beveragesChoose from our menu of regionally inspired gourmet dishesSliding doors and controlled lighting for more privacy
For kids, there are toys and specific kits.Amenity kits from Bvlgari are available.Personal dining service with sumptuous à la carte cuisine to tasty snacks
Comfortable seatsEntertainment to choose the latest movies and your favorite box sets.Shower Spa and Emirates Private Collection Bvlgari amenity kits
Airport lounge access to stretch your feetAirport lounge access
chauffeured service is available, before and after your flight.chauffeured service is available, before and after your flight.

Emirates Airlines Baggage Allowance

The combined weight of all your luggage determines your allowance.

You can check as many bags as you want, as long as they don’t exceed the weight limit for your travel class. Each bag must not weigh more than 32 kg.

Except for travel to and from the Americas and Africa, the weight principle applies to all routes (for tickets issued before 09 Aug 21).

Class of travelSpecialSaverFlexFlex Plus
Economy Class20 kg**25 kg***30 kg35 kg

**25 kg in Economy Special for flights between UAE and India.

***30 kg in Economy Saver for journeys originating in Australia and New Zealand for tickets issued on/after 26 November 2019

Class of travelBaggage allowance
Business Class40 kg
First Class50 kg

An individual bag’s overall dimensions (length, width, and height) should not exceed 300 cm (118 inches); bags that exceed this limit will not be accepted as check-in luggage.

Emirates Airlines Baggage allowances to and from the Americas and Africa (except flights within the Americas and between US and Europe):

Class of travelBaggage allowance
Economy Class*One piece up to 23 kg for Special Two pieces up to 23 kg each for Saver, Flex, and Flex Plus
Business ClassTwo pieces up to 32 kg each
First ClassTwo pieces up to 32 kg each

Emirates Airlines Baggage allowance for flights within the Americas and between US and Europe:

Class of travelBaggage allowance
Economy ClassOne piece up to 23 kg for Special and Saver Two pieces up to 23 kg each for Flex and Flex Plus
Business ClassTwo pieces up to 32 kg each
First ClassTwo pieces up to 32 kg each

IMPORTANT NOTE: These values may vary or change and hence we advise you to go to https://www.emirates.com/bh/english/before-you-fly/baggage/checked-baggage/ for details or updates.

Emirates Airlines Flights from Australia, New Zealand, or Asia

If your trip from Australia, New Zealand, or Asia to North or South America includes a stopover in Dubai longer than 24 hours or a sector in Europe, the weight concept will apply for the entire ticketed journey.

If you are traveling into Africa with a stopover of more than 24 hours, the weight concept may apply.

Emirates Airlines Checked Baggage Dimensions for piece concept

The total dimensions (length + width + height) of each piece must not exceed 150 cm (59 inches).

You’ll be charged an additional fee for any individual items exceeding dimensions of 150 cm (59 inches), up to a maximum of 300 cm (118 inches). If an individual item has total dimensions greater than 300 cm (118 inches), it can’t be checked in as baggage and will need to be sent as cargo or freight.

You can get more updates and detailed information from our website Akbar Travels UAE.

Emirates Airlines Items Not Allowed

● All liquids, gels, and aerosols, as well as pastes, lotions, creams, beverages, and other similar substances, must be contained in containers with a capacity of no more than 100ml.

● These containers must be placed in a clear resealable plastic bag with a volume of no more than one liter. Large or non-sealable bags, such as fold over sandwich bags, are not permitted.

● The containers must fit snugly inside the clear plastic bag, which must be properly closed.

● At the screening station, the plastic bag must be provided for visual inspection. Per person, just one transparent plastic bag will be allowed.

● Medications, infant milk/foods, and specific dietary requirements will be exempted. Appropriate and proportional methods of determining the nature of such objects will be required.

Emirates Airlines Check-in Information

You may check in up to 48 hours before your flight online. Choose your seat, order a dietary meal, or take advantage of any last-minute upgrade possibilities. Customers must, however, visit the airport check-in desk to have their credentials validated and a boarding pass issued.

Emirates Airlines Airport Shuttle Buses to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

With the introduction of unique transfer shuttles styled in the classic Emirates A380 livery, Emirate’s customers can now look forward to an enhanced travel experience. The complimentary bus service for Economy Class customers that operates between Dubai International Airport to and from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, are sleek buses from VDL Bus & Coach.  The buses not only give consumers excellent comfort, but also a more ecologically responsible ride, making them a popular and convenient alternative to driving or taking a cab to the airport.

Popular Routes of Emirates Airlines From And to Dubai

In terms of air traffic, Dubai is regarded the busiest destination. Emirates Airlines is a well-known airline that offers a variety of flights to and from Dubai. You can reserve a seat with them to travel safely to and from the UAE with the airline.

Some of the most famous routes flown by emirates are:

Dubai to Cairo (DXB-CAI): Emirates can have up to 3 flights daily flying to Cairo International Airport, Egypt. A direct flight is normally 3h 40m long.

Dubai to Manila (DXB-MNL): Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Philippines is a one of the most crowded airports in the world and hence Emirates Airlines has at least 1 flight daily fly out there which can take up to 9h 5m long.

Dubai to Kochi (DXB-COK): A lot of South Indians fly out to Dubai for business and work related matters, making Cochin International Airport quite busy throughout the year. Emirates has 1 flight per day with a 4h 5m duration connecting Dubai to Kochi.

Dubai to London (DXB-LCY): Heathrow Airport in London, United Kingdom like Dubai International Airport is a major hub for airlines and is one of the busiest airports around the globe. To meet this high demand Emirates has approximately 5-6 flights dedicated to this location daily with a direct flight taking 7h 40 m airtime.

Dubai to Singapore (DXB-SIN): Singapore like Dubai is a famous tourist destination especially for business class and first class fliers. Emirates Airlines has 2 flights per week fly directly there and back. A direct flight between the two Cities can be 7h 35m long.

Dubai to Lahore (DXB-LHE): Dubai has become quite popular among Pakistanis as a tourist destination and business and employment hub. This resulted in a huge demand of flights for the region from Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, Pakistan. But due to recent COVID events Emirates has reduced their flights to only 2 flights per week which if flown directly take about 3h 5m.

Dubai to Mumbai (DXB- BOM):  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai, Delhi is another really crowded airport with flights coming in from all around the globe. With at least 2 flights going out daily by Emirates Airlines lasting up to 3h 5m air time.

Dubai to Bangkok (DXB-BKK): Bangkok, Thailand is a tourist favorite especially in the Middle East. Emirates has 1 flight daily between Dubai and Bangkok lasting 6h 35m in total with a direct route

How to Get Emirates Airlines Cheap Deals and Upgrades?

Book in Advance: For the best and cheapest deals and offers it is highly advised to book your flight in advance as rates tend to rise as the date for the flight draws near.

Upgrades: Use your loyalty and travel points to get amazing upgrades to business and first class when you reach the airport or through the Emirates app or website. You may also ask upgrade cost a few hours before flying as rates tend be lower after the flight has finished booking.

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