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Type of UK Visas

6 Months Short Term Visa
  • Processing time: 10-15 days
  • Stay period : 6 months
  • Entry: Multiple
  • Fees: INR 13,999/-
2 years Long Term Visa
  • Processing time: 10-15 days
  • Stay period: 6 months
  • Entry: Multiple
  • Fees: INR 47,899/-
5 years Long Term Visa
  • Processing time: 10-15 days
  • Stay period : 6 months
  • Entry: Multiple
  • Fees: INR 88,799/-
10 Years Long Term Visa
  • Processing time: 10-15 days
  • Stay period: 6 months
  • Entry: Multiple
  • Fees: INR 1,09,899/-

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Documents required for UK Visa

  • Must have Documents for UK Standard Visitor Visa:
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    • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any;
    • Online UK Visa Application form;
    • Appointment letter confirmation;
    • UK Visa Fee Payment Receipt;
    • 2 recent colour photographs (Photo Specification);
    • Personal Covering letter (For Employed - Plain paper/ For Self-Employed - Letterhead);
    • Original updated Bank Statement with sufficient bank balance (last 6 months);
    • Income Tax Returns / Form 16 for last 3 years;
    • Supporting Financial Documents such as Fixed Deposits, Property Investments, Recurring Deposits, any other Investments etc (Optional but advisable).
  • Supporting documents as per your occupation, type of visit:

    1. If Employed:

    • Original Leave sanctioned certificate with company seal and signature;
    • Last 3 months salary slip.

    2. If Self Employed:

    • Business Registration License / MOA / Partnership deed;
    • Company’s updated bank statement of last 6 months;
    • Company’s IT returns for last 3 years.

    3. If Retired:

    • Proof of retirement like pension book, statement etc.

    4. If Student

    • School / College / Institute ID Card;
    • Bonafide certificate.

    5. If Minor

    • Birth Certificate;
    • No Objection Certificate from the parents / non-accompanying parent on Rs 100/- stamp paper;
    • ID proof of parent like passport or PAN card.

    6. If Visiting friend or relative

    • Invitation letter;
    • Inviter’s ID proof like Passport or Resident Permit;
    • Address proof like any Electricity bill, any Utility bill etc.

    7. If Sponsored

    • Sponsorship letter;
    • Sponsor’s national ID proof like Passport, PAN card or Resident permit;
    • Updated bank statement of last 6 months;
    • Income tax returns of last 3 years.

    8. For Business Visa/h4>
    • Invitation letter from host Company stating purpose of trip, business details etc;
    • Covering letter from Indian company on company letterhead.

Click here for detailed UK Visa process & Requirements
UK Visa process and requirements

Applying for UK Visa through us is this simple

Pay online & submit
your documents
We verify documents, fill visa form & book appointments
You attend Biometrics
& submit documents
Receive your Visa

UK Visa FAQs

  • add How many months prior to the travel should I apply for a UK Visa?

    It is ideal to apply for a UK visa at least 3 months prior to the date of travel.

  • add How to apply for a UK Visa online?

    All you need to do is, log on to Akbar Travels website and submit your request, we will take care of the complete UK Visa application process right from getting your documents ready to receiving your visa. We are experts in the travel and tourism sector with over 40 years of experience. Through our expertise, in-depth knowledge and integrity, we commit to delivering an exceptional experience to our customers each and every time you use our service. In order to help us understand your unique visa needs, please drop in your query and our UK Visa Expert will get in touch with you.

    How to apply for UK Visa Online:

    1. Choose your preferred type of UK Visa based on your Travel type
    2. Make payment online
    3. Submit documents online on our portal
    4. Receive your UK Visa once approved
  • add Can I apply for the UK Visa myself?

    It is advisable to process your UK Visa through us as many a times UK Visa applications are rejected by the UK Visas and Immigration not due to the calibre and suitability of the applicant, but because of simple errors in the application itself. With over 40 years of combined experience we will assist you to obtain all the necessary supporting documentation and prepare your application, ensuring your UK Visa application stands the best chance of success.

  • add Is UK Visit Visa also called as UK Standard Visitor Visa?

    Yes. The Standard Visitor Visa allows people to enter the UK for several reasons. This includes travel, tourism, and leisure purposes, visiting friends or relatives; as well as short term business appointments, academic conferences, participating in sporting events or creative/artistic work, and receiving private medical treatment in the UK. The Standard Visitor Visa has replaced the following types of UK Visas:

    • Family Visitor visa
    • General Visitor visa
    • Child Visitor visa
    • Business Visitor visa, including visas for academics, doctors and dentists
    • Sports Visitor visa
    • Entertainer Visitor visa
    • Prospective Entrepreneur visa
    • Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa
    • Approved Destination Status (ADS) visa
  • add How long can I stay in the UK on a Standard Visitor Visa?

    A UK Standard Visitor Visa is usually valid for 6 months and allows multiple entries to the UK. You can stay for maximum up to 6 months only. You can apply for a longer-term UK Visa if you travel regularly to the UK. These UK Visas are valid for 2, 5 or 10 years and allow multiple entries for up to 6 months on each trip.

  • add What is the eligibility for a short-term UK Standard Visitor Visa and long-term UK Standard Visitor Visa?

    The eligibility requirements for securing a short-term UK Standard Visitor Visa are as follows:

    • You must show that you will leave the UK at the end of your trip;
    • You must be able to support yourself (and any dependents applying with you) for the duration of your trip;
    • You must be able to pay for your return or onward journey;
    • You must provide proof of any business or other activities you want to do in the UK (if you are not coming to the UK for a holiday).

    The eligibility requirements for securing a long-term UK Standard Visitor Visa are as follows:

    • You must be able to prove that you have a frequent and on-going need to come to the UK;
    • You must be able to justify that the reason why you need to come frequently to the UK is not likely to change while your UK Standard Visitor Visa is valid;
    • You must be able to prove that you plan on leaving the UK at the end of each visit.
  • add Do I need to purchase flight tickets for my UK Visa application?

    No. Confirmed return tickets are not required for the UK Visa application. You may visit our website to check the flight ticket airfares, but we are clear that we do not expect you to purchase flights or confirm travel arrangements until your UK Visa decision has been received.

  • add Can I fast-track my UK Visa application?

    UK Visa Immigration offer a number of added value services to suit individual needs. These services are designed to offer choice and convenience and to enhance speed of processing and customer experience. If you know that you need to travel at short notice, or want to have your UK Visa application placed at the front of the queue for processing, consider purchasing a Priority Visa service or a Super Priority Visa service. However, using the Priority and Super Priority visa service does not imply or guarantee in any way that your UK Visa application will be successful. All applicants must meet the requirements of UK’s Immigration Rules.

    Priority visa Service - The Priority UK visa service is optional and costs GBP 184 (approx. INR 20,342/- as per the local currency equivalent to latest consular rate of exchange) in addition to the standard UK Visa fee. Choose the priority service to place your application at the front of the queue.

    Eligibility: This service is available to the following applicants:

    All visitor visa applicants (excluding overseas domestic workers).
    All Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5 applicants.
    Short term study applicants.

    The Super Priority Visa Service – The Super Priority UK Visa service is an optional service and costs GBP 919 (approx INR 91,733 as per the local currency equivalent to latest consular rate of exchange) in addition to the standard UK Visa fee. The target is to process super priority UK visa applications on the same day that they are received. You will be required to provide biometric information as part of the application process.

    Eligibility: This service is available to the following applicants:

    • All visitor visa applicants (excluding overseas domestic workers).
    • Tier 2 General and Intra Company Transfer applications – as well as Tier 2 dependents applying at the same time as the main applicant or any time after providing the main applicant already has a valid visa.
    • Tier 5 Sportspeople and Entertainers – as well as Tier 5 dependents applying at the same time as the main applicant or any time after providing the main applicant already has a valid visa.
  • add Do I need to show my old passport when I apply?

    It is highly advisable to submit your old passports (if any) especially if your old passport contains visas showing previous foreign travels (eg Schengen, USA, Canada etc.). It is extremely useful for the UK Embassy to see such direct evidence of previous travels abroad and seeing an old passport with good travel history can often enable them to process your UK Visa application much quicker.

  • add What is 'biometric' information?

    All UK Visa applicants are required to provide biometric data (10-digit finger scans and a digital photograph) as part of the UK Visa application process.

    You will have to go to your nearest UK visa application centre in person to provide your biometrics. Your Uk Visa application will not be processed until you have provided the necessary biometric information. The finger scans are electronic so the staff do not need to use any ink, liquid or chemicals. You will have your digital photograph taken at the same time and the whole procedure should take no more than five minutes to complete. You should make sure that you do not have any decoration (such as henna), or any cuts or other markings on your fingertips before having your finger scans. You should also make sure that if you have any cuts and bruises on your face, they have healed or disappeared before you have your photograph taken. Digital photographs must be of your full face and you should not wear sunglasses, a hat or any other head covering (unless you wear it for cultural or religious reasons but the face must not be covered).

  • add If I had been issued a UK Visa earlier, do I still need to go for Biometrics again this time as well?

    For UK Visa every time you enroll for a fresh visa application (Apply for a UK Visa), it is necessary for applicant to submit his/her Biometrics.

  • add Should children visit the Visa application Centre for applying for a UK Visa?

    Every applicant who is submitting the UK Visa application must attend the Visa Application Centre in person. Children less than 5 years need to attend, but are not required to provide their biometric data. Children less than 18 years need to be accompanied by any family member or guardian.

  • add How to track the UK Visa status?

    Online UK Visa application tracking is not available on UK Visas and Immigration website. To track UK Visa application status, you must use the UK Visas and Immigration’s email or phone service, which is chargeable.

  • add Do I need to take a health/travel insurance?

    You are strongly advised to purchase a health / travel insurance to cover yourself in UK as medical treatment can be very expensive in UK. We can certainly assist you with the travel insurance as it’s an absolute necessity for International travel in the event of unexpected events such as medical emergencies, baggage delay or loss etc.

  • add Are you still having doubts about the UK Visa process?

    We have you covered across India with presence in all the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow and many more.

  • add What is the UK Visa fees for Indian citizens?

    UK Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

    Types of UK Visa UK Visa Fees
    6 Months Short Term Visa ₹ 10,299
    2 years Long Term Visa  ₹ 34,649
    5 years Long Term Visa ₹ 61,749
    10 Years Long Term Visa  ₹ 76,999

Visa Services - Terms & Conditions

  1. Visa application fees along with the service charge are non-refundable in all cases. Even in case of visa application rejection the entire amount is non-refundable.
  2. Visa application approval/rejection and processing time is at the sole discretion of the immigration and we do not have any control over the same.
  3. Visa applications may require more than usual working days for processing and it is completely dependent on the immigration.
  4. Immigration/ may ask for additional documents on a case to case basis.
  5. Prices are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice.
  6. Visa applications processing will only be after the verification of all required documents and receipt of complete payment.
  7. Visas issued under visit/business/transit/tourist profession are not eligible to work in the destination country.
  8. reserves the right to refuse applications at its discretion and bears no liability for the processing time or rejection of visa applications by the immigration.
  9. Traveller or the customer has to fully bear the penalty amount in case the destination country levy any charges.
  10. Additional charges such as documents courier, photograph development, attestation etc has to be borne by the applicant.

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Simple steps to get a UK Visa:

Akbar Travels has been a part of more than one million travel dreams. We offer a superior, quick and hassle-free UK Visa Facilitation service. With a highly professional and dedicated team of Travel visa Experts, we are here to cater to all your UK Visa application requirements. Read more

Throughout your UK visa process, you will have a dedicated visa expert handling your application.

Here are the steps to apply for a UK Visa through Akbar Travels:

Step 1: Provide your travel details to our UK Visa Expert and get all your queries answered.

Step 2: Pay your UK visa fee online and upload all your documents online through our secured online document locker to ensure its confidentiality.

Step 3: Your UK Visa documents will be thoroughly verified and scrutinized by our Experts who will notify you of any pending document or additional requirement.

Step 4: Our Visa Expert will fill your UK Visa form online through the Visa4UK website, pay the visa processing fee and schedule an appointment as part of the UK Visa process.

Step 5: On the appointment date, visit the UK Visa Application Center (VAC) to submit your biometrics, digital photograph and visa documents.

Step 6: Receive your UK Visa after the standard processing time.

Kindly note:

Personal Appearance is mandatory at the Visa Application Center (VAC) for biometrics and document submission.

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Basic Requirements to visit UK

  • Have a valid Passport and valid UK Visa;
  • Be in good health; Read more
  • Good moral character;
  • Be able to convince the immigration officer that you have your family, property, assets, etc. that would serve as an incentive to come back to your home country;
  • Be able to convince the immigration officer that you will leave the country before your UK visa expires;
  • Have sufficient funds to support yourself in UK and the amount depends on how long you will stay in UK and whether you will be staying with family, friends or any paid accommodation.
  • Show less

Travel Checklist

  • Passport;
  • Valid UK Visa; Read more
  • Confirmed return Ticket;
  • Contact details of your relative, friend or business contact in the UK;
  • Confirmed hotel bookings (If Any);
  • UK Currency and other forms of forex;
  • An unlocked smartphone, preferable with a Sim card from India;
  • Any additional documents required to prove your purpose of visit (especially if you are travelling on a business Visa).
  • Show less

What to do when you arrive in the UK

  • Keep your Declaration form in hand (provided to you on the flight); Read more
  • Keep all travel documents (passport, valid UK visa, return ticket, hotel bookings etc.) ready in case the immigration officer asks to produce any document;
  • If you are an unaccompanied minor, make sure you stay with the flight attendant who is in charge of your safety. Additionally, you must recognise the adult picking you up at the airport. If you have any doubts, you must inform the airline staff immediately.
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UK travel guide

One of the most sought-after travel destinations in Europe, UK is a favourite among travellers from all over the world. Streets filled with medieval castles and many other stately mansions, the UK takes you on a historical rollercoaster ride. Read more

Be it the beautiful countryside or the princely states, the UK is a must-visit travel destination for all the backpackers and the wanderlust lovers. With historic cities, attractive museums, and outstanding theatres that help you revisit the history, the United Kingdom is a treasure trove of the European diversity.

Filled with amazing sceneries and glistening water forms, UK offers a great diversity within itself. You can experience the highest highs and the lowest lows while you are in the country with its highlands and city life. The UK is one of the best places to visit regarding enjoyment, history, and refreshment from the monotonous life. Be it any destination among England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland; you can reach from one to another quite quickly. This awesome-yet-small country is a perfect destination for all the globetrotters who do not wish to spend a lot of time in travelling. Almost every city in the UK is a wonder in itself. However, London stands out from the rest in terms of both history and luxury. With beautiful theatres, royal castles, and busy streets; London will transport you to a different world with its beauty and diversity.

Other than London, there are many other beautiful cities in the UK that will introduce you to a different kind of beauty. If you wish to take a break from the boring city life, then make sure you visit the UK to experience a whole different life! Once you step your foot in this beautiful country; you would not want to leave it anytime soon.

There is a lot of choice in the Great Britain that you would be confused as to where to start. From ancient stones and castles to dramatic museums and industrial sites; UK is a place that offers wide diversity to the tourists.

Here is a list of places you must visit in the UK:

The British Museum in London is rated as one of the best museums in the world. With free entry to everyone, this museum is a work of art in itself. Featuring more than eight million exhibits, this museum is a must-visit for all the art lovers.

Standing 135 meters above the sea level, the London Eye offers a ride of your life. This 30-minutes gala ride offers a beautiful panoramic view of the wonderful skyline of London. The Tower of London is yet another breath-taking beauty in the streets of London.
Another castle that rekindles the past is the Windsor Castle in the Windsor. Often referred to as the favourite of Queen Elizabeth II, this wonderful construction is the Berkshire residence of the Royal Family.
One among the Seven Wonders of the World, the Stonehenge located in the outskirts of London is one of the most sought-after attractions in Great Britain.The Edinburgh Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in the country and offers beautiful views of the entire town of Edinburgh from the top.
The Roman Baths in the Bath are one of the most important historic constructions dating back to the circa first century AD.

Last but not the least, the Belfast in Northern Ireland is an icon of the city. Dedicated to the beautiful Titanic, the Titanic Belfast tells numerous stories from various perspectives.

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UK Facts and Figures

United Kingdom
Comprises of:
England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales
Northwest Europe
IST (-) 5 1/2 hrs Read more
Major Cities:
London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh
241,752 sq kms
National Day:
11 Jun (Queen Official Birthday)
Best time to visit:
June to September
British Pound Sterling (GBP)
Airline Name:
British Airways BA
International Airports:
London Heathrow (LHR)
London Gatwick (LGW)
London Luton (LTN)
Manchester (MAN)
New Castle (NCL)
London City Airport (LCY)
London Stansted (STN)
Belfast (BFS)
Birmingham (BHX)
Edinburgh (EDI)
Glasgow (GLA)
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UK Embassy

British High Commission New Delhi
Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi 110021

Other Visas


INR 2000/-


INR 3499/-


INR 7199/-


INR 7199/-
Best chioce
Akbartravels - Reviews
821 reviews on
Nupur Sawant
2 months ago

Got my Thailand visa within 5 days. It was much before than I expected. Thanks a lot for your prompt service. We appreciate your efforts and the personal attention. Wish you good luck.

Dr Poonam Bharti
1 months ago

I have processed visas thrice through Akbar travels. Acknowledge the efficient and prompt service by the customer support team. Got the Dubai visas way before the expected time.

Mayur Waman
2 weeks ago

Thank you for the smooth and hassle free visa application for Singapore. Very happy with the service, I will definitely recommend your service to my friends and colleagues.

Other UK Visa types

Uk work Visa (Tier 4):

The UK Student Visa is applicable for both students and in the case of the Doctoral Extension Scheme. All the students above the age of 16 and who are offered a place for a course in the UK can apply for the UK Student Visa. The UK student visa application should be initiated three months before the date of travel. The duration of stay is decided depending on the nature of the course, and the UK visa fee will be INR 30,000 to INR 35,000 approximately.

For the Doctoral Extension Scheme, the applicant should be studying PhD or any other doctorate level. The UK Visa should be applied 60 days before the completion of the course in the UK. The applicants applying for the UK visa should be in possession of a valid Tier 4 UK Study Visa during the time of application.

2. UK Work Visa (Tier 1):

The UK work visa is applicable for work related to the investors, entrepreneurs, graduate entrepreneurs, and in the case of exceptional talents. All applicants of the UK work Visa should be above 16 years of age and 18 years for the investors. In case of the investors, the investment should exceed INR 18,00,00,000 approximately. While for the entrepreneurs and the graduate entrepreneurs it is relatively less.

3. UK Work Visa (Tier 2):

The Tier 2 UK Work Visa is for all the general employees and Intra-company transfers. For employees that have been offered job opportunities due to their work talents or in the case of transfers within the companies, this UK work visa is applicable.

4. UK Work Visa (Tier 5):

The Tier 5 UK Work Visa is applicable for:

  • Government Authorised Exchange
  • Youth Mobility Scheme
  • Creative and Sporting Visas
  • Charity Worker
  • Religious Worker
  • International Agreement

5. Other UK Visa Types:

There are other UK visa types to enter the United Kingdom like:

  • UK Settlement
  • Right of Abode
  • Residence Permit

These UK visa types are generally for people who are already staying in the UK and wish to extend their stay due to work or other commitments.