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Visitors come from all over the world to Mauritius on our Mauritius honeymoon package because of its unending beauty and soul-enriching appeal. It is a pearl in Africa. This paradise with our Mauritius travel packages for travelers is a flamboyant and opulent bouquet of everything that makes your trip — whether for a family vacation, a honeymoon, or leisure — unforgettable. Here are a few facts to know about Mauritius that will assist Read More

Visitors come from all over the world to Mauritius on our Mauritius honeymoon package because of its unending beauty and soul-enriching appeal. It is a pearl in Africa. This paradise with our Mauritius travel packages for travelers is a flamboyant and opulent bouquet of everything that makes your trip — whether for a family vacation, a honeymoon, or leisure — unforgettable. Here are a few facts to know about Mauritius that will assist you on your Mauritius tour package for couple to have a vacation carnival as you enter this slice of heaven! You may maximize your Mauritius trip with the help of these insider suggestions. So, if you're thinking about booking this opulent vacation, here are some things you should know about Mauritius before booking your Mauritius package from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Kerala, and Pune.


Akbar Recommended Mauritius Tour Packages from India


Mauritius Tour Packages



Magical Mauritius with Coral Azur Beach Resort


Rs 21,350/-

Magical Mauritius with Le Palmiste Resort and Spa


Rs 38,038/-

Heavenly Mauritius with Anantara Iko Resort (Honeymoon Special)


Rs 38,980/-

Ethereal Mauritius with Hotel Riu Le Morne (Honeymoon Special)


Rs 68,820/-

Luxury with Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa


Rs 80,500/-


Location: This lovely island on our Mauritius honeymoon package is close to Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and has good access to Madagascar in the east. Despite being geographically far from Africa, this little island onyour Mauritius honeymoon package from India is included in that continent. Mauritius is made up of 16 islands and islets in total, each of which is renowned for its breathtaking beauty. You can get there on our Mauritius honeymoon package from Delhi and Mumbai.


Geological Background: On your Mauritius honeymoon package, you’ll learn that subaquatic volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago shaped the island.


Languages: There is no official language on this island. However, English is the language that is spoken here the most, followed by French. So on your Mauritius honeymoon package, you have nothing to worry about.


All around the island, on your Mauritius trip, the Mauritian Rupee is accepted as payment if you have additional Mauritius trip costs to pay. Either at the airport or at a currency exchange facility, you may exchange your money when on our Mauritius tour packages.


Travel Insurance: When booking an overseas trip with our Mauritius tour packages, it is usually a good idea to get travel insurance. It might be advantageous to purchase travel insurance for your Mauritius packages from India, before leaving for your vacation if you want to reduce unforeseen costs on your trip to Mauritius.


The best way to get to Mauritius?


It is important to know the best route to go to Mauritius to plan your Mauritius honeymoon package cost before making travel arrangements. But if you’re on our Mauritius tour packages, you don’t have anything to worry about. But if you aren’t, then the ideal route for you to take will depend on your tastes and budget out of the several direct and indirect methods to go to Mauritius. To find out how to go to Mauritius on our Mauritius holiday packages, continue reading:


By Air: Flying is the fastest and most convenient method to get to Mauritius on your Mauritius tour packages. As Mauritius is well connected to all of the world's main cities, you may fly there directly or indirectly on our Mauritius package from Delhi with flight. There are two international airports in Mauritius; you may pick your flight on your Mauritius tour package with flight based on your desired destination at Sir Gatan Duval Airport near Plaine Corail on Rodrigues or Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport.


By Sea: Another way to go to Mauritius on your Mauritius packages is by cruise ship. If you are coming from India, take a cruise from Chennai or Mumbai to Port Louis and experience the opulent accommodations. However, it is one of the most expensive and time-consuming ways to go to Mauritius on a Mauritius tourism packages from India.




India citizens can easily obtain a tourist visa for Mauritius with our Mauritius packages, upon arrival. Keep your passport and the confirmation of your hotel reservation on hand, and you're set to go. One of the most crucial things to understand about Mauritius on your Mauritius tour package from India, is this. To acquire a tourist visa for Mauritius, Indian nationals must have a passport that is at least 6 months old as of the departure date. For 60 days from the date of issuance, a tourist visa for Mauritius is valid. When traveling as a pair on your Mauritius trip from India, you must have at least USD 600 or a credit card with a minimum INR 75,000 credit limit. This can be included or excluded as part of your Mauritius trip cost from India, depending on the package. On your Morisas tour package, if you have 250g of tobacco goods, 50 cigars, or 200 cigarettes, you can pass through customs. However, going above this cap would result in product seizure or fine that would add to your Mauritius trip cost for couple from India. You are also allowed to check in 100 ml of perfume and 250 ml of eau de toilette for personal use.


Expenses and budget:


Prior to traveling to Mauritius on our Mauritius packages, it is crucial to be aware of financial problems, even if you’re on our Mauritius honeymoon package for 7 days. Here are some suggestions to help you navigate your financial affairs and your Mauritius trip cost from India, smoothly while visiting the fascinating island nation of Mauritius on our Mauritius tour package from Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Kerala, Bangalore, and Pune.


Be sure to exchange large sums of money to benefit from the advantageous exchange rate. Either exchange the currency at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in Mauritius or at a moneylender in India. In Mauritius, the US Dollar is commonly recognised, so you may bring those along as well. Don't panic if you can't exchange your money at the airport for your Mauritius couple package. Numerous banks, including Bank of Baroda, Barclays, Deutsche, HSBC, and Standard Chartered, may be found all across the island.


Operating hours for Banks:

Monday to Thursday – 9: 15 am to 3: 15 pm.

Friday: 9: 15 am to 3: 15 pm

Saturday: 9: 15 am to 11: 15 am.


The 5, 20, and 50 cent pieces of Mauritian money are available as coins and can be used on your Mauritius 5 days package cost. The denominations of currency notes include 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000. Calculate your Mauritius travel cost as the daily withdrawal cap differs from bank to bank. The maximum amount you can withdraw in a day should be confirmed with your bank. It is advised to withdraw no more than MUR 15,000 at once, or as directed by an ATM. A greater withdrawal can result in the money becoming stuck in the machine itself. Debit and credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Diners, and American Express are widely accepted across Mauritius. To find out if your debit or Maestro card will work at an ATM in Mauritius, check with your bank. Everyone accepts the dollar on your Mauritius tour packages from Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Hyderabad.


Things to pack:

The most difficult part of planning a trip is deciding what to take, especially if on our Mauritius tour package for family, but this list of essential Mauritius information will undoubtedly assist you. Not every need from home can come with you on your Mauritius trip package. Therefore, learn how to pack lighter for your trip to Mauritius from India, and arrive in Mauritius looking "cool." Here is a fast list of essentials to pack for Mauritius so you can have a stress-free getaway without having to worry about what you forgot. For summer, pack lightweight cotton clothing. Avoid wearing synthetic textiles since they might be quite unpleasant in Mauritius' humid environment. In Mauritius, the evenings might get a little chilly, especially from May to October. Pack breathable woolens as well. Remember to pack your swimsuit when on your honeymoon Mauritius tourism allows all clothing. But, keep in mind that beachwear and underwear are two different things. Women should bring matching sarongs, scarves, sundresses, and kaftans along with their swimsuits when on a Mauritius holiday packages from India. Dress appropriately while entering places of worship. Make sure you have room for a tiny umbrella and a thin raincoat. If on our Hyderabad to Mauritius, Delhi to Mauritius, Chennai to Mauritius, and Pune to Mauritius package, know that flats, whether sandals or shoes, are best for touring gardens and natural parks. Flip flops are best for beaches. To protect your feet from corals when snorkeling or paddling, bring diving shoes. Use a digital camera to take pictures of the stunning scenery that would be a personal addition to your India to Mauritius trip cost. When on our Mauritius honeymoon packages from Bangalore, Chennai, and Ahmedabad, also carry sunglasses, bug repellent, plenty of sunscreen lotion, a beach bag for carrying daily necessities, prescription medications, tissues, wipes, lip balm, and medications like Imodium to lessen the frequency of diarrhea.


A few more tips:


  • On your honeymoon trip to Mauritius, avoid using Google Maps since Mauritius isn't a good fit for the reliable Google Map. Therefore, when you are here on your honeymoon Mauritius tour package, don't rely on it. Just rely on your guide.

  • If not on our Mauritius travel packages from India, remember that driving in Mauritius is on the left, thus keeping to the left.

  • Parking on double yellow lines is not allowed unless you want to receive a parking citation, which we are confident you don't.

  • Avoid using buses after 6 o'clock: Limit your activities on your free day in Mauritius to 6 o'clock. Avoid bus rides after six o'clock in the evening because most areas are vacant by then.

  • No trek without a leader: It's never a good idea to go hiking alone just to save on your ​​Mauritius honeymoon package for 7 days price. Hire one right away to prevent getting stranded in dense jungles.

  • If on a romantic Mauritius honeymoon packages, know that toilets in Mauritius do not follow the safety regulation of employing non-slippery tiles, thus beware of slippery tiles. Watch your step.

  • Stay wholesome: If on a Mauritius honeymoon package for 4 days, the most typical health problem experienced by tourists in Mauritius is diarrhea. Always have hand sanitizer with you, and wash your hands well before putting anything in your mouth.


Things you should do:


Choose our Mauritius honeymoon package with flight, as there are many local transportation options available to help you explore the island. To save on your Mauritius honeymoon budget,  take the bus, hire a bike, and take a cab. You may rely on some of the most well-known taxi service companies during your vacation, like TaxiCab Mauritius, Taxi Mauritius, and Taxi Service Mauritius. You must be at least 23 years old and have a valid driver's license in order to hire a car on your Mauritius island honeymoon package. If traveling from Mauritius tourism packages from Chennai, it should be noted that the roads are not paved and that they could be used by both people and animals. This knowledge makes it a crucial travel resource for Mauritius on our ​​Mauritius vacation packages.


Stay at the Golf Resort: When on our Mauritius honeymoon package from Pune and Kolkata, the magnificent 5-star and family-friendly Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort is where you should stay when visiting Mauritius. If you book a vacation in May or June, your Mauritius tour cost may not include a stay at this resort as the prices are between INR 75,000 and INR 80,000 per person, including flights. So if you are on a Mauritius budget trip from India, opt for a cheaper stay. A golf course, kids' and adolescents' club, a sea spa, and activities on the beach and in the deep sea are just a few of the overwhelming amenities it provides included in your Mauritius travel cost from India.


Honeymooners beware: If you want to take advantage of honeymoon freebies while on your honeymoon in Mauritius to save a bit on your Mauritius trip budget, be sure to have your wedding card. This should serve as proof that you’re on a Morisas honeymoon packages and that you said "I do" no more than six months ago, not earlier.


Being a tropical area, Mauritius is well known on our Mauritius tour from India for its delectable seafood. Crab curry, vindaye ourite (octopus), fried squid, and vindaye poisson are among the sea-based dishes you must try on your moriches honeymoon package. Vegetarian samosas are sold by mobile food vendors on a number of beaches worth of the Mauritius package price, including Pereybere beach. In Mauritius on your Mauritius family holiday packages, vegetarian samosas are known as "samoussa legume," while "masala vada" is sold for MUR 4 under the name "gateau piment" (approx.)


Indian restaurants: If you're a vegetarian on a Mauritius vacation packages from India, you don't need to worry because many places serve delicious vegetarian food, which would be an addition to your Mauritius package cost. Well-known places are:

1.  La Maison Eureka, Moka, 

2. Belle Mare, Hasu Restaurant, and Long Beach Hotel

3. Ile aux Cerfs' La Chaumière Masala

4. Namaste - Le Caudan Waterfront

Indian King, Grand Baie, No. 5 The Croisette (GBLC)

6. Grand Baii, Quatre Bornes, and Happy Rajah 

7. Le Tandoor, Grand Bay

8. Chennai Bhavan, Quatre Bornes


Indian cuisine: On your Mauritius trip package from Bangalore, roti, dal, and samosa are the most widely accessible vegetarian Indian foods in Mauritius. At MUR 12, you may have a roti folded up with potato curry, coconut, and tomato chutneys. Finish this hearty lunch at MUR 28 with hot coffee (approx). Grab some cheese, whole wheat bread, flavored milk, and different processed items to nibble on between meals.


Run for Rum: One of the distilleries that grows its own sugarcane is the Rhumerie de Chamarel on South Island. One of the things you shouldn't miss on our Mauritius packages from Bangalore including airfare, is sipping sugar cane juice and trying rum at the Rum Tasting Plant.


Charging is simple on your Mauritius family packages, since Mauritian power outlets can accommodate three-pin plugs, so you don't need to bring adapters.


Let's move on to the main itinerary that is part of your Mauritius cost for honeymoon, now that we've covered all of the preliminary preparation for your Mauritius tourism honeymoon packages from India!


Locations to visit with our Mauritius island package:


There are a tonne of incredible things to do in Mauritius part of your India to Mauritius tour package price, such as touring the vibrant city, paddle boarding, and preparing local cuisine, as well as sipping the best rums on the island, experiencing the natural beauties, and unwinding on idyllic beaches that make it worth the cost of trip to Mauritius from India.


Port Louis: Port Louis, which was established in 1736, is located in the west Indian Ocean and is protected by a deepwater harbor and a semicircular mountain system. Port Louis offers you and  the globe, on our Mauritius 7 day package, a breathtaking fusion of history and modernity by expertly fusing its 300-year-old traditions with contemporary charm and glitz. The practices of nations like India, China, Africa, and the Middle East have had a significant impact on the culture of this colorful metropolis.


The colonial atmosphere, outstanding architectural wonders, and breathtaking vistas of the Moka mountain ranges and the Indian Ocean wonderfully capture the beauty of this vibrant city and make it worth it of your Mauritius island trip cost. The city of Port Louis is brimming with enthralling sights, from fascinating museums and magnificent monuments to exquisite gardens and opulent hotels part of your Mauritius honeymoon cost. The Natural History Museum and the Blue Penny Museum reveal the long history of the nation, while Pointe aux Piments Public Beach and Baie Du Tombeau Beach reflect the island of Mauritius' beach culture included in your cost for Mauritius trip from India.


If on our Delhi to Mauritius tour package, be impressed with the rich gardens like Pamplemousses Botanical Garden and Jardins de la Compagnie and microbreweries like Flying Dodo Brewing Company and casinos like Ti Vegas Casino Quatre Bornes introduce you to the city's vibrant nightlife scene, where you of the calmer and more serene side of Port Louis. While you are holidaying in Port Louis on our Mauritius country tour package, you can engage in an array of fun-filled activities.


There is a tonne to do in Port Louis even if on our Mauritius 3 days package, for an action-packed vacation, from discovering the fascinating Chinatown of Mauritius and finding refuge at Jummah Masjid. Part of your Mauritius trip cost for couple, you can also take in the breathtaking views from Fort Adelaide and stroll through history at Aapravasi Ghat. With a tropical marine climate, take our Mauritius package with flight as Port Louis experiences warm, sunny days virtually all year long. A prevailing sea breeze also helps to keep the city cool and comfortable. The summer months of May to December are the finest for visiting Port Louis because of the pleasant weather and sparkling-clean beaches when on our Delhi to Mauritius honeymoon package.


Ile Aux Cerf Beach

Choose our best Mauritius honeymoon packages to visit Île aux Cerfs Island, also known in English as the deer island, is an island near the east coast of Mauritius in the Flacq district. Worth every penny of your Mauritius trip price, this paradise island of Mauritius constitutes of around 100 hectares of land. Nowadays there are no more deers on the island, but you will find there some of the world's beautiful beaches, perfect for a Mauritius tour package for couple from Delhi. As such it is one of the must places to visit and see in Mauritius.


Tamarin Beach:

Choose our Mauritius package for 7 days to visit the Tamarin Beach that was formerly referred to as Santosha Bay and was a well-liked spot for surfing. This beach used to receive lots of large, high waves that were ideal for surfing, drawing a large number of visitors from across the world. Tamarin Beach, which takes its name from one of Mauritius' most well-known tourist attractions, still exudes the same attractiveness as it did in the past, but the waves aren't as strong, making surfing impossible. However, people continue to come to this lovely beach to partake in other water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving exclusive of your cost of Mauritius tour package. Tamarin Beach is the ideal location for engaging in leisure activities like diving and snorkeling since it is lined with palm trees and encircled by a clear blue sea. Additionally, the beachfront is dotted with many shacks where you can rest for a while and marvel at the beautiful scenery of the setting sun.



On your Mauritius trip from Delhi, visit Chamarel that is well recognised for its naturally occurring production of seven-colored soil, displaying a singular occurrence. As a result of this geological formation, Chamarel is now a top tourist destination in Mauritius with our Mauritius honeymoon tour package. Red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple, and yellow are among the seven hues shown in this image. In certain places, letter colors are the consequence of all the soluble components, such silicon dioxide, being washed off by Mauritius' tropical environment. According to a popular theory, if you combine all the sand's hues, the particles will ultimately settle in layers, forming a spectrum.


Many rock formations have worn away as a result of the rain and the unbalanced environment, but the sand is still present to attract the tourists. A children's play area is located on the property, and both residents and visitors frequent it. Giant tortoises, which can be observed slithering about the sheltered region of rock formations, use the location as a breeding habitat as well. The area has seen several corrosions and natural disasters despite being a fairly well-known vacation destination since the 1960s. Due to this, there are wooden barriers all over the place and visitors are not permitted to the sand dunes. Numerous observation stations have been established around the areas to completely experience this splendor.


Belle Mare:

Take a trip to Mauritius from Mumbai and Bangalore to Belle Mare. This place is a picture-perfect private island in Mauritius, with lush surroundings and spotless white sand beaches. In addition to being a tranquil beach destination, Belle Mare draws tourists with its incredibly opulent resorts, which are renowned for their top-notch facilities.


This serene island, which is thought of as Mauritius' best-kept secret, is filled with a variety of charming features that make visiting Belle Mare an unavoidably magical experience. This vibrant city is ready to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience, with everything from its sun-drenched beachfront and quaint, intimate eateries to thrilling water parks and gushing waterfalls. Grand River South East is prepared to entice you with its lush foliage, blue seas, and exciting water sports while Belle Mare Plage Beach is eager to welcome you with its amenities. Le Waterpark promises to increase your heart rate with its exhilarating water attractions, while Arts 28 will wow you with its vast collection of outstanding local artwork.


More than anything else, Belle Mare is well renowned for giving visitors the chance to experience the greatest water activities. Travelers frequently make a point of participating in a variety of adrenaline-pumping water sports when visiting Belle Mare City, including scuba diving, boat riding, speed boating, windsurfing, swimming, snorkeling, and catamaran cruise. Additionally, Belle Mare offers visitors the greatest seafood specialties and unusual beverages. Belle Mare City has a tropical environment, which is characterized by comfortable and mild weather virtually all year round. The best time to travel to Belle Mare is between May to December, when the waters are clear and the shores are sunny. This period is also considered to be the most ideal time to get into the calm waters and enjoy water activities.


Underwater Waterfall:

What could be more intriguing than a waterfall that cascades into the water? The stunning region of Rivière Noire and the coastline nearby are known for providing the Underwater Waterfall panorama, which has drawn a large number of tourists from all over the world. The greatest way to observe this waterfall is from above, thus helicopter and aircraft tours are available that give you a chance to take in a 360-degree perspective of this breathtaking landscape. It is a well-known tourist destination because the cracks and sand beneath the ocean regularly run down in a way that gives the appearance of a subterranean waterfall. You may get a better view of the area by taking advantage of the boat and helicopter trips that are offered nearby.


Tamarind Falls:

Tamarin Falls and Seven Cascades are significant contributors to Mauritius' allure as a travel destination. The Falls are the tallest in Mauritius, rising to a height of around 290 meters. It is much more lovely because there are seven falls that happen at once. For those who anticipate clean beaches and islands in Mauritius, these waterfalls will come as a surprise. It is abundant with serene settings and diverse vegetation. It's been noted as a sanctuary for people who enjoy hiking, bird watching, and adventure. The area offers a variety of adventure sports, such as hiking, canyoning, cliff leaping, bird viewing, and swimming.


Black River Gorges National Park:

Black River Gorges National Park is home to this breathtaking natural setting in the southwest of Mauritius. This national park, which is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, is also a popular place for hiking and has many lovely paths that lead thrill seekers to the highest peaks. Additionally, it's possible to see creatures like wild pigs, rusa deer, and privets here relaxing in their natural habitat. There are several hiking paths in this national park that are accessible to anyone. Along with trekking, hiking and camping are popular activities here. A lot of photographers are drawn to this park because of its picturesque splendor and its changing flora and wildlife.


Pamplemousses Botanical Garden:

One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Mauritius, this botanical garden is close to Port Louis and displays the vibrant beauty of the native flora and wildlife. Since the garden's founding 300 years ago, it has offered countless picturesque sights and mesmerizing landscapes to its guests. Numerous endangered species of birds and animals call this place home, including giant tortoises and Java deer. The ponds in this lovely garden provide the ideal location to take stunning photos of lotus and water lilies. The Talipot Palm, a unique kind of vegetation that blooms just once every 30 to 80 years, is what makes the area renowned. Many unique types of animals and birds relax in their natural habitats at this botanical park  including Java deers.



Mahebourg, one of Mauritius's most energizing cities, is a draw that visitors shouldn't pass up when seeing the island. It provides the most beautiful museum vistas, lively streets, delectable street cuisine, and energizing beaches from south to north. The National History Museum provides information about the island's pre-colonial way of life. Market on Monday: This market, which was formerly centered on selling silks and textiles but now features sizzling food vendors as well, is a lively and packed location in the city. Since the 1870s, Rault Biscuit Factory has been a well-known biscuit-making business.


Rodrigues Island:

Rodrigues Island is home to an exquisite wildlife park and many natural treasures. This island offers picturesque recreation opportunities, has a village-like atmosphere, and gives you time to unwind away from the bustle of the metropolis. The atmosphere and tranquility of Rodrigues Island, which is frequently referred to as "Mauritius 25 years ago," transports you to a period when the location was less well-known and had tranquil surroundings. Everything offered here is pure and natural, from the local food to the handmade goods. In addition, this island is well known for providing thrilling activities including zip lining, fishing, hiking, and several water sports.


Le Pouce Mountain:

Being a volcanic island, Mauritius offers a number of stunning mountains and valleys to hike across. The island is renowned for its stunning scenery. Mauritius is renowned for its amazing scenery, lovely wildlife, lush foliage, stunning beaches, and numerous breathtaking vistas. There are 700 native plant species that make up Mauritius' flora. Le Pouce, which rises to an elevation of 812 meters and is the third-highest mountain in Mauritius, is situated between Pieter Both and Signal Mountain in the island's northwest. Le Pouce, sometimes called "The Thumb," is a summit. Charles Darwin is recognised as having scaled Le Pouce first.


You will enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of Mauritius from the pinnacle. Beautiful views of the northern tiny islands of Mauritius, including Flat Island, Round Island, and Snake Island, may be seen from the northern half of the island. Additionally, you will be able to see the capital and the western portion of the island from above. Additionally, it provides one of the most stunning views of the city of Port Louis, Moka, and the elevated terrain of Plaine Wilhems. You will descend from the mountain while taking in the beautiful views till you reach Moka, where your journey began.


About the Activity:

Early in the morning, go on an adventure hike to Le Pouce Mountain from St. Pierre to take in the stunning island vistas. A lovely 30-minute taxi journey from Port Louis to the sleepy community of La Laura at the base of the mountain can be taken in the morning. Enjoy a safe ascent to the top of this gorgeous mountain, where you can take in the breathtaking peak, the verdant surrounds, and the expansive island vistas. Discover the spectacular panoramic views of Port Louis, its ports, and the surrounding hills after reaching the thumb-shaped top. It is possible for a party of 2 to 10 persons to participate in this exhilarating hike. Do it and be there. One of the best experts in hiking will lead the tour with expertise and professionalism guides in Mauritius while sharing his local knowledge, passion for sports, and love of nature.


Trou Aux Cerfs:

In the lush center of Curepipe, there lies a dormant volcanic crater called Trou Aux Cerfs. Many specialists think that it could reactivate even though it has been inactive for more than a hundred thousand years. In addition to this aspect making it an intriguing destination to visit when visiting Mauritius, there is also the chance to view panoramic scenery from this location. It offers excellent views from a lively setting filled with lovely flowers and plants, making it a favorite location for morning runners and walkers. Therefore, if you are interested in the intriguing geological mystery of this location and want to see a natural marvel, we advise you to not skip a visit here while in Mauritius.



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Mauritius Free and Easy with Manisa Hotel

5 Nights / 6 Days

Port Louis (5N)

Recommended For :

Visa on Arrival

Starting Price Per Adult

₹ 21,150

Customized Holidays

  • Hotel
  • Sightseeing
  • Transfer
  • Meals

Mauritius with Mauricia Beachcomber Resort and Spa Honeymoon Special

5 Nights / 6 Days

Port Louis (5N)

Recommended For :


Starting Price Per Adult

₹ 42,150

Customized Holidays

  • Hotel
  • Sightseeing
  • Transfer
  • Meals

Heavenly Mauritius with Seasense Boutique Hotel and Spa

5 Nights / 6 Days

Port Louis (5N)

Recommended For :

Visa on Arrival
Wellness and Spa

Starting Price Per Adult

₹ 45,250

Customized Holidays

  • Hotel
  • Sightseeing
  • Transfer
  • Meals