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If you have ever felt that your holiday photos never quite capture what you felt at that moment, just wait until you take our Kerala tour packages. To travel to Kerala is a treat for the senses, as vibrant blue skies, tranquil backwaters, picturesque hills and crisp sea breeze adorned with a rainbow palette of colors are sure to leave you revitalized and safe in the knowledge that you, yourself, have stumbled upon paradise. The land is also an ex Read More

If you have ever felt that your holiday photos never quite capture what you felt at that moment, just wait until you take our Kerala tour packages. To travel to Kerala is a treat for the senses, as vibrant blue skies, tranquil backwaters, picturesque hills and crisp sea breeze adorned with a rainbow palette of colors are sure to leave you revitalized and safe in the knowledge that you, yourself, have stumbled upon paradise. The land is also an example of a lively cultural offering, as you will discover in your carefully curated Kerala tour itinerary on a chosen Kerala trip plan for 3 days, 4 days, 5 days and and 7 days. Don’t skip out on these incredible sights in Kerala with our Kerala tour packages from Mumbai with price for couple! Make sure at least a few of them make your list of places to check out on your next Kerala package.


Akbar Recommended Kerala Tour Packages with Price

Kerala Packages



Iconic Kovalam Self Drive Monsoon Special


Rs 3,799/-

Munnar Short Break


Rs 10,000/-

Colours of Kerala


Rs 14,594/-

Extravagant Kerala


Rs 19,125/-

Simply Wayanad with Great Trails


Rs 22,299/-

Best of Kerala


Rs 26,844/-


Athirapilly Waterfalls

Kerala is known for its extraordinary natural features, especially the ones connected to water. The waterfalls in this region on your Kerala tour packages are out of this world. If you’re here on our Kerala tour package, Athirapilly is the place where you can enjoy the beauty of rivers, waterfalls and dense forest. Located 60 km away part of your Kerala trip plan from the Thrissur district of Kerala, Athirapilly waterfalls is considered the highest waterfall in Kerala. The falls which are akin to the Niagara Falls offer a grand view of Chalakudy River falling from approx 330 feet. Surrounded with lush green vegetation and fresh local jungle air, the waterfall is a beautiful natural water spring with strong currents. The Falls from an equally good height pierce through furious rocks down to the rock-beds, creating water-sparks. There are two more interesting waterfalls nearby Athirappilly known as Vazhachal Falls and Charpa Falls that should not to be missed on your Kerala trip. Know more about Kerala tour packages with price and how much should be your Kerala trip budget by getting in touch with us.


Fort Kochi

Take our Kerala tour packages from Mumbai on which about 13 kilometers from Ernakulam is Fort Kochi where the surfaced roads are lined with attractive and well-preserved colonial structures originally built by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British who inhabited the area in the days of yore. Fort Kochi (Fort Cochin) is one of the three main urban regions that constitute the present day Kochi city in Kerala, India. This region is also frequented on our Kerala packages for its several vintage shops and its iconic traditional Chinese fishing nets, the silhouettes of which look stunning against the setting sun. The Chinese Fishing nets use a special mechanism to catch fish. Believed to have been brought by from China by traders of Kubalai Khan's Court, they are still functional today and are used at high tide. On your Kerala tour, even a casual stroll through Fort Kochi located in the port city of Kochi in Kerala is enough to make you feel transported to another world and time. Take a Kerala tour to Fort Kochi today.


Eravikulam National Park

How often have you visited a national park in the background of tea plantations? Here is one such national park in the high ranges of Kerala, a great fit for your Kerala tour packages for family, which offers the splendid view of hills with tea plantations - the Eravikulam National Park. Located along the rich Western Ghats in Idukki, it is the first National Park of Kerala. This dense National Park must be a part of your Kerala trip plan. It is administered by the Kerala Department of Forests and Wildlife and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Park is one of Kerala’s finest Wildlife reserves and its exceptional location, nearly 16km from Munnar, makes it an unforgettable experience for any lover of the outdoors. Being the highest peak of South India, the park is breathtakingly beautiful and is easily comparable to the best mountain ranges found anywhere in the world. The park, a spread of 97km across Rajamalai Hills, is a combination of grassland and shola forests. The Atlas moth, the biggest of its kind in the world, is a unique inhabitant of the park. Other rare species of fauna spotted here are the Nilgiri Langur, the Iion tailed Macaque, Leopards, Tigers, etc. A protected area, the sanctuary is divided into three regions on our Kerala packages – the core area, the buffer area and the tourism area. Visitors are only allowed in the tourism area – Rajamalai – the region lying beyond the road entry into Eravikulam. Private vehicles are not allowed inside. Only few mini buses are operated inside in order to control the environment pollution. The trips are organized by the forest department.


Vembanad Lake

On our Kerala tour packages from Mumbai, discover this lake. With 96 km length and 14 km width, Vembanad Lake is ranked amongst the longest lakes in India and the largest lakes in Kerala, and one of Asia's largest freshwater lakes. Being one of the most prominent backwater destinations in Kerala, the Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom welcomes a large number of tourists every year on our Kerala package. During the festival of Onam, the backwater witnesses thousands of local people who assemble to celebrate their favourite Chundan Vallams. The lake surrounds the islands of Pathiramanal, Perumbalam and Pallippuram and is a popular backwater stretch in Kerala. Vembanad Lake also called Vembanad Kayal, provides the perfect setting for sightseeing, fishing, boating, and bird watching. A houseboat ride through the Vembanad Lake is the most demanding activity at this backwater destination. Know more about Kerala tour packages with price and how much should be your Kerala trip budget by getting in touch with us.


Tata Tea Museum

On your Kerala trip, visit here. Munnar is synonymous with producing an outstanding range of fine teas. Opened by the Tata Tea Group in 2005, the Tea Museum meticulously shows the origin and evolution of century old tea plantations in Munnar. If you’re on a Kerala tour package from Kolkata, witness the country’s first ever Tea Museum located at KDHP’s (Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (P) Ltd), Nullatanni Estate, which is just a five-minute drive from Munnar Town. The tea museum is a tribute to its pioneers who transformed Munnar into a major tea plantation centre of Kerala, from the rudimentary tea roller from 1905 to a fully automated tea factory. Officially called Tata Tea Museum, take a Kerala tour here. Also commonly known as Nallathanni Break or Kannan Devan Tea Museum, here you will understand the whole process from plucking the leaves to packing them.

On your Kerala tour package, tea tasting in Tata Tea Museum is another experience worth having. From green tea to black tea, visitors can soothe their palate with delicious variations of tea flavors. Your visit to Munnar hill station will not complete without spending some time in the Tea Museum, exploring the history of the Tea Plantations.


Top Station

On your Kerala trip, visit here. Top Station is a view point at the highest altitude in Munnar and is located at a distance of almost 40+ km from Munnar. Sharing a border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, visit the place on our Kerala tour packages as the top station is the highest peak of Munnar dictating an absolute panoramic view of the surrounding areas. From 1,700 m (5577.4 ft) above sea level, the spot allows you to observe India's diverse landscapes, with frequently rolling clouds creating myriad of picture-perfect moments. Adventure lovers can reach the top by trekking through the central village. This place is famous worldwide for the exceptional Neelakurinji flowers, which bloom once in twelve years making a riot of purple-blue hues across the land and adding a powerful fragrance to the tea plantations. Buses operate frequently between Munnar and Top Station. Avoid visiting Top Station between June to October as the roads become slippery on account of the monsoon rains. For more information on Kerala tourism packages price and Kerala trip cost, get in touch with us at Akbartravels.


Kerala Backwaters

Kerala is known for many things, like the tea gardens, the spices, the Ayurvedic treatment, but above everything else if there is something that gives the true definition of Kerala tourism on our Kerala packages, it is the Kerala backwaters. The backwaters in Kerala take you to a tour on our Kerala tour packages for family where your eyes will be presented with remarkable scenes that lay stretched out on the red land. If you’re on a Kerala tour, enjoy the backwaters, a distinctive feature of Kerala, are popularly known as 'kayals' in Malayalam. These are basically the wide network of canals, lakes, lagoons and rivers extending erratically along the coastal regions. Situated in the south Indian state Kerala boasts a town called Alleppey which is known for its extensive backwaters. On your Kerala tour package, you can actually enjoy the soothing sound of water rippling alongside the houseboat, while drifting on the waterways. The green countryside, swaying palm trees, emerald rice fields and children waving from the banks of the backwaters of Kerala is a sight to behold even on a 3 day trip in Kerala! Famous backwater destinations in Kerala are Alappuzha, Kumarakom, Kollam, Trivandrum, Veli, Thiruvallam and Ernakulam. Know more about Kerala tour packages with price and how much should be your Kerala trip budget by getting in touch with us.


Varkala Beach

Located just over 7 miles from the town of Varkala, and 30 miles from the state's capital Tiruvanantapuram, Varkala must be part of your Kerala trip plan for it is arguably one of the most beautiful pieces of coastline in Kerala. The Varkala coastline is home to the Janardhanaswamy Temple, which dates back over 2000 years, along with the famous natural springs you can visit on our Kerala package from Bangalore and Pune, and their supposed medicinal and healing powers. Varkala is also famous for its rolling cliffs, stunning landscapes and the pilgrimage centre of Sivagiri Mutt. The rolling cliff tops are lined with homestays, little boutiques filled with tourist souvenirs and a variety of restaurants with awe-inspiring views across the Arabian Sea. Choose our Kerala tourism packages from Hyderabad to visit the Varkala beach, also called Papanasham Beach and Papanasham means washing away one’s sins. It is believed that a dip in the holy waters at this beach washes away all of a person’s impurities and sins. Moreover, it is fast becoming a popular health resort with many Ayurvedic massage centres with our family tour packages in Kerala with price. Beach lovers and honeymooners spend a lot of time at this place because of the beauty clad with the cliffs.


Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Known for its geographical construction, diversity in wildlife and charismatic beauty, the Periyar Sanctuary is one of the popular wildlife sanctuaries on our Kerala trip package in India and attracts visitors from across the world. Situated amidst the picturesque ranges of Western Ghats, Periyar Wild Sanctuary is not for the ones on our cheapest Kerala tour packages but it has both a National Park and a Tiger Reserve. Though designated as Tiger Reserve, Periyar is originally known for its wild elephants. In addition, the other animals seen in the Periyar sanctuary are Gaur, Wild Pigs, Sambar, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Dole or Indian Wild Dog as well as 45 different kinds of reptiles in the area with 30 snakes, 13 lizard species and 2 turtle’s species. The Nilgiri Langur, Common Langur, Bonnet Macaque, King Cobra and Python are common sights here on our Kerala trip package. The blessed wildlife sanctuary also has a beautiful expanse of water, a 100 year old artificial Lake, which was created to provide water to the local wildlife. The sanctuary covers almost 780 square kilo-meters of area out of which 360 square kilo-meters are covered with ever-green forest. The best season to visit Periyar wildlife sanctuary is from the months of October and June.


Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

A must on our Kerala tour packages for family and Dedicated to God Vishnu, visit on our Kerala tour packages the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple which is a famous Hindu temple located in the city of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala state, South India. See the temple with our Kerala package for family that is a mix of Kerala and Tamil architecture. Padmanabhaswamy temple is located on a stone slab and the main idol, which is about 18 ft long, can be seen through three different doors. On your Kerala tour package, this temple is a must-visit spiritual tourist destination. Being one of the sacred 108 Vishnu temples in the country, many Hindu devotees visit this holy place on our Kerala tour package every day and you can too on our Kerala trip package. Know more about Kerala tour packages with price and how much should be your Kerala trip budget by getting in touch with us.


Palakkad Fort

Palakkad Fort also well-known as Tipu's Fort is an old fort situated with our Kerala tour packages from mumbai. It in the heart of Palakkad town of Kerala state, southern India. Built in the 18th century by Hyder Ali, visit with our Kerala packages for couple the beautiful yet historical monument. The Palakkad fort is one of the best well-preserved forts in Kerala. From the hands of Hyder Ali in 1766 to that of the British Colonel Stuart in 1790, the fort has gone through multiple changes and witnessed the reign of different rulers. The Palakkad fort houses other attractions like the Hanuman’s Temple, Martyr’s Column, a Garden and a Sub-Jail. The majestic forts depict the old tale of bravery and courage. Step into God's own country and see for yourself how it still houses our rich and ancient heritage with pride!


Thiruvananthapuram Zoo

Set among lakes, woodland and lawns, the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo on our Kerala tour packages for family is one of the well-designed zoos in Asia, established in 1857 by the then King of Travancore kingdom to attract tourists. Sprawling over an area of 55 acres of land, visit the zoo with our Kerala tour packages from Bangalore with price for 3 days that offers a rare opportunity for picturesque surroundings besides a rich collection of wildlife. The Zoo has 82 different species of animals from all over India and abroad. Some of the species include the royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic lion, Leopard, Indian Rhino, Nilgiri langur, poisonous and non-poisonous Snakes along with African Hippos, Giraffes, Zebras and Cape Buffaloes. On your Kerala 3 days tour packages, there is also a Botanical Garden within the zoo premises which has various species of tropical plants and trees. Considered to be one of the oldest zoos of India, a visit to the Thiruvananthapuram zoo on your Kerala tour is highly recommended with our Kerala travel packages.


Best Places To Visit In Kerala

Akbar Holidays offers the best Kerala tour packages to all kinds of travelers which are rich in experiences and cover a wide range of places to visit in Kerala. Know more about Kerala tour packages with price and how much should be your Kerala trip budget by getting in touch with us.



If you want to experience the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere but surrounded by scenery that gets your heart beating, take a Kerala tour to Munnar, for is the place to be. On your Kerala trip, visit here. Blessed with nature at its glorious best, Munnar is an ideal escape with our Kerala travel packages for leisure travellers as well as honeymoon seekers. If you’re on a Kerala tour packages from Mumbai, you’ll be absolutely pleased. Located at a height of 5000 to 8000 ft above sea level, Munnar Hills is where the meeting of three mountain streams – Mudrapuzha, Nallathani, and Kundala takes place. Its boisterous greenery, breath-taking waterfalls and expansive plantations are a feast to the eyes. Munnar is most famous for the rare Neelkurinji flowers that blossom once in 12 years and spreads like a sparkling blue carpet covering the beautiful hills. On your Kerala holiday package, set on for a trip to Munnar and who knows you could witness the rare Neelakurinji flower!

Best time to visit: Though, Munnar being a hill station enjoys a good climate all-round the year, the perfect time to plan a trip to Munnar on our Kerala trip package is between October and March. Winters (December to February) are great for adventures like rock climbing, trekking and rappelling. Summer (March to May) is best for a tea estate visit and monsoons (June to September) are the best time to see Munnar’s rain-washed beauty and charisma.



On your Kerala trip, visit here. Alleppey in Kerala is well known for backwaters. Locally Alleppey is known as Alappuzha which means the land between the sea and network of rivers flowing into it. True to its word, backwaters which have made Alleppey famous all over the world is in fact the network of rivers flowing back to land. The city of Alleppey was termed “Venice of the East” by Lord Curzon due to the striking backwaters, short canals, lagoons, and beaches. The crystal clear backwater ride on our Kerala tour packages for family is surrounded by the fresh green paddy fields, with a toast to the delicious seafood and toddy – Here lies the Venice of the East. Venice is best known for possessing the water canals out of the worldly charm. But as we all might know that Venice is expensive, instead why not visit the Venice of India on our Kerala packages – Alleppey. There is nothing like doing a houseboat cruise in Alleppey backwaters. It is not only a fabulous way of exploring the fascinating beauty of the backwaters, the small villages and the lives of the people living there but also a way to connect with oneself and the nature around. We offer cheap Kerala tour packages with houseboat tours to make your holiday experience a truly indelible and memorable one

Best time to visit: If you’re travelling on our Kerala tour packages from mumbai, visit from October to February



Take a Kerala trip from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai to Varkala which is a small coastal town in the suburbs of Thiruvananthapuram district situated in the Indian state of Kerala. It is known for its several ayurvedic treatment centres and spa. Take a Kerala tour to Varkala as it is the only place in southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. On your Kerala tour to Varkala, you’ll spot numerous water spouts and spas on the sides of these cliffs. The water in the Varkala beach is known for its natural spring water which has many curative values. Visit on a trip to Kerala from Delhi to this hippie cliff-town that presents the perfect laid-back vibe in southern Kerala. Scattered with yoga studios, wellness retreats and cultural programmes, Varkala is the perfect place to indulge in a bit of soul searching and relaxation if on a Kerala tour packages 3 nights 4 days.

Best time to visit: Prepare your Kerala trip itinerary from January to May



With serene countryside, rich plantations and dense forests, the hill station of Thekkady is one of the top tourist destinations in Kerala on our Kerala tour packages. Located in Iduki district of Kerala at an altitude of 700-900 metres above sea level along the banks of Periyar, it has all the ingredients in right measure: fun, adventure, nature and wildlife with our 2 day tour packages in Kerala. Mainly, Thekkady is popular for being a wildlife destination. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary may be a major traveller attraction on your Kerala tour packages for family. This sanctuary is spread over a region of 777 Sq.Kms, surrounded by an artificial lake over an area of 25 Sq.Kms. Other than exploring the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary or enjoying a boat ride in the Periyar Lake, you can find many other attractions in this hill station. On your Kerala tour, Thekkady is a destination for adventure enthusiasts, nature and wildlife lovers and photography enthusiasts.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Thekkady is between October to March, as the climate is comparatively cooler and ideal for sightseeing, especially for sightseeing in the forest. It is also around this time of the year the tourist festivals are also conducted.



Fondly stated as the ‘Eden’ of “God’s own Country”, on our Kerala trip package, visit Wayanad with its emerald paddy fields and rolling plantations of tea and spices that is a visual delight that is both spellbinding as well as emotionally & mentally uplifting. A relatively unspoiled hill station in Kerala, visit with our Kerala tour packages from pune and hyderabad with price the land of Wayanad which is also known for the eco-tourism initiatives and rejuvenating Ayurveda facilities. The main attractions of Wayanad are the beautiful, thick forests and the winding roads through the forests you can view on your 3 nights 4 days Kerala tour packages for family. On your Kerala tour, there are several small waterfalls, lakes, boat rides and the famous wildlife sanctuary for you to visit. Kuruva Islands is a beautiful island which can be accessed through country style bamboo raft on your Kerala tourism packages for family and couple, which is an experience by itself. Replete with lush greenery and home to incredible biodiversity, Wayanad is suitable for all types of travelers with our 3 days trip from Bangalore to Kerala  – be it couples, friends, or families.

Best time to visit: October to May



If you’re dreaming of visiting one of those picture-perfect Kerala cities filled with old-world charm, unbelievable scenic beauty, or perhaps both, where do you begin your search for the best destinations? Kumarakom! Set to the backdrop of the Vembanad Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the state of Kerala, Kumarakom is a cluster of small islands offering a wide diversity of water and nature activities. Visit here with our Kerala tour packages for couple. The Vembanad Lake is a long meaningful sentence that describes its own beauty, punctuated by the defined and elegant commas of palm trees, now mysteriously dark, simultaneously saintly and romantic. Situated about 13km away from Kottayam, it's a sleepy village perfect for Kerala tour packages for couple and that is home to a range of flora and fauna and offers tremendous sightseeing, fishing and boating experiences. On your Kerala trip, Kumarakom is the perfect destination to experience the famous backwaters of Kerala, enjoying picture perfect scenery that comprises of winding lagoons, coconut trees, and continual rows of paddy fields. The lake and its surrounding areas can be best explored on a houseboat with our Kerala packages from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Chennai. According to the National Geographic Magazine, the backwaters of Kumarakom are one of the places which should be definitely visited during a lifetime.

Best time to visit: November to February



On your Kerala trip, visit here. A perfect beach town, known for relaxation and enjoyment, Kovalam attractions comprise three crescent-shaped beaches namely Lighthouse Beach, Samudra Beach, and Hawah Beach. All three beaches are unique and are known for their engaging and exciting activities with our Kerala tour packages from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Nagpur, Surat, Vadodara and Madurai.  The most prominent of the three beaches here is the Lighthouse Beach with its candy-striped lighthouse at one end. Hawa Beach to the north is popular with day-tourists and surfers while Samudra Beach, though steep, is where upmarket resorts and restaurants are housed. Apart from the Kovalam beach attractions, the town is also famous for its delicious food items, historic monuments including religious sites like churches, temples, and mosques. Kovalam is one of the biggest ayurvedic wellness centers of Kerala with our Kerala trip package from Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The centers on our Kerala 4 days tour packages and 3 days tour packages from trivandrum are well-known for treating patients with different ailments with the help of traditional ayurvedic therapies. Kovalam seems to have something for everyone. A leisurely swim or a surfing lesson, a herbal body massage or a cultural program — take your pick and it’s all there. On your Kerala trip, take a break from the beach hopping and head to the numerous shopping complexes and ayurvedic health resorts that abound in the beach town.

Best time to visit: November to February


Things To Do In Kerala

Kerala offers lots of tourist interests, such as attractive beaches, verdant hill stations, stunning spice gardens, plentiful tea and coffee estates, rubber plantations, rich flora and fauna, exotic wildlife, lovely lakes, breathtaking backwaters, wonderful waterfalls, architecturally beautiful temples and many other factors. Explore our budget Kerala tour packages and discover a selection of amazing sights and activities In Kerala from incredible wellness retreats to unforgettable houseboat journeys.


Attend the thrilling Aranmula Boat Regatta

Aranmula boat race is the oldest boat race fiesta held in the state of Kerala during the Onam festival in August/September. The first boat race took place in 1972 and continued since then. The boat race is a two day event that takes place in Aranmula, near the temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and Arjuna. More than 25 enormous conventional Palliyodams, that house 100 rowers, 25 vocalists and 15 helmsmen, take part in this race. Each boat is decorated with flags, beautiful umbrellas, and a golden lace. Groups of men and vocalists gather along the banks of river Pamba to sing stridently in a rhythmic manner at Aranmula.


Cruise the Backwaters in a Houseboat

Cruising through the backwaters sedately or at a speed is an experience of a lifetime. The backwaters of Kerala are the best means to have a glimpse of all the beautiful secrets, daily village activities of remote Kerala villages and the typical cool Kerala tranquillity. These backwaters are fed by the vast network of 44 rivers of the state. Your Kerala trip is incomplete without cruising through its fabulous lagoons, canals, waterways and rivulets and untouched, pristine lakes. The entire state of Kerala is fed with rivers, lakes and canals. But places like Kumarakom, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Quilon, Mararikulam, Kollam and Thiruvallam are the most frequented places for the wonderful experience of backwater cruise. Vembanad Lake, the largest of the lakes in Kerala (covering an area of 200 sq km) is another prominent waterway for cruising. A backwater cruise along the palm-fringed waterways of Kerala in a luxury houseboat is one of the most enchanting holiday experiences in India. Plan a Kerala trip and enjoy the world's best backwater cruises with our exciting Kerala holiday packages.


Visit a Spice Plantation

Spices have always been a significant fragment of Keralan life. Nowadays the spices are used as the medicinal purpose in Ayurveda along with preparing tasty cuisines of Kerala dishes. Take a stroll with our Kerala tour packages for couple in the revitalizing and lush green tea estates or enjoy the exotic aroma of the spices in the various towns of Kerala, the spice land of India. The major spices grown here are cinnamon, cardamom, clove, black pepper, ginger, turmeric, vanilla and nutmeg. The appealing aromas and the spellbinding views pull for a visit with our Kerala tour packages for couple to the soul-comforting environs. On your Kerala trip to a Spice Plantation, pick up a few packets of your favourite spices to take back home with you so that you can add an extra flavour to your homemade dishes.


Rejuvenate to Ayurveda treatment

Looking for Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment? Kerala is the place to be with our Kerala tour packages for couple, friends and group! Ayurveda, the science of life and longevity (Ayur = Life, Veda = Science), is the 5000 years oldest healthcare system in the world and it combines the deepest thoughts of medicine and philosophy. People travel from across the world with our Kerala tour plan for Kerala’s famed Ayurvedic treatments. Kerala prides as a getaway destination for those in search of an Ayurvedic haven away from the cacophony of city life. Whether you seek specialised treatments for illnesses or you wish to return home feeling completely rejuvenated, Kerala Ayurvedic treatments cater to your every need. Choose from our over 20 Kerala holiday packages that include signature wellness treatments to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Book yourself one and enjoy some much needed self-pampering while listening to the waves of the ocean.


Spend a night on the houseboat

To experience the beauty of this town, one must spend a night on the houseboat. These are traditional houseboats with thatched roofs but are equipped with all the modern amenities. The houseboat takes you on a journey on the Kerala backwaters through various canals and lakes. They offer wonderful views of the half-submerged paddy fields interposed with lush coconut trees, dense leafy green bushes, waterfalls, plantations of spice and tea, flowering shrubs and twittering birds. On your Kerala 3 days package, watch the setting sun paint the sky in breath taking colours, the Chinese fishing nets come alive, drop anchor at any place that catch your fancy and the lullaby of the gentle waves put you to sleep. Wake in the morning to the shouts of the fisherman.

Get the luxurious houseboat experience with all modern amenities offered as part of our Kerala tour packages. With much leisure promised, Akbar Travels’ Kerala holiday packages are apt for those who love uninterrupted me-time, quietude and nature. For more information on Kerala budget tour packages and premium Kerala tour packages, visit our website.


Visit the age old Chinese Fishing Nets

A very popular tourist attraction in Fort Kochi, on your Kerala trip, visit here. These Chinese fishing nets (Cheena vala) are one of the most photographed frames in the state. These fishing nets are unique to Kerala and are not found in any other part of India. Visit here on our best Kerala tour packages as they are believed to have been introduced by the Portuguese settlers who brought the nets from their offshore China stronghold of Macau. Fort Kochi is the only location in the entire world outside of China where such fishing nets can be seen in use. Every Kerala tour package includes visiting the fishing net as part of the itinerary. Take a moment and stop to admire how these finely constructed Chinese fishing nets make a catch.


Watch a Kathakali Show

On your Kerala holiday packages, learn about Kathakali. It is a traditional and classical drama originating in Kerala. No trip to Kerala is complete without watching a performance of Kathakali, a traditional dance form from the 17th century. Kerala is home to several traditional arts centre showing kathakali dance performances, Kalaripayattu, as well as other forms of classical dance and music which have been broadcasted on BBC, Discovery and National Geographic. The themes in Kathakali are created on Hindu mythology, particularly the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Explore various shows here to soak up some tradition & art. If you are an art enthusiast, bring alive your taste for dance and drama, and allow your Kerala holiday to enrich your knowledge.


Tour the Tea and Coffee Plantations

On your Kerala holiday packages visit the hills and valleys of the state Kerala which are dotted with lush green tea and coffee plantations. The Tea and Coffee plantations are also a source of livelihood for thousands of workers. For your Kerala itinerary, a tour in a plantation is a highly recommended activity. Our Kerala tour package takes you on a visit to famous Tea and Coffee plantations to see and try some variety of Kerala coffees and teas. On your Kerala trip, enjoy a walking tour through the emerald sceneries of Kerala hill stations, where tea and coffee plantations carpet the landscape. Talk to the workers and gain knowledge about recognizing the quality of tea and coffee. There is so much to learn! While on your tour to Kerala you must accommodate Munnar in your must-visit destinations. There are around 16 tea plantations in Munnar which occupy around 85 sq km of land. Now, isn’t that amazing?



Choose a 5 day trip to Kerala on our Kerala holiday packages and experience one of the most popular Indian holiday destinations, due to its wealth of attractions, history and excellent gastronomy, which combine to make this one of the most popular tourist destinations. Our Travel Experts have been expertly crafting award-winning tailor-made Kerala holiday packages to Kerala for over 40 years. Kerala honeymoon packages and family Kerala tour packages are some of the most sought-after and it’s easy to see why. Take a tour packages from Chennai to Kerala in God’s own country that promises romance, fun and adventure – all the ingredients for the perfect holiday. We also offer Kerala vacation packages and can help you customize your 2 days Kerala trip to help you get the most out of your Kerala holiday packages. Additionally, there are Travel Experts on hand 24 hours a day to help you resolve any issues that may occur while you’re on our Kerala family tour packages from Chennai. We would be delighted to create a truly personalised trip which perfectly matches your wishes and requirements. For more information on Kerala tour packages for couple with price & flight and Kerala tour package from Delhi and Jaipur, visit our website.

Everything's sorted for you for a Kerala 3 day trip - from flights and hotels to sightseeings and activities for your Kerala trip package for family and couple. So ready to start your adventure? Tell us a bit about your interests, travel style, group size, and dates so we can begin designing your trip. Kerala is calling you; get your suitcase ready!


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