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Oman Visa

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Type of Oman Visas

10 Days Tourist Visa
  • Processing time: 5-6 days
  • Stay period : 10 days
  • Validity : 3 months
  • Entry:Single
  • Fees: INR 4,499/-
30 Days Tourist Visa
  • Processing time: 5-6 days
  • Stay period : 30 days
  • Validity : 3 months
  • Entry:Single
  • Fees: INR 7,999/-

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Documents required for Oman Visa

  • Must have Documents for Oman Visa:
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    • Scanned colour copy of first and last page of your Passport;
    • Scanned recent colour copy of your passport size photograph with blue background.

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Oman Visa FAQs

  • add Do I need a visa to visit Oman?

    Yes. All Indian nationals require a Visa to travel to Oman.

  • add What is an Oman e-Visa?

    The Oman eVisa is an Electronic Visa that can be issued online through us, without the effort of applying through the embassy, making it easy to obtain from any place in the world. The e-Visa is a travel permit for tourist purposes only

  • add What are the requirements for issuing an Oman eVisa?

    To apply and be approved for the Omani e-Visa, applicants have to meet the following requirements:

    • Applicants must be outside the Sultanate of Oman when applying for an e-Visa;
    • Applicants must be citizens of one of the eligible countries;
    • Applicants must not possess a valid Omani travel permit when applying for the e-Visa;
    • Applicants’ passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the day of the arrival in Oman;

    Please note that a valid e-Visa does not guarantee entrance into the Sultanate of Oman. You will be allowed to enter only after a Royal Oman Police Officer has examined your documents at the point of entry.

  • add What types of Oman visas can I apply online?

    You can apply online for a tourist e-Visa only.

  • add How do I apply for my e-Visa to Oman?

    We have the complete process simplified for you and will take care of the complete visa process right from verifying your documents to approval of your eVisa. We have it all covered for you.

  • add Do I need to personally visit the Oman Consulate/Embassy to get my e-Visa?

    No. You do not need to visit the Consulate/Embassy. We will process your e-Visa online as Indians are eligible for an Oman e-Visa.

  • add How long does it take to get an Oman e-Visa?

    Once the application is submitted with complete proper information, it will be processed within 6 working days.

  • add How long is the Oman Visa valid for?

    The Oman Visa is valid for upto 3 months and cannot be extended. One can stay in Oman depending upon the type of Visa applied ie either for 10 days or 30 days. You can reapply for a new online travel document, but, first, you will have to leave Oman.

  • add How long can I stay in Oman with an e-Visa?

    The maximum stay allowed is upto one month.

  • add Is it mandatory to be outside of Oman at the time of applying for the e-Visa?

    Yes. Applicant must be outside of Oman at the time of application.

  • add Do I need a printed copy of the Omani eVisa?

    Yes. We will forward you an email from the Government of Oman with the details of your eVisa included in this email such as your application ID, visa number, and visa validity. Print a copy of the approved e-visa and make sure the printed copy is clear and legible. Kindly be reminded that your Oman e-Visa printout is crucial and must be presented upon your arrival at the Oman entry checkpoints.

  • add What are the passport requirements for applying for an Oman eVisa?

    The Applicant’s passport should be valid for atleast 6 months with minimum 2 blank pages from the date of entry into Oman.

  • add On arrival into Oman, what documents do I need to present?

    At entry, you must show that you have a valid hotel booking, confirmed return tickets and sufficient cash in addition to your valid passport and e-Visa.

  • add Do I have to submit my passport for stamping before I travel?

    No, you will receive an electronic visa, which does not require anything to be stamped on your passport ahead of travel. All visa copies are sent by email. You should print a copy of your e-visa and carry it with you when you travel to Oman.

  • add What is OK to Board (OTB) and why is it needed?

    Due to an expansion in fake visas to Oman, many Indian passengers were deported back in the past. In order to control the fake visa issuance and any fraudulent activities; airlines and sponsors double check the Oman Visa and Air tickets before departure and only after checking the visa authenticity, airlines update visa message in the respective PNR.

  • add What is the time taken to get the OTB?

    The Airline verifies the Oman Visa and only then updates an Ok to Board message against the PNR. Airlines generally will take at least 24-48 working hours to update PNR after issuance of the Oman VISA.

  • add What is the main purpose behind updating the OTB? 

    Your airline mandates you to update OTB message in the PNR primarily to confirm the legitimacy of your Oman Visa as well as other relevant travel documents, thereby eliminating the chances of travellers making entry to the country with a forged visa and subsequently getting deported by the Oman immigration.

  • add What if my OTB status is not updated?

    In such circumstances, your airline has the complete right to disapprove your boarding. To resolve this issue at the earliest, do not delay getting in touch with our Qatar Visa Experts.

  • add What are the advantages of applying for an Oman e-Visa?
    • Minimum document requirement;
    • Swift processing-subject to qualifying the eligibility criteria and meeting the documents requirement, your visa can be processed within 3 working days;
    • Convenient and cost effective i.e. most economical visa fee/charges;
    • Electronic visa can be sent anywhere in the world through Email.
  • add What are the benefits of applying for an Oman visa through Akbar Travels?

    By contacting Akbar Travels for your visa application, you can eliminate the need for personally visiting the Embassy for your application. All you will have to do is apply online on our website and get your visa processed within the set timeframe. Minimal documentation and quick processing is another of the key highlights. In most case, the visa processing takes about 6 working days.

  • add Do I need to take a health/travel insurance?

    You are strongly advised to purchase a health / travel insurance to cover yourself in Oman as medical treatment can be very expensive in Oman. Your travel insurance offers protection against unexpected emergencies on international travel such as coverage of medical expenses, flight delay and cancellations, passport and baggage loss or personal accident.  For financial safety and security on your international trip we highly recommend you to purchase travel insurance and avail our special offer.

  • add What is the easiest way to apply for an Oman Visa?

    The easiest way to apply for an Oman Visa is to contact us. We are experts in the travel and tourism sector with over 40 years of experience. Through our expertise, in-depth knowledge and integrity, we commit to delivering an exceptional experience to our customers each and every time you use our service. We are available by phone and e-mail on all 7 days of the week. In order to help us understand your unique visa needs, please drop in your query and our Visa Expert will get in touch with you.

  • add Are you still having doubts about the Visa process?

    We have you covered across India with presence in all the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow and many more.


Visa Services - Terms & Conditions

  1. Visa application fees along with the service charge are non-refundable in all cases. Even in case of visa application rejection the entire amount is non-refundable.
  2. Visa application approval/rejection and processing time is at the sole discretion of the immigration and we do not have any control over the same.
  3. Visa applications may require more than usual working days for processing and it is completely dependent on the immigration.
  4. Immigration/ may ask for additional documents on a case to case basis.
  5. Prices are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice.
  6. Visa applications processing will only be after the verification of all required documents and receipt of complete payment.
  7. Visas issued under visit/business/transit/tourist profession are not eligible to work in the destination country.
  8. reserves the right to refuse applications at its discretion and bears no liability for the processing time or rejection of visa applications by the immigration.
  9. Traveller or the customer has to fully bear the penalty amount in case the destination country levy any charges.
  10. Additional charges such as documents courier, photograph development, attestation etc has to be borne by the applicant.

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Simple steps to get a Oman Visa:

Akbar Travels has been a part of more than one million travel dreams. We offer a superior, quick and hassle-free Visa Facilitation service. With a highly professional and dedicated team of Visa Experts, we are here to cater to all your Oman Visa application requirements. Read more

Throughout your visa process, you will have a dedicated Visa Expert handling your application.

Here are the steps to apply for an Oman Visa through Akbar Travels:

Step 1: Provide your travel details to our Visa Expert and get all your queries answered.

Step 2: Pay the visa fee and upload your documents online through our secured online document locker to ensure its confidentiality.

Step 3: Our Visa Expert will verify your documents and submit your application to the Embassy.

Step 4: Receive your e-visa.

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Basic Requirements to visit Oman

  • Have a valid Passport and valid Oman Visa;
  • Be in good health; Read more
  • Good moral character;
  • Be able to convince the immigration officer that you have your family, property, assets, etc. that would serve as an incentive to come back to your home country;
  • Be able to convince the immigration officer that you will leave the country before your Oman visa expires;
  • Have sufficient funds to support yourself in Oman and the amount depends on how long you will stay in Oman and whether you will be staying with family, friends or any paid accommodation.
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Travel Checklist

  • Passport;
  • Valid Oman Visa; Read more
  • Confirmed return Ticket;
  • Contact details of your relative, friends or business contact in Oman;
  • Confirmed hotel bookings (If Any);
  • Oman Currency and other forms of forex;
  • An unlocked smartphone, preferable with a Sim card from India;
  • Any additional documents required to prove your purpose of visit (especially if you are travelling on a business Visa).
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What to do when you arrive in Oman

  • Keep your Declaration form in hand (provided to you on the flight);Read more
  • Keep all travel documents (passport, valid Oman Visa, return ticket, hotel bookings etc.) ready in case the immigration officer asks to produce any document;
  • If you are an unaccompanied minor, make sure you stay with the flight attendant who is in charge of your safety. Additionally, you must recognise the adult picking you up at the airport. If you have any doubts, you must inform the airline staff immediately.
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Oman travel guide

Poised on the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman shares borders with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen — but it’s distinctively a world of its own. The country has an embracing society that warmly welcomes visitors; the people are incredibly friendly. Its robust infrastructure also makes exploring its treasure trove of desert, lush green oases and long coastlines very easy and pleasant.Read more

Unlike neighbouring Gulf countries like the UAE and Bahrain, Oman has maintained a traditional aesthetic and, for many, a traditional way of life, from the national dress—still worn by most citizens—to the arabesque, low architecture of the cities, offering a truly authentic cultural experience.

Tourists that come to the country quickly discover the wealth of activities that can be done in Oman’s seas and deserts. Not only are Oman’s beaches good for swimming, some of them are also the breeding grounds of protected sea turtles who come to the shores every July to October to lay eggs, a sight not to be missed. Heading inland, visitors will come upon the vast desert that is the Rub al Khali, the Empty Quarter, a territory it shares with Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. The vast sand dunes are the perfect places to do desert excursions aboard either a camel or a 4x4 truck.

Often bypassed in favour of its glamourous neighbour, the United Arab Emirates, Oman is commonly referred to as the 'true Arabia' where Bedouin tradition, historic forts and desert dunes work to form one exotic package.

From glistening beaches along the gulf to sweeping sandy plains and bona fide oasis towns, a holiday in Oman will keep your senses stimulated all the way from Salalah to Shinas.

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Oman Facts and Figures

Name :
Sultanate of Oman
Location :
Middle East
IST (-) 1 ½ hours Read more
Major cities:
Salalah, Sohar, Ibri, Seeb, Nizwa
Arabic (official), English
309,500 sq kms
National day:
18 Nov
Omani Rial(OMR)
Main Airline:
Gulf Air (GF)
Oman Air WY
International Airports:
Seeb (MCT) (Muscat)
Best time to visit Oman:
September to March
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Other Oman Visa types

We currently only process Tourist and Business Visas. Kindly contact the Embassy for the following Oman visa applications.

1. Employment Visa

It is granted at the request of a local sponsor and on his responsibility to the foreigner coming to Oman for employment and whose age is not below 21 years old.

2. Family Joining & Family Residence Visa

The family Joining Visa is granted to the wife of the foreigner, who is resident in Oman, and as well to his children who are below (21) years. It is also granted to the foreign wife of an Omani national at his request, and subject to a certificate from the concerned authority (Ministry of Interior) confirming the status of the marriage.

The family Visa is granted by the concerned authority at its discretion, and at the request of a local sponsor and on his responsibility, to the relatives of the Omani national and the relatives of the foreigner who are not included in the categories eligible for Family Joining Visa.

3. Student Visa

It is granted at the request of a local sponsor and on his responsibility to a foreigner who is coming to Oman as a student, provided that the sponsor has a license from the concerned authorities to establish an educational or training institution.

4. Investor Visa

It is granted to the foreigner who intends to invest his funds in Oman, and pursuant to a certification in this respect from the concerned authority.

5. Express Visa

It is granted as per request of a local sponsor and on his responsibility for businessmen, high-professionals, participants in festivals and conventions, it is also granted by the Sultanate’s representations abroad and through all the legal channels exclusively for businessmen by coordinating with the Directorate General of Passport & Residence.

6. Official Visit Visa

It is granted to a foreigner at the request of a hosting government organization.

7. Troupe / Artist Visa

It is granted at the request of a local sponsor and on his responsibility to a foreigner who is coming to Oman to perform entertaining shows, provided that the sponsor has already obtained an approval from the concerned authorities.

8. Transit Visa

Divided into two sections

a. Air transit Visa:

To be granted by competent authority at air way passages to expatriate based on application submit by aviation carrier company entitle the holder to enter the country only once and resident for a maximum period of (72) hour provided that he should have enough money to cover his expenses and valid ticket to continue his travel.

b. Road transit Visa:

To granted by Sultanate embassies in coordination with the competent authority and valid for two months, entitle the holder to going transit Sultanate territory to neighbor country through legal way passages identify by this authority during a period not exceeding three days provided that the expatriate is from nationality of neighbor country or holding entry visa to this neighboring country.

9. Scientific Research Visa

It is granted by the competent authority at the request and under the responsibility of a local body to a foreigner who is to visit Oman for a scientific research. The applicant must provide the approval of other authorities concerned. This visa can be granted also by Oman’s missions abroad in coordination with the competent authority.

10. Entry Visa for Passengers & Crew od Passengers Ships

Issued to passengers and crew of tourism vessels interesting to visit the country for tourism during their stop in Omani ports and grant pursuant to statement submitted by the agent of tourism vessel in the Sultanate which include main statements of crew and passengers interesting to enter the country and the statement is ratify by the approval of the Directorate General of Passport and residence before arrival date of the vessel if the sponsorship is local and entitle the holder to enter the country only once and reside for a period of one month.