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Morocco Visa

Type of Morocco Visas

Tourist Visa (Popular)
  • Processing time: 3-5 days
  • Validity: Up to 90 days
  • Entry:Single
  • Fees: ₹4,149/-
  • Ideal for: Indian passport holders
    wishing to visit
    Morocco for tourism
    or visit purpose.
Business Visa
  • Processing time: 5-7 days
  • Validity:Up to 90 days
  • Entry:Single
  • Fees: ₹4,149/-
  • Ideal for:Indian passport holders
    wishing to visit
    Morocco for business
    purposes like attending
    conferences, exhibitions
    or meetings.
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Documents required for Morocco Visa

  • Common Documents required for Morocco Visa:
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    • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any
    • Visa Application form: completed and signed
    • 2 recent photographs: colour photo with white background and matt finish(Photo Specification)
    • Personal Covering letter: explaining purpose of travel to the country
    • Original Bank Statement: stamped & updated for last 6 months with bank seal
    • Air tickets: proof of return flight tickets from and back to your home country
    • Hotel reservation: proof of accommodation for your entire stay
    Kindly note: The Govt is very strict on the photograph requirement; please ensure that your photos are as per the specifications.
  • Supporting documents as per your occupation, type of visit:

    1. If Employed:

    • Leave Sanctioned Certificate: with company seal providing approval for leave
    • Salary Slips: of last 3 months

    2. If Self Employed:

    • Business Proof: Registration License/MOA/Partnership deed
    • Company Bank Statement: stamped & updated for last 6 months with bank seal
    • Company’s Income Tax Returns: of last 3 years

    3. If Retired:

    • Retirement Proof: pension book, statement etc

    4. If Student

    • ID Card: from school, college or institute

    5. If Minor

    • Birth Certificate showing the names of both parents
    • Legalized Letter of Consent (NOC)
      • If the child is travelling with one parent, the letter of consent authorizing travel must be legalized by the other parent
      • If the child is travelling alone or without either parent, a notarized letter of consent from both parents permitting travel
    • Death Certificate: in case one or both parents are deceased
    • ID Proof: of parents

    6. If Visiting friend or relative

    • Invitation letter: stating the relationship with the inviter and purpose of visiting the country
    • ID Proof of Inviter: Passport or Resident Permit
    • Address Proof of Inviter: Utility bill

    7. If Sponsored

    • Sponsorship Letter: sponsors need to provide the name of the visitors, what the purpose of the visit is, relationship with the visitors, length of stay, dates of travel & any other additional information if necessary
    • ID Proof of Inviter: Passport or Resident Permit
    • Address Proof of Inviter: Utility bill
    • Proof of Financial Support: updated bank statement, pay slips

    8. For Business Visa

    • Invitation Letter: from any Moroccan Company, the signature on the invitation should be legalized by local authorities in Morocco and attested by the bureau of legalization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Morocco, or certified Apostille.
    • Business Covering Letter: from Indian company on company letterhead.

Applying for Morocco Visa through us is this simple

Pay online via our
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Submit your documents
We verify, process and submit
your documents to Embassy
Receive your Visa

Morocco Visa FAQs

  • add Do I need a visa for Morocco?

    Yes. Indians need a visa to travel to Morocco. Morocco visa for Indians can be obtained at the Morocco Embassy or Consulate. In order to get visa for Morocco from India, it is necessary to fulfil the visa requirements and submit the necessary documents. A Morocco visa for Indians can be private, tourist, business and work – depending on the purpose of a visit.

  • add How can I apply for a Morocco visa online?

    It is a straightforward and effortless process to apply for Morocco visa online through Akbar Travels.

    - Choose your preferred type of Morocco visa based on your travel type

    - Pay online

    - Submit documents through our pick up & drop service

    - Receive your visa once approved!

  • add What is a Moroccan visa?

    A Visa is the permission that is granted by a sovereign nation to a traveler permitting entry into that country for a specific purpose. Moroccan visas are stamped in the travelers’ passport. The most common types of visas are granted for the specific purposes of tourism, conducting business or attending a cultural Event. A traveler must follow distinct guidelines and procedures established by each sovereign nation in applying for the appropriate visa category.

  • add What are the different types of visas available?

    Indians travelling to Morocco can choose from 30-day tourist visas or 30-day business visas depending on their reason for travel.
    Moroccan Tourist visas issued to individuals for travelling to Morocco for tourist purposes such as recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends and relatives etc. Moroccan Business visas are issued to individuals for attending business meetings with companies in Morocco, sales or exhibiting on behalf of a company outside of Morocco. Other type of Moroccan visas are issued for the purpose of employment, work, family reunification, studies etc.

  • add How early can I apply for a Moroccan visa?

    The earliest you can apply for a Moroccan visa is 1 month before your intended date of travel to Morocco. However, in case of extenuating circumstances, you can apply earlier.

  • add How long does it take to get a Morocco Visa?

    Processing a Morocco visa application normally takes 3 to 5 working days.

  • add What kind of entry is my Moroccan visa?

    In most cases, single entry is granted. You can also apply for a multiple entry visa if your required to visit Morocco frequently.

  • add Is the Moroccan visa fee inclusive of all charges?

    No, it is exclusive of taxes and is subject to change depending on the Embassy’s directive.

  • add Do I need to submit my passport along with my application?

    Yes, the Moroccan visa is a vignette or sticker that is placed on an empty page of a passport. Therefore, the original passport with two consecutive blank pages is required.

  • add Is the Moroccan visa valid for the whole of Morocco?

    Yes, the visa is valid for travel through the whole of Morocco, subject to Embassy directives.

  • add Do children require a visa to travel to Morocco?

    Yes, all travellers including children must have a valid visa to travel to Morocco.

  • add Can I extend a Moroccan visa?

    Yes, you can request to get your visa extended at a Moroccan Police Station. The approval of extension is subject to the officers’ decisions and Embassy directives.

  • add Can I get a Moroccan visa while in the country?

    No, you cannot get a Moroccan visa while in the country. You need to apply for the visa in your home country before you travel.

  • add From when is my visa valid?

    Your visa is valid from the date your visa was issued and not from the date of entry into Morocco.

  • add What if my Moroccan visa gets rejected?

    The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, New Delhi, is responsible for approval and rejection of Moroccan visa applications from India. If your application is rejected or is granted for a shorter period, the authorities’ decision is final, and no refund will be issued.

  • add Who decides if I will get a visa?

    The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, New Delhi has the sole right to assess and decide visa applications.

  • add I have a valid Morocco visa on my old passport? Can I travel to Morocco with my old and new passport?

    No. You must apply for a new Morocco visa which will be stamped on your new passport.

  • add Do I need travel or medical insurance?

    It is advisable to purchase a medical insurance plan to cover your medical expenses in Morocco. Akbar Travels can assist you with the ideal travel insurance plan to insure yourself against medical emergencies during travel, damage and loss of baggage.

  • add What is the easiest way to apply for a Moroccan visa?

    The easiest way to apply for a Moroccan visa is to apply through an experienced travel agency like Akbar Travels. Our visa experts have been in the travel and tourism sectors for 40 years and are well-versed in the ins and outs of visa application processes. To solve any doubt or query, simply fill in the query form and a Visa Expert will get in touch with you.


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Simple steps to get a Morocco Visa:

Akbar Travels is your dedicated travel partner when it comes to hassle-free visa application. Our team is committed to supporting you throughout your efforts to travel to your dream destination. Read more

A dedicated visa expert is always present to address all your queries anytime and take you through the entire process of visa application.

Here are the steps to apply for an Morocco Visa through Akbar Travels:

Step 1: Contact our Visa Expert with your travel plans and gather all the visa information and requirements.

Step 2: Pay your Morocco visa fee online and get your documents picked by us from your home or office.

Step 3: Our Visa Expert will verify, process and submit your documents to the Embassy.

Step 4: Get your Visa delivered to your doorstep

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Basic Requirements to visit Morocco

  • Have a valid Passport and valid Morocco Visa
  • Have sufficient funds to support yourself and all family members during your entire trip. Read more
  • Thorough knowledge of your accommodation and itinerary details to furnish at immigration if asked to
  • Return flight tickets or onward flight tickets to ensure your return to home country or your next destination once your visa expires
  • Adhere to the moral standards of the country and follow the general rules
  • Be in good health.
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Travel Checklist

  • Passport with at least 6 months of validity
  • Valid Morocco Visa depending on the purpose of your visit and duration of stay Read more
  • Confirmed return or onward tickets.
  • Details of accommodation.
  • Travel itinerary
  • Foreign currency
  • Any additional documents to support your purpose of visit, especially for business visa travellers
  • Have all documents authenticated before traveling
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What to do when you arrive in Morocco

  • Keep all your travel documents ready to be produced for verification by the immigration officers
  • Ensure you are not carrying any forbidden items that will not pass through customs, including ‘any immoral items liable to cause a breach of the peace’ like books, audiobooks, audio and video tapes Read more
  • Always carry your passport or a copy of it while traveling within Morocco
  • Note down emergency helpline numbers in the country
  • Be aware of the general rules of conduct in public places
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Morocco travel guide

The only North-African country that embodies tradition and modernity in the 21st century, the Kingdom of Morocco offers a scenic view having its coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Sharing its international borders with Algeria, Spain and Mauritania, come experience the taste of exotica, blended cultures and fragrant surroundings. Absorb the sights and senses of Morocco as you walk past their colonial architecture, markets, maze-like lanes and most famous surf towns. Read more

With Europe’s Spain to the north, Algeria to the east, and Western Sahara to the south, Morocco’s unique geographic location makes it the place to travel all year around. Fluctuating towards the extremes during summer and winter, the best time to travel would be from October to May. Spring and fall seasons are considered to reflect Morocco’s beauty extensively and the best.

The Kingdom of Morocco is one of the few African countries where it is not necessary to receive vaccinations before travel, however, if one has not received typhoid or hepatitis shots it is advisable to get them. A highly Muslim integrated country, Arabic is spoken at most. In northern Morocco, French can assist you while communicating as well. Although, with a rise of tourists and guides, English is also be spoken and understood by many. India being 4.5 hours ahead of Morocco will certainly not cater to any difficulties for travellers during your stay.

Even though there are no direct flights to travel to Morocco from India, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Lufthansa and many more offer their services to make your travel into the winding alleys a reality. Trains are your answer for comfortable and fast intercity travel. To explore villages and towns, luxury buses and taxis are your pumpkin carriages!

What to see in Morocco

The golden deserts, ancient medinas and rugged coastlines eagerly await those willing to explore. Get lost in the city charm and colonial beauty. Want to explore ancient medinas and catch a breath walking through their medieval streets? Fes is the imperial city to see. Also known as the cultural capital, this southern region of Morocco will make you lose the perspective of time through as you take a stroll through its earthen walls and crooked alleyways.

A city just 2 hours away from the High Atlas Mountains, Marrakech gives you the taste of culture firsthand through traditional souks, gardens, markets and the smell of intoxicating spices throughout your visit there. If you visit Morocco and don’t experience the Hammam (steam baths), what are you here for?

Beyond their ancient-walled cities, explore the Mediterranean touch to the Moroccan cities; Ceuta, Tangier and Melilla. Casablanca is home to the world’s largest mosque; Hassan II. Apart from this, their stunning colonial architecture will surely embed its intricate beauty into your memories! Be a part of the thrilling camel rides along the Sahara Desert in Chefchaouen; you won’t regret it! Morocco has an abundance of colonial sites for every person, from those who want to relax to those who are thrill-seekers, you have it all.

The culinary star of North Africa has bundles of dishes to offer that will make your taste bud dance. Visit Fez for their authentic meals to experience a blended cuisine that will leave you guessing! Tangier embodies a mix of Spanish, Jewish and Berber influences, located at the most northern point of Morocco. Taste dishes you’ve never heard of before that will leave you craving for more! Seafood lovers are in luck! Visit Asilah and Agadir to have a bite of the most vibrant, fresh and traditional seafood dishes you’ll ever have.

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Morocco Facts and Figures

North Africa
IST (-) 4.30 hours Read more
Major cities:
Marrakesh, Fes, Casablanca, Tangier, Oujda
Classic Arabic (official), Moroccan Arabic, French
446,550 km2
National day:
18 November
Moroccan Dirham (MAD)
Main Airlines:
Royal Air Maroc
International Airports:
Mohammed V International Airport (CMN), Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK)
Best Time to Visit Morocco:
March to May
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Other Morocco Visa types

Akbar Travels only processes Tourist and Business visas for Morocco. For other types of visas listed below, contact the Moroccan Embassy.

1. Work Visa

This is for those who have received an employment offer from a Moroccan company. Through the Ministry of Labour and Immigration office, you can apply for a work permit and resident visa as well.

2. Student Visa

This is for those who are planning to study or take their exams in Morocco. It is valid through their period of education and is dependent on the offer letter from the concerned university.