Royal Brunei Airline Booking Online

Royal Brunei Airline Online Booking

Fly your dreams with Royal Brunei Airlines and discover possibilities.

Royal Brunei, the nation’s flag carrier, was established in 1974 in Brunei Darussalam. It is operated out of the primary hub at Brunei International Airport and is fully owned by the Bruneian government. 16 locations in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Europe are serviced by the airline. Additionally, it has codeshare agreements with other airlines, such as Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, and Cathay Pacific (TG). Ten aircraft are in the airline’s fleet, including contemporary Airbus A320-200 and Boeing 787-8 models with Business Class and Economy Class cabins.

The corporate office of Royal Brunei Airlines is situated in Bandar Seri Begawan’s RB Plaza. The airline initially only had two Boeing 737-200s, which it used to fly to Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuching, and Kota Kinabalu. Currently, the airline’s fleet of 10 aircraft is amazing. In the 1990s, both its fleet and type numbers greatly grew. The airline was recently listed in the top 10 of Skytrax’s “Most Loved Airlines 2016” list.

Flights with Royal Brunei – What to Know:

 ● Airport lounge

 ● Airline magazine

 ● Entertainment during flight.

 ● Drinks and food served on board.

 ● Pleasant and well-trained cabin crew.

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Royal Brunei Airline Services for Economy Class and Business Class

Economy ClassBusiness Class
The Boeing 787 economy class offers the most comfortable seats, each having an adjustable headrest, semi-articulated recline, and ample legroom for the ultimate in luxury.In addition to a giant cushion and soft duvet, the business class passengers on board the Boeing 787 have completely reclined contour seats that can be changed to form beds with an 11% larger surface than the in-flight beds.
Each seat has a 9-inch touch screen monitor fitted independently to make the flight the most enjoyable one ever. A power supply and a USB are also included.The 15.4-inch touchscreen LCD monitor and a dedicated cabin restroom are available to the customers travelling in business class.
Regardless of the type of movie you choose, you will have a wide selection of the newest releases in a variety of genres, from popular box office hits to charming classics. You may maximise your travel experience with Royal Brunei Airlines' IMPIAN Entertainment System.Business class guests travelling on Airbus A319 & A320 will enjoy the luxury of seats that are 21 inches wide, 44 inches long, and feature a 21-degree recline option.
The Airbus A320's economy class features exceptionally comfortable seats with an average seat pitch of 31 to 32 inches and a 17.5" seat width. With comfortable legroom and the ability to modify the seat by 10 degrees for the necessary rest.The IMPIAN Entertainment System aboard Brunei Airlines offers a huge selection of movies, including both new releases and old favourites, as well as music, TV shows, and songs.
Your flight should be fun, according to Royal Brunei Airlines. No matter if you are travelling alone or with loved ones, our economy class meals will make sure you are pleased and satisfied the entire option to reserve your seat in advance.
Lovely budget-friendly dinners perfect for both individuals and entire families. Your pleasure and needs will be met by Royal Brunei Airlines' services.Each seat has an 8.4-inch personal TV to provide passengers with complete enjoyment. You will have exclusive use of iPad Minis loaded with games and movies when travelling to or from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, and Singapore.
varieties of drinks, both hot and cold.You will have an unequalled experience with Royal Brunei Airlines' IMPIAN Entertainment System thanks to a multitude of selections, including both new and vintage films.
All of the meals served by Royal Brunei Airlines are halal and nutritious. Our chefs prepare their meals with the idea that quality comes before customer satisfaction.A selection of the best first-class dishes that are expertly prepared to provide you an unrivalled first-class experience. The meals are quickly delivered to you with a check and in an appropriate manner.
beverages, both hot and cold, in abundance.
All food is halal, and a dedicated chef will prepare your favourite dishes for you.

Royal Brunei Airline Baggage Allowance

 ● 30 kg of luggage is permitted in economy class.

 ● 40 KG of baggage is allowed for business class.

 ● Students are granted an additional 15 kg of luggage when traveling to or from the country where they are enrolled in classes, provided they have a valid student ID and a student visa or electronic visa in their passports (applied for international Students and Brunei).

 ● One bag may not weigh more than 32 KG in total.

 ● 7 KG allowed for cabin baggage.

Royal Brunei Airline Amenities 

 ● Seats with USB ports.

 ● Airborne internet access.

 ● Car leases

 ● Senior citizens receive special assistance.

 ● Touch screen monitors.

 ● Business class seats have a 180-degree recline.

Royal Brunei Airline Check-in Information

If they have confirmed reservations, travelers traveling with electronic tickets (sometimes known as “e-tickets”) can check in online up to 48 hours before departure.

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