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Why do we need the OK to board?

Flying to another country involves a number of formalities that must be fulfilled. Over the past few years, it has been noted that a sizable portion of travelers possessing UAE visas, particularly those from South Asian nations, were travelling with false visas.

As the issue continued to worsen, it quickly spread to other nations and became a frequent occurrence. The UAE OK to board visa was first introduced at around that time. In order to weed out people with false visas, the Dubai immigration security made it a point to have all the documentation and the visa inspected before a person boarded the flight.

Which airlines require an OK to Board?

Air India ExpressGo First
Air IndiaPIA
IndigoGulf Air
SpiceJetOman Air
Fly DubaiKenya Airways
Air ArabiaRwandAir

The countries which require OK to board

Sri Lanka

There have been many instances of fake visas to the UAE in the past years. In many cases, due to fake visas, travelers have been deported from UAE. To minimize the fake visa scam, airline authorities too, have now started re-checking the visa prior to the departure of the flight.

1. Indian Passengers holding ECR (Emigration Check Required) passports.

2. Passengers who are travelling with a print-out of Labor and Paper/electronic visa

1. Passengers who hold a Resident Permit or have their passport stamped with Resident Visa.

2. Passengers who have the facility to use ‘Visa on Arrival’ do not require OK to Board

3. Indian passengers with an ECNR passport.”

There are documents that are to be provided to the airline at the time of obtaining an Okay to Board. The documents hardly vary country-wise or airline-wise.
The list of common documents required in the OK to Board procedure is given as follows:

1. Scanned copy of the first and the last pages on your passport

2. A copy of your online visa

3. Confirmed flight tickets for the complete round trip

All this is not as overwhelming as it sounds. We at Akbar Travels ensure that acquiring the OK to board is made easy and quick for our customers. But be mindful to finish this procedure at least 48 hours before you travel.

What is OK to Board?

In the simplest terms possible, the OK to board procedure is a visa verification process. You won’t be allowed to board your flight until you obtain the OK to board approval, even if you have a valid Dubai visa. If you do not receive this approval, your vacation will cease despite all of your planning and preparation. As part of the boarding process, the airline verifies that you have all the necessary documentation. You must therefore remember that this procedure is mandatory.

Everything you should know about ok to board for a visa to Dubai

If visiting Dubai, a city known for its opulence and skyscraper-filled skyline, is on your bucket list, you must fully understand the OK to Board for UAE Visa process. So, You must have gone through the entire visa application procedure by now, from obtaining all required documentation to choosing your visa provider. However, your search is not over yet!  You will require an OK to board if you’re going to Dubai or the United Arab Emirates in general.

Don’t worry; this comprehensive guide has you covered for all you need to know regarding UAE “OK to board“.