FlyEgypt Booking Online

FlyEgypt Online Booking

The first low-cost airline in Egypt is FlyEgypt.

Despite being founded in 2014, FlyEgypt didn’t launch its first flight until February 12, 2015. From its primary hubs at Cairo International Airport and Kuwait International Airport, the airline offers flights inside Egypt as well as to Kuwait, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates. Initially a charter airline, FlyEgypt has since expanded its network to include local and regional routes. FlyEgypt, supported and sponsored by key Talaat Mostafa Group (TMG) shareholders, intends to make it simpler to fly to, from, and through Egyptian cities that are popular tourist destinations and resort destinations.

A privately held low-cost airline from Egypt, FlyEgypt, seeks to increase travel to the historically rich nation. On February 12, 2015, the airline launched its maiden flight, a charter service between Cairo and Jeddah. Aircraft operated by FlyEgypt are all Boeing 737-800 models. The airline wants to buy 12 sister-ship aircraft over the next five years to provide passengers with an unrivalled flying experience at a reasonable price.

To get the lowest prices when booking online with FlyEgypt, enter your destination, departure date, and other necessary information.

FlyEgypt Online Reservation

Akbar Travels UAE offers FlyEgypt flight tickets for purchase online to domestic and regional destinations. Not only will you be able to book flights on FlyEgypt, but you will also have access to the most recent information on your flight’s status, how to check in online on FlyEgypt, how much luggage is permitted in the cabin and during check-in, the food and beverage menu, and last but not least, the complete list of FlyEgypt flight schedules. Make a reservation and enjoy a stress-free flight.

Egypt headquartersCairo - Egypt
Main operational airport Borg El Arab Airport (HBE)
Flyegypt destinations 24
Most popular destination CAI, HBE, HMB, KWI
Most popular routesJED - CAI, RUH - CAI, HMB - KWI, JED - HBE
Year of establishment2014
Parent companyTalaat Moustafa Group
Popular fleet Airbus A320-200, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-700
FlyEgypt official
Fly Egypt contact number From Egypt: 15290
From UAE: 0097145616832
From outside Egypt: 002-0222-694-465

 FlyEgypt Airlines was established in 2015 with the goal of giving passengers convenient, hassle-free, and economical flights.

serves not only internal routes but also foreign locations and charter flights to more than 80 cities in Europe. FlyEgypt connects Cairo with all the well-known vacation destinations with the goal of assisting Egyptians wherever they go.

Enjoy fantastic offers and savings when booking with Akbar Travels UAE for FlyEgypt. Simply input your departure and arrival dates, then select a flight option from FlyEgypt. On all FlyEgypt vacations, Akbar Travels promises a simple booking process and flexible dates.

FlyEgypt Booking Advantages

The majority of mobility support services, such as wheelchair accessibility, aged help, and unaccompanied youngsters, are selectable upon booking. Customer service is contacted directly to make any necessary arrangements.

For particular itineraries, there are vending machines onboard with buyable food, snacks, and duty-free goods. Contact Fly Egypt to learn if these services are offered on your flight. To offer as many amenities as possible on all flights, FlyEgypt is continuously expanding its onboard offerings. Once the additional services are accessible, visit the official website to learn more.

Note that cash payments in EGP, USD, and EUR are allowed along with credit cards for onboard services.

FlyEgypt Services for Economy Class and Premium Economy

Onboard the airline’s Boeing 737-800 are configurations for business and economy class. A wonderful flying experience is guaranteed with comfortable seats ample legroom and extraordinary service.

The following amenities are provided on all FlyEgypt flights:

● Assistance for visitors with special needs
● Caring for children and expectant mothers
● Trained cabin staff
● Materials for reading
● Pets allowed

Economy ClassPremium Economy
Complimentary onboard snackPriority boarding and check-in
8kg of cabin baggage allowanceSeat selection
21kg of check-in baggage allowanceComplimentary onboard meal
8kg of cabin baggage allowance
42kg of check-in baggage allowance

FlyEgypt Baggage Allowance

Checked Baggage

One-way flights are required for the following passengers:

● According to the exact booking class and size restrictions as of the date of your airline ticket, check-in for luggage is free.

● Money, jewelry, precious metals, personal electronic devices, stored data, any prescription or medical equipment (that may be needed during your travel), house keys, auto keys, business documents, passports, and other identifying documents shouldn’t be put in your checked luggage.

● Your name and phone number should be on your checked baggage.

FlyEgypt Hand Baggage

Check out the carry-on baggage restrictions listed below:

● The amount of luggage should not be larger than what would fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.

● You are allowed to bring one laptop bag or a small lady’s handbag of a particular size in addition to your primary hand luggage.

● With an additional fee, delicate musical instruments of a certain size may be transported onboard.

● All onboard electronic gadgets must be turned off, secured from unauthorised activation, and not recharged while in flight.

FlyEgypt Forbidden Items

FlyEgypt prohibits the carrying of certain items for safety reasons.

● Lithium-ion battery.

● Batteries that have been recalled, damaged, or have a manufacturing flaw.

● weaponry including toy weapons, swords, knives, and old guns.

● shocking mechanisms

● lighters in the form of weapons and explosions.

● anything that contains explosives, as well as fuses, gas, and gas canisters like oxygen, acetylene, and others.

● Safety matches, a smoke machine

● flammable liquid fuels like gasoline and other

● Prohibited Items in the state you are visiting or leaving.

● 70% or more of beverages are alcoholic.

FlyEgypt Check-in

The airline doesn’t currently offer online check-in. To learn more about Fly Egypt’s online check-in, contact the airline’s customer service department.

The check-in counter at the FlyEgypt airport opens at least two hours before domestic flights and three hours before regional flights. 30 minutes before the flight’s departure, the boarding gates close.

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