FlexFlight Airlines Booking Online

FlexFlight Airlines Online Booking

With greater freedom, privacy, and flexibility. Your next luxurious flight is offered by a Private Jet from FlexFlight. In 2003, the Danish charter airline FlexFlight was established. Looking for a corporate charter for a domestic or international flight? FlexFlight can help.

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IATA codeW2
FlexFlight headquartersRoskilde - Denmark
Main operational airport Copenhagen-Roskilde Airport
Number of destinations covered by FlexFlight 194
Most popular destination KBP, BUS, EBL, DXB
Most popular routesBUS - KBP, KBP - BUS, DXB - EBL, EBL - DXB
Year of establishment2003
Popular fleet Global 6000, OY-SPA - Challenger 605, OY-CCH - Challenger 604, OY-INV - Gulfstream G200, OY-IUV - Gulfstream G200, OY-GEC - Citation CJ2+, OY-JSW - Cessna 525 Citation M2 - Pilatus PC-12, OY-GSB - Pilatus PC-12, OY-GSA - Pilatus PC-12/47E, OY-NBS
FlexFlight official websitewww.flexflight.dk
FlexFlight contact number 45 45 80 70 60

Since 2006, the best aviation services have been offered by the Danish airline FlexFlight. With its charter and scheduled services, FlexFlight travels to numerous locations across the globe. Throughout the year, the airline is able to offer quick on-demand charter services. To offer its services all over the world, the airline collaborates with a variety of other airlines.

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FlexFlight Fleet

● Challenger 604, Citation CJ2+, Citation Bravo, Gulfstream 2000, Citation Sovereign, and Learjet 45 are among the aircraft that FlexFlight offers its passengers.

● There are eight club seats in the Challenger 604 intercontinental business jet.

● Additionally, the Challenger 604 offers high levels of comfort and minimal cabin noise.

● The fifth generation of the well-known Citation Jet series is the private jet class known as the CJ2+.

● The Citation Jet series aims for simplicity, great performance, and economy in its design. There are six available seats in the aero plane.

● The Citation Jet is the best aero plane for journeys to Europe. It offers good access to Europe’s smallest airports while being cost-effective.

Challenger 604 Citation CJ2+
Citation BravoCitation Sovereign
Gulfstream 2000Learjet 45

FlexFlight Popular Destinations

CityAirport Code

FlexFlight Services

Passengers may make reservations only one travel class because the airline mostly flies charter flights. However, 8 to 10 comfortable seats are provided on the majority of FlexFlight charter flights. Swivel chairs, cozy divan seats, a space for hot and cold refreshments, and a club seat area are all included in the cabin’s furnishings.

FlexFlight Flights provide a variety of facilities and services, including:

● Spacious cabin.
● A coffee or espresso maker.
● Tables that fold up.
● Service of a minibar.
● Supper service
● Beverages, both hot and cold.
● Comfortable seats.
● In-flight entertainment.

FlexFlight Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowanceNumber of PiecesBaggage weightDimensions
Checked baggage2 up to 4 bags23 kg157 cm
Carry-on baggage1 piece114 cm

FlexFlight Forbidden Items:

The following items are prohibited for safety reasons from being brought on an airplane, in security-restricted zones, or in carry-on or cabin baggage by passengers:

● All firearms (Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns etc.)

● Replica and imitation firearms

● Component parts of firearms (excluding telescopic sighting devices & sights)

● Air pistols, rifles and pellet guns

● Signal flare pistols

● Starter pistols

● Toy guns of all types

● Ball Bearing Guns

● Industrial Bolt and Nail Guns

● Crossbows

● Catapults

 ●Harpoon & Spear Guns

● Animal Humane Killers

● Stun or shocking devices e.g., cattle prods, ballistic conducted energy weapons (taser)

● Lighters are shaped like a firearm.

● Sabers, Swords & swordsticks

● Scalpels

● Scissors with blades more than 6 cm in length

● Ski and Walking/Hiking poles

● Machetes

● Knives, including ceremonial knives, with blades of more than 6 cm, made of metal or any other material strong enough to be used as a potential weapon

● Ice skates

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