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The right blend of unspoiled wilderness and highly lively cities makes Canada on our Canada tour packages a desirable destination. The huge nation known as "The Great White North" provides practically limitless chances for tourists of all types on our Canada tour packages. Traveling in Canada with our Canada tour packages will provide you with a range of experiences you are sure to remember, whether you are looking for animals, landscap Read More

The right blend of unspoiled wilderness and highly lively cities makes Canada on our Canada tour packages a desirable destination. The huge nation known as "The Great White North" provides practically limitless chances for tourists of all types on our Canada tour packages. Traveling in Canada with our Canada tour packages will provide you with a range of experiences you are sure to remember, whether you are looking for animals, landscapes, adventure activities, or the culture of city life. Planning a trip to Canada might be difficult because there is so much to do there. However, getting started is not that hard if you look for inclusives within your Canada trip cost from india.


One of the nations that frequently appears on "top 10" travel to destination lists is Canada. Canada offers it all on our Canada tour packages from india, whether you're here for the breathtaking natural beauty, delectable cuisine, mountain resorts, distinctive culture, or fantastic road excursions. It is a vast, beautiful nation to explore on our Canada holiday packages, full with welcoming people, different cities, and distinctive scenery. The Great White North is a vast nation that stretches over 9,000 kilometres from the frigid tundra of the Yukon to the rocky shores of the east coast.


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Canada Tour Packages



Jewels of Eastern Canada


₹ 1,14,300

Canadian Capitals


₹ 1,27,916

Canadian Rockies


₹ 1,66,000

Majestic Canada


₹ 2,76,800



Due to its proximity to the US, inadequate aircraft connections, and lack of affordable cross-country travel choices, Canada is frequently skipped by on many round-the-world travels. However, they are missing out on so much! Canada offers so much, even with our Canada honeymoon packages. One of the top places in the world for RV travel and road excursions, it is teeming with outdoor pursuits suitable for all skill levels and seasons. Canada is a fantastic destination for backpackers taking our Canada trip from india.


We like this warm nation in the north and think Canada is an incredibly undiscovered travel destination you must explore with our Canada packages. After all, there is a reason why everyone in the world adores Canadians. To top it all off, obtaining a working vacation visa is simple, allowing you to remain longer and earn money while you travel if you’re worried about your Canada tour package price. (there are huge seasonal industries across the country).


In the vast nation of Canada, the weather and climate vary from area to region. The fall months of August and September are typically the greatest times to travel since the weather is still pleasant for outdoor activities despite having dropped off a bit. In addition, costs have decreased, the summer throngs have dispersed, and the foliage is beginning to change colours. Winter typically lasts from October through March, however it can occasionally extend into April. Vancouver gets very little snow throughout the winter, but Montreal is often frigid.


The ideal months to visit Banff National Park are from June to August for outdoor activities during the summer, and from December to March for the greatest skiing.


The official languages of Canada are English and French, with English being spoken by more than 80% of the population.


On your Canada tours from india, know that the Canadian Dollar is the official currency of Canada (CAD).


Plugs: Type B plugs are used in Canada (the same as the US). Standard voltage ranges from 110 to 120 volts, and 60 hertz is the standard frequency. I advise purchasing a universal adapter for international travellers (confirm that it has surge protection) and utilising a converter for hairdryers and other hot instruments.


Safety: It's extremely safe to travel to Canada, and there aren't many violent crimes there. It's one of the best places for solitary female travellers, in my opinion!


Places to visit:


Niagara Falls:

On our Canada packages from india, visit here. If there is one spot that appears on every list of the "top places to visit in Canada during the summer," it is Niagara Falls. If you're seeking for a spectacular experience, tour this famous city, which was built beside the enthralling waterfalls of the same name. It truly is one of Canada's most famous and desirable tourist destinations. Have fun taking photographs of the flowing waterfall and enjoying the scenery. When you visit Niagara Falls at night, you'll enjoy an unmatched sightseeing experience.


2. Whistler:

One of the greatest spots in Canada for winter vacations is Whistler with our Canada tour packages from Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore. It is home to one of the biggest ski resorts in North America! Tobogganing, snowshoeing, and skiing are just a few of the exhilarating activities you may partake in while exploring this alluring snowy landscape. Whistler is therefore one of the top destinations in Canada to visit if you want thrills! You may get a cab to take you from Vancouver to Whistler, which will take you around 1 hour 30 minutes. For a luxury stay in Canada, you may select among the top hotels in Edmonton.


3. Quebec City

If enchantment, romance, and all things French are what most appeal to you, you must take your spouse to Quebec City, which is known as the oldest walled city in North America, the most beautiful city in Canada, and one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Enjoy a fantastic day in the enchanted Quebec City with your companion. Because of the art and cultural scenes, it is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Canada.


4. St. John’s

When visiting Canada, there are many attractions to choose from, which might be overwhelming. Like a smaller version of San Francisco, St. John's is known for its jelly bean- and crayon-colored homes and for being a haven for artists. You may explore the city with an open heart since it is one of the greatest to visit in Canada. Despite being the oldest city, it has a feel that is just as energising as any metropolis, making it ideal for any holiday. Don't forget to check out Water Street while you're here too!


5. Tofino:

Tofino is the destination for you if you can't fathom taking a vacation without going to the beach! It's a refuge for travellers looking for solace in their warm hotel rooms after a long day of sightseeing by the ocean. Enjoy your day in Tofino by the shore. It is among the locations in Canada to visit for an unique beach vacation.


6. Churchill

If you're seeking for tourist attractions in Canada on your india to Canada tour package, this is the one you must see. One of the best spots to visit in Canada is undoubtedly this little village on Hudson Bay. Churchills, also known as the "Capital of the Polar Bear," is the ideal destination for those who want up-close encounters with nature. Adventurers would love it as well because they may enjoy underwater activities there.


7. Old Montreal:

If you are wondering where to go in Canada, then make sure Montreal comes to your mind. Old-world charm, spectacular buildings, and horse-drawn carriages are pretty much what describes the fascinating aura of this oldest area in Montreal. For travelers in pursuit of a peaceful & unique experience, this is the perfect place to be! Have a great time with your folks in one of the best places to visit in Canada inclusive of your trip to Canada from india cost.


8. Banff National Park:

Most likely, you have already heard a lot about Canada's Banff National Park. And why not, it is one of the greatest things to do in Alberta, Canada, and one of the top Canada places every visitor must see. Everything lovely may be seen here at once, including turquoise lakes, breathtaking glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and fascinating sceneries. ecstatic to come? Being one of the top destinations to visit in Canada, you ought to be.


9. Stanley Park:

One of the most well-known French cities in Canada is Vancouver, which is a well-liked vacation spot. If the reddish-orange trees in movies have always caught your eye, Stanley Park in Canada is one spot you must see. Not only would the red cedar and Douglas fir trees around me keep me mesmerised, but they would also make me fall in love with nature all over again. Do go to the park on your Canada tour package from Delhi, Kerala and Kolkata, especially if you're looking for some of Canada's well-known locations.


10. Butchart Gardens:

Butchart Gardens is the ideal site to visit with a camera in hand out of all the major tourist destinations in Canada. Take our delhi to Canada tour package and visit here as there is a lot to see and do here that will make your holiday vivid, including a beautiful display of flowers nearby, entertaining boat trips, night illuminations, and more! Are you prepared to take some Instagram-worthy photos?


11. Okanagan Valley:

If on our Canada honeymoon package from india, The Okanagan is one of the top tourist destinations in Canada and is well-known for its vineyards and fruit farms. You feel as though you have entered heaven when you take a stroll around these areas. So, try to enjoy the beauty in the world with both your eyes and your camera. At one of its vineyards, make a reservation for a wine tour!


12. Gros Morne National Park:

One of the attractions in Canada that you really must see and explore is this national park. It is a component of the Long Range Mountains, which adds to its appeal for a nature lover on our Canada package from Delhi. It is also geologically varied and stunning. In this magnificent national park, take treks through nature and venture into the wild.


13. Algonquin Provincial Park:

For anybody who likes the outdoors, this location makes for one of Canada's top tourist destinations inclusive of your Canada tour cost thanks to its beautiful rivers and lakes and lush green woods. During your vacation, you may partake in animal observation, camping, canoeing, and other activities, ensuring that you return home with more than just images. On a vacation, what more could you possibly want?


14. Yoho National Park:

Yoho National Park, which is located in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is among the top tourist destinations in Canada for nature enthusiasts part of your india to Canada package. It is the perfect location for your Canada vacation photos because of its stunningly large Wapta and Takakkaw Falls. savour the sight of the waterfalls falling.


15. CN Tower, Toronto:

Are you looking for the top tourist attractions in Toronto, Canada? The CN Tower will be the ideal place for you to visit because it touches and beautifies the Toronto skyline, all part of your Canada trip cost. This well-known monument is the ideal location to visit, whether you want to eat at the 360 Restaurant, indulge in edge walking on the glass outside, or simply take in the city views from the top. Include it on your incredible list of Canadian destinations to see. On your vacation, you may select among Toronto's top hotels and take in the greatest sights and activities.


16. Lake Louise:

This lake is without a doubt one of Canada's most picturesque locations. The top activities to do in Victoria for an interesting Canadian holiday include kayaking, fishing, and skiing in the winter, in addition to enjoying the turquoise lakes, the Victoria Glacier, and the magnificent mountains in the background. What are you still holding out for? Prepare to go lost when you travel to Canada's Lake Louise.


17. Bay Of Fundy:

This is one of the most endearing tourist destinations in Canada and is well known for providing the renowned "walk on the ocean" experience. The world's greatest tides may be seen here, and you can also see many different whale species at the same time. You must see one of Canada's most well-known locations, without a doubt. Ready to travel to the Bay of Fundy?


18. Garibaldi Lake:

The picture-perfect splendour of this location is enhanced by the azure seas and the snow-capped Canada Rockies. Even though you may go trekking and engage in many other activities in this location, you should never leave your camera alone. Make an effort to capture each breathtaking sight that this park has to offer. It is one of the locations you must see in Canada, so be sure to include it on your list.


19. Pyramid Lake:

This lake ought to be at the top of your list if you're seeking for the greatest tourist destinations in Canada. Aside from activities like windsurfing, canoeing, and ice skating, this location is well-known as a tourist destination and a photographer's dream due to its scenic splendour. Don't forget to bring your camera along! For a nice stay in Canada, you may pick among Ottawa's top inns.


20. Cheakamus Lake:

The Cheakamus Lake, one of the top sites to visit in Canada, is well-known among tourists for the lovely trek it provides. One of the greatest walks, it provides breathtaking mountain vistas. The trek is rather simple, and lunches by the lake are possible. It is among the top destinations in Canada to visit in the summer.


21. Maligne Lake:

Sightseeing in Canada may be enjoyed by taking in the picturesque vistas that the nation provides for its visitors. The Maligne Lake, which is located in the heart of Jasper National Park, is one of Canada's most distinctive tourist destinations. It is a gorgeous turquoise-colored diamond set in a verdant landscape.


22. Hornby Island:

Between Vancouver Island and the mainland in the tranquil waters of Georgia Strait in the Salish Sea sits Hornby Island, a rustic, uncomplicated, laid-back, and breathtakingly beautiful island. The island is one of the top tourist destinations in Canada because to its abundance of calm seas, sand beaches, beautiful woods, and miles of hiking paths. One of the fun things to do in British Columbia is to visit the island.


23. Cape Breton:

One of the top tourist destinations in Canada, Cape Breton lies in the eastern part of Nova Scotia and boasts a diverse population with French, Native American, Scottish, Irish, and English ancestry. Through the ages, this area of land has remained untouched and undeveloped. One of the top tourist destinations in Canada is this. The main route for getting across Cape Breton, which travelled through forests and a rocky shoreline, is the Cabot Trail. You may also go to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, one of Canada's well-known national parks.


24. Forillon National Park:

Forillon National Park is one of the greatest locations to visit in Canada. Tucked between the Bay of Gaspe and the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Quebec, it is home to various undeveloped hiking paths that have drawn hikers from all over the world. As you go around the park, you'll come across a number of beaches, fishing communities, and high cliffs. Additionally, there are over 700 different plant species in the park, such as fir, maple, and birch trees in both white and yellow varieties. It is without a doubt one of the top locations in Canada for nature enthusiasts.


25. Moraine Lake:

Where should I travel in Canada, you ask? Moraine Lake, which is around nine miles long and located in the centre of Banff National Park, is undoubtedly one of the most stunning spots in all of Canada. The lake is a well-liked destination for fisherman and is loaded with clean, glacial water. The finest feature of this tourist destination is that you will observe a variety of scenery that you may photograph for recollections. Given the captivating scenery, it is perhaps the ideal location for photographers.


26. Perce Rock:

A massive boulder that rises out of the water in the middle of the gorgeous St. Laurence River is something you'll discover when exploring the area. Perce Rock is one of the best spots to visit in Canada for admiring the beauty of nature. Additionally, you can go to the adjacent Perce village to learn about sea monster legends. According to popular belief, the sea changes its mood when the monster's eyes change hue. Without visiting this location, a visit to Canada is not complete.


27. Mingan Monoliths:

The Mingan Islands are a set of 40 islands that were created by nature 450 million years ago and are explored by real nature enthusiasts. Magnificent limestone monoliths that rise majestically from the ocean are the islands' most notable characteristics. Some of these buildings are completely naked, while others have flora growing on them. Make sure to add Mingan Monoliths in your schedule if you're planning a trip to Canada, as it's a popular tourist destination there.


28. Jasper National Park:

Are you looking for exciting and top tourist destinations in Canada? Go to Jasper National Park instead, where you may participate in a variety of activities as well as breathtaking scenery to photograph. For your social media accounts, you could take pictures of the park's numerous turquoise lakes and peaks. You'll feel elated and your daring spirit will be satisfied by the vistas.


29. Peggy’s Cove:

Where should one travel in Canada? Here is a beautiful location for you that is well-known for its lighthouse. In 1915, the lighthouse was constructed. Despite being a tiny area to explore, millions of tourists flock here each year to do just that and unwind. Peggy's Cove is well known among residents and tourists for its delectable seafood, fishing towns, and picturesque landscapes.


30. Mount Logan:

Want to ascend further? Obviously in terms of height! Then, go to Mount Logan, which is Canada's highest summit. It is without a doubt one of the greatest locations in Canada to visit if you want to enjoy some breathtaking vistas from a high vantage point. Sir William Edmond Logan, a Canadian geologist and the creator of the Geological Survey of Canada, is the name of the peak.


31. Osoyoos:

Visit Osoyoos if you want to experience Canada's friendliest welcome. The Okanagan Valley's most picturesque section offers the greatest vistas of Canada. Additionally, it is a significant wine-producing region in Canada, so you may take a trip that includes wine sampling. Osoyoos is consistently ranked among the top Canadian tourist destinations as a result of all these qualities.


32. Columbia Icefield Skywalk:

Canada provides the ideal location for you if you want to feel more alive than before. Prepare yourself for a stroll on the 280-meter Columbia Icefield Skywalk, which sits above Sunwapta Canyon. This one kilometre long boardwalk is extended 35 metres in front to provide a stunning perspective of the natural world. Prepare yourself for this encounter since this glass floor is almost as tall as the CN Tower. For all adventure seekers, this is one of Canada's best places to visit!


33. The Grotto:

If you're wondering where in Canada to go for diving, then this is the ideal answer. For those looking for excitement, The Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park is the ideal location since it offers the possibility to cliff jump into clean water. To enjoy an exhilarating experience, arrange a jump after hiking to the edge. As one of the top locations in Canada for a fun activity, you will discover a few adventure addicts here.


34. Montmorency Falls:

If you're thinking about taking a trip to Quebec, you must see Montmorency Falls, which is only 12 kilometres from the city centre. Being 100 feet higher than the renowned Niagara Falls, they are the tallest falls in the nation. The nicest thing about these falls is that you can get a great view of them by taking a stroll across the suspension bridge. There are also several staircases available for seeing the falls' real magnificence.


35. Capilano Suspension Bridge:

Are you looking for a place to push yourself in Canada? the British Columbian suspension bridge, then! You will fall in love with this location after taking a trip through the lush green forest that is 140 metres long and 70 metres high above the river. You may wish to avoid going here if you are afraid of heights. But if not, be sure to take a stroll here because it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada.


36. Waterton Lakes National Park:

You could think the scenario is surreal after just one glance! Waterton Lakes National Park is the only park in the world to hold the titles of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve, and International Peace Park, proving that it is one of the most stunning Canadian national parks. This implies that you could catch a glimpse of wolves, bison, or cougars. Kayaking across the border to Montana is another fantastic feature of this location. This is the location to be if you're still debating where in Canada to go.

Canada tour cost



Things to do:


1. Celebrate the Calgary Stampede

For this multi-day rodeo, drinking festival, and carnival where everyone gets to be a cowboy, almost 1 million people go to Calgary in July. You'll meet a tonne of individuals from all over the world, and it's a tonne of fun. Book early since it's one of Canada's best events because rates are going up and space is going quickly! If you want to blend in, don a hat and cowboy boots as well.


2. Hit the slopes

In the winter, skiing and snowboarding are excellent in the Canadian highlands. Popular alpine town Banff is well-known for its top-notch hiking paths. It gets extremely crowded in the winter as both residents and tourists hit the slopes, but people go there for a purpose. There are many more fantastic skiing locations in the nation, even if Banff is the most well-known. There are plenty to choose from, including Sunshine Village, Whistler Blackcomb, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse, and Mont Tremblant, which are all located between British Columbia and Quebec.


3. Discover Vancouver Island

Spend a couple days travelling around the adjacent Vancouver Island after Vancouver. Consume delectable seafood, go hiking, see some whales (many orcas live nearby), shop, and relax on the beach. You can just sit here and unwind. Due of its proximity to Vancouver, inhabitants frequently use it as a summer retreat. The island is where British Columbia's capital, Victoria, is situated. It's a little, charming city worth spending a few days discovering. You may also go from here to locations like Tofino, where the thriving surf scene has transformed into a lively hippy town.


4. Hike the rainforest

For a magnificent view of some temperate rain forests on Vancouver Island, hike in the Pacific Rim National Park. It's one of the most visited parks in Canada, and it's full with species including deer, wolves, bears, and cougars as well as Pacific Silver Firs and Western Red Cedars. The Long Beach region is one of the easiest areas to go trekking, although the South Beach Trail's sand dunes beyond Wickanninish Beach are equally worthwhile.


5. Explore Calgary

Since it's not on the shore, Calgary is sometimes overlooked by tourists, but it actually has a lot to offer in terms of free and inexpensive activities. Visit one of the city's numerous parks for a picnic, try rollerblading, see a hockey game, or climb to the top of one of the nearby peaks. You may simply hire a bike and ride about the city on one of its numerous bike routes. This area also offers excellent hiking, kayaking, skiing, water rafting, and camping opportunities. Although long derided as an oil town, it is actually one of Canada's liveliest communities.


6. Visit the galleries of Toronto

Spend a day or two admiring the artwork of the city of Toronto, which contains some of the top museums and galleries in the nation. The two most well-known art museums are the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), but there are also a tonne of smaller, specialised museums like the Textiles Museum of Canada and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Check before you go to a gallery to save money because they frequently give discounts on specific days of the week.


7. Take a road trip

The easiest way to see this vast nation is in a vehicle or an RV. It's the best way to discover quaint small villages, magnificent mountains, gorgeous countryside, and a tonne of off-the-beaten-path locations. This is the most practical and affordable way to tour the nation if you have a lot of time. Since the Trans-Canada Highway runs coast to coast, organising a car vacation is not too difficult. Just remember that the weather might change at any time (especially in the winter). Naturally, you'll need to be vigilant for animals and be ready for extended stretches of driving without any rest breaks or petrol stations. The breathtaking views and shifting topography make it worthwhile, though. You might readily spend weeks or months touring the country and still barely scratch the surface.


8. Stroll the nation’s capital

The city of Ottawa is extremely simple to navigate on foot. It's a wonderful city worth seeing for a few days because it's home to museums, art galleries, and a tonne of stores. You may visit Quebec (where there is a fantastic Museum of Civilization) or cross the Ottawa River to Parliament Hill, where the Canadian government is housed in beautiful old buildings. The National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian War Museum are two must-see museums in Ottawa. Don't forget to visit the bustling Byward Market and the Westboro craft brewers as well. When you visit, try a beavertail, a delicious pastry with sugary toppings.


9. Get off the beaten path in Nova Scotia

The inhabitants of Nova Scotia are said to be the nicest in all of Canada. They might be correct. This makes Nova Scotia an incredible spot to visit in Canada, along with its more than 100 beaches, charming lighthouses, wonderful sailing, delectable seafood (this region of Canada is the primary fishing region), and stunning coastline. Additionally, compared to other locations, the province is far less congested and pristine because it doesn't receive many tourists. Both road excursions and camping vacations are ideal for it.


10. Tour Toronto

Given that more than half of its residents were born outside of Canada, Toronto is sometimes referred to be the world's most multicultural metropolis. Even if this isn't my favourite place in Canada, it's still worth going if you're nearby to check out the various museums and eat your fill (this is one of the finest cities in the world for vegans and vegetarians). It's a great, trendy, artistic city. For delicious food and hip stores, don't miss Kensington Market. The CN Tower offers the greatest views of the city if you want to act like a tourist.


11. See Kelowna

This glacier valley boasts some of the nicest weather in the nation, with warm summers and moderate winters. It's hardly surprising that many Canadians choose to spend their holidays here. In addition to having a marina and a few golf courses, the Okanagan Valley is where Canada's top wines and vineyards are located (a four-hour wine tour costs about 150 CAD). On the adjacent Okanagan Lake in the summer, Canadians hire opulent houseboats with waterslides for vacations. All in all, this is a very stunning area of the nation that shouldn't be missed.


12. Head north to Churchill, Manitoba

The Polar Bear Capital of the World, Beluga Whale Capital of the World, and one of the greatest locations to see the Aurora Borealis are all located in this tiny village in the middle of nowhere. To observe polar bears in their native habitats, you can take a tundra buggy (a special bus lifted on enormous wheels to keep you out of reach of polar bears). Here, mother nature is vibrant and living. Tundra buggy day trips begin at around 250 CAD, which includes lunch.


13. See the iconic Niagara Falls

One of the most popular tourist destinations on the entire continent is this. Until you really see it up close, you can never truly appreciate its size (you never envision so much mist either). Take a boat excursion and venture out into the waterfalls to view it up close (be prepared to get soaked). The daily boat excursion offered by Walks has access to the prime locations and goes beneath the falls (tours are 98 CAD). Spend no more than a day or two there because the town itself is a touristic, cheesy dump (kids will have fun though).


14. Get lost in the Yukon

The Yukon is the ideal location to satisfy your need for nature. The likelihood of spotting a bear, elk, or deer is very high (alternatively, you might visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, where you're certain to see them). Visit the Takhini Hot Springs, go trekking at Tombstone Territorial Park, or the Sign Post Forest, which has a rare collection of over 77,000 signposts. Few people ever travel to the Yukon because most tourists stay in the country's southern big cities. As a result, you will be surrounded by unaltered nature.


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