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Mountains have never let anyone down on our Switzerland tour packages! Anyone who entered its expansive embrace was suitably rewarded with a reassuring sojourn thriving within its hidden enchantment on our Switzerland honeymoon package. Mountains in Europe are widely known and accessible due to their geographic location. The Alps of Switzerland on our Switzerland packages, tower over them all. Switzerland is the place to be if you want to experie Read More

Mountains have never let anyone down on our Switzerland tour packages! Anyone who entered its expansive embrace was suitably rewarded with a reassuring sojourn thriving within its hidden enchantment on our Switzerland honeymoon package. Mountains in Europe are widely known and accessible due to their geographic location. The Alps of Switzerland on our Switzerland packages, tower over them all. Switzerland is the place to be if you want to experience the Northern Hemisphere's winter beauty only with our Switzerland honeymoon package from India.


Choose from our Recommended Switzerland Tour Packages:

Switzerland Tour Packages



Prague to Zurich


Rs 70,820/-

Italy and Switzerland


Rs 97,280/-



Rs 1,11,835/-

France and Swiss Alps


Rs 1,52,255/-

Greece Italy Switzerland and Paris


Rs 1,63,349/-


The Swiss Alps have something to offer everyone on our ​​Switzerland tour packages, whether they are looking for a relaxing vacation, a single backpacking adventure, or a romantic honeymoon! It's what we’d refer to as Europe's Mecca for high adventure and thrills on our Switzerland honeymoon package. Therefore, it is strongly advised to visit at least a few mountaintops before leaving Switzerland with out Switzerland packages. It would be a beautiful time spent while you take in the bright alpine landscapes, stunning lakes, medieval chapels and museums, and fine dining establishments.


Switzerland is known as the centre of Europe and is a symbol of beauty and pleasure on our Switzerland tour packages. It is without a doubt a traveler's heaven if on our Switzerland honeymoon package, which is renowned for its delectable chocolates, stylish watches, picturesque Alps, and decadent cheese. This captivating nation on our Switzerland packages is renowned for its music festivals, including jazz and rock & roll ones as part of your Switzerland trip cost from India. As a nation that adheres to Shakespeare's renowned proverb, "With laughter and glee let old wrinkles come," Switzerland celebrates festivals all year long that you can witness on our Switzerland tour package for couple from India. On our Switzerland honeymoon package for 7 days from India, people are of the opinion that life is best spent enjoying festivals, cheese, and chocolate.


Best time to visit Switzerland

Travelers can visit Switzerland all year long on our Switzerland tour package from India! The lowlands and plains experience a mild temperature throughout the year, while the Alps' highest summits are covered in snow. Additionally, the best time to visit Switzerland with our Switzerland packages from India, will largely depend on your activity choices. Regardless, April through June and September through October are the ideal months to travel to Switzerland on our Switzerland honeymoon package for 7 days. However, the winter months, from December to March, are ideal if you enjoy adventure sports exclusive of your Switzerland trip cost from India for couple, and want to visit ski resorts or just enjoy the snow and comfort of a Swiss chalet. Exclusive of your Switzerland trip cost from India, snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating are available this season at ski resorts like Gstaad and St. Moritz as well as the lesser-known but stunning Val d'Anniviers, which is situated in French-speaking Switzerland.



Switzerland is frequently left off of the usual Europe trip path because it is an expensive country to travel around, but not our Switzerland tour package from India. The cost of the journey will depend on where you go and how you get there. You may spend a small fortune on it or very little. In fact, if you want to considerably reduce your expenses on your Switzerland trip cost from India for couple, it's worth arranging a Switzerland trip package from a reputable travel agency. You may fully enjoy Switzerland on our India to Switzerland tour package without spending your entire life's savings with a little bit of forward planning and a commitment to cutting costs on lodging, transportation, and entertainment. Inclusive of your Switzerland trip cost, all of your activities, accommodations, plane tickets, meals, and other expenses have been scheduled and paid for in advance, ensuring that the entire trip is profitable. There's no need to stress about last-minute problems brought on by pricing increases or inventory shortages.


Advice: If money is limited for your Switzerland holiday packages, consider visiting during the off-season. It's easy to locate cheaper lodging, travel, and activities in October because it's the off-season. Watch for our Switzerland package for couple and our amazing, cool Switzerland tour package from Kolkata, Kerala, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Kochi.



Without shopping, our Switzerland package for couple is not complete, and Switzerland has some fantastic shopping locations for compulsive buyers. In Switzerland shopping areas on our Switzerland trip package, you may get amazing garments, accessories for fashion, gifts, name-brand goods, handicrafts, chocolate products, and more. Swiss cheese and chocolate are well-known around the world and are offered for sale that you can get on our swiss tour packages. Swiss army knives, cuckoo clocks, embroidered goods, wood carvings, liquors (Williamine, the best thing you can do with a pear), folklore souvenirs (such music boxes), DDLJ theme souvenirs, cowbells, and antiques are among the other things you may buy in Switzerland on our Switzerland package from Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.



The Swiss franc is used in Switzerland (CHF) and on your Switzerland travel packages. Even though Switzerland is physically located in Europe, it is not a member of the EU. They on your Switzerland tour packages from Mumbai and Pune, know that they reject the Euro on practically all fronts. As a result, you must exchange your money before your trip to avoid additional charges to your India to Switzerland trip cost and use the local currency, the Swiss franc, if you plan to travel throughout Europe. The majority of establishments, including restaurants and stores, accept major credit cards with charge that might add to your Delhi to Switzerland, Mumbai to Switzerland, Kolkata to Switzerland package tour price.



On your Switzerland honeymoon package with flight, take the air route. Switzerland has a highly well-organized public transportation system that is incredibly effective and maybe inclusive of your India to Switzerland tour package price. Therefore, trains are a great method to move around on your Switzerland tour package for couple, if you don't feel like driving while you are here. Simple, on time, and trustworthy—but not exactly inexpensive on your trip to Switzerland from India cost! However, even if driving is relatively simple on your trip to Switzerland from India, because of how well-organized the motorways are, it might not be the ideal choice for a relaxed vacation because of how frequently traffic jams form on highways during peak hours. (Sundays, early mornings, and late afternoons). When on our Switzerland packages from Ahmedabad, know that within Switzerland's major cities, buses and trains run on time and efficiently. You should budget $2 to $5 for a single journey on your Switzerland honeymoon package for 15 days. Carpooling is an additional choice on your Switzerland budget tour packages. To budget on your cost of trip to Switzerland from India, use BlaBlaCar – a well-liked ridesharing service. Additionally, if you intend to stay a lengthy and travel a lot, be sure you purchase the Swiss Travel Pass that allows unlimited traveling throughout the country by train.



Switzerland has an outstanding gastronomic culture that varies from area to region and has cuisine that incorporates elements from the German, French, and Italian cultures you can taste on your romantic Switzerland honeymoon package. Without indulging in some of the renowned Swiss cheese and chocolate on our Switzerland package for couple from Delhi and Mumbai, a vacation to Switzerland is not complete! There are a lot of cheese and chocolate excursions available on our 3 day Switzerland tour packages that include samples and an explanation of the production process. Fondue, muesli, raclette, and rösti are a few of the most well-known Swiss foods you’ll find hard to resist on our only Switzerland tour package.



On our Switzerland honeymoon package from Mumbai and Kolkata, know that four national languages—German, French, Italian, and Romansh— are spoken in the hilly region of Graubünden, Switzerland and are inherently more culturally varied than possibly any other country in Europe. Don't worry if you don't speak one of these languages; English is commonly spoken, especially in urban areas on your Kolkata to Switzerland, Delhi to Switzerland, and Kochi to Switzerland tour package.



Due to its wide range of year-round activities, on our swiss honeymoon packages, Switzerland is a veritable paradise for thrill seekers. The winter months on our Switzerland package for couple from India, of January through March are the busiest for activities exclusive of your Switzerland tour cost, including ski gliding, ice skating, sledding, snowboarding, ice climbing, deep-snow skiing, heli-skiing, glacier trekking, and snow biking. Skiers of all skill levels on our Switzerland honeymoon tour packages from India have a choice of cross-country and downhill terrain. Not a part of your Switzerland honeymoon cost, there are many things to do here throughout the warmer months, including hiking, sailing, water skiing, cycling, climbing, canoeing, swimming, rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, and skydiving. Our Switzerland trip package will take you to all of the country's greatest adventure spots and on our swiss holidays packages, it will give you the chance to treat yourself to amazing adventure sports.



The nightlife options in Switzerland are diverse but exclusive to your Switzerland tour package price and may be found to suit every taste and budget. If trying to go for a budget trip to Switzerland from India, avoid this. Since there are so many clubs, bars, pubs, and other establishments on our Switzerland honeymoon tour package, Switzerland's nightlife is regarded as one of the top tourist attractions. You may ski at night on our India to Switzerland honeymoon package as well as dance all night long and get fancy beverages. Zurich won't let you down if you want to explore the vibrant nightlife scene and find some exciting spots. Not only is Zurich the biggest city in Switzerland, but it also has the most vibrant nightlife. As a result, the city boasts both a steady supply of long-standing pubs and clubs on our Switzerland travel packages from India —such as Einstein's favourite café—and a constantly shifting list of new "it" locations. With a vast selection of musical genres and venue types available, tourists will be spoilt for choice on our Switzerland honeymoon packages from Ahmedabad and Bangalore.


Places to visit in Switzerland

This beautiful country is truly heaven on earth with our Switzerland vacation packages. It doesn’t only boast of having some of the cities with the highest quality of living in the world, it also has the most picturesque attractions including glorious mountains and serene lakes one can ever see with our Ahmedabad to Switzerland and Hyderabad to Switzerland tour packages.



On your Switzerland tour from India, visit here. Zurich, the biggest city in Switzerland, on our honeymoon trip to Switzerland is one of the top places in Europe for nightlife and a major financial hub. This bustling and energetic city, which is sometimes mistaken for the nation's capital, is also regarded as Switzerland's commercial, cultural, and political hub. Zurich offers it all, including a historic city centre, lakes, parks, lively pubs, restaurants, a sizable expat community, and a busy nightlife. Zurich, sometimes known as the "Gateway to the Alps," is unquestionably captivating. It is situated at the confluence of the picturesque Limmat River and Lake Zurich. Zurich boasts all the major brands right on the main street for everyone who loves to shop (Bahnhofstrasse, leading right from the train station). The city hosts one of the lit street parties in Europe known as the ‘Street Parade’. Whether it's Michelin-starred restaurants or a museum visit with Alpine views, plan your Zurich city break like Swiss clockwork and get the most out of your stay with our Switzerland tour package.


Lucerne (Luzern)

On your Switzerland trip from India, visit here. Lucerne, which lies in the middle of Switzerland and is among the beautiful towns in the world, is popular with tourists and even locals. One you need to definitely visit on our Switzerland package for family. Lucerne, a charming and colourful city that sits in a prime location on the shores of Lake Lucerne where the River Reuss empties into the lake, captures the attention of its numerous tourists on our Switzerland holiday packages from India. It has all the amenities that a tourist might need even if on their Switzerland trip for couple. This includes nature in the mountains and hiking paths, boat trips on the lake, city life, and several stores and restaurants where you can sample real Swiss food as an added cost to your Switzerland trip cost from Kolkata. But, as part of your Switzerland honeymoon package price, you can discover the charming streets of the traffic-free "old-town," with its frescoed houses, fun cafés, shops, and boutiques, or drop by the nearby city’s museums. On your Delhi to Switzerland honeymoon package, pack your camera as the many sights are sure to unleash your creativity!


St Moritz

There are many locations on earth that are just unique and perfect for a Switzerland family package. One of them and one of the most exclusive locations in both Switzerland and the entire world is St. Moritz. For tourists who wish to experience the cold in the sun on their Switzerland itinerary from India, it is the ideal location. Since 1864, the winter splendour of St. Moritz has drawn tourists, royalty, and celebrities on our special Switzerland tour package from India price to its most stunning ski resorts in Switzerland. One may enjoy as par of their Switzerland tour cost from India, thrilling adventure sports like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating while on a trip in Switzerland, as well as spend a luxury peaceful vacation in opulent hotels with spas and heartwarming scenery that are not included as part of your Switzerland tour price.

This location is also well-known on our Switzerland honeymoon package for 10 days for its opulent hotels with top-notch services that are regarded as some of the best in the Swiss Alps. Particularly the hotels that are located on Lake St. Moritz, for which you might need to push your  budget for Switzerland trip from India. Although St. Moritz is known for its winter activities, there are many fantastic opportunities for trekking during the hotter summer months. In reality, there are more than 300 kilometres of hiking paths in the mountains around St. Moritz and the Engadin area, which overlook lovely valleys, glaciers, and lakes. One incentive to arrange a swiss tour package from India to glamorous St Moritz in the Swiss Alps is the average 322 sunny days each year.


Bern (The Capital of Switzerland)

On your Switzerland trip package from India, Bern is a spectacle not to be missed with the pinnacle of the Bern cathedral piercing the blue sky, numerous mediaeval structures spanning the old town, and the turquoise waters of the flowing river Aare surrounding the ancient capital city on three sides. A UNESCO World Heritage capital city with year-round cultural atmospheres on our best Switzerland tour package, a combination of lakes with crystal clear blue water, the most impressive Alps peaks, meadows, green foothills, icy glaciers, and sky-piercing peaks—the region around Bern is the ideal representation of what Switzerland has to offer.

Tour to Switzerland from Mumbai to get to Einsteinhaus, a museum and the former home of Albert Einstein. Well worth of your Switzerland 7 days package price, it is another famous landmark in Bern (yes, Switzerland is where he lived, worked and studied). A 24 or 48-hour Museum Card, which allows you unrestricted free access across the city, is also available for a little price if you are a cultural vulture and intend to visit several of Bern's museums. You should reserve a day at one of Bern's numerous opulent spas because the city is widely known for wellness and relaxation.



The modest town of Interlaken, which is appropriately located in central Switzerland, derives its name from its location: between two lakes. Lake Thun lies to the west, while Lake Brienz is to the east. Built at the base of three prominent mountains, the Eiger, the Mönch, and the Jungfrau, Europe's highest mountain at 3,454 metres above sea level, Interlaken is a picturesque starting location for mountain expeditions. With activities not included in your Switzerland tour cost for couple from India, like skydiving, bungee jumping, hiking, white-water rafting, and canyoning, the city is also recognised as the outdoor and action sports centre of Switzerland.

Enjoy the authentic attractions on our tour packages to Switzerland from Kerala, that can be accessed by rail, funicular, cable car, or boat, as well as the spectacular vistas of the famous peaks of the Swiss Alps that can be attained by climbing, hiking, or paragliding. Interlaken offers whatever it is that you enjoy most about travelling.



If on our Kochi to Switzerland packages, visit here. Geneva, the capital of chocolates, pricey watches, Swiss army knives, and international peace, is a must-see if travelling to Switzerland is on your bucket list. Geneva, which encircles the southern end of Lake Geneva (also known as Lac Léman) and is situated in the far southeast of Switzerland between the Alps and Jura Mountains, is renowned for its richness and natural beauty (It is one of the 5 richest cities in the world). In addition to a diverse selection of top-notch restaurants and decadent chocolatiers when on our tour packages from Kerala to Switzerland, Switzerland's second-largest city is home to opulent hotels, independent shops, and high-end jewellers. Several international organisations and enterprises, including the European headquarters of the United Nations, proclaim it a "global city" of cultural, economic, and political significance. Geneva is the stronghold of its French-speaking society, so take a dip into the sweet life.



Basel is a city that emanates history, refinement, and a sense of order that is distinctively Swiss. Basel is a refuge of history and culture, situated on the Rhine River in northwest Switzerland, close to both the French and German borders. The city offers visitors a wide range of distinctive travel experiences with its 40 acclaimed museums, from the renowned Kunstmuseum (Art) to several tiny "pocket" museums created by architects like Renzo Piano, Mario Botta, and Herzog & De Meuro, picturesque views, top-notch Renaissance art, numerous markets for shopping, and a youthful vibrancy because of its sizable university student population. Basel is particularly well-known for its colourful carnival season, which draws large crowds of tourists every year during the second half of the month of February.


Things to do

Discover a selection of amazing sights and activities in Switzerland from incredible mountains to unforgettable rail journeys.


Paddle Boarding – Live The Hawaain Craze 

While each person has a different motive for visiting the well-known Lake Geneva, yours may be the excitement of trying stand-up paddle boarding. Yes, Geneva may also partake in the widespread Hawaiian obsession. All you have to do is paddle across the sea while standing erect on a long surfboard. This adventure sport is one among the top 10 things to do in Switzerland and a pleasant way to travel because of the sporadic falls you encounter. Other water activities available at this lake include wake boarding and windsurfing.


Rhine Falls Boating – For That Adrenaline Rush

Try this if you're wondering what to do in Switzerland. The Rhine Falls are the main attraction of Schaffhausen and unquestionably one of the top ten things to do in Switzerland. This location draws a lot of people since it is so well-known and incredibly exciting, and it offers them the ability to go closer to the falls through boat tours, observation platforms, and an adventure path. You may either sit on the platform with your significant other or friends and take in the captivating beauty of the cascading water, or you can take a boat to the rock in the midst of the falls for a heart-pounding view.


Chillon Castle – For The History Lovers

One of the top ten things to do in Switzerland is to visit Chillon, one of the most popular historical sites. It is unquestionably worthwhile to explore this water castle on the shores of Lake Geneva with your friends, family, or significant other. The castle, which is surrounded by two ring walls and has 25 structures and three courtyards, welcomes more than 3,50000 visitors annually. You may reserve the castle for a variety of special events, such as birthday celebrations and beach barbecues, in addition to simply appreciating its splendour.


Sky Dining – Because Sky Diving Is Mainstream

One of the most thrilling things to do in Zurich is this. Regardless of whether you're on a family vacation or a romantic break, Eden au Lac's Sky Bar is the spot you must come for lunch or dinner if you want rooftop restaurants that offer a sophisticated atmosphere, delectable cuisine and beverages, and breathtaking views of the lake and the city. It is without a doubt among the best roofs in the city and one of the top ten summer activities in Switzerland. Enjoying your favourite food and drink while taking in the cool air and picturesque splendour of Lake Zurich will help you relax and rejuvenate.


Bernina Express Ride – Beauty On Wheels

While there are many ways to take in Switzerland's breathtaking landscape, taking a train trip is by far the most stunning. It's a fantastic way to move around and take in the beautiful surroundings with your eyes. Take the renowned Bernina Express, renowned for its leisurely pace and panoramic view windows, to get the most of this sightseeing. The Swiss Engadin Alps are crossed by the railway as it travels from Chur (or Davos) in Switzerland to Poschiavo in Switzerland and Tirano in Italy. It also travels beside the Rhaetian Railway, a World Heritage Site in the Albula and Bernina Landscapes, so you know you have a solid four hours to unwind and take in the scenery.


Cable Car Ride – For The Adventure Loving

One of the best things to do in Switzerland also is taking a cable car up to the majestic Matterhorn's heights. This is the perfect activity to perform with your partner and family since it creates lifelong memories. Enjoy the tranquilly that Matterhorn has to offer before skiing back to the car-free hamlet on one of the continent's longest ski routes.


Freitag Shopping – Calling All The Shopaholics

Just as no trip is complete without seeing the most well-known attraction in a place, no shopping in Switzerland would be complete without a trip to the Freitag. Daniel and Markus founded Frietag, which sells accessories and backpacks fashioned from recycled, vibrant truck tarps. If you're an environmentally conscious consumer, this is the place to go shopping.


Lakeside Promenade – Beauty At Its Best

This is the best inexpensive activity in Switzerland, if you're seeking for one. One of the nicest things to do in Zurich is to stroll along the lakefront promenade with your significant other. Learn about local customs and lifestyle as you stroll hand in hand. People visit this location to stroll, bike, inline skate, relax by the coast, and take summertime dips. Among the various activities available here are watching street performers create trompe l'oeil chalk paintings, shopping for handcrafted jewellery at street vendors, and relaxing on a bench with ice cream.


Kayaking – The Name Is Enough

One of Switzerland's most well-known lakes, Lake Geneva near Geneva, is also one of the country's most picturesque destinations. In Switzerland, kayaking on Lake Geneva is a fantastic activity. The picture-perfect lake has a castle on its bank and a stunning mountain backdrop. Rent a kayak at the lakeside and take to the water in it. While engaging in this adventurous activity, be careful to adhere to the safety precautions.


Skydiving – Beautiful Views From The Top

Here is one of Interlaken's most exhilarating activities. One of the best places to enjoy skydiving is Switzerland. It would be simply stunning to see the snow-capped Alps, lovely lakes, and lush valleys. Enjoy a skydive in Interlaken from a height of 14,000 feet above the ground. When you return home from this really exhilarating adventure experience, this resort town in the centre of Switzerland has a lot more to offer.


The Bear Park – Interact With Bears

Everybody remembers playing with a teddy bear as a youngster. But if we told you that you could interact with actual bears, would you trust us? This is real. You may interact with live bears at the Bear Park in the Old Town of Bern. These bears are harmless and kind. The park, one of Switzerland's most magnificent tourist destinations, provides you one of the country's most exceptional chances. It was founded in 1513.


Skiing – The Thrill Of It Is Worth It

The bodmiARENA is a popular location for winter sports in Grindelwald where people can engage in snow activities in a secure setting. One of the most well-liked activities to do in Switzerland is go skiing at Bodmiarena. It used to be accessible solely to kids, but today adults are now welcome. Enjoy the rush of skiing in Grindelwald when you zoom down the slopes.


Mountain Biking – Something Unique Why Not

Mountain biking is one of the finest activities to do in Switzerland if you like to get your heart racing and want to spice up your vacation. Rothorn is where you may test this out. You may bike till Zermatt from there. This bike tour route will enhance your trip to Switzerland and provide you the opportunity to bring back some incredible adventure tales.


Sledging – Just A Fun Experience

Switzerland is the finest destination to go sledding if you've always wanted to! Since the longest toboggan runs from Faulhorn to Grindelwald, Faulhorn is regarded as the best location in Switzerland for sledding. This path goes via Bussalp. Sledgers travel in great numbers to this area since it is their nirvana. In addition, Faulhorn is among the top destinations in Switzerland.


Swimming – An Unforgettable Experience

You will enjoy the ideal swimming experience if you are in one of the cities where the Aare River, a tributary of the Rhine, flows! People frequently swim while they are in Bern. When visiting Switzerland during the summer, especially, you should visit Marzili's public baths for the ultimate experience.


Cruising – For Its Luxuriousness

When seeing Switzerland's cities and towns, cruising is one of the greatest things to partake in. This is one of the things that will also help you get to know the people in these places better and educate you about their colourful cultures. The Rhine River is navigable for cruising. Be careful to wear supportive athletic shoes and carry items like binoculars and earplugs close at reach.



Paragliding is among the most exhilarating things you can experience here. The town of Zermatt offers a wide range of alternatives. Paragliding above Zermatt will give you an incredible perspective of the surrounding high Alps. You will get the opportunity to see the magnificent Matterhorn perspective!


Mountains and waterfalls

Switzerland knows how to serve up those magnificent natural vistas, from the Rhine Falls to the renowned Toblerone Mountain (also known as the Matterhorn). Wander around the valley in picture-perfect Lauterbrunnen and take in the towering rocks and waterfalls.


Take a trip to the ‘Top of Europe’

Switzerland is home to the highest railway station in all of Europe. While every mountain experience in Switzerland is breathtaking, the train to Jungfraujoch, often known as the "Top of Europe," is the highest in all of Europe and ascends 11,332 feet. When you reach the summit of Jungfraujoch, you'll be 3,454 metres above sea level, which affords you breathtaking views of the Aletsch Glacier and beyond. Prepare your camera!


Go Lake Hopping

Some of Europe's most stunning, sparkling lakes may be found in Switzerland. A variety of gorgeous lakes, including Lake Geneva, are among its natural features. Zurich and Lucerne are two further Swiss cities that are situated along a chain of picturesque lakes. The greatest way to enjoy these magnificent bodies of water is through boat cruises. Swiss lakes come in a variety of hues, from royal and ice blue to turquoise and emerald. Visit some of the greatest and witness the glistening seas for yourself, then.


Do a Helicopter Flight

Any helicopter ride is intimidating, but it becomes much more so if you choose to fly over the Swiss Alps. The vistas are just extraordinary and breathtaking. Although they might be a little expensive, helicopter trips in Switzerland are completely worth it.


Wine Tasting

Sounds opulent, doesn't it, a bottle of good wine and stunning views of Lake Geneva? While you're in Switzerland, do it. Explore the prestigious vineyards and obtain the finest local wines on your trip to Switzerland. Enjoy all the local names, from the wine produced from Chasselas grapes on the shores of Lake Geneva to Merlot from Ticino to Pinot Noir from the Valais. It sounds opulent to have a bottle of excellent wine while taking in the stunning sights of Lake Geneva.


Thermal Baths & Spas

In Switzerland, where warm thermal waters come from mountain bases and are channelled into a variety of pools for a soothing and therapeutic treatment, thermal baths and spas are quite popular. The many spa and bath choices are perfect for relaxing and taking in the winter weather after a day of skiing or simply for fun.


Chocolates & Cheese

Even if it's not your first visit to Switzerland, everyone is always obsessed with Swiss chocolate! And if it is, you're going to have a blast. Milk chocolate and fondue were created in Switzerland. No matter how many times you visit Switzerland, you will always have a soft spot in your heart for the country's cheese and chocolates. Treat your sweet craving with the renowned Swiss milk chocolates while touring Switzerland, and try them all. There are more than 450 variations, therefore something savoury is necessary to counteract all the chocolate. You may nibble, melt, and mix your way through the most well-liked export of the nation. After all, treating your palate well is merely another method to blend in with the community.


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