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Norway is often called the land of contrasts, where the majestic mountains stand tall like the ancient Vikings amidst the flowing waters of fjords throughout the country. It’s a land where the Northern lights dance amidst the black skies and the ever-shining midnight sun that is symbolic of the Norwegian passion. Whether you are planning to get lost in solitude or have a natural retreat with your loved one, our Norway vacation packages a Read More

Norway is often called the land of contrasts, where the majestic mountains stand tall like the ancient Vikings amidst the flowing waters of fjords throughout the country. It’s a land where the Northern lights dance amidst the black skies and the ever-shining midnight sun that is symbolic of the Norwegian passion.

Whether you are planning to get lost in solitude or have a natural retreat with your loved one, our Norway vacation packages are the best for you. Stroll the historical towns of Norway in the evening and go for an early morning hike - Norway has something for everyone.

Indulge in Norway's cuisine and take a journey through time, with traditional dishes like lutefisk and rakfisk along with modern Nordic food.

In Norway, adventure awaits around every corner, whether it's hiking through the mountains or skiing down the slopes, kayaking along the fjords, or whale watching in the Arctic waters. Norway tour packages offer a chance to explore this land of contrasts and experience the magic that only this country can offer.

It won’t be wrong to say that Norway is a place where reality blends into fantasy, painting a picture of everyone’s dreamland. While the beauty of this getaway leaves you breathless, the warm welcome of Norwegian citizens will surely make you feel at home.


Choose from our Akbar Recommended Norway Tour Packages:

Norway Tour Packages


Package Price

Scandinavian Capitals


₹ 1,23,330

From Copenhagen to Helsinki


₹ 1,44,515

Absolute North


₹ 1,60,167


When is the best time to plan your Norway Tour Packages?


If you were to take a bit of advice from a local regarding the best time to plan your Norway tour Packages, they’d say it depends on what you want to experience. Each season has its own charm and beauty.

If you want to experience the glorious midnight sun and tropical landscapes, then the summer months of June to August are the best for you. Since the weather is mild and pleasant, it makes for a perfect time to plan outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and kayaking. Please note that these are the peak tourist months so do not forget to make your bookings well in advance.

For those who want to catch a glimpse of the magical northern lights, then the best time to visit is during the winter months of November to February. The nights are dark and long, making it a perfect black canvas for the dancing Aurora Borealis. Do remember that winter is a low tourist season since the country is draped in snow. A lot of tourist attractions might be closed but Norway makes a perfect haven for ski lovers and other winter sports enthusiasts.

If you like to travel during quieter yet warmer months then the shoulder season of spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) might be perfect for you to plan your Norway tour packages. The crowds are smaller and the landscape is painted with vibrant colors and blossoms.

Overall, Norway is one of the few places in the world where you won’t be disappointed no matter what season you plan your trip.


Traveling on a budget in Norway


Norway is one of the most expensive cities in the world and because of this, traveling to Norway on a budget might seem daunting at first. However, by planning well in time using cheaper alternatives, you can lower your Norway trip cost from India without missing out on anything.


Book your flights in advance: Flights to Norway can be expensive, but by booking in advance, you can save money. It's best to book your flights at least two to three months in advance. Other than that, by using budget airlines, you cut down on your Norway trip cost from India.


Eat street smart: There are many stands across Norway where you may eat burgers and the renowned pølse, or Norwegian hot dogs. You shouldn't anticipate eating for pennies on the dollar, but you should budget 10 euros per person on average for a burger without fries. You may dine quite well and even save money if you can find kiosks away from the hordes of visitors.


Take advantage of free activities: Norway has many natural attractions that are free to visit, such as parks, lakes, and hiking trails. The country also has many museums and galleries that offer free admission on certain days. Enjoy with your loved one in beautiful art galleries if you are opting for the Norway honeymoon package from India.


Use public transportation: Norway has an excellent public transportation system, including buses, trains, and ferries. Using public transportation is often cheaper than renting a car or taking taxis.


Stay in budget-friendly accommodations: Accommodation in Norway can be expensive, but there are many budget-friendly options available, such as hostels, campsites, and Airbnb.



10 things to enjoy for free in Norway


It must be noted that everything in Norway, be it the food, accommodation, or transport, everything comes with a higher price tag than many other destinations in


the world. Here’s a list of experiences you can cherish for free or a nominal fee if you are lowering your India to Norway trip cost.


Stroll around the Vigeland Sculpture Garden: Located in the capital city of Oslo, this park is home to more than 200 sculptures depicting the cycle of human life and emotions. It is open all year round and entry is free.


Hike to Pulpit Rock: If you are someone who enjoys hiking, then go for a hike to Pulpit rock and enjoy the stunning views of the Lysefjord and the surrounding mountains. The trail is well-marked and you won’t need a guide to navigate the route.


Go on a Wildlife Safari: Norway is home to a variety of wildlife, including reindeer, elk, and musk oxen. Some of the popular national parks in Norway include Jotunheimen National Park, Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park, and Hardangervidda National Park.


Explore the Arctic Beaches: Northern Norway is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including Ramberg Beach and Haukland Beach. Watch the mountains standing tall against the crystal clear ocean waters and make this experience a part of your Norway tour package from India.


Visit the Roros Mining Town: This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to a historic mining town that dates back to the 17th century. With our Norway tour packages, you can wander around the town and learn about its history for free.


Enjoy the Northern Lights: The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena that can be seen in Norway. The best time to see the Northern Lights in Norway is from September to April. While many tours offer Northern Lights viewing, it is also possible to see them for free by going to areas with little light pollution, such as Senja, Tromsø, and the Lofoten Islands.


Wander around Bryggen Wharf: Considered one of the oldest port towns of North Europe, visit this town and dive into this UNESCO world heritage site. Don’t forget to grab the infamous cinnamon roll from any bakery while walking around this town. Visit the market as it is a hub for seafood lovers and offers a range of local delicacies for free tastings.


Visit the Nidaros Cathedral: Nidaros Cathedral is a stunning Gothic-style cathedral in Trondheim, Norway. It is the largest medieval building in


Scandinavia and is the final resting place of Saint Olav, the patron saint of Norway. The cathedral is filled with beautiful artwork and architecture, including intricate stone carvings, stained glass windows, and ornate altars. You can climb to the top of the cathedral for stunning views of Trondheim and the surrounding countryside.


Explore Museums: While some museums in Norway charge an entry fee, there are many that offer free admission. The National Museum in Oslo is free to visit on Sundays, and the Munch Museum offers free admission on Thursdays. The Bergen Maritime Museum and the Lofoten War Memorial Museum are also free to visit. So dive into Norwegian history without burning a hole in your pocket and lower your India to Norway trip cost.


Stroll through the Botanical Gardens: The gardens feature a variety of plants and flowers from around the world, and it's free to visit during the summer months. In addition to the gardens, there is also a large greenhouse on the premises that houses tropical and subtropical plants from around the world. You can explore the various rooms of the greenhouse, which include everything from cacti to orchids.



Don’t forget to catch the northern lights with your partner while planning your Norway honeymoon package

Senja is often called the land of untamed beauty and breathtaking landscapes. This secluded island is where the mountains meet the sea and the sky meets the stars. Located in the Arctic region of Norway, Senja is an ideal location for viewing the Northern Lights due to its location away from light pollution and the surrounding mountains. The rugged mountains and the fjords of Norway are bathed in a golden glow and fragranced with blooming wildflowers.

What makes Senja a perfect destination for you if you are planning to capture the northern lights is the pitch-black skies during the winter months. The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, is a natural phenomenon that occurs when electrically charged particles from the sun collide with particles in the Earth's atmosphere. The resulting collision creates a mesmerizing display of light in the sky, often appearing in shades of green, blue, and purple. The Northern Lights are visible in Senja from late September to early April, when the sky is at its darkest. To experience the best of Senja, tourists can book Norway tour packages that include visits to the island.

These Norway travel packages offer a comprehensive experience of the island, including accommodation, transportation, and tours. The packages are designed to


cater to different preferences and budgets, making it easy for tourists to choose the best package for their needs.


Must Visit Seafood Restaurants on your Norway Trip from India

Norway is renowned for its seafood, and there are plenty of restaurants where visitors can indulge in the country's fresh and delicious seafood dishes. As of 2022, Norway has 4 Michelin-star restaurants, making Norway one of the best tourist destinations for fine dining. Here are some of the top seafood restaurants that you must include in your Norway travel packages:



Maeemo, Oslo: Maaemo is a world-renowned restaurant located in Oslo, Norway that specializes in innovative and modern Nordic cuisine. The restaurant has been awarded three Michelin stars, making it one of the most prestigious dining destinations in the world. Maaemo also features a number of other seafood dishes, such as Norwegian king crab, scallops, and cod, all of which are prepared using innovative techniques. The restaurant's commitment to using local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients means that visitors can be assured of the highest quality and freshest seafood.


Fjellstua Restaurant, Ålesund: This restaurant offers panoramic views of the stunning fjords of Ålesund, while also serving up some of the freshest seafood in the region. The menu includes dishes like lobster soup, pan-fried cod, and juicy grilled salmon, all made with locally sourced ingredients.


Lofoten Fish Restaurant, Oslo: Located in the heart of Oslo, this restaurant is a must-visit for seafood lovers. The menu features dishes made with fresh fish from the Lofoten Islands, including cod, halibut, and salmon. Make sure you include this restaurant in your Norway honeymoon package since it has a cozy and intimate atmosphere, making it perfect for a romantic dinner.


Fisketorget, Bergen: This seafood market and restaurant is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Visitors can choose from a variety of fresh seafood dishes, including shrimp sandwiches, seafood platters, and grilled fish. The restaurant is located in the historic Bergen Fish Market, adding to the overall experience.


Kverneriet, Stavanger: While not exclusively a seafood restaurant, Kverneriet's menu features a range of seafood dishes that are worth trying. The restaurant serves up dishes like mussels sauteed in white wine sauce, creamy lobster risotto, and grilled scallops, all made with the freshest ingredients.


Bølgen & Moi, Kristiansand: This sophisticated seafood restaurant is known for its extremely creative and innovative dishes. The menu includes dishes like roasted halibut with asparagus, grilled lobster with saffron aioli, and cured salmon with beetroot and horseradish. The restaurant's chic and sophisticated atmosphere makes it perfect for a special occasion.


Hanami, Stavanger: Located in Stavanger, Hanami offers contemporary Japanese cuisine with a Norwegian touch. The menu includes authentic sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes made with local ingredients.


Bryggen Tracteursted: This restaurant in Bergen is located in a historic building on the wharf and offers traditional Norwegian cuisine. The menu includes dishes like salmon with roe and potatoes and lamb shank with root vegetables.


In conclusion, Norway offers some of the freshest and most delicious seafood in the world, and these restaurants are just a few of the top spots to enjoy it. Whether you're in Ålesund, Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, or Kristiansand, there are plenty of options for seafood lovers to indulge in the country's culinary delights.



Experience Norway’s landscapes through epic road trip adventures!


Norway is a country that is best explored by road, with its winding coastal roads, scenic mountain routes, and stunning fjords. A road trip in Norway is an experience of a lifetime, and it's a great way to explore the country's natural beauty, charming towns, and hidden gems.


To start your journey, it's important to understand the rules and regulations. Norway has strict driving laws, but don't let that scare you off. Follow the rules, wear your seatbelt, and use winter tires during the colder months, and you'll be ready to hit the road and make the best of your Norway tour package from India. The real highlight of a road trip in Norway is the chance to experience the country's natural wonders, including its stunning fjords. The Geirangerfjord, located in western Norway, is one of the most famous fjords in the country. The fjord is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, and lush green forests. Take a fjord cruise to experience the beauty up close, or hike to the viewpoints for panoramic views.



1.Atlantic Road trip

One of the most spectacular road trips in Norway is the Atlantic Road, a stretch of road that connects the island of Averøy with the mainland. The road is only 8.3 km long, but it's packed with breathtaking vistas, bridges, and tunnels. The Atlantic Road


is known for its dramatic scenery, with views of the ocean, rugged coastline, and small fishing villages. And if you're a fishing enthusiast or love kayaking, this road is perfect for you!


2.Trollstigen Road trip

Another epic road trip in Norway is the Trollstigen Road, a mountain road that winds its way through the stunning Romsdal Mountains. The road has 11 hairpin bends, steep inclines, and stunning views of the mountains and valleys. The Trollstigen Road is a thrilling ride, and the views are breathtaking. Be sure to stop at the Trollstigen Visitor Centre to explore the exhibitions and activities.


3.Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger

For a longer road trip, the Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger is a great option to include in your Norway tour package from India. The route is 158 km long and runs through the stunning Hardangerfjord region. The road passes through charming towns, and fruit orchards, and has stunning views of the fjords, waterfalls, and mountains. The Hardangerfjord region is also known for its delicious food, including fresh fish, fruit, and cider. And if you're lucky, you may even get to kiss your loved one amidst the Northern lights on your Norway honeymoon package.


When it comes to accommodation on a road trip in Norway, the options are endless. Camping is a popular choice, with campsites located throughout the country. Norway also has a unique concept called 'Everyman's Right', which allows you to camp anywhere in the countryside as long as you respect the environment and local residents. This is a fantastic opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the stunning natural landscapes of Norway.

And if camping isn't your thing, don't worry! There are plenty of affordable hotels, hostels, and guesthouses throughout Norway. Some even offer spectacular views of the fjords and mountains.


In conclusion, a road trip in Norway is an adventure of a lifetime. The country's winding roads, stunning fjords, charming towns, and unique culture make it a must-visit destination for any adventurous traveler. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and hit the road for the journey of a lifetime!



Visit the Norwegian Fjords with our Norway Tour packages:


The best way to experience the real beauty of Norway is to explore the country’s stunning Fjords. These narrow, deep inlets of the sea are surrounded by cliffs and majestic mountains, creating a dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape that will surely leave you speechless and in awe.


With our Norway tour packages, you can book a fjord cruise which offers a beautiful view of the fjords as it allows you to see the rugged coastline and towering cliffs up close. Some of the most popular fjord cruises include the Sognefjord, Geirangerfjord, and Hardangerfjord, each offering its unique views and experiences. There are many different types of boat tours available, from small, intimate tours to larger, more commercial options. Some tours even include a stop at a fjord-side village, where you can explore the local culture and cuisine.

From cascading waterfalls to charming coastal villages, the fjords are filled with natural and cultural wonders that are sure to make your trip to Norway unforgettable.

Hiking trails are another way to explore the fjords and are abundant in the area, providing opportunities for you to get up close and personal with the rugged terrain. And if you are a wildlife enthusiast, then you must know that the fjords are home to a variety of marine and bird life, including seals, dolphins, and even whales.

Other than that, Kayaking and canoeing are also popular activities, which lets you paddle your way through the calm waters of the fjords and take in the scenery at your own pace.

Whether you're booking a fjord cruise or hitting the hiking trails, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this stunning natural wonderland. So why not book one of our Norway tour packages today and experience the beauty of the fjords for yourself? You won't regret it.



The majestic waterfalls of Norway:


While planning and calculating your Norway trip cost from India, make sure you to set aside a budget for the beautiful waterfalls of Norway. Each waterfall in Norway is unique and a sight to behold. With our Norway tour packages, you can get a view of these waterfalls while cruising through the Fjords. With clear blue skies and lush greenery, the waterfalls are mesmerizing during the spring season as the snow is melting and the landscape is coming to life. Here are a few waterfalls that you should not miss to include in your Norway tour package from India.

Vøringsfossen, Hardangervidda National Park: One of the most famous waterfalls in Norway is the majestic Vøringsfossen, located in the Hardangervidda National Park. With a drop of 182 meters, it is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe, and the thundering roar of the water as it plunges into the depths below is a truly awe-inspiring sight.



Kjosfossen: Another must-visit waterfall in Norway is the stunning Kjosfossen, which can be reached by taking the famous Flåm Railway. As the


train winds its way through the narrow valleys and mountain tunnels, passengers are treated to the sight of the Kjosfossen waterfall cascading down the mountainside in a dramatic display of nature's power and beauty.



Seven Sisters Waterfall of Geirangerfjord: The Seven Sisters waterfall in Geirangerfjord is another iconic waterfall in Norway, consisting of seven separate cascades that flow down the mountainside like a shimmering curtain. The sight of the waterfalls, surrounded by lush green forests and towering mountains, is a true feast for the eyes.



Langfoss waterfall: The Langfoss waterfall, located in the Åkrafjord region, is another must-see destination for waterfall lovers. With a drop of 612 meters, it is one of the tallest waterfalls in Norway, and its crystal-clear waters and misty spray create a magical atmosphere that is sure to leave visitors spellbound.



Henfallet Tydal, Sør-Trøndelag: This waterfall creates a mystical view for you with its gushing waters and misty clouds. It is a short drive from the city of Trondheim and is worth a detour on your trip to Norway.



Don’t forget to include a romantic rail journey in your Norway honeymoon package:

To explore and experience most of Norway’s diverse terrain, do include a rail journey in your India to Norway tour package. As the train chugs along, the majestic landscapes of Norway unfold before you. Imagine snuggling up with your loved one and taking in the breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and glistening waterfalls. Norway's scenic rail journeys are not just a treat for your eyes, but also for your heart. Norway’s well-connected train network has something to offer for everyone - whether you want to experience an intimate ride with your partner or feel the wind rustle through your hair on your solo trip, you won’t be disappointed.



Berger Line: This is one of the most popular railway lines that takes you on a 308-kilometer-long journey from the town of Berger in the west to the capital city of Norway, Oslo in the east. The landscapes you will witness on this scenic route are very dramatic. You get to glide through snow-covered mountains to deep valleys and see stunning views at every turn.



Flåm Railway line: Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner or a solo ride for some inspiration, you must include this ride while calculating your Norway trip cost from India. You get to ride through the heart of the majestic Norwegian fjords. With lush green mountains on one side and gushing waterfalls on the other, you will feel a sense of enchantment and wonder.



Rauma Railway line: If you're looking for a more intimate experience, the Rauma Railway offers a cozy and romantic ride through the picturesque Romsdalen valley. The train's slow and steady pace allows you to fully take in the beauty of the surrounding mountains and forests.


These rail journeys not only offer incredible views but also allow you to slow down and appreciate the beauty of Norway at a leisurely pace. So, whether you're celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon, or simply looking for a romantic getaway, Norway's scenic rail journeys are the perfect choice for a memorable and breathtaking experience.




Visit the town of Svalbard with our Norway tour packages:


Svalbard is one of the Earth’s northmost inhabited areas and is located between the mainland of Norway and the north pole. It is an archipelago, meaning it contains a group of islands in the Ocean that are highly unexplored.


You might wonder what kind of people might want to visit Svalbard. Well, if you are someone drawn to extreme environments, a nerd about scientific research, or someone who might enjoy some solitude and tranquility, then you must include Svalbard while calculating your Norway trip cost from India.


The only way to reach Svalbard is by plane. Regular flights operate from Oslo and Tromsø to Longyearbyen, the main settlement in Svalbard and the flight duration are approximately three and a half hours.




Some of the main things to do and see in Svalbard include:


  • Arctic wildlife viewing: Svalbard is home to a wide range of Arctic wildlife, including polar bears, reindeer, Arctic foxes, and whales.
  • Glacier hiking and ice cave exploring: You can explore the stunning glaciers and ice caves of Svalbard with a guided tour which can be made inclusive of your Norway trip cost from India.
  • Northern lights viewing: Svalbard is a prime location for viewing the northern lights as it is extremely remote and secluded.
  • Dog sledding and snowmobiling: You can experience the unique thrill of dog sledding or snowmobiling across the frozen Arctic landscape.
  • Historical and cultural tours: Svalbard has a rich history and culture, with sites like the Svalbard Museum and the Russian settlement of Barentsburg offering insight into the region's past.

For those who are brave enough, dive into the icy waters surrounding Svalbard. The crystal-clear Arctic waters are teeming with life, from schools of fish to majestic whales. Dive beneath the surface and witness the vibrant and diverse underwater world of the Arctic.

For science geeks, the archipelago is home to a wide variety of species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Visitors can observe everything from polar bears and arctic foxes to reindeer and walruses in their natural habitats. The archipelago is home to several research stations, including the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which is a critical resource for preserving the world's seed biodiversity.

Svalbard is an adventurer's paradise, a place where nature reigns supreme, and the possibilities are endless. So come and explore this pristine wilderness, experience the thrill of adventure, and create memories that will last a lifetime.



Explore the Viking heritage of Norway:


While browsing through Norway holiday packages, you will come across the rich Viking heritage of the country. If shows like Norsemen and The Last Kingdom fascinate you, then make sure to indulge in the world of Vikings’ adventures and feats.

Make sure to visit the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo and be in close proximity to the world’s best-preserved vessels and ships of the Vikings. Admire majestic vessels like the Oseberg ship, the Gokstad ship, and the Tune ship which stand intact after an endless number of expeditions. The shipbuilding skills of the Vikings were way ahead of their times and these vessels are living proof.

While traveling to Borg, don’t for to visit the Lofotr Viking Museum which gives you a glimpse into the Viking way of life. It is an interactive museum and you can witness a recreated Viking chieftain's longhouse. Indulge yourself in the traditional food of the mighty Vikings in the banquet hall where you will be served a hearty lamb along with


a vegetable stew. You can also learn archery and other ancient craft skills from the best of artisans while listening to the traditional folk music of the Middle Ages.

The city of Trondheim is also home to the famous Nidaros Cathedral, where Viking kings were crowned. It is a stunning example of Gothic architecture and a testament to the influence the Vikings had on Christianity in Norway. If you want to see Viking settlements, head to the western coast of Norway, where you can explore the UNESCO-listed Bryggen wharf in Bergen. This area was once the center of the Hanseatic League's trade in Northern Europe and is now home to some of the best-preserved wooden buildings from the Middle Ages.

To truly immerse yourself in Viking history, take a guided tour to the Gokstad Viking Ship burial mound in Sandefjord or the Borre mound cemetery in Horten with our Norway trip packages. These sites are not only historic but also offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

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