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Maldives Tour packages from kolkata

How much does a trip to the Maldives tour packages from Kolkata cost? The cost of the Maldives package mostly relies on your choices. The price will vary depending on the resort you pick, the activities you want to do, the locations you want to see, and the time of year you want to travel to the Maldives. A simple 3-night, 4-day Maldives package, however, starts at INR 49,000 per person.   Pick your Maldives tour packages from kolka Read More

How much does a trip to the Maldives tour packages from Kolkata cost?

The cost of the Maldives package mostly relies on your choices. The price will vary depending on the resort you pick, the activities you want to do, the locations you want to see, and the time of year you want to travel to the Maldives. A simple 3-night, 4-day Maldives package, however, starts at INR 49,000 per person.


Pick your Maldives tour packages from kolkata

Book a perfect Maldives package from Akbar Travels to realise all of your tropical wishes. To experience the holiday of your desires, there are many Maldives itinerary options from Kolkata. Explore the following Maldives vacation packages to find the one that best suits your needs and fits your budget.


Maldives Honeymoon Packages

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn more about one another and fall deeply in love in the gorgeous Maldives. What more could you ask for? Delicious supper in a romantic setting, luxurious lodgings and first-rate services, a special couple's spa massage, activities to rekindle your love, a quiet location, and privacy. The Maldives honeymoon package is ready to provide you and your loved one with unique experiences and beautiful memories. Keep these memories in your hearts for the rest of your lives by surprising your spouse with the ultimate honeymoon present in a breathtaking retreat!


Maldives Water Villa Packages

You cannot escape staying in one of the Maldives' famed water villas and missing out on some heart-meltingly beautiful moments given how fascinating the views are. You may create lifelong memories and special experiences with The Maldives water villa packages. Take advantage of the direct access to the ocean upon waking, indulge your senses with stunning views, inhale the fresh tropical breezes, and relax to the sounds of breaking waves. So do plan to include this in your Kolkata to Maldives package.


Maldives Family Packages

For a tranquil tropical holiday, families can consider visiting the Maldives. The Maldives cater to youngsters and guarantee them the best holiday possible in addition to providing a lot for adults. Enjoy breathtaking ocean vistas, mouthwatering Maldivian cuisine, thrilling water sports, gorgeous undersea exploration, and stress-relieving spa massages. By buying a Maldives family package, you can have everything you need to enjoy these wonderful moments.


Maldives Luxury Packages

Enter the serene, opulent, and enjoyable world by opening the Maldivian doors! As a present to yourself, reserve a magnificent Maldives luxury package for a sumptuous tropical vacation. Enjoy the Maldives to the utmost by discovering the greatest services at opulent resorts, indulging in delicious treats, taking part in exhilarating water sports, and relaxing with restorative spa treatments. Have a good time and a perfect, opulent holiday in this tropical haven. Pick the most opulent package, then enjoy your trip to the fullest.


Maldives Budget Packages

Budget-conscious travellers, don't be discouraged—you can still explore the entire Maldives on a tight budget! Consider unwinding on a beach with your favourite beverage while admiring the breathtaking views of the sky and water. Book a low-cost Maldives package to bring your fantasies to life and be ready to make the most of your vacation. The Maldives is a fantastic place to travel to on a budget, with excellent beaches, blue waters, authentic Maldivian food, fresh tropical air, and much more. The Maldives won't let you down, whether you're travelling with family, friends, or a significant other.




Maldives tour packages from Kolkata for a mesmerising Maldive vacation

Planning a trip to the Maldives? Your go-to site is Akbar We provide custom overseas vacations that allow visitors to explore the destination's splendour at their own speed. At Akbar Travels, you may choose the finest Kolkata to Maldives package that will suit all of your travel needs and tastes.

Be it a guided Maldives trip for the elderly or a romantic Maldives vacation for couples. Akbar Travels can assist you in choosing the ideal Maldives package from India that will provide you with the utmost satisfaction and a wonderful Maldives vacation, whether you're looking for rejuvenating Maldives tour packages from Kolkata for travellers of all ages or Maldives all inclusive tour packages to unwind.


Maldives Tour Packages from Kolkata Highlights

  • Enjoy the highest level of luxury at the beach resort.
  • Taste the simplicity of Maldives nature.
  • Spend the day floating in the ocean of the Maldives to satisfy your passion of turquoise blue waters.
  • Experience an exotic spa in your preferred high-end resort.
  • On major occasions like Christmas and New Year's, host a spectacular night supper on the pristine Maldivian sands.
  • Capture your favourite Maldivian memories with your camera.
  • View the Maldives from an eagle's perspective as you soar in your seaplane to your preferred resort.
  • Witness stunning sunrises and enticing sunsets above Maldivian waters to make the most of your vacation time.
  • At your preferred resort, take advantage of full board or all-inclusive dining.




Best Things to do in Maldives tour packages from Kolkata

Male- Luxury redefined, with the Grand Friday Mosque and the Tsunami Monument as the main sights. a must-visit location in the Maldives while on vacation there.

Vaadhoo Island -Enjoy a magical surprise by the bioluminescent sea of stars at night.

Mirihi- On your Maldives trip, you can spot sharks and completely rejuvenate yourself on this small island, which is the first island in the Maldives to have overwater villas.

Baros Island -enjoying good eating and snorkelling in the clear waters.

Hulhumale Island -On your Maldives vacation, you should also check out Hulhumalé Island's Hulhumale Beach, snorkelling, scuba diving, other watersports, and Hulhumale Central Park.




Best time to book your Maldives tour packages from Kolkata

With its tropical islands, the Maldives has the best seashores. 'Iruvai', or the drought, lasts from December to April. As it is a wet spell, or "Hulhangu," from May to November, it is not recommended to travel to the Maldives during this time. In the middle of the two seasons, the temperature barely changes.

December through April is the ideal time to plan Malive tour package from Kolkata. The dry season is characterised by brilliant sun, clear skies, calm water, and only infrequent precipitation, making it the ideal period for swimming, scuba diving, and sunbathing. Due to the peak season, this time will typically become slightly more expensive.

Maldives is unable to forget when it comes to experiencing the tranquil beauty of the globe. Tourists from all over the world visit well-known beaches including Hulhumale Beach, Reethi Beach, Bikini Beach, and many others. Our Maldives trip packages feature the top Maldives locations.




Book Kolkata to Maldives Package

Where do you even begin when there is so much to see and do? Let us handle your issues. Our cutting-edge Maldives itineraries are the best available and are created just for you. We create ideal Maldives packages based totally on your interests to ensure you have a beautiful experience with your better half or family and friends, whoever you choose to go with. These packages include flights, opulent resorts, scrumptious food, and pristine underwater landscapes.

Not pleased with the schedule for the Maldives? We invite you to alter it anyway you see fit because every element can be changed to suit your preferences and interests, creating a unique, reasonably priced Maldives package that you won't be able to stop gushing about.

So, what do you have to think about? Book a Maldives trip with us, Visit Maldives and make every minute of your Maldives holidays special.




Best Experience to add to Your Maldives Packages from Kolkata

The Maldives, on the other hand, truly redefine the term "relaxation" in a unique way that is unmatched by any other location. The Maldives also offer a variety of additional activities. No matter who you are with—friends, family, or your spouse—the Maldives will never fail to let you down. Here are the top 15 activities you may do during your Maldives vacation:



To have the best snorkelling of your life, go to the Maafushi Islands. Through your mask, you can see amazing underwater plants and creatures. You won't want to leave this paradise with animals like Hawksbill turtles, Eagle Rays, and Blacktip and Whitetip Reef Sharks all around you. In the Maldives, March is the ideal month for snorkelling.


Fun Tubing:

 Fun tubing is a straightforward idea that promises to be a lot of fun. You mount an inflatable tube for fun tubing, which is subsequently towed at a high pace. This results in a completely exciting activity where you can jump and splash into the clear waters. This is unquestionably the exercise for you if you want to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.



One of the most well-liked beach sports is parasailing. The same is true for the Maldives. However, the overwhelming beauty all about you enhances this experience on many levels. This provides for a spectacular experience, with the sea wind blowing through your hair and magnificent vistas of the blue racing beneath your feet. Don't pass up this fantastic trip when booking your Maldives vacation packages.


Water Skiling:

The idea behind water skiing is rather straightforward. You have a choice of either being dragged behind a boat or navigating it using the cable skis that have been installed in the ocean. This high-adrenaline sport is actually a reasonably safe pastime to partake in. It is important to note that due to the monsoon season, the months of June to September are not suited for water skiing. This time of year is particularly challenging due to the winds and rough seas.


Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding:

The Maldives are a fantastic site for a little kitesurfing or kiteboarding because of their geographic location. You can try this outdoor sport regardless of your degree of experience because these waters are also excellent for a beginner.


Fishing :

Given that the surrounding waters of the Maldives include some of the most diverse marine ecosystems, it is not surprising that fishing is a well-liked pastime there. Here, morning fishing and night fishing are the two most popular types of fishing. One has a chance to reel in Sailfish, Barracuda, etc. when big game fishing in the morning. Fishing at night is more enjoyable since you can enjoy the starry skies. While fishing at night, one can catch emperors, snappers, and other fish.


Scuba Diving:

Unquestionably, one of the Maldives' top tourism attractions is scuba diving. These waters are home to up to 70 distinct species of coral and an astounding 700 different varieties of marine life. The months of June through October and December through March are the ideal times to travel to the Maldives in order to explore the seas below. One can choose from a variety of diving locations, including Banana Reef, Middle Point, Maldives Victory, and others.


Whale Shark Sighting:

One of the marine life species under danger of extinction is the whale shark. You can get a close-up look at these gentle giants in the Maldives. Being humbled by these species, who are used to swimming alongside humans, is a very captivating experience. For this activity, one should travel to the south Ari atoll.


Walking Tour:

Exploring a new place on foot is one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in its culture. The greatest way to comprehend and appreciate the indigenous way of life in The Maldives is through a walking tour. You can reserve a guided walking tour in Male, which will take up to six hours of your time. After this journey, you will undoubtedly have a greater knowledge of living in the Maldives.


Sunset Cruise:

Sunsets and the Maldives go hand in hand. Every evening offers the chance to see the most breathtaking sunsets due to its location in the centre of the Indian Ocean. Take in the allure of the sun sinking over the horizon by boarding a boat or a traditional "dhoni" (local boat).


Dolphin Watching:

One of the most endearing and sociable marine animals is the dolphin. As a result, observing these amusing animals is one of the more interesting things to do in the Maldives. If you're travelling with children, watching dolphins is a fantastic experience. Visit Cinnamon Hakurra to witness these entertaining fish jumping and playing in your vicinity.


Island Hopping:

Considering how many islands this nation contains. There are plenty of choices for island hopping left. Therefore, we advise you to board and discover one of these undiscovered gems. Most of these small plots of land have something really distinctive to offer.


Interact With the locals:

The Maldives is a country with an excellent culture, and the best way to experience this culture is to connect with the locals. We advise you to explore the local communities and sample the food, culture, and customs. You'll make some wonderful memories while also learning something new.



It is not surprising that the Maldives are a top surfing destination given the beautiful waters that stretch as far as the eye can see. Here, you may find some of the best breaks in the entire world, therefore we certainly suggest giving the sport a try. For some nice surfing areas, visit to the Kaafu Atoll's North Male and Himmafushi Island.


Relax at the Spas:

One of the most romantic locations on earth has to be the Maldives. Due to this, many couples choose Maldives packages. Make the most of your trip by scheduling a couple's massage if you do find yourself here with your significant other. This will not only increase the romantic aspect of your Maldives vacation but also put your problems on hold.

So do include these things in your Kolkata to Maldives package.


You would undoubtedly be eager to go on the next flight to the Maldives and have the time of your life by this point. Akbar Travels recognises your love of travel and provides the greatest deals for you. Akbar Travels arranges all of your travel needs, including hotel, activities, and transportation. Pick a package from our extensive choice to suit your preferences. Additionally, we offer our clients the option of creating entirely unique bundles, so go ahead and customise.

Last but not least, you can reach our travel specialists by phone. Therefore, we have got your back no matter what the issue is or where you are in the world. What are you still holding out for? Book your Maldives packages from Kolkata today!


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