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Israel manages to cram a lot of magnificent scenery into its little area. From the wave-lashed beaches of Tel Aviv to the rocky peaks of Masada and the mirror-like expanse of the salty Dead Sea, spend a few days exploring the diverse joys of the vibrant cities with our Israel tour packages before venturing out into the sun-baked wilderness to fill your Instagram feed.   With our Israel tour packages, visit the Western Wall, Church of t Read More

Israel manages to cram a lot of magnificent scenery into its little area. From the wave-lashed beaches of Tel Aviv to the rocky peaks of Masada and the mirror-like expanse of the salty Dead Sea, spend a few days exploring the diverse joys of the vibrant cities with our Israel tour packages before venturing out into the sun-baked wilderness to fill your Instagram feed.


With our Israel tour packages, visit the Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Jaffa Clock Tower, Carmel Market, Timna Valley, Tower of David, Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve, Coral Beach in Eilat, Shrine of the Bab, Mount Carmel National Park, Nazareth Village, and several other attractions.


You will enjoy visiting the tourist attractions of Israel on our Israel tour package from india which provide a wide range of options, including archaeological parks, seashores, museums, cathedrals, and more. Israel is recognised for its spiritual values and is believed to be the origin of two of the most well-known religions in the world, Judaism and Christianity. You may travel back in time while hearing the tales of the past at the biblical sites in Jerusalem, including The Temple Mount, The Western Wall, and The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Nazareth, Haifa, and Tel Aviv are further locations with significant religious and historical value that you should visit.


Consider taking Akbar Recommended Israel Tour Packages:





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Israel & Jordan


₹ 2,09,788



Israel is worth seeing with our Israel tour package from Kerala, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata, for its stunning natural scenery as well as its rich religious and historical heritage. Going to the Dead Sea, with its salty water and mud that has medicinal characteristics, the lowest point on the surface of the world, will make you feel ecstatic. While seeing the remnants of King Herod's majestic stronghold, the ancient Masada National Park on a plateau overlooking the Dead Sea will absolutely take your breath away. If visiting deserts appeals to you, you must include a trip to Israel's Negev desert on your list of locations to see. You will undoubtedly remember your trip to Israel for years to come since there are so many amazing locations to see with a well adjusted Israel trip cost from india.


Holy And Historical Places To Visit In Israel


1. Jerusalem

On your Israel trip from india, Jerusalem is one of the top sites to visit in Israel and is regarded as the holiest country in the world. It is revered by historic buildings and impressive constructions, and is visited by religious people from all over the world. Take a stroll up to Yad Vashem, a monument honouring those who perished during the Holocaust. The Golden Dome Mosque, which looks out over the Western Wall, is the most recognisable building in the city. It is located across the Dolorosa, the path that Jesus took to his death. The city is a blend of beauty, religion, and art with a history spanning more than 4000 years.


2. Bethlehem

One of the top tourist destinations on your Israel trip package in Israel is without a doubt the site where Jesus was born. Bethlehem, which is part of the West Bank and is situated south of Jerusalem, is about a 1.5-hour drive from Jerusalem's city centre. The holy city's main draws are its many churches and other religious sites. Go to Herodium Hill, which is around 10 kilometres from Jerusalem, to see the untainted beauty of nature. Visit this location to get away from the crowds and take in the expansive views of the Dead Sea towards the east. North of the Herodium is Mount of Olives. The Hortus Conclusus Nunnery is located in the village of Artas, which is nestled away in a verdant valley. There is much more to the location.


3. Nazareth

The town of Nazareth, which is mostly made up of Christians and Arab Muslims, is famous for being the area where Jesus spent his formative years. Take an archaeological tour of Nazareth Village with our Israel packages, often known as the village of Jesus, to experience life in ancient times. Nazareth, one of the best sites in Israel to visit, effectively conjures a supernatural sensation. Nazareth is a true treat because to its old flea market and a variety of restaurants to discover. If you are out touring the best of Israel, you really must spend a few days here.


4. Tel Aviv

Wander and discover with our Israel packages from india the Carmel market, travel to Sharona, the oldest modern hamlet still in existence, take in the beautiful sunset, and party the night away in Tel Aviv's pulsating discos! In addition, the coastal city is home to several of Israel's most popular beaches, including Gordon Beach, Frishman Beach, and Banana Beach. Tel Aviv, which has a long coastline, provides a variety of water sports and access to its extensive marine parks. Numerous historic museums showcase the vibrant past of the region renowned as the birthplace of Islam and Christianity. There are piers and boardwalk beaches in places like Tayelet where you may go bicycling or for a long walk. due to its lengthy history  and diverse culture, a visit to Tel Aviv is a must.


5. Acre

One of the most visited tourist destinations on our Israel family tour packages in Israel is the lovely city of Acre, commonly known as Akko. Every wall has a story to tell in this area. The amazing buildings are in fact architectural marvels with a lengthy history. Nearly every nook and cranny of the town is home to forts, domed mosques, and historic structures. Enjoy the breathtaking vistas and take in the magnificence of the enormous towers and minarets; they are a visual feast. Due to its walls, the northeastern section of the city in particular merits your attention. You'd be pleasantly delighted by the wonderful display of beautiful nature all around you.


6. Haifa

In Israel, Haifa is a well-liked tourist destination thanks to its abundance of restaurants and hangout spots. Due to its advantageous position, the port city attracts a lot of tourists. The city is adorned by parks, beaches, promenades, and monasteries. It is surrounded by stunning scenery and a rocky cliff that you must visit if you are on our hyderabad to Israel & chennai to Israel tour packages.


7. Jaffa

Jaffa, an old port city south of Tel Aviv, is among Israel's top tourist destinations. The biblical text mentions naming the city Japhet after Noah's son. As you meander by the historic structures, art galleries, and cafes, take a trip back in time. Don't overlook the magnificent view of the clock tower, which dates to the Ottoman Empire on your Israel tourism packages from india.


8. Dead Sea Region

With our Israel travel packages, don’t miss The Dead Sea. A magnificent wonder of nature and one of Israel's most well-known tourist destinations, it is situated over 400 metres below sea level in the centre of Israel. Every visitor considering a trip to Israel is enthralled by its expansive vistas and quiet appeal. Humans readily float in the extremely saline water because the body of water has a salt content with a greater density. There are areas around the Dead Sea that are perfect getaways for those who love the outdoors.


9. Sea Of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is the lowest freshwater lake on earth and is teeming with ancient buildings, minarets, hot springs, and extensive national parks. One of the best sites to visit in Israel on our Israel holiday packages, it exhibits rustic magnificence and charm. This freshwater lake reserve, which is surrounded by interesting landscapes, beaches, and beautiful vistas, is a must-visit. The lake is nourished by the Jordan River. Galilee has a lot more to discover. The Kinneret region is renowned for its hot springs. There are a total of 17 of them! In the lake area, pamper yourself with a massage, mud treatment, hot tub soak, and thermal pool. Nearly 5 miles from Galilee, the remote thermo-mineral spring and hot waterfall known as Hamat Gader Hot Spring is a must-see.


10. Eilat

Another of Israel's top tourist destinations is the well-known beach town in the south. The abundance of animals, long beaches, and marine life make Eilat a popular destination for visitors to Israel. Explore a variety of aquatic activities if on our bangalore to Israel & mumbai to Israel tour package, such as scuba diving and snorkeling, in the Red Sea. When visiting Eilat, be sure not to miss out on the cultural excursions as well as the animal and environmental tours that are offered near the national park.


Things to do in Israel:


Paraglide around Mount Tabor

Even if you are unaware of Mount Tabor's religious importance, it is bound to leave an impression. It may be seen from miles away thanks to its characteristic curve rising above the Jezreel Valley's pancake-flat terrain. Although it appears taller in this setting, it is actually just approximately 600 metres (1,968 feet) high, and because of its accessibility, it is a perfect place for trekking through a dense pine forest. If you want thrills, this is the most well-liked paragliding location in Israel that is mostly included as part of your Israel tour package cost.


Hike through the Red Canyon

The Red Canyon, a 20-minute drive from the well-known Red Sea resort of Eilat, has a Mars-like vibe to it as you zigzag your way down a trail carved through whirling rock. Red, white, and even yellow are all illuminated when the sun shines. It accommodates all varieties of hikers with a variety of pathways. If you're carrying children, use the simple green track; if you want a more difficult descent, try the black trail. But make sure you include this activity in your Israel tour cost from india.


Admire the beauty of Timna Park

Timna Park is a barren, picturesque, stunning Negev Desert you must include as part of your Israel tour package price. The fascination is due to more than simply stunning appearance; it also stems from the extensive local history. The world's earliest copper mine is located here, along with the relics of ancient Egyptian smelting furnaces. The most spectacular natural feature is perhaps the artistic sandstone columns known as Solomon's Pillars, which are really frozen-in-time drips of volcanic lava issuing from the cliffs. Enjoy breathtaking stargazing while camping out.


Hear the tale of David and Goliath in the Valley of Elah

This triangle-shaped valley, which is covered in beautiful green fields and served as the scene of the David and Goliath conflict, offers a surprisingly easy climb. However on your Israel trip packages from india, you may just as easily enjoy a spring visit on your own when the valley is covered with purple blossoming lupines. Many people want to travel with a guide so they can hear the story while exploring the area.


Explore religion on Mount Zion

Mount Zion is a sacred location for Jewish, Christian, and Muslim worshipers outside of Jerusalem's ancient walls. It is a must-visit for history fans and religious pilgrims alike since it is full of stunning historic structures and iconic locations like King David's Tomb and the Room of the Last Supper. Late in the day, when some of the nearby structures become golden in the honeyed light, it is really eerie. Bring a camera.


Stroll along the ancient port in Acre

Over the course of its history, several civilizations have called Acre - or Akko - home, notably the Crusaders and the Ottomans, leaving their imprints on the area. This city in the north-west of Israel is a must-see on every vacation to the country, with intriguing architecture, historical ruins, and attractions around every turn. Enjoy a supper at one of the wonderful neighbourhood restaurants while keeping a look out for the tempting crunchy-syrupy pudding kanafeh on the menus, or take a leisurely stroll around the city markets. Take a romantic twilight stroll alongside the 2,000-year-old harbour.


Discover the religious significance of Nazareth

Nazareth, Israel's largest Arab city, is located in the Lower Galilee area of northern Israel, about an hour's drive from Tel Aviv. Tourists and Christian pilgrims from all over the world visit this area as a significant spiritual destination to view the Basilica of the Annunciation, which was erected on the site of Joseph and Mary's house. Nazareth is a city bursting with culture, history, old Ottoman architecture, and intriguing archaeology, in addition to its religious significance as the birthplace of Jesus. Get ready for an exhilarating blast of Middle Eastern allure.


Go wild with watersports on the Sea of Galilee

The biggest freshwater lake in Israel and a significant source of the nation's supplies is the Sea of Galilee, also known as the Kinneret to Israelis. It has a lengthy history. Many of Jesus' miracles, notably his walk on the water, are said to have taken place here, according to the New Testament. Today, visitors to the Sea of Galilee can relax in the serene surroundings, have fun building rafts, go motorboating, water-skiing, banana boating, and kayaking.


Take a spring stroll through the Golan Heights

The Golan Heights were controversially taken from Syria in 1967 and are located in northern Israel. The entire family will enjoy this stunning, mountainous region's breath-taking scenery, magnificent nature preserves, and fascinating historical monuments. Depending on the season, there are pathways with varied degrees of difficulty if hiking is your thing. The best time to see things is in the spring when the fields are lush and irises, crocuses, and tulips blossom profusely. Skiers and snowboarders love Hermon Mountain in the winter.


Embark on a free tour of Haifa

Haifa, the third-largest city in Israel after Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, is a vibrant destination for tourists because to its many districts and cultural fusion. There is a bustling port and a beach that draws surfers and offers instruction in water sports. Pay a visit to Haifa's most well-known destination, the Bahai Gardens, which are located on the slopes of Mount Carmel, if you wish to feel at one with nature. Join a free tour every day at noon to see the fountains, terraces, and tended flowerbeds of this sacred site for Baha'is.


Join a celebration in Tel Aviv

Visit the bauhaus-style buildings of the White City if you want some truly stunning Instagram photos. Tel Aviv is a dream city by the Mediterranean, where exciting nightlife and local markets meet delectable food and attractive architecture. You'll fit in here no matter who you are since this society is varied and its residents are incredibly tolerant. Tel Aviv has a complete programme of events all year long as Israel's entertainment hub. These include the Tel Aviv Fashion Week, the Purim Street Party, and the Gay Pride Parade.


Uncover the ancient world in Jerusalem

It is the location of significant religious sites for the three main religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. On Culture Tour's custom crafted small-group Israel trip, you can now experience Jerusalem, one of the holiest places in the world, with local expert guides. You'll get a sense of time travel if you stay for a few days. Visits to locations like the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Western Wall, all of which are located in the Old City and are enclosed by a massive wall, may teach you a lot about Jerusalem's religious history (aka the Wailing Wall). There are four distinct communities in this area of the city: Muslim, Armenian, Christian, and Jewish. Visit a museum outside the Old City if you can, such as Yad Vashem, a Holocaust remembrance centre.


Take a hot-air ballon tour of the Ramon Crater

If you’ve taken an Israel trip from kerala, You may visit the Ramon Crater by going to Mitzpe Ramon, a settlement in the Negev desert halfway between Jerusalem and Eilat (Makhtesh Ramon in Hebrew). Technically speaking, it is not a crater because a meteorite would have been required; instead, it is an erosion cirque called a makhteshim that was created over the course of millions of years. It was only just discovered in 1945 and measures 40 km (25 mi) in length and 10 km (6 mi) at its widest point. Even though you may go by Jeep, Segway, or even helicopter, a hot-air balloon ride will provide you with the most breathtaking views from above.


Slather on mud in the Dead Sea

At more than 430m (1,412ft) below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest spot on Earth. In addition to being enjoyable to float in, the Dead Sea is also healthful, interesting, and surrounded by spectacular beauty. One of the saltiest volumes of water on earth, this endorheic lake has no outflow and provides the ideal buoyancy for floating. Apply some Dead Sea dirt; it's fantastic for your skin. Masada, with its historical significance and breathtaking views, and Ein Gedi, a sparkling oasis in the desert, are two attractions you shouldn't miss when you're in the Dead Sea region.


Go diving in Eilat

Eilat is all about resting in its many lovely hotels and resorts after you've been over Israel, soaking in the history, environment, and culture. It provides a variety of activities, including diving amid the Red Sea's magnificent coral reefs, swimming with dolphins, and poolside relaxation. Winter temperatures are more comfortable around 19C, while summer temperatures can reach over 40C (104F) (66.2F). On the other hand, if you're on your honeymoon, prepare to be delighted like nowhere else.


The best time to visit Israel

Anytime is a good time to travel to Israel on our best Israel tour packages, but you must take some basic weather precautions before venturing out anywhere in Israel.


The greatest time to visit Israel is from May through September, when the majority of visitors arrive. Since it doesn't rain here in the summer, you may go sightseeing without being concerned about getting wet. The warm evenings will be a welcome relief from the sweltering days.

The spring season, which lasts from April through May, is the second-best time to visit Israel since it is so brief. Although the springtime weather is often erratic, it is also incredibly romantic since you could occasionally be caught in a downpour. It's the season when Israel is covered with pink-hued almond trees, and the air is heavenly as crimson poppies blossom along the highways and in the open areas.


The most gorgeous beaches in Israel you can’t afford to miss


1. Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv

Go to this beach if you want to experience and comprehend Tel Aviv. For the ideal beach day, Gordon Beach has several volleyball courts, infinity pools, opulent restaurants, and hotels. You can amuse yourself at night by drinking and dancing. Your Israel honeymoon wouldn't be complete without visiting Gordon, which is without a doubt one of the most romantic locations in the country and has a tonne to offer couples.


2. Aqueduct Beach, Caesarea

Aqueduct Beach is a magnificent and serene beach located around 50 kilometres north of Tel Aviv. One of the most distinctive and romantic locations in Israel that you shouldn't miss is Aqueduct Beach. Another picturesque location is a Roman-era conduit on the shore that resembles a bridge. The beach is unspoiled by commercialization, making it the ideal location for your leisurely, passionate strolls.


3. Herzliya Beach

Herzliya Beach is to the north of Tel Aviv. Although it’s one of the quietest beaches in Tel Aviv, it gets even more romantic, calmer, and secluded as you walk in the north direction. You can relax with your partner on the quieter side of the beach while enjoying the most beautiful sunset of your life.


4. Coral Reef Beach

The Coral Reef is the best place to spend a great day snorkelling and deep sea diving. This beach is incredibly beautiful due to the turquoise ocean and the vibrant colours of the marine life. From the beach itself, it is easy to observe the bright fish swimming around the reef.


5. Dolphin Beach, Eilat

The Dolphin Reef in Eilat is on the shores of the Red Sea offering a unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim alongside the most wonderful sea creatures like Dolphins. The reef is home to colorful fishes and beautiful corals. Newlyweds come from far and wide to dive with dolphins and experience the incredibly gorgeous marine life Israel.


6. Kalia Beach

With its mineral-rich mud and water, this most northern Dead Sea beach is a magnificent location that will rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Few experiences are as unique and romantic as swimming in the Dead Sea with your significant other. A 360-degree panorama of the Dead Sea, the Jordanian desert, and the Judean desert may be seen from an open café on the beach.


Must-visit places in Israel that’ll leave you mesmerized:


1. Mitzpe Ramon

If the thought of gazing up into a starry night sky together appeals to you both, Mitzpe Ramon is your paradise. You'll realise after taking the "star tour" that Mitzpe Ramon is one of Israel's most romantic locations. In the valley, there are less people, less traffic, less commerce, a cold desert, and the most beautiful evenings.


2. Wohl Rose Park, Jerusalem

The Wohl Rose Park in Jerusalem is one of Israel's most beautiful and romantic locations. There are over 400 different rose kinds in the garden, which has a total area of 19 acres. In the whole Middle East, it is the sole rose park of its sort. The park has a romantic feel to it thanks to the old quarries, the rounded hills, the gorgeous waterfall, and the pond. You should take photographs here while on your honeymoon.


3. Tower Of David Museum

The Tower of David Museum is located on a mountaintop with breathtaking 360° views of Jerusalem. The Night Spectacular, a special sound and light performance inside the museum, vividly depicts the history of Jerusalem. Make sure you go to the show since it is the only one of its sort anywhere in the globe. The festival of music, sounds, and civilizations will undoubtedly delight you.


4. The Hanging Gardens of Haifa

The Hanging Gardens of Haifa are an exceptionally captivating tourist destination with a dome that shimmers like gold in the sunshine, exquisite marble walls, pillars made of granite, and groomed gardens cascading down a slope of Mt. Carmel. The Báb Shrine is surrounded by the garden.


5. The wishing bridge, Tel Aviv

Wishing Bridge is situated in a stunning park with a view of the water. Zodiac signs are arranged around the bridge's edges. According to legend, if you make a wish while staring at the sea and touch your own sign, your desire will come true. You have the opportunity to make any wish for your loved one; who knows, it may come true!


Romantic things to do in Israel to inspire your heart


1. Hot air balloon ride

With your beloved, experience the romance and excitement of a hot air balloon flight through Israel's vast, blue sky. As you ascend to the sky, you may see the breathtaking sights of green fields, little villages, and rolling hills. One of the most romantic activities in Israel to experience the romance and enchantment in the air of this lovely nation is a hot air balloon trip in the early morning hours.


2. Nightlife of Tel Aviv

You learn in Tel Aviv that Israel is more than simply culture, religion, and historic sites. The majority of Israel's young reside in Tel Aviv, a city known for its parties, beaches, and energetic way of life. Do you adore glitzy nightlife, vibrant local markets, and chic malls? If so, Tel Aviv is going to win your heart.


3. Wander the alleyways of Old Jaffa hand-in-hand with your love

On your Israel honeymoon package, The southern region of Tel Aviv has the stunningly picturesque and Instagram-worthy city of Old Jaffa. Wandering around Old Jaffa's twisting lanes, which are studded with old and modern art galleries, historic stone buildings, colourful flea markets and cafés, churches, and mosques, is one of the most romantic things to do in Israel with your significant other. The city is situated atop a hill with a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea. Please remember to bring your camera!


5 luxury hotels in Israel for honeymooners


1. Carmel Forest Spa, Haifa

While Israel is home to hundreds of opulent hotels, Carmel Forest Spa is a small slice of heaven for any couples seeking tranquilly and elegance. It is located in the beautiful, verdant Carmel Forest environmental reserve. Along with top-notch spa services, they provide their visitors with opulent extras.


2. Shalom Hotel & Relax Tel Aviv

Shalom Hotel & Relax Tel Aviv is one of Israel's top luxury hotels. It is a beach-house-style hotel with a view of the magnificent Mediterranean. On your patio in the afternoons, you may enjoy the fresh sea wind while admiring the tranquil sea. Each room has a unique characteristic, making it the ideal place to stay for all kinds of honeymoon couples.


3. Bayit Bagalil, Upper Galilee

One of the most tranquil and lovely places in the Galilee is the Galilee Biria Forest, where Bayit Bagalil is situated. For a trip out of a fairy tale, the hotels seamlessly merge into the breathtaking views of the countryside. It is renowned for its woodland spa, which offers therapeutic and cosmetic services. Unquestionably, Bayit Bagalil is among the most opulent hotels in Israel for newlyweds.


4. The Rothschild Hotel

The Rothschild Hotel is the meeting point for elegance, friendly service, fantastic location, and comfort. You may fully enjoy your trip thanks to the hotel's meticulous attention to detail and excellence, and its comfort will make you feel at home. Their on-site restaurant, The Bistro, treats visitors to delectable Israeli fare.


5. The Diaghilev, Live Art Suites Hotel

The Diaghilev resembles a little art gallery and other creative space. To provide its guests with a fresh and distinctive experience, the hotel combines several art genres. All visitors who stay here have a memorable experience thanks to this novel concept.

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Classical Jerusalem Jordan and Cairo

11 Nights / 12 Days

Jerusalem (3N) / Amman (2N) / Dead Sea (1N) / Petra (1N) / Wadi Rum (1N) / Saint Catherine (1N) / Cairo (2N)

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Israel And Jordan

12 Nights / 13 Days

Tel Aviv (1N) / Nazareth (2N) / Jerusalem (3N) / Amman (3N) / Petra (1N) / Wadi Rum (1N) / Aqaba (1N)

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₹ 2,09,788

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