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Iceland Tour Packages

For experienced travelers, first-time solo travelers, and adventurous families wishing to take a road trip throughout the island, Iceland is the ideal location with our Iceland tour packages. Iceland is a place you should visit at least once in your lifetime because of the welcoming population, beautiful landscape, exciting activities inclusive of your Iceland trip cost from India, and vibrant tourism industry. We’ve returned twice on our I Read More

For experienced travelers, first-time solo travelers, and adventurous families wishing to take a road trip throughout the island, Iceland is the ideal location with our Iceland tour packages. Iceland is a place you should visit at least once in your lifetime because of the welcoming population, beautiful landscape, exciting activities inclusive of your Iceland trip cost from India, and vibrant tourism industry. We’ve returned twice on our Iceland tour packages, and each time we learn something new.


On your Iceland tour packages from India, traveling around Iceland's Ring Road, diving the Silfra Fissure, seeing the Golden Circle, eating local seafood in Reykjavik, and, of course, relaxing in the Blue Lagoon and other hot springs across the island have all been highlights for me. Iceland offers an abundance of adventure!


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Iceland Packages Nights/Days Price
Reykjavik City Break 4N/5D ₹ 61,500
Northern Lights in Iceland 4N/5D ₹ 86,090
Amazing Circle Tour of Iceland 7N/8D ₹ 1,27,710


What To Expect


Language: On your Iceland honeymoon packages, know that Icelandic is the primary tongue, while English is often used in touristic areas.


Icelandic krona is the country's official currency, however many establishments also take US dollars and euros on your Iceland packages. 1 USD is approximately 119,60 ISK.


NOTE: If you want to travel to Iceland on a budget with everything inclusive of your India to Iceland trip cost, make sure to read my tips! Iceland may be rather pricey.


Credit Cards and ATMs: Since most purchases in Iceland are made with a credit or debit card, you won't have to worry about bringing around a lot of cash. On your trip to Iceland from India, you will need a card, though, that employs the chip and pin system.


Plugs: Type F plugs are used in Iceland. Both the standard voltage and frequency are 230 V and 50 Hz, respectively. On your tour to Iceland from India, we advise using a converter for hair dryers and other hot instruments and purchasing a universal adapter (make sure it includes surge protection).


Iceland with our Iceland packages from India is one of the safest places for solitary female visitors, in my view! It is safe to wander the streets alone, and crime rates are incredibly low.


Depending on your travel objectives, there is no one optimum time to visit Iceland on your Iceland trip from India. Spring, which lasts from April through May, is a fantastic time to get outside and explore with our Iceland holiday packages.


Being peak tourist season and the finest time of year for trekking on the island, the summer months of June to August are one of the busiest times for Iceland with our Iceland travel packages. On your Iceland tour from India, To avoid paying the highest rates, make sure to reserve your flights and lodging well in advance.


On your Iceland honeymoon package from India, remember that the weather begins to drop down in October through September, although driving on the Ring Road is still an option. Due to the snow, there are fewer places you can visit in the middle of winter, but it's the greatest time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland.


Icelandic Landscapes


Rugged and stunning Iceland is home to some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world on our Iceland trip package from India. Here, nature is so untamed that it almost seems extraterrestrial, luring you into its breathtaking, space-like landscape. Tectonic plates, glaciers, natural hot springs, and thundering waterfalls are all part of this amazing terrain. The island is so isolated with our India to Iceland tour package that it might seem like the end of the world while staring out over the endless north Atlantic ocean. The harshness and splendour of these natural treasures make the Icelandic people extraordinarily resilient. Though with our Iceland trip packages they also have a lovely warmth and friendliness, living in sync with the cyclical pattern of the seasons.


Cute colourful settlements, breathtaking fields of purple lupine flowers, and lovely churches all reveal Iceland's gentler side. This beauty is quite strong if on our Iceland tour package from Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Kerala and Bangalore. Especially when surrounded by volcanic volcanoes, black sand beaches, and exciting geothermal activity.


Iceland is a stunning place to visit at any time of year, more so on our Iceland package from Bangalore. Skiing, ice cave exploration, and Northern Lights viewing are best done during the icy winter months. An adventure of a lifetime! Alternately, take advantage of the charms of spring and summer to travel the entire island by road. Witness the lovely sight of majestic whales in the ocean and untamed horses galloping over lush summertime vegetation, all inclusive in your trip to Iceland from India cost. Iceland will always arouse a spirit of adventure and discovery that is unmatched anywhere in the world.


Welcome to Iceland


It's a place unlike any other in all of Europe. Its distinctive landscapes and natural treasures are the ideal complement to Reykjavik, Iceland's contemporary capital, with its café culture and rowdy, boisterous nightlife.


Both the Land of Elves and the Land of Fire and Ice are nicknames for Iceland with our Iceland packages from India. In this nation witness with our Iceland tourism packages from India, blazing hot volcanoes and brilliant blue glaciers coexist side by side. The rural areas are home to sheep and horses, while puffins and whales frequently breach the rough Atlantic waters that surround this little island.


It's simple to understand why Iceland has recently become such a well-liked travel destination (all those cheap stopover flights that lessen the money on your Iceland travel cost from India  have helped greatly too).


There are still methods to explore the attractions on your Mumbai to Iceland tour package without going overboard, even if it's hardly the most affordable country in the world!


This collection of Iceland itineraries will guarantee that you experience the finest that the nation has to offer, whether you're planning a weekend visit or want to drive the entire island!


Places to visit in Iceland



Reykjavk, Iceland's capital and biggest city, is situated on the Seltjarnarnes Peninsula in the country's southwest. This city is a must if you’re on a Iceland packages from mumbai, which was established in 874 by the Norseman Ingólfur Arnarson, and was only a modest fishing settlement up until the 20th century. In 1786, the city received municipal and administrative authority; in 1918, Iceland's capital status was proclaimed. Reykjavk is currently the nation's cultural, industrial, and economic centre as well as a significant fishing port. Reykjavk's breathtaking natural beauty and captivating nightlife scene are what make it so beautiful with our Chennai to Iceland and Delhi to Iceland tour packages. This vibrant city's charm is enhanced by the colourful historic homes, cute cafés, and verdant public gardens.

The spotless swimming pools in Reykjavk are among the city's top draws. Laugardalslaug Pool, Sundhöll Reykjavkur, and Nautholsvik are a few of the best swimming holes where you may go for a cool dip. The Hallgrimskirkja Church, the Harpa Concert Hall, the Old Harbor, and the Statue of Leif Eiriksson are some of the other top attractions in Reykjavik. There are many fun things you may partake in when visiting Reykjavk. You may go whale watching, browse at the Kolaporti Flea Market, and join a tour to see the Northern Lights. Additionally, you may unwind in a city park or spend some time at the Reykjavk Art Gallery.

A subpolar oceanic climate characterises Reykjavk, with chilly summers and colder winters. Between June and August is the best time to visit Reykjavik since the weather is pleasant and you may see the "Midnight Sun."



The fourth-largest municipality in Iceland is Akureyri, which is located in the north. Akureyri, which is located on the western shore of the Eyjafjörur fjord, is encircled by stunning mountains including the Strta and Kerling. This city that you can visit as part of your Iceland tour package price from India, which is also known as the "Capital of North Iceland," is an important port and fishing area in Iceland. The gorgeous village of Akureyri is surrounded by stunning canyons and lovely waterfalls, among other natural wonders. The attractiveness of this village on our Iceland packages from Delhi is enhanced by the well-paved roads, adorable tiny buildings, and delightful cafés. Akureyri, a major town in Iceland, is crammed with several attractions including cafés, swimming pools, hiking paths, waterfalls, and natural springs.

On your trip to Iceland from India, The Laufas Turf Houses, Myvatn and Grjotagja Hot Springs, Dettifoss and Godafoss Waterfalls, Asbyrgi Canyon, Lake Mvatn, Akureyri Art Museum, and Akureyri Botanical Gardens are some of the prominent attractions in Akureyri. There are several thrilling things you may partake in while on your trip to Akureyri. You may visit the renowned Lutheran Church of Akureyrarkirkja, take a tour of history at the Akureyri Museum, and go trekking on the Hlarfjall Mountain. With warm summers and chilly winters, Akureyri has a subarctic climate, sometimes known as a cold-summer Mediterranean climate. The summer months of June, July, and August are the best times to arrange a trip to Akureyri.



In the southwest of Iceland, 12 kilometres east of Reykjavk, the nation's capital, is Mosfellsbaer. Mosfellsbaer, often known as "the green town of Iceland," is home to several greenhouses that have been built there throughout the years. Towering hills, including Grmannsfell, Helgafell, lfarsfell, and Mosfell, surround the entire town of Mosfellsbaer. Mosfellsbaer is a hilly region with a rough environment and grassy mountains on all sides. This town has a natural charm and attracts couples on our Iceland honeymoon packages because to its abundance of lush valleys and attractive hills. The town is even more stunning because it is bordered by the turquoise sea at Leirvogur Bay. Its unmatched beauty is further enhanced by the numerous lovely walkways and walking routes that wind around the town.

All types of tourists on our Iceland vacation packages are attracted to Mosfellsbaer's abundance of breathtaking features. The Kirkjufell Mountain, the Mosfellsbaer Golf Club, and the Laxnes Horse Farm are some of this town's most notable sights. You may go swimming, hiking, trout fishing, skiing, and other adventure-related activities while you're at Mosfellsbaer. The adorable small Fjoruhusid Cafe also serves delectable nibbles. Mosfellsbaer appreciates the tundra's overcast, chilly, and windy summers and wet, rainy, and windy winters.



Hafnarfjörur, which is a part of the Greater Reykjavk Area, ranks third in terms of population in Iceland. The name of Hafnarfjörur appears in early Icelandic literature, and its history dates back to the 14th century. On your India to Iceland package, you’ll learn that Hafnarfjörur is known as the "rock 'n' roll capital" of Iceland and is home to several well-known rock bands, such as HAM, Jet Black Joe, and Ulpa. Hafnarfjörur town's vibrant harbour, laid-back vibe, and artistic surroundings are perfect descriptions of its distinctive attraction. The hamlet is crammed with colourful cottages part of your Iceland tour cost from India that make it incredibly picturesque and is surrounded by gorgeous lava fields.

The lively town of Hafnarfjörur is full of attractions of all kinds, from charming shops and cafés to fascinating museums and galleries, part of your Iceland trip cost from India. The Hafnarborg Art Museum, the Hellisgeri Botanical Garden, the Seltn-Krsuvk Geothermal Area, and Stjörn Lake are some of the major attractions you may visit. While visiting Hafnarfjörur town, you may take in the spectacular ships in the harbour, stroll around the downtown area's colourful homes, go horseback riding near Mt. Helgafell, and enjoy a tour of the Svertsen House. Hafnarfjörur has a subpolar oceanic climate, with gloomy, chilly winters and windy, cold, and rainy summers.



The country's capital, Reykjavk, is around 20 kilometres distant from the picturesque harbour city of Akranes. On the country's western coast, Akranes lies tucked away in the slopes of the magnificent 572-meter-high basalt mountain known as Akrafjall. Akranes, primarily a manufacturing and administrative hub, is well-known for its historic lighthouse. Akranes' breathtaking museums, picturesque campgrounds, turquoise swimming pools, and opulent cafés are the epitome of beauty. This historic town has a vibrant culture as well, adding to its undeniable allure.

There are many different attractions in the town of Akranes on our Iceland travel packages from India, ranging from museums to swimming pools. You may always schedule a trip to one of Akranes' top attractions, such as the Langisandur beach, the Jaarsbakkar swimming pool, the Akranes Lighthouse, or the Akranes Folk Museum. As part of your cost of Iceland trip from India, you may arrange to partake in a variety of wonderful activities during your trip to Akranes. You may treat yourself to some quality coffee at Lesbokin Café or indulge in some unique pizzas at Galito. The Gulaug hot springs pool is a great place to cool down. As well as seeing the Breiin lighthouse, you may visit the Akranes Folk Museum to see several historic rowboats on exhibit. Warm, moderate weather with heavy rainfall is the norm in the town of Akranes.



Off Iceland's southern coast lies a group of 14 stunning islands known as Vestmannaeyjar. These volcanic islands are arid and harsh, with cliffs that rise more than 300 metres. As part of your trip to Iceland cost from India, visit here. A wide variety of seabirds, including puffins, guillemots, gannets, kittiwakes, and Iceland gulls, are known to call Vestmannaeyjar home. Vestmannaeyjar has gorgeous basalt columns surrounding the picturesque islands, which add to its allure. This island's unrivalled attractiveness is enhanced by its mysterious caverns, coves, and grottos. For nature enthusiasts and photographers, as part of your India to Iceland trip cost, Vestmannaeyjar is a desirable location because of its abundant birdlife. Numerous attractions may be found throughout Vestmannaeyjar's "Puffin Paradise," making for a fun sightseeing trip. The Eldheimar Volcano Museum, the Saeheimar Aquarium, the Stave Church, the Elephant Rock, the órsvöllur Camping Ground, and the Beluga Whale Sanctuary are just a few of the top attractions on the island of Vestmannaeyjar.

While visiting Vestmannaeyjar, you may take a hiking excursion to Stóraklif and Heimaklettur, eat gooey pizza at 900 Grillh's, and go on a tour of Heimaklettur to learn more about it. Additionally, you may stop by the Sagnheimar Folk Museum and Brothers Brewery and Bar to enjoy some locally produced beer. Vestmannaeyjar is fortunate to have an incredibly wet subpolar oceanic environment.



Safjörur, which translates to "fjord of ice" in English, is located in Iceland's northwest. The major town on the Vestfirir peninsula and the administrative centre of Safjararbaer is regarded as Safjörur. Safjörur, where fishing is the main business, is renowned for being home to one of the largest fisheries in the nation. On your India to Iceland trip, witness Safjörur town's vibrant culture and lovely festivals, such as the Ski Week Festival and the Aldrei fór ég suur music festival, contribute significantly to its charm. Safjörur is surrounded by craggy mountains and teeming with a diverse array of natural beauty.

Safjörur is home to several well-known attractions, including gushing waterfalls, picturesque nature preserves, vibrant gift stores, and cutting-edge eateries. The Dynjandi Waterfall, Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, Westfjords Maritime Museum, Edinborg Cultural Center, and Snaefjallaströnd Beach are some of Safjörur's most notable attractions. Safjörur offers a wide range of activities, so your vacation will always be full of excitement. As part of your cost of trip to Iceland from India, you may go kayaking around Mount Oshlid, have croissants at Gamla Bakarid, trek to the Latrabjarg Bird Cliffs, visit the Museum of Everyday Life, and shop in Karitas for traditional clothes. Safjörur has a tundra climate, with August being the hottest and January being the coldest month.



The contemporary residential neighbourhood of Kópavogur is situated on the southeast side of Faxa Bay in southwest Iceland. In terms of population, Kópavogur is regarded as the second-largest municipality in Iceland. The Smáratorg Tower, the highest structure in the nation, is also famous for being located in this town. The intriguing seals that are protected in the ocean by the shoreline of this town's oldest section best capture the charm of Kópavogur. On your tour to Iceland from India, the breathtaking Kópavogsdalur Valley is located in the centre of the town, adding to Kópavogur's already unparalleled picturesque attractiveness. The 30 indigenous species and 10 exotic bird species that call Kópavogur home also add to the allure of the area.

The town of Kópavogur is brimming with a variety of attractions, including churches, restaurants, and public parks as well as museums and cultural institutions you can visit as part of your Iceland tourism cost from India. The Kopavogur Church, the Porti Antic market, and the Rush Trampoline Park are just a few of the popular attractions in Kópavogur that you may schedule a visit to. Shopping in Smaralind, bathing in the geothermal pool at Kópavogslaug, attending a performance at Salurinn, and perusing the Gerarsafn Kopavogur Art Museum are all options for your trip to Kópavogur. Even in the driest month, Kópavogur has significant rainfall due to its mild, temperate environment.



Hsavk, Iceland's oldest town on your Iceland travel packages, is situated by Skjálfandi Bay in the country's north. Hsavk is a well-liked fishing port as well as a significant market for sheep and dairy farming. Hsavk is well-known among tourists as one of the best places in Iceland to go whale watching. Unquestionably, one of the most picturesque fishing towns in the nation's northeast is Hsavk. This town's stunning snow-covered mountains, lovely museums, classy eateries, and vibrant homes all contribute to its undeniable attractiveness. The colourful town of Hsavk is home to a wide variety of amazing locations, including restaurants, spas, and cathedrals as well as museums.

The Whale Museum, the GeoSea Geothermal Sea Baths, the Könnunarsögusafni Exploration Museum, The Culture House in Hsavk, the Hsavkurkirkja, the Hsavk Swimming Pool, and the Hsavk Campground are some of the most prominent monuments in the town of Hsavk. You may partake in a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities when visiting the village of Hsavk, including whale watching, sea kayaking, bird watching, and horseback riding. Additionally, you may explore the Hsavk Museum, eat delicious fish at Gamli Baukur Restaurant, and purchase lovely Icelandic goods at Kaln Handicraft. In general, Hsavk experiences lengthy, snowy, windy winters and brief, chilly summers. The hottest month is July, while the coldest is January. May is regarded as the  driest month and October the wettest.



On your Iceland from India package, do make a stop here. A little fishing community named Siglufjörur may be found on North Iceland's Troll Peninsula at the very extremity of a stunning fjord. This town, which is surrounded by striking mountains, is full of history and culture. This village, Iceland's northernmost, provides a fantastic "Midnight Sun" experience. Siglufjörur, located in a magnificent fjord and surrounded by mighty mountains, is awe-inspiring in its natural splendour. Siglufjörur's abundant birdlife makes it even more alluring with over 2,000 avians of around 18 species calling it home. Siglufjörur's appeal is heightened by the picturesque hiking routes and lush surroundings. The town of Siglufjörur's top attractions include anything from ski routes and swimming holes to breweries and museums.

The Folk Music Center, the award-winning Herring Era Museum, Kaffi Rauka, Siglufjörur Marina Village, Siglufjörur Harbour, and the 9-hole golf course are some of the top attractions in Siglufjörur town. When visiting the town of Siglufjörur, you have a large variety of activities to select from. Skiing, fresh beer tasting, shopping for handcrafted chocolates, and dining at the renowned Hannes Boy Restaurant are all possible in Skarsdalur. The climate at Siglufjörur is tundra-like, with unusually low temperatures all year round. July is the hottest month, while January is the coldest.



Selfoss, the biggest town in southern Iceland on your Iceland tour from India, lies tucked away on the banks of the lovely lfusá river. This town, which is the commercial hub of the nation, is teeming with numerous small businesses. Selfoss, which has a wide variety of ancient structures and hosts a number of vibrant festivals, is considered the cultural hub of southwest Iceland. Selfoss' unrivalled beauty is best summed up by its gushing waterfalls, stunning hot springs, and azure swimming pool. The charming character of this town is further enhanced by the little, well-preserved villages in the past. On your trip to Selfoss, you'll never want for options because this location will reward you with a wide variety of attractions.

The Selfoss Swimming Pool, Bobby Fischer Center, Selfosskirkja, Huppa Ice Cream Shop, Bóhsi Cinema, and Tryggvaskáli are some of the most popular attractions in this town. You may arrange to partake in a wide variety of enjoyable activities while you are in the town of Selfoss. You may go Northern Lights hunting, hang out with pals at Bókakaffi, enjoy unique beers at lvisholt Bruggh's, and enjoy street cuisine at Vefjan. Selfoss experiences a mild, moderate environment with substantial annual precipitation.


Things to do in Iceland


Watch Northern Lights At Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

One of the few sites to see the Northern Lights in action is the stunning Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon. The ice boulders on the black sand beach, which is southeast of Vatnajökull National Park, absorb and reflect the green and red brilliance of the Northern Lights, creating a picturesque kaleidoscope image. On your Iceland holiday packages, the deepest lake in Iceland is called Jokulsarlon, and it has a depth of about 248 metres. This lake keeps getting bigger because of climate change. Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is surrounded by luxuriant greenery, sparkling snow, and enormous mountains, which draw a large number of visitors. The lake is well renowned for being a hotspot for enjoying an unhindered glimpse of the Northern Lights that you too can enjoy as part of your Iceland tour package price, due to the absence of development in this area and unpolluted sky.


Visit the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, one of the world's most stunning natural wonders on our honeymoon packages for Iceland from India, is the pinnacle of scenic beauty, pleasant ambience, richness, and pleasure. Its beautiful, pure blue water is also rich in minerals that are wonderful for the skin. You fall in love with the surroundings when you see the turquoise sea surrounded by the dark lava fields and creeping grey moss. The Blue Lagoon, which situated on the Reykjanes Peninsula, draws visitors from all over the world with its exquisite hot spring water and baths. Additionally, the magical water's year-round average temperature of 39°C (102°F) provides a comfortable swimming atmosphere.

Despite being one of the top ten natural spas in the world, the Blue Lagoon was actually created in 1976, not far from the Svartsengi geothermal power station, and is a man-made marvel. The lagoon's water is pristine, devoid of dangerous chemicals, and abundant in natural minerals and silica that are excellent for those with skin conditions like psoriasis. The lagoon's ability to replenish itself with fresh water every 48 hours is another strength. This ensures that the water is always entirely clean. Blue Lagoon is tucked away in the Reykjanes UNESCO Geopark, not far from the Keflavk International Airport and the heart of Reykjavk.

The Blue Lagoon package should be reserved in advance because it is a popular tourist site and can only accommodate a certain number of people at once. Other attractions of this magnificent lagoon include a café, restaurant, hotel, walking trails, miniature bridges, saunas, and a shop offering Blue Lagoon's high-end skin care items.


Visit Jokulsarlon

Jokulsarlon is a glacial lagoon that abuts the Vatnajokull National Park's western boundary and is considered to be one of Iceland's top tourist destinations. On your Iceland holiday package from India, visit Jokulsarlon, which is dotted with icebergs all year long, is unquestionably Iceland's most stunning sight. The deepest lagoon in Iceland is called Jokulsarlon, and it lies 248 metres below earth. As the lake runs alongside, the black sand beach along the coasts continues to be littered with ice chunks that like tiny shards of black diamond. Although visitors frequently visit the lagoon for boat trips, many also come for leisurely seal watching and picture excursions.


Black Beach

If you’re on some cheap Iceland tour packages, then this has to be on your list! Iceland's dark beaches are incredibly romantic and exude a sense of mystery. One of Iceland's well-known black sand beaches is Reynisfjara, which is known for its gigantic basalt stacks, breathtaking views, and raging Atlantic surf. On your Iceland tour packages from India, If you're wondering how beaches get their dark colour, you should know that volcanic ash is the source of black sand beaches. Given that Iceland is home to over 130 active volcanoes, black volcanic beaches are undoubtedly commonplace here. The Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon's Breiamerkursandur ice Diamond beach is a beautiful beach with shimmering icebergs resting on the black sand. You get the impression that you are entering a magical place surrounded by sparkling diamonds the moment you step foot in the lagoon.



Another dark beach in Iceland is Sólheimasandur, which also has a strange attraction in the shape of an aircraft wreck. The Skogafoss waterfall, which is quite near to the Sólheimasandur beach, promises to take you to a natural wonderland. The Stokksnes beach, another black beach on Iceland's southeast coast, offers spectacular vistas of the Vestrahorn Mountains and an ideal setting for breathtaking photos. On the point of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, there is another surreal beach called Djpalónssandur. It is a black pebble beach with the most amazing volcanic rock formations.



One of Iceland's oldest settlements, Hella is tucked away on the banks of the Ytri-Ranga. The town, which was first inhabited by Irish immigrants, has steadily grown into a bustling tourist destination. The rushing Ytri-Ranga is a great place for novice anglers, but visitors to Hella may also engage in a variety of other activities including sledding and horseback riding. Another popular activity in this area is hiking, especially at the eerily beautiful Hekla, an active volcano that may be seen in the distance. The stunning Secret Lagoon, which is outside of Hella, is another option for those who want to dive into a hot spring.



The tranquil hamlet of Bir, which was formerly a tiny fishing community, is one of Iceland's top destinations for people seeking a peaceful getaway from the city. The vast lava field known as Bahraun, which is located in Bir, is presently used as a natural reserve. The hamlet is surrounded by jet black lava rocks and wind-tossed grasses, which contribute to its allure. The charming Bjarnarfoss waterfall and the tiny, attractive Bakirkja church, famed for its 17th-century decorations, are among nearby attractions.



For those planning to climb Hvannadalshnjkur, Iceland's most difficult mountain, Skaftafell, which lies tucked inside the Vatnajokull National Park, is the perfect camping location. One of the most attractive places to visit in Iceland is Skaftafell, which is covered with wind-blown grasses and stunning scenery. Spending a few days camping in this location is one of the greatest ways to take in the beauty of the area. As a result of the numerous hiking paths that wind through the region, it is a well-liked hiking and trekking destination in Iceland.


Dettifoss Waterfall

Dettifoss, a waterfall in the Vatnajokull National Park, takes pride in being Europe's second-strongest waterfall after the Rhine. The waterfall, which plunges from a height of over 144 feet above sea level, draws visitors all year long. The waterfall is surrounded by a dense mist on all sides, giving it one of Ireland's most spectacular sights. Fantastic front-row views of the falls are available from a tiny observation platform before them. The region is beautifully viewed from a number of hiking paths that bridge the falls.



As part of your Iceland tour packages from India cost, visit the biggest church in Iceland – Hallgrmskirkja, is situated in Reykjavik, the nation's capital. Hallgrmskirkja, one of Ireland's most well-liked religious tourist destinations, is renowned for its expressionistic architectural styles. The church's design was influenced by the volcanoes in the area and is reminiscent of molten lava. But the most striking thing about this place is the 5,275 reed pipe, 50 foot tall organ that is placed within the Church.



A tiny point called Dyrhólaey may be found on Iceland's southern shore on your Iceland honeymoon package from India, which was formerly known by sailors as "Cape Portland." Dyrhólaey, which offers breathtaking views of the Icelandic shore, is a popular tourist destination. Every few minutes, an ancient lighthouse on the coast flashes at the water. However, Dyrhólaey's rock arch promenade, which was created via erosion over many hundred years, is its most notable feature. The region is also home to a variety of animals, including Atlantic puffins and Eider ducks, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Iceland for birdwatchers.


Vatnajokull National Park

On your Iceland trip from India, visit Vatnajokull National Park. It is the biggest national park in Europe, spanning a massive 13,600 square kilometre area. Vatnajokull National Park, which is made up of Skaftafell National Park and Jokulsargljufur National Park, has a variety of landscapes, including glacial ice, geothermal activity, and sparkling rivers. The national park, which makes up more than 14% of Iceland's total land area, is home to the biggest glacier in Europe. One of this park's main draws are the volcanoes Snaefell, Kverkfjoll, and Askja, as well as the peak Herdubreid. The fascinating ice caverns, perfect when on your Iceland honeymoon package from India, boast an electric blue colour, and are a sight to behold. Numerous undiscovered hiking paths beckon intrepid hikers to the Snaefell Wilderness Area. Vatnajokull National Park, one of Iceland's adventure-friendly destinations, also provides a variety of other heart-pounding sports, such as ice climbing, snowmobiling, and ATV rides. It also offers a host of other adrenaline-pumping activities, including snowmobiling, ATV rides, and ice climbing.


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