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The essence of vacationing in Germany with our Germany tour packages is best summed up by its history, culture, and natural beauty. When it comes to picking unique places to visit in this stunning region of Europe, our Germany tour packages allow travelers a lot of options thanks to its numerous historic cities, charming small villages, and charming small towns, as well as an abundance of forests and mountains. If you're looking for breath Read More

The essence of vacationing in Germany with our Germany tour packages is best summed up by its history, culture, and natural beauty. When it comes to picking unique places to visit in this stunning region of Europe, our Germany tour packages allow travelers a lot of options thanks to its numerous historic cities, charming small villages, and charming small towns, as well as an abundance of forests and mountains.

If you're looking for breathtaking landscapes, fairytale-like architecture, delectable food, craft beer, and an unending array of events and activities, a vacation to Germany is a must with our Germany tour package from India. To have the best possible experience in Germany, you must know when to travel. In our guide, you can find out when to go to Germany and when to expect the lowest prices and the fewest crowds with the help of our Germany holiday package.

Many people travel to Germany in time for the yearly drunken Oktoberfest in Munich with the best deals taking into consideration the Germany trip cost from India, complete with lederhosen and a rich history of fun and good times. Even the most jaded tourist will be enthralled by modern Germany's spectacular views, shopping, and landscapes, as well as its vibrant cities and delectable cuisine and drinks.


Choose from our Germany tour packages that we at Akbar Travels recommend




Glimpses of Central Europe


₹ 2,30,999

European Marvels


₹ 2,85,999

Berlin and Prague


₹ 51,915

Amsterdam and Berlin


₹ 53,656

Eastern Whispers


₹ 62,400

Beloved Europe


₹ 67,395

Amsterdam Berlin and Prague


₹ 74,595

A Piece of Europe


₹ 75,945

Prague and Germany


₹ 91,605

From Prague to Paris


₹ 1,00,380

La Dolce Adventure


₹ 1,66,570


Your Germany vacation packages will include first-rate dining options and world-class wines to go along with the country's architectural marvels. Despite the fact that Berlin receives the most of the focus, other German towns shouldn’t be overlooked on our Germany tour packages! Visit Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg and other beautiful cities on our India to germany tour package.

If you have any inquiries about our Germany travel packages from Chennai, kindly get in touch with us. You may find more information about the Germany tour package from Chennai and Kerala on our website. Additionally, we provide all-inclusive trips to Germany as well. Other common routes that are included in our Germany tour package from India are stops at fantastical castles, museums and stunning Gothic architectures.


No matter where in the country you travel with our Germany tour packages, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful scenery and landscape! In Deutschland, there is a tonne of things to see and do and we will provide you with the best Germany vacation packages so you have nothing to worry about!


We at Akbar Travels would like to suggest the best time to visit Germany with our Germany tour packages so that you can get the most out of your trip to germany.


Germany's peak season, which runs from July through September, is the ideal time to travel here on our Germany tour package from India. When the weather is the finest, you can enjoy outdoor activities, beer gardens, and easy exploration of affluent cities. Although this is the rainiest time of the year, there are many indoor activities, museums, restaurants, and shopping to keep you occupied.


In Germany, summertime brings moderate temperatures in the mid-seventies, which are ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, socialising with locals at a Biergarten, and strolling through the city to check out the stores and galleries.

But, there are disadvantages to travelling during the greatest season. The summer months, which coincide with Germany's busiest travel period, attract the largest visitors of the year. An unending stream of visitors arrive to see the country for themselves from May through September.


The Cheapest time to visit Germany with our Germany tour package is from January to March, which provides the most cost-effective rates on flights, lodging, and city attractions. We highly recommend visiting Germany around this time with our Germany travel package! It will be chilly, possibly snowing in the east, and dark with short days because it is the middle of winter here. The sun will set at around 4:00 p.m. It can still be a terrific time to travel if keeping costs low is your first goal. You won't encounter long waits or queues at popular restaurants and activities from January to March because you'll be one of the town's few visitors and make the most of our Germany holiday packages. Due to the shorter days in the winter, some museums and attractions may have restricted hours. In the late winter, be sure to check out the distinctive Carnival celebrations called Fastnacht in the southern cities and villages. If the German winter seems too dismal, the shoulder seasons in the spring and fall offer slightly higher but still cheaper travel and lodging costs.

The weather heats up significantly from March through May, and tourists start to arrive in greater numbers. Prices drop from their high in the fall, especially from October to November, and there is plenty of availability for hotels and flights for cheap trips to Germany and we are here to help you experience the best of Germany with the best Germany vacation packages.


The worst time to visit Germany is the summer from May to September. In Germany, this is the time of year when both costs and crowds are at their highest. Both residents and visitors will be outdoors taking advantage of the current time of pleasant weather, extended daylight hours, and endless events and festivals.

Aside from December, which experiences a tourist inflow around the holidays, those who want to avoid crowds of any kind should also avoid September to early October that is when Oktoberfest draws millions of visitors to Germany, particularly Munich. But we at Akbar Travels, strive to recommend the best deals on the Germany trip cost with our Germany tour package from India.


Places to Visit on your Germany Tour Package with Akbar Travels:


1.Berlin's Brandenburg Gate

This landmark, which dates to the 18th century, is one of Germany's most popular tourist destinations on our India to Germany tour package. This gate in Berlin was constructed in the Neoclassical style by the Prussian king Frederick William II, and it now serves as a reminder of the Cold War partition of Germany and Berlin.

It stands an astounding 26 metres tall, including the Quadriga, the magnificent four-horse chariot pulling the goddess of victory, which is positioned atop this magnificent structure. This magnificent gate became New Berlin's emblem of unification when Germany was reunited, and it continues to draw large numbers of tourists today.


2.The Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg


The Black Forest, one of Germany's most appealing and well-liked tourist destinations, is situated in the country's southwest in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Why not visit the fabled location that is said to be the source of legendary stories like Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty with our India to Germany tour package. It's the perfect spot to reconnect with nature, whether on foot, on a bike, or horseback, with its extensive, evergreen woods, stunning lakes, and waterfalls. It stretches up to 160 kilometres from Pforzheim in the north to Waldshut on the High Rhine in the south, in the southwest corner of Germany. Granite highlands dominate, which are covered in sandstone trees and have fertile limestone as boundaries.

Black Forest Railway is one of many more highlights. Triberg, the Black Forest Open Air Museum's hometown, and its well-known falls serve as its focal points.

The greatest approach to capture them all? Get a map of the Black Forest Panoramic Route, a 70-kilometer drive that includes some of the best views of the area and many of its most popular historic sites, such as magnificent castles and countless ancient towns and villages.


3.Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

On the Rhine's banks, the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary is without a doubt Cologne's most striking structure. One of the biggest churches in Europe is this masterwork of High Gothic design. This largest building endeavour of the Middle Ages apparently took more than 600 years to complete.

The Reliquary of the Three Kings, a 12th-century piece of gold art that Nicholas of Verdun created to store the Three Kings' relics brought here from Milan, is located above the high altar.

The Three Kings Chapel's stained glass from the 12th and 13th centuries, as well as the Treasury's collection of priceless items, all of which survived World War II almost undamaged, are further highlights. Climb the 533 steps to the viewing platform in the South Tower for some of the best views of the city and river. There is a nominal admission fee.

Beyond this magnificent landmark, the city is teeming with wonderful galleries, eateries, pubs, and most importantly chocolate. You will undoubtedly like visiting the Chocolate Museum Cologne if you have a sweet tooth. We guarantee you the best Germany holiday packages to leverage your visit to Germany with the most efficient Germany trip cost.


4.The Rhine Valley

The Rhine is not only the most significant waterway in Europe, but it is also the most stunning. There are numerous locations in Germany where you may enjoy the beautiful Rhine, but the gorgeous Upper Middle Rhine Valley, which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is undoubtedly the most well-liked among tourists.

Nothing can match this location's captivating splendour, starting with its stunning castles, old villages, captivating mountains, and vineyards. Long-distance trails and bike lanes provide options for hiking and cycling nearby. Going riverboating here for a long day is also enjoyable.

With a glass of Weisswein in hand, wine enthusiasts will undoubtedly be in heaven as they take in the spectacular sights. The region offers a wide range of hotels to suit all budgets and we at Akbar Travels can help you choose the right Germany family vacation packages that offer a number of winery excursions and tasting opportunities.


5.The Berlin Wall


The wall was built in 1961 to stop East Germans from fleeing to West Germany. The wall that exists now serves as a monument to all of the men, women, and kids who lost their lives trying to cross it back then. The wall, which had a length of about 155 kilometres until it was destroyed in 1990, was the most obvious example of the post-World War II Cold War mentality.

Thankfully, only a few minor pieces of the wall exist today, serving as poignant reminders of the more than 70 people who perished while attempting to flee the East. A brief stretch of the famed Checkpoint Charlie as well as a part at Humboldthafen in front of the Reichstag Building, where a list of the victims of the wall is located, are examples of wall segments that have been preserved.


6.Museum of Modern Art

The museum opened its doors in 1991 and has since gained a reputation as one of the most important galleries of modern art. Beautiful postmodern architecture houses the museum. One of the top tourist destinations in Germany on our Germany tour package is strategically located in the city and has a sizable collection of 5,000 works of art by well-known painters. Distinguished artists including Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein's excellent works are available for viewing here.

Timings: 10 am - 6 pm


Lake Constance

Lake Constance, which borders Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, is still among the most well-liked vacation spots in Germany, and for good reason. It has a unique allure due to its

adaptability, which caters to a variety of preferences. On the islands and in the ecological reserves, nature lovers will find a wide variety of species.

Whether you want to go sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, or swimming at one of the many sand and pebble beaches, sports enthusiasts can benefit from the extensive selection of sea and land

activities that we have on offer with our package deals to Germany. You can also board a boat and travel to one of the picturesque islands in the lake. There is a lot to discover in the neighbourhood as well, such as stunningly restored Stone and Bronze Age homes in Pfahlbauten, Baroque castles and churches, and monasteries. If that's not enough, the view of the Alps from Lake Constance's

shores is a compelling enough reason to visit with our affordable and cheap trips to Germany.



8.Bayreuth, famous for its opera and record-breaking beer museum

Bayreuth, a town in northern Bavaria, plays host to the renowned Richard Wagner Festival each year. The well-attended celebration of the German-born composer turns the town into a haven for fans of opera. But even if you're not a fan of opera, the opulent interior of the Margravial Opera House from the 18th century will leave you speechless.

This Baroque theatre architecture marvel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It can accommodate 500 people, many of whom come to see real Baroque court opera. In addition to this magnificent structure, Bayreuth has a strong cultural history. There are more than two dozen museums and educational institutes among them, as well as a number of locations of impressive old buildings and castles connected to the Margraves of Bayreuth.

If you enjoy beer, the city is among the best in Germany to visit with our Germany tour packages. You can find breweries and museums where you can sample a wide range of beverages. The Maisel's World of Beer Experiences is the largest beer museum in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records. At the location, you can partake in seminars,


brewery tours, and beer tastings. However, if you'd rather just unwind with a pint, you can always unwind in the Herzogkeller, Bayreuth's largest beer garden. This is the ideal location to savour craft beer and some authentic brewery food.


The Zugspitze, Germany’s tallest mountain

A trip to the magnificent peak of the Zugspitze will undoubtedly give you a sense of what it's like to be on top of the world, or at least of Germany. The peak offers a panoramic view of more than 400 mountains dispersed over the nations, surrounded by steep valleys.

Undoubtedly, climbing the mountain is worthwhile, and fortunately, there are two ways to accomplish so.

You may either board one of the three cable cars or ride the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn mountain railway. The latter travels from the Garmisch Zugspitzbahnhof to the Zugspitzplatt glacier station, stopping at other stops along the route. Visitors may reach the peak in under 10 minutes thanks to the world-record-breaking cable car. When you reach the top, you may eat at one of the three restaurants that are situated at various stations while taking in the breathtaking 360-degree views. Zugspitze is also an excellent choice if you want a winter break and some action on the slopes because there are so many ski resorts close by. You can experience a fun time with all the things mentioned above on our all inclusive Germany vacation package.


10.Munich's Marienplatz

Munich (or München in German), the third-largest city in Germany, has a lot to offer the adventurous traveller. As a result of the establishment of a monastery here in the 12th century, the state of Bavaria's capital city soon developed into the most significant hub for trade and business in the area.

The main gathering place for residents to purchase and witness traditional fencing competitions was Marienplatz, a sizable square where tradesmen from all over Bavaria would gather to conduct business. These days, the large area continues to draw large groups of people, but for various reasons: they come for sightseeing or perhaps to have a meal at one of the sophisticated cafés and restaurants on the square or to buy in its distinctive boutique stores.

Tourist attractions are abound in this area. The "new" and "old" town halls, Neues Rathaus and Altes Rathaus are both located here, and they are where a large portion of the history of the city was written. They both have nice looks and are worthwhile stops. The Mariensäule, a large statue of the Virgin Mary constructed in 1638, is another notable structure. The Fischbrunnen, a beautiful 19th-century fountain with bronze sculptures, is another.

We recommend you take a trip in the winter with our recommended Germany trip cost from India for a truly unforgettable experience! If you do, you'll get the chance to witness the Marienplatz come to life with an amazing display of lights and ornaments during the annual Christmas Market. The historic, month-long Fasching carnival is one of the several winter celebrations that take place here. Every January through February, exciting dances and events that have been held here for centuries are attended by both locals and tourists. The iconic glockenspiel at the Neues Rathaus delights audiences three times daily from March through October with its mechanical dancers, continuing a tradition that began in 1908.


11.The Island of Rügen, Mecklenburg—Western Pomerania

The largest and most stunning of the German Baltic islands is Rügen. It is connected by a causeway to the town of Stralsund on the mainland, which is divided from the rest of


Germany by the Stralsund. The island's diverse topography, which includes flat farms, hills covered in forest, large sandy beaches, lagoons, and picturesque peninsulas, contributes to its charm.

Paying a visit with our Germany holiday packages to the Jasmund Peninsula, which in some spots reaches heights of 161 metres, is a great activity here, especially for outdoor aficionados. This area is home to Jasmund National Park, a favourite of those who enjoy the outdoors because of how abundant the wildlife is there. There is also a good visitor centre nearby that provides a wealth of useful data on the island in all of its facets. The little, historic resort city of Putbus, which is home to various parks and Neoclassical structures and serves as the seat of the Putbus Princes, is an another must-see with our Germany tour packages.


12.Berlin’s Museum Island

Berlin's renowned Museumsinsel, or Museum Island, is situated between the Spree River and the 400-meter-long Kupfergraben canal. Many of the oldest and most significant museums in the city are included in this fantastic attraction. The Old Museum sits at the centre of this pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood. It was built in 1830 with the express purpose of displaying royal treasures. The property behind the museum was earmarked for art and "knowledge of antiquity" shortly after that.

The Bode Museum, which was built in 1904 and houses collections of antiquities, as well as the National Gallery were added after the New Museum's construction, which spanned the years 1843 to 1855. The Pergamon, with its restored ancient buildings from the Middle East, is another highlight of a walking tour of these breathtaking areas of interest through Germany tourism packages from India.

Be forewarned, though: there is simply too much to see in these incredible museums to see it all in one day. Let us at Akbar Travels help you plan your trip to Germany with our best deals on Germany tour packages while keeping in my the best Germany trip cost from India.



13.Cologne’s Love Locks Bridge

Originally known as Hohenzollern Bridge, lovers would utilise it to commemorate their love by affixing padlocks to the rails. Once locked, it was traditional in Italy to toss the keys into the Rhein River below.


The bridge is now referred to as Cologne's Love Locks Bridge and is a popular destination for couples to visit with our Germany honeymoon packages. Millions of lovers and travellers from around the world visit this bridge and attach love locks in the hopes of finding true love forever. Many people have actually visited this location which is indicated by the millions of locks on the bridge's railing and the millions of keys under the river. You and your partner can also be a part of this beautiful tradition and witness it all through our Germany honeymoon packages all inclusive.



The exquisite Rococo Asam Church is embellished with richly decorated murals, oil paintings, and stucco figures. With a similarly spectacular facade, the building is surrounded by enormous columns and is topped with the well-known image of St. John.

People come from all over the world to see the magnificent wrought-iron grille that divides the long nave from the saint statues made of plaster.

Timings: 9 AM - 5:30 PM


15.Zugspitze Massif, Bavaria

The Zugspitze Massif in Bavaria, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany on our India to Germany tour package, is the place to go if you want to travel and see a beautiful area. As the highest ski area in Germany, Zugspitze is the highest peak in the country. Experience various sports like snowboarding, skiing, and more while being exposed to the Zugspitze's natural snow.

As you look out over 400 other mountain peaks in Germany and four other countries from the

summit, it seems like you are at the top of the world. Don't forget to take a panoramic journey on the Zugspitze cable car with our Germany package from India for the most divine views of the ice-covered mountains and valleys.


16.Königssee (King's Lake), Bavaria

In Germany's far southeast Berchtesgadener Land region, Königssee is one of the country's most stunning natural lakes. Immerse yourself in some of Germany's most breathtaking natural settings by visiting Schonau with the best deals on Germany packages here at Akbar Travels. This beautiful Bavarian Lake is a sight to behold. The lake can be explored on foot along its lovely walkways or by taking a boat ride on a ship from the 17th century. There are renowned mountain resorts near the lake where you can stay while vacationing with our Germany tour packages.


17.Insel Mainau: The Flower Island of Lake Constance

With a 110-acre size and a lush canopy of semitropical and tropical vegetation, Insel Mainau, the magnificent Flower Island on picturesque Lake Constance, is a popular tourist destination. Make sure to factor in some extra travel time in addition to the two or more hours required to adequately explore this stunning property since access to the island is only possible by boat or a pedestrian bridge connecting it to the mainland. On the mainland, there is a lot of public parking, some of which have electric vehicle charging stations.

The 18th-century Schloss is another highlight, distinguished by its magnificent White Hall, antiquated defense tower, and gatehouse.



18.Miniatur Wunderland

The spectacular Miniatur Wunderland, the largest model railroad in the world, is located in the centre of Hamburg's historic Port. It is a popular destination for both young and old people. This enormous scale model, which boasts more than 9.5 miles of model railroad track, has parts for the USA, England, Scandinavia, and Hamburg. Additionally, it contains more than 400,000 human figures, 1,300 trains, and 50,000 minuscule lights.

It's not unusual for visitors to spend a lot of time exploring this fascinating environment, which features congested towns, charming rural sceneries, bustling harbours, and astonishingly realistic miniature airports with realistic planes that take off. Book one of the behind-the-scenes excursions for a particular experience with us to get the best package deals to Germany; they're especially enjoyable at night.


19.Visit Opera Houses

The opera theatres in Germany are seldom ever missed. The nation has around 80 opera theatres and a renowned and vibrant opera culture. Numerous well-known classical composers from Germany have contributed to the world of music, including George Frideric


Handel, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wilhelm Richard Wagner, and Johann Sebastian Bach. Their outstanding work will be shown in several opera houses around Germany.

The Margravial Opera House, Semper Opera House, Komische Oper, Theater des Westens, and National Theatre Munich are some of Germany's most renowned opera theatres. For you to not miss out on this historic setting, book your favourite Germany tour package with us at Akbar Travels.


20.Europa Park

Visiting Europa Park should not be missed if you are travelling here with children. After Disneyland Paris, this is the continent's most well-known theme park. This is without a doubt one of the best locations to visit with kids in Germany with our Germany family vacation packages. It has European-themed zones, 13 roller coasters, 12 water rides, and other water attractions. A number of other annual events are held in this theme park, such as the Euro Dance Festival, Miss Germany Pageant, Ladies Only Festival, CloudFest, and Science Days.



Planning ahead is the best approach to avoid making mistakes while travelling to Germany for the first time with our Germany packages. We have compiled a list of Important Things You Should Know Before Visiting Germany with our Germany tour packages from India:


Being limited to the capital city only: Visitors may find a number of attractions in Berlin. There are magnificent synagogues and cathedrals, historical sites like Checkpoint Charlie and the remnants of the Berlin Wall, a number of museums, and intriguing buildings. That does not mean, however, that there is nothing else of interest in the remainder of the nation.

You might as well take in as much of Germany on your Germany trip package from India as you can if you're travelling all the way there! Rural locations in the countryside as well as other cities like Munich and Düsseldorf have a lot to offer.

Don't commit the mistake of only staying in Berlin.


Traffic Law Violations: Generally speaking, Germans are exceedingly courteous and stringent about following the law. In countries like Italy or France, breaching the law on the road is mostly accepted, but if you do it in Germany, you could face harsh consequences. For crossing German roadways while jaywalking, many tourists face penalties.

The locals aren't hesitant to step up and reprimand you for disobeying the regulations, even if you don't run afoul of the law. Just obey the regulations to avoid receiving a warning from a local.


Tipping too much or forgetting to tip: It's crucial to familiarise oneself with the custom of tipping in the place you're visiting. You shouldn't neglect to tip entirely because it's customary in Germany to leave a small amount. The locals won't think highly of you after seeing this. However, the culture should not typically be very solid. You don't want to tip excessively.

You may simply round up the cost in the majority of cafes to the nearest full Euro. But if you're dining at a high-end establishment, it's customary to leave a tip of 10% of the whole bill.


Recycle: One nation that takes its commitment to the environment seriously is Germany. If you interfere with this by not recycling, you'll stand out because recycling is a big part of the culture. Similar to breaching traffic laws, you'll likely receive a reprimand if someone sees you.

Beer and plastic bottles can be returned for “pfand”, which you pay as a deposit when you first buy the beverage. This is typically done inside a grocery shop next to the cashier. The name "Pfand" refers to a refundable deposit r that you pay on items like cans, bottles, and even glasses and mugs in beer gardens and Christmas markets. It acts as an incentive for you to return those things in order to receive your money back. Therefore, it promotes recycling cans and bottles while discouraging the theft of glasses and mugs as amusing mementos.



Seek out group discounts on travel/train tickets: We will make sure that you don't forget to take advantage of the fantastic discounts if you choose to travel with our Germany tour package by rail in Germany! Group tickets will frequently save you insane amounts of cash because Germans LOVE to give you rewards for having companions on your trip to Germany.


Before you travel, learn a little German. Even though learning the basics of the German language is notoriously challenging, it will help you communicate more easily when you're there enjoying our package deals to Germany.

The majority of Germans do not speak English, and all displays, menus, and notices are written in German. Although your phone can assist you in many ways, it's wise to learn a few terms and phrases by heart.


Always keep cash on you. When you arrive in Germany, exchange your currency for euros, and carry cash with you when you're out and about. In Germany, cash is king, and many stores and eateries do not take debit or credit cards. We at Akbar Travels will find the best location of your hotel through your selected Germany package so you can always find an ATM around to have a sizable amount of cash on hand.


The usage of public restrooms will cost you money. You should expect to pay between 50 cents and 1 euro per person to use any public restroom that is worth using. Children under 18 are admitted free with an adult, although changing rooms are charged at the same rate as an adult restroom. You have been cautioned not to use public restrooms!



Lastly but definitely not the least, German cuisine! It is filling, substantial, and varied. It's comfort food made using premium, frequently locally sourced ingredients. Germany's cuisine has been influenced not just by its agricultural roots but also by the numerous immigrants who have called Germany home over the years. Try as many regional and national dishes as you can when visiting Germany with our Germany trip package from India.


Here is the top traditional cuisine from Germany that you should try while in Germany enjoying our Germany tour package:


Currywurst: If you want to know what meal the capital city Berlin is famous for, you will quickly learn that it is Currywurst. Currywurst is sold from stalls and fast-food outlets in numerous towns and cities. It is a dish that Germans consume "on-the-go," not something they prepare and enjoy at home.

Eintopf: An Eintopf is a popular food enjoyed nationwide, but the flavours and ingredients used to make it vary greatly by area. It is one of the simplest German recipes and is frequently eaten at home as a family dinner. It is a one-pot stew that contain a wide range of ingredients. It is a complete meal that often includes broth, potatoes, vegetables, and meat.

Brezel: Pretzels are known as "brezel" in German, though you may see them marketed under either name. A Brezel is prepared by folding a long strip of dough into a knot, boiling it, and then baking it. It is sold at bakeries and on street by vendors. It is then frequently seasoned with cheese, nuts, or salt before being served with a mustard dip.

Rouladen: In the traditional German delicacy known as rouladen, small slices of beef or veal are wrapped in pickles and bacon. It is typically served with gravy, mashed potatoes, cabbage, and dumplings.

Schnitzel: Tenderizing a piece of meat—such as chicken, beef, veal, or pork—and then dredging it in egg, flour, and breadcrumbs before frying it in oil are the steps involved in making a schnitzel. This dish illustrates the typical German cuisine served in pubs, restaurants, and fast food outlets. Fries and schnitzel is a highly well-liked and delicious combination.

Beer: Without including Germany's favourite beverage, we couldn't publish a cuisine guide to the country. Germans refer to beer as bier which aslo has its own festival each September called Oktoberfest, which lasts for about two weeks and is dedicated to celebrating all things brewing.


Traveling in Germany is incredibly safe. Most of the time, you only need to be cautious of frauds and minor crimes like you would elsewhere (especially in Berlin late at night). When in dense crowds and on public transportation, keep an eye out for your belongings. Since violent crime is uncommon, as long as you safeguard your valuables, you shouldn't have any problems. No matter the season, Germany is fascinating all year round! If you’ve already chosen your best time to visit and are looking for something more special, visit our website to book your dream holiday with our Germany holiday packages online.

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