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Georgia, is for the one who loves to have fun on our Georgia tour packages, and is proof that the finest things can come in little packages. Despite its small size, this lovely country is home to a variety of diverse landscapes that are close to vibrant, global cities. Georgia is technically in Asia, but with its cobblestone streets, vibrant homes, highland villages, and art culture, it feels more like Europe. Travelers and digital nomads alike a Read More

Georgia, is for the one who loves to have fun on our Georgia tour packages, and is proof that the finest things can come in little packages. Despite its small size, this lovely country is home to a variety of diverse landscapes that are close to vibrant, global cities. Georgia is technically in Asia, but with its cobblestone streets, vibrant homes, highland villages, and art culture, it feels more like Europe. Travelers and digital nomads alike are starting to discover the hidden beauties of this fantastic nation for both living and touring, which were relatively unknown until recently.


Discover Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia on our Georgia tour packages with its European flair. Ancient streets are located next to hip outdoor dining and drinking areas and a bustling art scene. Bohemian and contemporary at the same time, expect to see crooked clock towers, chaotic bazaars, and futuristic architecture. In the oldest wine-producing country in the world, unwind on our romantic getaways in Georgia after a long day of city sightseeing with a refreshing glass of wine! Even better, serve it with the regional meal of cheese and bread known as khachapuri. Delicious!


The landscapes of Georgia on our Georgia tour packages are among the most environmentally diversified in the entire globe. Explore historic sites, a unique Black Sea shoreline, lush rolling valleys, breathtaking mountain passes, snow-capped summits, waterfalls, and even desert! Georgia is a haven for thrill-seekers as a result, with activities ranging from heli-skiing in the highlands to spotting lynx and bears in natural parks. These breathtaking vistas serve as the inspiration for myths and stories, providing a glimpse into an exotic and alluring past that is nothing short of alluring.


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Georgia Packages



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Places to visit in Georgia


If you find yourself in Georgia on our Georgia tour packages, Kazbegi should be on your travel itinerary. It boasts some of the most picturesque landscapes in the entire nation and is situated in the high Caucasus highlands. It would be insane for anyone who loves the outdoors to skip the trip there! It is named for the tallest mountain, Mount Kazbeg, and offers fantastic trekking. For those who prefer to take things a little easy, there are also walking routes available. If you're feeling very daring, you may even go horseback riding.

However, a visit to the renowned Gergeti Trinity Church is a must if on our Georgia honeymoon packages. It can only be appreciated in person, with the majestic Mount Kazbeg standing in front of it. It is the ideal setting for genuine relaxation. Feeling alone and being in a village might bring about a sense of serenity. A 3-hour trip from Tbilisi takes you via the Georgian Military Highway, one of the most picturesque (or terrifying, in our  case!) routes in the nation. The major town in the area, Stepantsminda, contains everything you could possibly need.



Samtskhe-capital, Javakheti's Akhaltsikhe, is most known as a gateway to Vardzia. Many tourists simply pass through, yet the city and in particular its most well-known attraction, Rabati Fortress, shouldn't be disregarded. This fortification, which resembles a castle, has a very long history that includes both Ottoman and Georgian influences. With its intact and well-kept grounds, it has undergone renovation in the last ten years and seems like a paradise. Visit the stronghold early in the morning to have the place to yourself. As the view from some of the towers is just as stunning as the fortress itself, it is well worthwhile to climb them.

If you choose to spend the night in Akhaltsikhe, request a room with a view of Rabati because it is so gorgeously illuminated at night on our Georgia honeymoon packages. Other than that, Akhaltsikhe has excellent marshrutka service to all significant Georgian cities and Armenia. It may also provide as an excellent starting point for your travels around the southern region of Georgia, visiting places like Borjomi and Bakuriani as well as less popular ones like Tmogvi, Khertvitsi, or Mtsvane.



Tbilisi boasts all the amenities one could ask for in a city as part of your Georgia trip cost from India , including distinctive and lovely architecture, simply delectable cuisine, a young and trendy population, and a calmer and more tranquil old town. When it was established in 458, it was strategically placed to serve as a road connecting western and eastern Transcaucasia. It was repeatedly taken over by the Turks, afterwards destroyed by the Persians, and declared the capital of Georgia in 1921. Fortunately, the location you can view right now is quite unusual. If the weather is fine, you may wander around the botanical garden, go to the Dry Bridge Market, or take a walking tour of the city. Other enjoyable activities in the neighbourhood include taking a ride on the funicular and visiting the Dry Bridge Market, or take a walking tour where you can see some of the most important sights.

On our Georgia holiday packages, you may eat at Lolita, Salobie Bia, and Retro for the best Adjarian khachapuri, among other excellent restaurants. The nightlife in Tbilisi is well-known, and some of the more well-liked clubs include Bassiani and KHIDI. Typically, Bassiani is only available on the weekends, and registration is needed. In addition to being a wonderful summer vacation, Tbilisi also shines in the winter.



Located in southern Georgia, Vardzia is a sizable cave monastic town you must visit on your Georgia packages from India . It dates back to the second half of the 12th century, the heyday of Tamar the Great and Rustaveli. Following the Ottoman conquest in the 16th century, it was abandoned. It is now a part of a state heritage reserve and has been nominated to be included to the UNESCO World Heritage List in the future. It has 19 storeys and is around 500 metres long. There are more than 400 rooms total, including a church, a bakery, 12 chapels, 25 wine cellars, and many other intriguing features. Although the trip there is lengthy and it is quite a distance from all the other tourist sights, it is completely worthwhile. Wandering through hundreds of different caverns and tunnels might take many hours.

Every day, excluding Mondays, from 1000 to 1900, the doors are open. At 1800, entry is closed to all guests. Don't forget to bring your student ID if you are a student since you will receive a sizable discount on admission. One of the most incredible things to do in Georgia is to visit Vardzia with our Georgia packages from Mumbai and Delhi.


Adjara Region

The mountains in Adjara are a true treat with our Georgia packages from India , but the mountains in Svaneti and Tusheti frequently receive all the attention from tourists in Georgia. The area itself is well-known for its beachfront city of Batumi (see below), but if you travel a little farther interior, you'll find the Lesser Caucasus mountains. Riding the Khulo cable car is among the most daring activities in Adjara. To connect the villages of Khulo and Tago, a little red boat climbs 350 metres over a valley. In these idyllic communities, the only thing to do is relax in a neighbor's garden while sipping coffee.

Adjara is undoubtedly a dangerous place to travel. Although there is a lot of trekking to be done, it usually takes more than one day. However, there are several guesthouses, and everyone is quite hospitable.



Due to its Black Sea coast location and fitting moniker of "Georgia's Black Sea City," Batumi is unquestionably the city with the highest level of popularity. The majority of visitors come to enjoy sunbathing, but there are also lots of other fantastic things to do. The city's unique architecture is another wonderful feature. The showy structures are what enable it to be frequently likened to Las Vegas and you’ll have a blast if on our Georgia tour package from Kerala and Kochi.

The republic of Adjar, whose 30% of the population is Muslim, includes Batumi. The Orta Jame is the city's only extant mosque; it's a modest but remarkable building. It's also a great idea to bike about the city if on our Georgia package from Kerala, because there's nothing like having that sense of independence in a gorgeous setting! The botanical garden is the ideal place to hike on our Kochi to Georgia tour package if you want a challenging ascent that ends with a breathtaking view of the Black Sea. Retro, where you can have Adjarian khachapuri, Privet iz Batuma, BatuMarani, where you can get Georgian food, and Cafe Adjar, where you can get Adjarian food, are some of the greatest places to dine.


Tusheti (Omalo)

It takes some effort to drive up to Omalo and the Tusheti area. Due to hazardous weather and driving conditions, individuals pass away on this route every year, which is only open from May to October. But don't be deterred by it. Georgia's most distant area will astound you with its breathtaking scenery and old-world towns. When you get to Omalo's main village, you can choose to remain in Upper Omalo or Lower Omalo, or you can choose to go wild camping practically anywhere on this grassy plateau.

In amongst the gorgeous mountains, there are innumerable little settlements that are both abandoned and home to homestays. You may make the journey to these little hamlets on the slopes as simple or difficult as you choose. The vast majority of visitors to Tusheti come for the breathtaking hiking, while some also come for horseback riding, mountain biking, or simply to take a cab (Delica 44) to one of the nearby settlements. You may go directly to Tusheti from Telavi or Tbilisi, or you can switch marshrutkas at the towns of Kvemo-Alvani or Zemo-Alvani; the marshrutkas depart when they are full.



Despite being the third-largest city in Georgia, on our Georgia trip from India  Kutaisi nevertheless exudes a vintage appeal when compared to Tbilisi and some of the other towns there. It has some significant, historic landmarks because it was formerly the capital. The Sataplia Nature Reserve, Prometheus Cave, Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery, and the Parliament building are some of the must-see sights. Spending time exploring the city is just as vital as seeing the landmarks. Explore the city and see the Lado Meskhishvili State Drama Theatre's architecture on our Georgia vacation packages.

Additionally, on your Georgia trip package there is the Green Bazaar, where you may spend hours a day admiring the local fare. Be sure you eat a lot of Imeretian khachapuris because food is a huge component of Kutaisi life. You may visit the acclaimed Baia's Wine in the suburbs south of the city or a classy cafe like Sisters.



Most people may be familiar with Borjomi as the upscale carbonated mineral water that is marketed throughout Eastern Europe, but the town where it is really bottled should also be on your list of places to visit on our Georgia packages! The picturesque mountain resort town of Borjomi in Georgia is the ideal spot to stop along the lengthy route from Tbilisi to Batumi. You can see most of Borjomi's attractions in one to two days. Visit Borjomi Central Park in the morning to sample the renowned mineral water for free! In the heart of the park, there is a sizable "kiosk" stand where employees serve mineral water that has been taken directly from underground.

Take the cable car up to the panoramic viewpoint, where you'll get a stunning view of the entire town on our Georgia tour package for family, and don't forget to get off. From there, on our Georgia vacation packages, pause for a minute to admire the Golden Tulip Borjomi's stunning architecture, which was initially constructed in 1892 as a spa facility and then converted into a hotel. Other well-liked attractions in Borjomi include the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park and the red-and-yellow-striped Romanov Palace, which the royal family frequented at the start of the 20th century.

Whether you want to escape from big city life or simply spend some time in nature, Borjomi is the perfect place to do so, inclusive of your Georgia trip cost from India .



In Gori, where Joseph Stalin was born and attended school, you can still witness Stalinist architecture around the city centre on our Georgia packages. The museum honouring him, where you can view his possessions and pictures of him on exhibit, is the most well-known attraction in the city. But we assure you that Gori is much more than Stalin. The Gori Fortress, which is another similarly significant landmark, is situated in the midst of the city atop a hill with an amazing outlook.

The Sergi Makalatia Gori Historical and Ethnographic Museum, as well as the Great Patriotic War Museum, are both excellent places to visit on our Kerala to Georgia and Chennai to Georgia tour packages if you appreciate museums and want to learn more about Georgian history. Another popular destination in Gori is the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, where you may relax in the garden. The Gori Dramatic Theatre is another option where you may see the distinctive Soviet design. Fresh fish can be found at the Fish House, real Georgian food can be found at Gamardjoba, and fresh food and vegetarian alternatives can be found at L'Avenue. Don't forget to visit Cafe 22 if you have a sweet taste.


Katskhi Pillar

Known also as Katskhi Column, Katskhi Pillar is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing places we have ever seen on our Georgia travel package. A lone monk lives at this dangerous lookout perched on a 40-meter rock wall. He must down the steep ladder twice a week for supplies. What is the significance of the chapel atop this column, and how ancient is it? The hermit cells were assigned a 13th-century date following the discovery in 2007 of the remains of a plate with an inscription. However, more investigation reveals that the chapel's real antiquity is disputed and might be anywhere between the sixth to the thirteenth centuries.

It is an interesting spot to see in any case on our Georgia country travel packages. Even a wine cellar used to be up there! To have been intoxicated here would have been risky. In spite of the fact that it is now off limits to the public, you definitely wouldn't want to climb the ladder that goes up the cliff face regardless after viewing it. It's definitely not for the timid, that much is clear.



Visit the city of Chiatura on our Georgia travel package which is in the western Imereti region is a great alternative destination in Georgia if you're searching for something different to do. After resources were found in the region in the 1870s, the city was founded to provide services for manganese and iron ore miners. By the turn of the century, the region surrounding Chiatura produced 60% of the world's manganese ore as a result of its success. A network of cable cars was constructed to transport miners from the city's core, which is located in a low valley, up to the mines in order to boost output. Chiatura had 17 different aerial cableways crisscrossing its valley during its height in the 1950s. Many of them are still in service and regularly utilised by locals (despite at the time of writing, the lines are closed for refurbishment).

The cable cars are sometimes referred to as "Stalin's ropeways" since Stalin himself ordered their construction. The thrilling journey in one of Chiatura's rusty, ancient "flying coffins" is well worth it on our Bangalore to Georgia package for the breathtaking views of the valley and city from the top. The concrete cableway station structures in Chiatura are beautiful examples of brutalist architecture. Some still display the hammer-and-sickle emblem over the entryway. Along from using the cable cars, other options include touring the Pioneers Palace, the central market, and the city's colourful residential buildings and remnants of its former Soviet era. Chiatura is a calm but welcoming city with our best vacation packages Georgia.

There are a few lodging options and dining establishments, but most visitors opt to go to Chiatura from neighbouring Kutaisi for the day. The trip takes around two hours one way and may be completed with ease using nearby marshrutka vehicles. You may pause at Katskhi Pillar on the route to get a look at the famous monastery.



We didn't intend to stop at Martvili during our Kerala to Georgia and Chennai to Georgia tour packages with a 14-day drive across Georgia. We encountered severe rain while travelling to Svaneti, which caused us to lose speed. As a result, a brief overnight break in Martvili was unplanned. We were fortunate to stay in a charming guest home run by Martvili's tourist director. He felt it was his duty to introduce us to this fantastic quirky location on our Georgia vacation deals. We extended our overnight visit to two nights and explored not just the well-known Martvili Canyon but also the town's equally spectacular and unknown natural attractions.

In addition to having some of the most stunning waterfalls We have ever seen in Georgia, Martvili can boast of an amazing history on our Georgia package deals. The Martvili Monastery, Martvili Regional Museum, Kaghu Waterfall, Balda Canyon, Oghueshi Waterfall, and of course the town's main draw, the breathtaking Martvili Canyon, are among the top attractions in Martvili. We easily could have spent at least two more days on a beautiful hike that was suggested to us, but we were running low on time, and Svaneti was beckoning. Do not overlook Martvili if you ever find yourself in Georgia!


Georgian Canyons

Georgia is home to a number of spectacular canyons that may be explored as a day trip from Kutaisi or Tbilisi, in addition to gorgeous cities, rural villages with mediaeval defensive towers, and old cave settlements. Okatse, a town in the Imereti area, provides a pleasant stroll along a suspended path that offers views of a sizable ravine. Although the canyon is 16 kilometres long and 35 to 50 metres deep, you may only walk 1.5 kilometres of it due to infrastructure.

The gem of the Samegrelo area is Martvili, where the ravine is filled with emerald green water. In contrast to Okatse, Martvili only offers a brief, 300-meter boat trip through the picturesque valley as the area's main attraction. You may finish the tour by taking a 10-minute walk through the moss-covered woodland. The Dashbashi and Birtvisi Canyons in Georgia are the greatest destinations for those who prefer to walk and are more daring. Both of them may be visited in a single day from Tbilisi because they are so near by.

Dashbashi Canyon's tumbling waterfall and stones submerged in the water that give the appearance of a beryl-colored watercourse are the primary attractions. Volcanic hillocks may be found near Birtvisi, which is home to Georgia's historically least accessible fortress.



A cave city called Uplistsikhe is situated on a rocky plateau beside the Kura River. From the city of Gori, it is about 10 kilometres distant. One of the first human settlements, Uplistsikhe became the hub of commerce between Asia and Europe in the sixth century BC. It doesn't really matter which direction you travel in first because the cave city is the main attraction. The tunnel, which was originally an escape route, is presumably the major draw.

Other significant areas are the cave city's spacious central plaza, Queen Tamar's hall, the wine cellar adjacent to it, and of course the Princely Church, which is probably what catches your attention first. Early Middle Ages saw the construction of the "Church Uplistsuli" (the church of the prince). There were discovered sculptures and jewellery made of gold, silver, and bronze, which are now on display at the National Museum in Tbilisi. It still stands today in superb preservation and dominates the other old city remains. One of the few attractions in Georgia for which we had to pay entrance was Uplistsikhe. It was the same as $2.40 per person in euros, but is subject to change.


Abudelauri Lakes

Travel to the distant Khevsureti area of Georgia, where you can find walled stone settlements and unspoilt natural treasures like the Abudelauri Lakes, if you want to spice up your schedule with some adventure. Because of their unusual position and distinctive colours (green, blue, and white), these off-the-beaten-path lakes stand out. The white lake, which is flanked by enormous stone cliffs, is unquestionably the most magnificent of the three but they are all lovely.

To reach the lakes, it is simplest to take a private excursion from Tbilisi to Roshka. This is also possible, theoretically, using public transportation. However, there aren't everyday departures for the marshrutkas that go between Tbilisi and this area. To reach the first lake from Roshka, it requires a 3-hour trek. We advise you to try the Juta to Roshka Trek if you enjoy trekking. This path is one of the most daring experiences you may have in the nation because it passes adjacent to the lakes and can be finished in one or two days, depending on your hiking skills.


Kakheti Region

The ancient province of Kakheti and the tiny, mountainous province of Tusheti combined to form the area known as Kakheti in eastern Georgia. Telavi, the capital of Kakheti, is situated at the base of the Tsiv-Gombori Rang. Additionally, the city of Sighnaghi (see below) is well-known throughout the area and is a well-liked tourist destination in Georgia. Excellent wine is produced in the area, which is also home to two national parks and lovely monasteries. As long as you can arrange for private transportation, Kakheti is not far from Tbilisi, making it easy to explore some of its attractions on a day trip from the city. Typically, Tbilisi hotels can assist with that.

Davit Gareja, a distinctive Georgian Orthodox monastery complex built out of rock in the sixth century and situated on the mountain's slopes that are partially desert, is one of the most well-liked day excursions from Tbilisi. Despite being barely 70 kilometres from Tbilisi, David Gareja seemed to be on another planet. We advise making a few stops along the route to explore more of the area, such as the Ninotsminda Cathedral or for some spectacular views of the Mariamjvari Nature Reserve.



Sighnaghi is a somewhat tiny town that can be explored quickly, but because of its position, it is the ideal spot to stay when doing multiple day excursions to adjacent locations. The Sighnaghi town wall, which features 23 towers with names of neighbouring cities, is a popular activity in the area. The Bodbe Convent, where St. Nino, who introduced Christianity to the nation, is interred, is significant to many Georgians. The two most well-known churches are St. Giorgi and St. Stephen.

Pilgrims travel to St. Nino's Spring to bathe in holy water that is said to have healing properties. The Bodbiskhevi Bazaar Sunday Market is open on Sundays and offers an incredible selection of regional items at unbeatable pricing. When you approach the city through Tbilisi, the first restaurant you'll encounter is Host of Sighnaghi, where you may eat a variety of Georgian delicacies. Nikala is the ideal location to enjoy some delectable Kakhetian cuisine and mouthwatering khinkali. Last but not least, you may have Mexican food made using Georgian ingredients at Pancho Villa. Unquestionably, Sighnaghi is among the top tourist destinations in the Caucasus region.



Tskaltubo is a wonderful location to visit in Georgia and one of the simplest day excursions from Kutaisi. Although the therapeutic waters were discovered here as early as the 13th century, the town's first sanatoriums didn't operate until before World War 2. Soon after, Tskaltubo rose to prominence as a leading spa resort in the former USSR, boasting 20 sanatoriums, 9 bathhouses, and illustrious inhabitants including Stalin, who had a villa there. The town fell into decay during the fall of the USSR and the Georgian Civil War, and it is still in that state now. While some sanatoriums have reopened, the most remain in disrepair and frequently house IDPs from Abkhazia. But even if the structures aren't in the finest shape,

Although many of the structures are not in the finest of shape, you may still visit them. Exploring abandoned hotels and bathhouses and taking in the great Soviet architecture will be pure urbex nirvana for fans. Even if urbex isn't your thing, you should still go to Tskaltubo to take advantage of the spa's therapeutic amenities or to see the neighbouring Prometheus Cave.



The Svaneti area is a really special location. Little communities have thrived in the vast valleys between the 5000-meter peaks that encircle it. Due to their long history of isolation, the Svans have developed a distinct personality as well as their own culture, language, and rituals. The Svanetian homes, which have defensive stone towers built between the ninth and twelfth centuries, are the symbol of the area. The region's capital, Mestia, is referred to as Georgia's Capital of Adventure. Two modest ski resorts (Tetnuldi and Hatsvali) and world-class backcountry skiing are available in the area for sports enthusiasts.

Additionally, it's a great location for trekking. The most well-known route goes to Ushguli, which is said to be Europe's highest permanently inhabited settlement and a UNESCO World Heritage Site (see below). You can either walk there in 4 days or take a vehicle to do a day excursion. Day treks to the Chalaadi glacier and the Koruldi lakes, both of which provide breathtaking views, are also possible from Mestia. Take a common marshrutka to Mestia or, if you can secure a reservation, a cheap flight from Tbilisi or Kutaisi to travel to Svaneti.



Ushguli is a little town of 200 inhabitants lost in the Caucasus mountains and one of the key attractions in the Svaneti area. Due to its defensive towers, which belong to the IX century, Ushguli was named a UNESCO World Heritage site. With a height of around 2,400 m, it is also regarded as the world's highest continuously inhabited village.

The closest "city," Mestia, is just around 45 km distant, but due to the poor nature of the road, it will probably take you approximately 3 hours to drive a 44 there and back. If you want to go on an adventure, you may rent a 44 and drive slowly for yourself. instead, pay a local driver to transport you there for the day. If not for the village itself, We would go only for the amazing vistas along the road!



Rustavi was established as a city in 1948, making it a relatively new city. It is currently Georgia's fourth-largest city. Because so many of its residents commuted to Tbilisi for work and then returned to sleep, Rustavi earned the nickname "sleeping city" for nearly ten years following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It is now known as the "car city," home to the largest used-vehicle dealership and the largest maker of auto components. You may only get your driver's licence there as well on your Georgia tour package for family.

The Motopark in Rustavi, where you can witness or even operate a Formula 1 car, is one of the city's greatest attractions. You may go hiking in Birtvisi Canyon or explore some of the city's parks if you like the outdoors. While you're there, you should also check out the history museum and the play theatre. You may use a cab or the public transit to go to Rustavi from Tbilisi.



The Georgian Orthodox Church proclaimed Mtskheta to be the "Holy City," and as a result, its monuments were included to the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is only a 40-minute trip from Tbilisi, so it won't take long to see anything. However, there are many places in the town's vicinity that are well seeing. The Jvari Monastery, one of the nation's oldest monasteries, is one that may be seen on the trip there. Also highly recommended is Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, where many Georgians think the seamless garment of Christ is buried. Shio Mgvime is another a fascinating location to explore, or you may go to the Amazi castle remains, which were built in honour of a Pagan deity.

Visit the Chamber of Wine, a four-story structure devoted to the beverage, if you appreciate wine. Beans are a basic and significant component of the local cuisine, and Salobie is the ideal location to enjoy this traditional dish. Also highly suggested is Ada Cafe, where you may savour delicious meals and a breathtaking view of the river on our Georgia cheap holiday packages.



Gudauri is well known for being Georgia's most well-liked ski resort. Gudauri, however, is a fantastic area to visit all year round rather than just during certain seasons. The old Georgian Military Highway, which links Tbilisi with Russia, lies just adjacent to the resort. Still on the highway as you approach Gudauri, you will see the 1983-built Monument to the Georgian-Russian Friendship, which is fashioned like a half-moon. The vista is so breathtaking that it is well worth pausing at the monument's overlook to take it all in.

The resort is calmer during the summer, when nature lovers come in quest of peace and quiet or to explore nearby hiking and paragliding paths. But Gudauri becomes a popular destination for skiers from the entire area and, increasingly, from other parts of Europe, between December and April. Gudauri Ski Resort has 35km of slopes and a total of 15 ski lifts, with 13% of those slopes accessible for beginners, 56% for intermediate (red) skiers, and 31% for expert skiers (black). Day tickets cost about 15 euros for each adult, which is a pretty good deal.

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