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What comes to mind when you think about Finland tour packages? Perhaps Santa? Some of you may be aware that Finland is a little nation positioned between Scandinavia and Russia. They have their Moomins, even though it's unclear if they are in the East or West. the region where humans dwell in harmony with polar bears and reindeer in igloos constructed of ice. You guessed correctly on the final one, as the Northern regions on the Finland to Read More

What comes to mind when you think about Finland tour packages? Perhaps Santa? Some of you may be aware that Finland is a little nation positioned between Scandinavia and Russia. They have their Moomins, even though it's unclear if they are in the East or West. the region where humans dwell in harmony with polar bears and reindeer in igloos constructed of ice.

You guessed correctly on the final one, as the Northern regions on the Finland tour packages are home to many of Santa's tiny helpers! Additionally, we've heard of upscale igloos, or "glamping," but alas, there aren't any wild polar bears in this area. You should definitely come and see for yourself on our Finland tour packages what we do have, though.


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See the Northern Lights on our Finland honeymoon packages

Did you know that Finland is one of the top locations on the planet for viewing the Northern Lights? More than 200 evenings a year, the Aurora Borealis may be seen in Finnish Lapland! They can occasionally even be seen in Helsinki, as the ones in this photo. The Northern Lights often emerge about midnight, so plan on staying up late, dress warmly, find the darkest location you can with the least amount of light pollution, point your gaze north, and wait. You could be fortunate enough to witness these natural fireworks. Checking the Aurora Forecasts before you go for your spotting expedition is also a smart idea.


Catch a glimpse of Saint Nicolas on our Finland tour packages

Santa Claus, the guy in red, is in fact a native of Finland. Originally from Korvatunturi, the all-powerful Santa may now be found and encountered in the Lapland city of Rovaniemi every day of the year.


View the capital on Helsinki as part of your Finland trip cost from india

Helsinki, our lovely capital, is both modern and old-world. Enjoy its thriving coffee scene, stunning artwork, stylish design, and several museums and historic structures on our Finland packages. Take a 20-minute boat voyage to Suomenlinna, one of the largest sea fortifications in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Explore the wilderness on our Finland tour package from india

Finland's wildness is practically mythical. This region is ideal for adventurers since it has 12 wilderness regions and 40 national parks. Our land is 76% covered in forests, which are home to a variety of wild creatures and birds, including bears, wolves, reindeer, seals, and eagles. Want to sample a superfood that comes directly from our forests? Because of a law in Finland known as "jokamiehenoikeus," or "everyman's right," you are allowed to gather as many wild berries and mushrooms from our forests as you like. This activity can be done as part of your Finland trip cost from india  .


Soak in the sauna on our Finland honeymoon packages

The sauna is a national obsession in Finland, where practically every home has one. The best way to learn about Finnish culture is to become familiar with this custom of ours. The traditional Finnish way to enjoy sauna on our Finland honeymoon packages is on a quiet, starless summer night at your cottage, where you may take a quick swim in one of our countless lakes to cool down after the heat.


Taste the Food Culture on our Finland packages

These classic Finnish foods—karjalanpiirakka, mämmi, and salmiakki—may be something you have never tasted anywhere else in the world. Be ready with an open mind on our Finland honeymoon packages and an empty stomach when trying the national foods of Finland for the first time—you could get addicted! Today, Finland, and particularly Helsinki, is a foodie's paradise: our incredible restaurant scene and numerous street food events you can explore as part of your Finland trip cost from india  will undoubtedly send your taste buds into a frenzy like never before!


Find solace on our Finland tour package from india

The final, but by no means least, is the contemplative sensation you may have here. Peace and silence. Finland's unspoiled wilderness, where there is room to breathe. In the bustle of contemporary life, you come to appreciate these things differently. Take a woodland bath on our Finland tour package from india  in one of the many nearby woods to experience the profound relaxation. We promise that no matter where you go—whether it's to Suomenlinna sea fortress and trendy cafes in Helsinki, hike in one of our beautiful national parks, enjoy a moonless night by the still waters after a sauna, chat with the man in red at Santa Claus village by the arctic circle, or watch the natural Aurora strobo-lights in Lapland amid scenery that looks like it belongs on a Christmas card—you will have an unforgettable experience on our Finland packages.


Discover the four seasons on your Finland honeymoon packages from India


It's like watching a time-lapse movie right there, in front of your own eyes. In Finland on our Finland holiday packages, spring is a season of rebirth and optimism. Every year, the early spring-like days at the end of a long winter feel like a new beginning. Our days are becoming lighter every day, and it's fascinating to see those teeny tiny leaves and buds grow bigger and greener. Before you know it, there are 50 different colors of gorgeous green all around you. Springtime on our Finland travel packages resembles a time-lapse video in some ways, but it truly happens as you watch it. We Finns also benefit from spring; you may notice us laughing and dancing to complete strangers throughout the spring.


The Finnish summer is best experienced outside. The majority of Finns simply like the summer and consider it to be the most ideal season of the year. And guess what? It could actually be the case! Finland's summer is all you've ever wanted it to be—nightless nights, bright days, summer festivals, and the finest of nature. As part of your India  to Finland  trip cost, it will be difficult to decide where to go and what to do in Finland over the summer because there is so much going on there. But one thing is certain: after using the sauna, make sure to take a nude plunge in one of our many lakes. The finest way to experience a Finnish summer on our Finland packages from India  is outside, surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery and with a bunch of friends, so we highly recommend renting a cabin. That way you can spend the summer and get a glimpse of how the locals do it!


You've never seen something like this from nature before. Our favorite of the four seasons is autumn. Why? All We can say is that the Finnish fall is like no other natural fireworks you have ever seen, so get ready for something absolutely magnificent! Booking a hiking vacation to Lapland when on our Finland  trip packages in September and spending at least a weekend awestruck by nature in all its splendour is without a doubt the greatest way to experience Finnish fall joy. If traveling to Lapland is not a possibility on your India  to Finland  tour package, don't panic; there are still plenty of breathtaking autumnal sights to be seen in southern regions of our beloved nation.


Enjoy the winter on our lapland tour packages from India

At least once in your lifetime, witness the entrancing Auroras. Your heart sings, and your toes tingle! Playing in the snow and riding a sled down a hill restores your sense of childlike wonder. Okay, so it gets rather gloomy here in the winter, but we assure it's not depressing, especially if on our Finland  tour package from Kerala and Chennai. You'll understand what we mean when we talk about our ambient wintertime if you just light a few candles, perhaps even a fireplace, drink a glass of nice red, put a blanket around your shoulders, and fling yourself on the couch. If you're not a lover of the cold either, consider that it must be chilly and dark for you to be able to  experience one of the greatest things our nordic winter has to offer – the amazing Aurora Borealis.


Must visit places to see on our ​​Finland tourism packages from India 


Finland's city, Helsinki, is home to beautiful bays and a shoreline. This city welcomes visitors interested in exploring its inlets, islands, music, art, street food, coffee shops, wineries, history, culture, and legacy as part of a Finland  trip cost. This harbor has an unusual appeal. This region of Europe has a distinctive rhythm and past. This city, which was established in the 15th century, is sometimes referred to as the "Daughter of Baltic." Finland's capital has been there since the 18th century. Today, this city is a global metropolis that receives a lot of foreign tourists. The ideal season to visit this city is summer.


Helsinki has a fascinating past. Gustav Vasa, a Swedish king, established it. In addition to antique cathedrals, churches, and historical landmarks, this city also has numerous contemporary structures with facilities. As part of your Finland  tour cost from India , when you travel to this city, you may experience a little of Nordic culture. Helsinki has lovely summers. English is a language that is also spoken by residents of this city. The inhabitants are kind. You can go to this city to consume beer and other beverages. Trams, trains, metros, buses, taxis, and ferries are all options for moving around the city and to adjacent locations. In Helsinki, there are parks, islands, cathedrals, churches, as well as other sights to view and activities to do as part of your Finland  tour package price.



On the banks of the River Aura, the Finnish city of Turku is situated on the country's southwest coast. Due to its historical significance and magnificent examples of bygone era architecture, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Finland. The town, which goes back to approximately the 13th century, is well known for its medieval fortification, Turku Castle, which also houses a history museum. On our Finland tour packages from Mumbai, you will be able to stroll through cobblestone riverfront streets and multi cuisine eateries on your way to one of Finland's most popular tourist destinations. Additionally, you will be able to see some of the impressive structures and historic, large squares that once served as the hub of trade.


The must-see Finland attractions on our India  to Finland packages include Turun Linna, a centuries-old castle, Forum Marinum, a first-rate maritime museum, Luostarinmäen Käsityöläismuseo, a renowned museum of handicrafts, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, a museum with almost 37,000 artifacts, and Taidekappeli, St. Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel. All of these must-see Finland attractions can be found during your


You may also partake in a variety of activities on our Finland  vacation packages at some of the popular tourist destinations in Finland, such as Visit Turku Bike Rental, Turku Market Hall tour, Discover Gastronomic Bliss, Explore One Of The Oldest Buildings, Get Inspired By The Best Of Finnish Design, and unwind in lovely cafés. With its proximity to the Baltic Sea and protection from the islands, Turku has a humid continental climate. Summers in the city are warm, with highs of up to 30 degrees Celsius. The hottest month of the year is July, while February is the coldest.



Take our Delhi to Finland packages to visit here. On the western coast of Finland, Vaasa is one of the nicest cities to visit. During the reign of Charles IX of Sweden in 1606, it was established. The Royal House of Vasa inspired the naming of the city. The city serves as Ostrobothnia's regional capital as well. It is a historic city well-known for its exquisite architectural styles and outstanding center for the arts, history, education, and culture. Vassa provides visitors with access to some of Finland's most unique tourist destinations, including the Kvarken World Heritage Archipelago, Meteoria Söderfjärden, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Tikanoja Art Museum, Bergö Local Museum, Fänrik Stls Center, Harrström Old Fishing Harbor, Harrström Windmill Hill, and Aava Kertun.


On your Finland packages from Mumbai, examine the ancient Vaasa remains and go to the Replot Bridge, which is renowned for its magnificent beauty. See the view from Hietasaari when visiting Strömsö to see the lovely summer villa. Some of the best things to do are praying at the Vaasa church and having a wonderful meal in Seglis in the summer. Vassa has a continental climate with an average maximum temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and a minimum average temperature of roughly -17 degrees Celsius.



Take our Chennai to Finland  tour package to visit here. Located near to the point where the River Oulujoki joins the Bay of Bothnia in central Finland. It is the fourth-largest urban city in Finland and the fifth-most popular city overall. Being a waterfront square, it is one of Finland's most popular tourist destinations where you can find a lively market with several food vendors. If on our all inclusive holidays to Finland , you may take pictures of the fantastical views of the water features and unwind there for some time. The stunning views of the dawn and sunset draw many visitors.


Ainolan Puisto Park, Kemi Snow Castle, Nallikari Beach, Kauppahalli, and the tourism vessel Icebreaker Sampo are just a few of the top Finland sites you should not miss while in Oulu. The idyllic wooden town of Pikisaari, discovering the best of Finnish culture by renting a car, visiting the nallikari beach hidden in lush forests, engaging in conversation over coffee and pulla like a true Finn, testing your brain at the tietomaa science center, and getting inspired by Finnish originality in oulu's design shops are just a few of the exciting things to do in Oulu.


The climate in Oulu is subarctic continental. According to the Koppen Geiger classification, it is categorized as Dfc. The city has brief, pleasant summer seasons and bitterly cold, snowy winters. The city has had a maximum temperature of 33.3 degrees Celsius and a minimum temperature of -41.5 degrees Celsius.



Take our Bangalore to Finland tour packages to visit here. With roughly 68000 residents, Hameenlinna is a municipality in southern Finland's Kanta Hame and the ancient region of Tavastia. One of the oldest inland cities, Hameenlinna is rich in historical value and has long been a well-liked regional hub. Due to its abundance of natural beauty, it draws countless travelers to Europe every year. Haneelinnan has year-round, constant snowfall. Most of the time, the regions' temperatures are below 0 degrees Celsius. The typical daytime high is -10 degrees Celsius, while the overnight low can be as low as -30 degrees Celsius.


Some of the top tourist destinations in Finland include Palanderin Talo, Aulanko, Hämeenlinnan Taidemuseo, Sibeliuksen syntymäkoti, and Museo Skogster, which you might consider visiting while you're there. You may take a fascinating tour through the city's art galleries, including HameenlinnanTaidemuseo. At the Hameenlinnan Kirkko church, which is well-known for its magnificent architectural design, you can offer prayers. Tourists may wander around the noteworthy art display at Hämeenlinnan Taidemuseo and take in a concert at Sibeliuksen syntymäkoti.



Southern Finland is home to the 1972-founded city of Vantaa, which lies tucked away in the River Vantaa's estuary. Vantaa, the fourth-most populous city in Finland, has a total area of around 240.35 square kilometers. Helsinki lies to the south, Kerava to the north, Sipoo to the east, Nurmijärvi to the northwest, and Espoo to the southwest encircle the city.


Vanta offers an attractive fusion of suburban, rural, and urban settings. The city of Vantaa is naturally stunning and home to several attractive natural lakes. Many significant landmarks may be found across the length and width of Vantaa. The Vantaa Museum, the Finnish Aviation Museum, The Church of St. Lawrence, and Heureka are just a few of the city's well-known sights.


You may explore the Sipoonkorpi National Park's rich biodiversity, cool off in the tranquil Kuusijärvi Lake, and shop your heart out at the Jumbo Shopping Centre while enjoying a tour of Vantaa City. The renowned Flamingo Spa in the city offers stimulating massages as well. Vantaa's climate is chilly and moderate, with a sizable quantity of annual precipitation. The greatest time to visit Vantaa is between the months of June and September, when the city enjoys its most pleasant weather.



With Tammerkoski rapids sandwiched between Näsijärvi Lake and Pyhäjärvi Lake, Tampere is one of the top locations to visit in Finland. It is a significant economic and cultural centre for central Finland and one of the most populated cities in the Nordic area. The city is well known for its remarkable concrete architecture, which can help you understand a bygone period. Numerous cathedrals and exhibition spaces may be found scattered across the city. Without seeing the Museum Vapriikki, Pyynikki Observation Tower, Tampere Cathedral, Kaleva Church, Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, Sarkanniemi, Nasinneula Tower, Hatanpaa Arboretum, and Saunas, a vacation to Tampere will never be complete.


Visitors may enjoy some of the greatest activities in Tampere by going on culinary tours via the Tammelantori Market and the Kauppahalli Indoor Market, admiring the incredible graffiti art at the abandoned matchstick factory in Pispala, and participating in regional celebrations like Tammerfest. Tamper has a chilly and temperate climate and is situated at an elevation of roughly 97 meters above sea level. The city has substantial annual rainfall. Tampere has a Dfb climate according to the Koppen and Geiger classification. The city experiences an annual average temperature of 5.1 degrees celsius.



West of Helsinki, in southern Finland's Uusimaa area, is the city of Espoo. Espoo, which includes the town of Kauniainen, is located on the northern shore of the Gulf of Finland. Espoo, which has a total size of around 528.03 square kilometers, is the second most populated city in the nation. Espoo city is surrounded by 58 kilometers of seashore, luxuriant forests, a breath-taking national park, and tranquil lakes. The city's diverse flora and animals further enhance its alluring natural beauty. It is a highly sought-after tourist destination since it has so many intriguing attractions. The top tourist destinations are Nuuksio National Park, Serena Water Park, Turku Castle, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Forum, and others.


There are many enjoyable things to do when you are in Espoo. Try cross-country skiing, cool down in the icy waters, feed the reindeer, have a BBQ picnic at Kaitalampi Lake, and visit the Espoo Cathedral to ask for blessings. Espoo is fortunate to have a cool, moderate environment with year-round large amounts of rainfall. Between the months of June and September, when the weather is moderate and pleasant, is the best time to visit Espoo.



Joensuu is a city in southeast Finland that was established back in 1848 by Tsar Nikolai I. It is situated at the mouth of the River Pielis, southeast of Kuopio. Joensuu is regarded as a significant educational center of Finland, with students making up around one-third of the city's overall population. Its stunning national parks and impressive museums perfectly capture Joensuu's ever-enchanting beauty. Joensuu seems even more attractive during the winter because of the significant amounts of snowfall that occur in various regions of the city. Joensuu is bursting at the seams with exciting tourist attractions. The town hall, the Pielisjoki Castle, the Greek Orthodox cathedral, and the Joensuu Bunker Museum are among the most highly recommended attractions in Joensuu.


You may take in the beautiful greenery of Perhos-Botania, marvel at the spectacular works of art at Taitokortteli, and see Joensuun Taidemuseo while on your trip to Joensuu. You may also visit the Evangelical-Lutheran Church to ask for blessings and wander leisurely around the magnificent Freedom Park. The cold continental climate that Joensuu enjoys is characterized by warm summers and chilly, subfreezing winters. The month of July is regarded as the ideal time to visit Joensuu because of the city's lovely and healthy weather with warm temperatures.



Porvoo is a city in Finland's Uusimaa Region. It is situated on the nation's southern coast. It is around 50 km from Helsinki's city center and 35 km from the city's eastern boundary. The city, which is said to have been established some 800 years ago, is the second-oldest city in the world, giving you the opportunity to stroll around its picturesque streets and learn about its extensive history. One of the top destinations to visit in Finland during the winter is Porvoo, which is one of the six medieval townships that have been referenced in writings dating back to practically the 14th century. It is embellished with some of the beautiful and historic scenery.


Some of the best locations in Finland that you must visit include Vanha Porvoo, a bustling port and market, Tuomiokirkko, a historic stone-and-timber cathedral, the Walter Runeberg Sculpture Collection, Taidetehdas, an exhibition space with changing exhibits of contemporary art, and Porvoon Nukke- ja Lelumuseo, a house of a thousand dolls.


Some of the most popular things you can participate in include taking a tour of Porvoo's old town, seeing the historic iso Linnamäki fortification, exploring nature on a bike, spending the day at Haikko Manor, and getting on a boat to explore the nearby archipelago. It is 29 meters above sea level and very chilly where Porvoo is located. The city has substantial annual rainfall. The Koppen Geiger climate classification assigns Porvoo's climate the letter Dfb. 5.9 degrees Celsius are the average annual temperature and 27 inches are the typical yearly rainfall.



South central Finland's Jyväskylä city is situated southwest of Kuopio, north of Lake Päijänne. Jyväskylä, which was founded in 1837, is the biggest city in Central Finland. Jyväskylä is referred to as the "Athens of Finland" and is a significant center for education in the nation. Alvar Aalto, a renowned architect, is responsible for many of the architectural wonders of Jyväskylä, which contribute significantly to the city's attractiveness. The city is awash in pristine natural beauty and is home to over 328 charming lakes.


The vibrant, international city of Jyväskylä is home to a wide range of well-known landmarks. The city is well-known for its collection of fascinating museums, which includes the Jyvaskyla Art Museum, the Finnish Air Force Museum, the Natural History Museum of Central Finland, the Museum of Central Finland, the Alvar Aalto Museum, and others. Kuokkalan Kartano, Tourujoen Luontopolku, and Mäki-Matin Perhepuisto are a few other must-see attractions in Jyväskylä city. While visiting Jyväskylä, you may take in the mesmerizing city views from Vesilinna, browse for one-of-a-kind trinkets at Toivola Old Courtyard, pray at Jyväskylä Town Church, and savor regional specialties at Harmooni. Jyväskylä has a continental climate, and the wettest months are December through February.



The city of Rovaniemi serves as Lapland's administrative center in Northern Finland. It serves as both the provincial capital and the commercial hub of Finland's most northern province. The city is located near the confluence of the River Kemijoki and its tributary Ounajoki, about 6 km south of the Arctic Circle, in the heart of the hills of Ounasvaara and Korkalovaara. In Finland, Rovaniemi is home to some of the best locations for hiking and fishing excursions. You may view the aurora borealis' vibrant waves while also taking in Finish Lapland's wildness.


The Santa Claus Express Santa Claus Village, reindeer sled rides, see an ice village, the Korundi House of Culture, and many more top Finland attractions are among those you must see while in Rovaniemi. One of the finest things you can do in Rovaniemi, one of the best locations to visit in Finland, is to spend some enjoyable time with the Finnish reindeer and go on a guided tour of the Arktikum Science Museum to learn more about the culture, nature, and history. A brief, pleasant summer season alternates with a lengthy, chilly, and snowy winter season in Rovaniemi's subarctic environment. The winters are quite harsh since there is less sunlight on average.


Santa Claus Village

One of the top and most well-known tourist destinations in Finland is the Santa Claus Village, which is situated in the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. This settlement, which is often referred to as Santa's official North Pole dwelling, is where Santa Claus was born and first welcomed guests in the late 20th century. Here, a real-life Santa can be found answering all of your letters and personally thanking his followers.


You may visit the Elf School, where Santa's elves spend the entire day preparing presents to be distributed to children throughout the world and receiving letters from you, in addition to visiting Santa and Mrs. Claus. Santa's official Post Office is also located in the hamlet, where you may write letters to your loved ones. Here, you can find a number of handicraft and souvenir stores where you can buy little trinkets and find out about Finnish Christmas customs and culture. Even a photo with Father Christmas may be taken here! The settlement, which is located directly on the Arctic Circle, provides a wide range of activities to the tens of thousands of tourists that travel here every year.


One of the best spots in Finland to see the pure Northern Lights is the Santa Claus Village. It is also a fantastic location for sleigh rides pulled by none other than Santa's reindeer. Santa's office and Christmas mansion, Santa's Post Office, husky and snowmobile parks, reindeer farms, and more can be found at Finland's Santa Claus Village.



Due to the breathtaking scenery around it, Suomenlinna, a marine castle built in the 18th century, is the ideal location for a picnic. The Finnish castle, which overlooks the sapphire-blue ocean, is a very significant historical military relic from the early 1800s. The stunning structure, which was adjacent to the settlement of Lovisa, long operated as a naval base and fortification. The fortress, which is located near Helsinki and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Finland, is stretched across 6 connected islands.



The famous Kauppatori market in Helsinki is a must-see on any visit to Finland. Aside from the food vendors selling genuine local seafood specialties and berry beverages, there are a vast range of things to discover at this bustling market. The town center that connects Suomenlinna Fortress to the mainland, Kauppatori is a popular destination for both locals and visitors. It is a very lively and colorful location that one should not skip discovering thanks to the souvenir reindeer, chirping seagulls, and a broad variety of shops and vendors.


Lemmenjoki National Park

Lemmenjoki National Park is a stunning blend of snow-draped flora that surrounds the crystal blue river running through the undulating mountainous landscape. It is home to the indigenous Sami tribes. Aside from its hiking paths, camping areas, and fishing holes, the lovely National park is extremely significant culturally. Travelers can never be bored in Lemmenjoki since there are so many things to do, from skiing along the pristine snowy paths to sampling the always-delicious reindeer stew with the local Sami people.


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