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Weekend Getaways From Cochin

Cochin Weekend Getaway   9 Cochin Weekend Getaways       From exotic tropical beaches to mountains covered in fog to islands to backwaters, Kerala has everything. The hills of Western Ghats here are filled with coffee, cardamom, tea and different spices giving it a sweet aroma to the air. The thick jungles of Wayanad is home to tigers, monkeys, elephants and different creatures. With waterfalls, greenery, ba Read More

Cochin Weekend Getaway


9 Cochin Weekend Getaways




From exotic tropical beaches to mountains covered in fog to islands to backwaters, Kerala has everything. The hills of Western Ghats here are filled with coffee, cardamom, tea and different spices giving it a sweet aroma to the air. The thick jungles of Wayanad is home to tigers, monkeys, elephants and different creatures. With waterfalls, greenery, backwaters, mountains, this lovely land is genuinely 'Gods Own Country'. In spite of the fact that the capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram, it is Kochi that is more celebrated for its rich culture and history. Otherwise called the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi was a significant trading centre for spices. This city discovers its notice in a few writings by tradesmen and travellers. There are several things to see in Kochi, the most being the Chinese fishing nets. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you had been living in this city for quite a long time and have seen enough of these places, at that point here is a rundown of spots you could go during ends of the week to break the monotony.




  1. Wayanad


If you want the perfect romantic weekend getaway from Kochi, Wayanad is just right for you. Peppered with tea, coffee and spice plantations, the heavily forested district offers several activities during the rains. Neelimala, Meenmutty, Chethalayam and Pakshipathlama are some of the most popular treks, perfect for beginners. If you’re not up for an adventure, take long walks along the tea gardens or plan a picnic near Banasura Sagar Dam. Stay at one of the treehouses that the region is famous to enjoy the sound of the falling rain on a wooden roof. Watch out for the monkeys though!

How to get there: Enjoy the seven-hour drive from Kochi that will take you through misty hills and waterfalls.

Where to stay: Choose from treehouses or colonial bunglow




2. Mararikulam



Situated in Alappuzha locale, Mararikulam is a hamlet with rich history and culture. Fishing and coir making are the primary control of the people lining in Mararikulam. This spot is known for the lovely Mararikulam sea shore. The stretch of lavish green scenery and the brilliant sand stays unexplored by Indian tourists. Offering quiet, tranquil environment, this sea shore is the ideal spot to go in the event that you need to get away from the group and commotion of the city. Marari sea shore is only an hour's drive from Kochi airport. Go through an end of the week here to loosen up and unwind.


Things to do: Stroll on the sea shore, take a dip in the ocean or climb onto a nearby fishing boat. You can likewise explore Mararikulam town, go for kayaking or simply laze around on the sea shore tasting new tender coconut.

Driving distance: Approx. 42 km (50 minutes)

Where to stay: Tree of Life Marari Sands Beach Resort, Marari Beach Resort (047828 63801) by CGH Earth, which is a large hotel chain in Kerala. Another good option to stay in Mararikulam is Abad Turtle Beach (098470 50642). Apart from these hotels, there are several homestays where you can experience the local culture and food. These homestays include Samson Homestay (097451 50202), Marari Austin Beach villa (094475 04293) and Marari Leena Homestay (093884 68216).

Tips: Do try local seafood dishes.


  1. Alappuzha



 Located around 53 km south of Kochi, Alappuzha otherwise called Alleppey is one of the most celebrated tourist spots in Kerala. This is one of the most popular end of the week excursions from Kochi. Alappuzha is believed to be the oldest planned city. The spread out city is likewise among the cleanest in the state. The trip to Alappuzha will make you will make. You fall in love at the backwaters. Cruising on a houseboat through backwaters by rich greenery will make you forget everything else


In the 20th century, while visiting Alappuzha, the then British Viceroy Lord Curzon was so captivated with its characteristic magnificence that he considered it the Vanice of the East. Established in 1762 by Raja Keshawadasan, the Diwan of Travancore, Alappuzha was one of the busiest trade centres. Alappuzha has been referenced by voyagers like Ptolemy and Pliny in their works. The waterways and roads for improved transportation made Alappuzha a big port town. It is accepted that Christianity was brought to Alapuzha by St. Thomas when he visited India in 52 AD.


Alapphuzha is additionally the setting for the renowned Nehru Trophy Boat Race. The vessel race is hung on the second Saturday of August. This exciting race on the generally quiet and serene waters of Alappuzha is another reason to visit this lovely land. The best time to visit Alappuzha is the period among September and March.


Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple is among the most well known sanctuaries in Kerala. The sanctuary is implicit Kerala's customary sanctuary building style. The sanctuary is mainstream for its prasadam, which is palpayasam made of rice cooked in milk with sugar. The best an ideal opportunity to visit the sanctuary is during its yearly celebration called Aarattu, which is commended in during March-April or the long stretch of Meenam according to the Malayalam schedule.


Kuttanad is somewhere else you should visit in Alappuzha. Known as the 'rice bowl of Kerala', Kuttanad has extensive paddy fields. The field is beautiful and will give a brief look at the customary lifestyle.

Things to do: Apart from cruising in the serene backwaters, there are several other tourist attractions in Alappuzha. The city is home to temples like Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple, Chettikulangara Devi Temple, Mullakkal Rajeshwari Temple and Mannarasala Temple. Krishnapuram Palace is another popular tourist attraction. There are also many churches in the town like Champakulam Church, St. Sebastian's Church and Edathua Church. The city also has a carefully preserved statue of Buddha.

Driving distance: 53.1 km (1 hour 18 minutes)

Where to stay: Some of the best hotels in Alappuzha are Deshadan Backwater Resort (0478 2584055), The World Backwaters A Lake Resort (0478 2583939), Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort (4662861970) and Punnamada Resort (0477 2233690).

Tips: Do try traditional breakfast from one of the local tea shop. There are also several home-restaurants where you can have meals served on banana leaves. Chicken curry and porotta is another delicacy you must try here.


  1. Marayur


Located around 169 km east of Kochi, Marayur is a little town in Idduki area. Arranged on the inclines of the Western Ghats, Marayur is a heaven for nature darlings. It is asserted that Marayur was an aspect of the Stone Age development. During the 18 th century, individuals from Tamil nadu relocated to this spot when Tippu Sultan vanquished the ruler of Madurai, Thirumalainaicker.


Marayur is the main spot in the state where sandalwood trees develop normally. Marayur has a few sandalwood forests. The spot is home to more than 1000 types of blossoming plants and numerous therapeutic plants. Aibizia lathamii, a endangered tree, has additionally been located in its forests. The woods of Marayur are likewise home to the imperiled grizzled goliath squirrel.


Things to do: You should visit the wildlife sanctuary in Marayur called Chinnar, which has around 225 types of flying creatures and numerous sorts of reptiles including the mugger crocodile. The asylum additionally has the uncommon white buffalo and different warm blooded animals like langur, gaur, panther, tiger and elephant. On the off chance that you visit Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary during rainstorm you will have the option to see the wonder of movement of butterfly.


Marayur is additionally home to tomb structures called Muniyaras from the Iron Age. Muniyaras were internment chambers. These structures were made by putting four stones on the edge and fifth stone on top as spread. The fifth stone is called top stone. Not many of these Muniyaras incorporate a few chambers. There are a few Dolmens situated around Thenkasinathan Temple, an old Shiva sanctuary, arranged on the banks of Pambar River. There are a few kinds of tombs and they draw in part of guests.


Somewhere else you should visit is the Ezhuthu Guha situated at Attala. More than 90 stone compositions can be seen here. A large portion of these painted themes are theoretical plan. There are additionally barely any compositions of creature and human figures. This stone craftsmanship site is one of the most mainstream vacation destinations and sadly, the site has been vandalized by guests. A portion of the stone canvases can be seen on the incline of the level close Pambar River. You can likewise observe rock painting in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary near the Alampetty ancestral settlement.




5. Pathanamthitta


Located around 117 km south of Kochi, Pathanamthitta is the littlest region in the state. Despite the fact that Pathanamthitta is currently a business center, it has a few vacation destinations. The spot is famous for temples, boat race and cultural centres. Often referred to as the 'pilgrim capital of Kerala', Pathanamthitta is home to one of the most huge pilgrim place in the country, Sabarimala. The Temple of god Ayyappa on head of hill sees in excess of 100 million devotees consistently from everywhere in the country.


The place has a rich culture and art. One of the significant customs of this place is the ten-day-long ceremonial move known as Padayani. Kadamanitta Devi Temple is the setting for this move.


'Aranmula Kannadi' is another fascinating nearby craftsmanship here. The aranmula kannadi is a mirror made of metal compound. These are high quality and are extremely extraordinary. The strategy for making this mirror isn't known to everyone. It is an off the record piece of information known uniquely to the group of the specialists. The mystery is given over from age to age. There are a lot more places to see in Pathanamthitta and the best an ideal opportunity to visit this wonderful land is from October to February.


Things to do: Sabarimala is the most significant spot in Pathanamthitta. Fans from everywhere the nation visit the Ayyappa sanctuary situated in Sabarimala. Different strict places in Pathanamthitta incorporate Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple, the Malankara Orthodox Church and Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple.


Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls is another acclaimed traveler objective. This wonderful cascade is situated on the Western Ghats and is mainstream for its wide territory. This cascade is lovely and simultaneously, it is perilous. The flood of this cascade later joins the Pamba River.


Driving distance: 117.7 km (3 hours 10 minutes)

Where to stay: Some of the best hotels in Pathanamthitta include Hotel Hills Park (0468 222 6262), Kutties Residency (0468 224 2423), Wyte Portico Hotel (094464 90700) and Mannil Regenggcy (098470 07123).

Tips: Do buy Aranmula Kannadi, which is believed to bring in good fortune.


6. Vagamon


Located 102.5 km south-east of Kochi, Vagamon is a hill station that lies in Kottayam-Idukki outskirt. With beautiful hills, waterfalls, lavish greenery, thick pine forest, this hill station is a hotspot for photography lovers and honeymooners. Situated at a height of 1,100 meters, Vagamon is a must visit destination.This picturesque spot was found by the British. The British were trailed by Christian evangelists. You will discover tea and coffee plantation here adding appeal to this charming hill station. Vagamon is recorded as one the "50 most attractive places to visit in India" by National Geographic Traveler.

This town is as yet untouched by commercialization and offers you many adventure sports like stone ascending, mountaineering, paragliding and trekking. You will be hypnotized by the hauntingly lovely scene of this spot. Vagamon has many bare slopes with knolls. It is additionally home to a few sorts of orchids and blossoms. You can visit Vagamon during the time as the atmosphere is consistently charming here.

Things to do: You can go for trekking, rock climbing or paragliding here. Or on the other hand you can simply kick back and absorb the characteristic magnificence of this spot. Other intriguing spots to visit close Vagamon are Kulamavu and Peermade.

You can likewise visit Kurisumala Ashram, which is situated close Vagamon. The ashram is arranged on head of a slope and it is encircled by lakes and tea bequests. The moving glades, pine backwoods and an angular gully called Mooppanpara are not many of the must-visit places. There is a Murugan sanctuary situated on the Murugan slope. The sanctuary is celebrated for its delightful stone-age cutting

Driving distance: 102.5 km (2 hours 51 minutes)

Where to stay: Some of the hotels in Vagamon are Chillax Vagamon (04869 248 235), Holiday Vagamon (077369 64777), Winter Vale Green Stay (090483 22916) and Adrak Summer Sand Hill Resort (04869 248 373).

Tips: Trekking here is enjoyable.



7. Ponnani

Located 114.1 km north of Kochi, Ponanni is a little pleasant town in Malappuram district. With Arabian Sea on one side, the town has numerous delightful beaches and is a significant fishing centre. With a few mosques and different religious places, the town has a remarkable legacy and history.


Ponnani once was home to the amazing Samoothiri rulers. It likewise filled in as Malabar's second capital. A few political dissidents were from this town and thus Ponnani has a special place in India's freedom struggles. Tirur and Bharathapuzha River join here before they stream into the Arabian Sea.

Malabar was vanquished by Hyder Ali of Mysore in 1766 and a station was set up in Ponnani. This town turned into the fundamental community for Islamic practices during the standard of Hyder Ali's child, Tipu Sultan. For security reasons and trade, Tipu built up Ponnani's port.

Ponnani is regularly called as 'Makkah of South India' as it is a significant place for islamic studies. The town has a Muslim population and you will see numerous exceptional Muslim traditions followed by the individuals. Aravanamuttu, Kolkali and Duff Muttu are a portion of the famous folk art of Ponnani.

Things to do: This port town has numerous tourist spots. One of the most conspicuous places here is the Ponnani Juma Masjid, which is referenced in Malabar Manual by the pilgrim history specialist William Logan. Built in 1510, Ponnani Juma Masjid has the traditional design style of Kerala. The mosque was developed by the observed Muslim otherworldly leader Zainudhin Makhdum.

Other spots are the Saraswati Temple, fishing harbor and Ponnani Lighthouse. You can likewise visit Lake Biyyam or Biyyam Kayal.

Driving distance: 114.1 km (3 hours 12 minutes)

Where to stay: Some of the hotels near Ponnani are Rouba Residency (094465 23255), NC Gardens & Beach Resorts (0494 247 1480), Ruby Residency (0483 274 2174) and Puthiya Kovilakam Heritage Homestay (094463 32500).

Tips: The food here is an interesting fusion of south Indian and Arabic style of cooking. Do taste the food from a local restaurant.


8. Thekkady

Thekkady is situated around 156 km east of Kochi and is one of the most popular in Kerala. Settled in the Western Ghats, Thekkady brings out pictures of moving hills, elephants and sweet-smelling spice plantations. You will discover cardamom, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and dark pepper estates here. The spot is known for the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is among the biggest public parks in the nation. The untamed life hold is spread over this grand slope town and offers numerous open doors for experience exercises like traveling. The best an ideal opportunity to visit Thekkady is among September and March.

Things to do: Thekkady is paradise for nature darlings. You can take wilderness strolls with a nearby guide or for trekking. The most acclaimed place of interest here is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is situated on the banks of Periyar Lake. Spread across 777 sq km, the untamed life asylum offers you a chance to observe wild creatures in their common natural surroundings. In 1978, the safe-haven was pronounced a tiger save. The hold is celebrated for its thick evergreen timberland and savanna fields. The recreation center is home to Nilgiri langurs, lion-followed macaques, gaur, tigers, sambar and elephants. You may see buffalo, deer and wild elephant drinking water at the Periyar Lake. You can take a visit through the wild save by sailing, journeying or jeep.

Periyar Lake, made by the Mullaperiyar Dam worked across Periyar River, is another fascination. Take a journey in the lake and appreciate the lavish greenery of the backwoods and the quiet water of the lake. There is likewise an old sanctuary inside the save committed to Mangala Devi. You can likewise take a visit through cardamom and tea estate or appreciate the famous Ayurvedic knead.

Driving distance: 155.9 km (4 hours 15 minutes)

Where to stay: Some of the best hotels in Thekkady include Cardamom County (0484 650 3044), Greenwoods Resort (094465 74383), Forest Canopy (04869 224 027) and Hills & Hues (090619 10000).





9. Munnar

Found in the range of 134 km east of Kochi, Munnar is a terrific hill station in Idukki region. The name Munnar is gotten from the word Moonu Aaru, which in Malayalam implies three rivers. Munnar sits at the conversion of three waterways specifically Kundaly, Nallathanni and Madhurapuzha. The hill station is settled in the Western Ghats at a rise of 6,000 ft and is known for its wonderful atmosphere and unblemished excellence. The hill station is popular for cardamom and tea plantations.

Munnar was developed by John Daniel Munro, at that point British inhabitant to Travancore, as an estate town. Munnar is the ideal objective for recently marries, experience devotees and nature sweethearts the same. The spouting cascades, excellent valleys, moving hills, virgin woodlands and rambling tea plantation make this hill station an ideal occasion objective.

Munnar is additionally home to the acclaimed Neelakurinju blossoms that sprout once in at regular intervals and when it does the valleys and slopes get covered by this purple-blue blossoms. The spot looks dreamlike during this time. In spite of the fact that, Munnar is a well known vacationer place, you won't locate any extravagant cafés. Nonetheless, there are a few decent restaurants here that serve flavorful nearby dishes.

Things to do: The best activity in Munnar is to unwind and absorb the magnificence of the spot. In the event that you are an undertaking sweetheart, you can go for drifting, trekking and paragliding. Take a visit through Chinnar, Thattekad and Eravikulam natural life asylums. You can likewise visit the Tea Museum or tea plantation.

Driving distance: 130.4 km (3 hours 45 minutes)

Where to stay: Some of the best hotels in Munnar are The Panoramic Getaway (082818 88777), The Regency Hotel (04865 233 332), Eastend Munnar (04865 230 451), Tea County Munnar (04865 230 460) and Clouds Valley munnar (04865 230 687).

Tips: Munnar is a very good place to have street food. You will find many earteries serving vegetarian lip-smacking dishes.Do taste the tea at tea plantation.

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