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Think of Switzerland and you no doubt visualize the dreamy snow-clad Alps, heaps of breath-taking hiking trails, birthplace of the Red Cross and perhaps a delicious serving of fondue. But there’s a lot more to this country. Switzerland with its mighty wooden villas, beautiful lush green meadows, tranquil blue lakes and the jingle of cowbells along with not-to-be-missed delectable cheese and Swiss chocolates is in a true sense a fairytale de Read More

Think of Switzerland and you no doubt visualize the dreamy snow-clad Alps, heaps of breath-taking hiking trails, birthplace of the Red Cross and perhaps a delicious serving of fondue. But there’s a lot more to this country. Switzerland with its mighty wooden villas, beautiful lush green meadows, tranquil blue lakes and the jingle of cowbells along with not-to-be-missed delectable cheese and Swiss chocolates is in a true sense a fairytale destination and a traveler’s paradise. It has an abundance of tourist attractions and Instagrammable locations; as a result, this European Jewel makes a special appearance in the bucket list of every traveler.

Switzerland rests right in the heart of Europe and as such, is influenced by all kinds of food, languages, architecture and people. It is also home to three separate sections —French, German and Italian — providing travelers a glimpse into multiple different cultures. As a peaceful and notoriously neutral nation, Switzerland enjoys a reputation for being one of the safest countries in Europe and in the world, making it a preferred holiday destination for all types of travelers; be it family with kids, honeymooners, friends or solo travelers. Whether it’s losing yourself in the scenery, be it lakeside, on top of the mountains or simply immersing yourself in culture, traditions and culinary experiences, there is a lot to see and do at the heart of Europe.

The country covers only 0.4% of Europe’s land and boasts an astounding 7000 lakes, making up 6% of the continent’s fresh water reserves. These serene lakes with pure crystal clear water and grandiose Alps in the background are absolutely spectacular. Despite its small size, Switzerland offers such an extensive range of scenery that it delights travelers year-round. One doesn't have to travel far to see its striking forests, castles, cathedrals, lakes, glaciers, valleys, meadows and snow-capped mountains. Three-fifth of the country is covered by the Alps and here one can also find the Jura Mountains, Swiss Plateau and the southeastern mountains. Whether or not, you’re planning a trip to Switzerland alone or combining it with France or Germany for a longer trip, make sure to spend at least a week to explore the Swiss attractions.

The home of the perfect Alpine ranges is heaven for honeymooners from all over the globe. Switzerland has been the quintessential romantic destination for a very long time now, especially for Indian travelers since the DDLJ movie age. Remember the scene where Raj and Simran miss their train? Yes, this famous scene was shot at the tiny train station of Zweisimmen near Gstaad in Switzerland. If you can watch DDLJ a zillion times, then why not travel to this gorgeous destination and relive the film's most iconic moments, as we take you through some of its picture-postcard locations as part of our Switzerland holiday package. Our Switzerland honeymoon packages including the picturesque snow-covered mountains, the huge crystal-clear lakes, and the wild and luscious grasslands in the towns make it a fairyland and ideal spot to begin your new life as a married couple.

Akbar Travels offers variety of cheap Switzerland holiday packages at very attractive prices, so you can experience something truly memorable, whatever the region you dream of exploring. Opt for one of our Switzerland family packages, exotic cruise holidays, special solo tours, adventure holidays, value vacations, independent packages and more for a memorable trip filled with relaxation and extraordinary explorations... all which are hassle-free!

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you and all the information you need to pick the right Switzerland holiday package for you.


If you hold an ordinary Indian passport and are planning to travel to Switzerland, obtaining a pre-visit visa is absolutely necessary. Switzerland is part of the Schengen agreement. THE SCHENGEN STATES comprise 26 European countries that have agreed on unrestricted movement of people within their borders. The Schengen countries are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Latvia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

Schengen visa holders can stay for up to 90 days in a six (6) month period. The best time to apply for your Switzerland visa is 1-2 months before your travel date. Akbar Travels specialises in securing visas for over 190 countries and can help you secure a Switzerland visa.


There are many airports catering to both international and domestic flights in Switzerland. But the main International airports are Zurich Airport (ZRH), Geneva International Airport (GVA), Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (BSL) and Bern Airport (BRN). Also various international airlines such as Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qantas and more have regular flights to Switzerland from the major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad etc. Switzerland’s flag carrier is Swiss International Airlines, which has direct flights from Zurich to major cities around the world.

Akbar Travels connects directly with hundreds of full-service and low-cost carriers to provide you with the best selection of cheap flights and to easily compare booking on all airlines flying to Switzerland. Make sure that you check for the cheapest flights to Switzerland when planning your trip.             


Accommodation in Switzerland isn't known to be cheap. Luckily, there are several options to rest your head in Switzerland without breaking the bank. Akbar Travels offers you a wide range and exclusive selection of reasonably priced top class hotels in Switzerland. Discover and book the best five-star luxury hotels, boutique retreats, holiday villas and private, insider-led experiences. Find the best places to stay in Switzerland for all budgets and comfort levels. Our low web prices can't be beaten either!


Switzerland is a year-round destination! It has a pleasant climate with the peaks of the Alps being snow covered while the lowlands and plains enjoy a temperate climate all through the year. Besides, the best time to visit Switzerland will depend majorly upon your preferences of activities. Regardless, the best time to visit Switzerland is between April to June and September to October. But if you are into adventure sports and want to experience the ski resorts or just the snow and coziness of a Swiss chalet in winter, then obviously the winter months are better i.e. December – March. In this season, you can enjoy snow sports like skiing, snow-boarding and ice-skating at ski resorts like Gstaad and St Moritz as also the little known but very beautiful Val d'Anniviers, located in the French-speaking Switzerland.


Switzerland is an expensive country to travel around, which is why it is often missed off the typical Europe travel route. Depending on where you go and how you travel; the trip can be relatively cheap or expensive. It can cost very little, or it can cost you an arm and a leg. As a matter of fact, it’s worth booking a Switzerland tour package through a reliable travel company to help you cut down on your costs and save significantly. With a little bit of planning and commitment to saving on accommodation, transport and leisure, you’ll be able to get the full Swiss experience without spending your life’s savings. The entire experience is 100% fruitful as all your activities, accommodation, flight tickets, meals etc have been booked and paid for in advance. You do not need to worry about last minute hiccups due to increase in price or unavailability.

Tip: If you are on a tight budget, plan your Switzerland trip in off season. October is considered the off season and is a great month to find hotels, flights and activities with lower prices. Keep an eye out for our weekend travel deals.


A vacation is incomplete without shopping and Swiss offers very exciting shopping destinations for the shopaholics. You can shop for fantastic clothes, fashion accessories, gift items, brand products, craft works, chocolate products and so on in Switzerland shopping zones. Swiss chocolates and Swiss cheese are world famous and are sold at many places through the country. Other items of purchase in Switzerland include Swiss army knives, clocks (including cuckoos), embroidered items, wood carvings, liquors (Williamine, the best thing that can be done with a pear), folklore souvenirs (such as music boxes), DDLJ theme souvenirs, cowbells and antiques.


The Swiss currency is the Swiss franc (CHF). Though Switzerland is in Europe, but not officially part of the European Union. So, on almost all fronts, they do not accept the Euro. Therefore, if you are traveling around Europe, you will need to change currencies before your trip and use the local - Swiss Franc. Major credit cards are accepted in most places such as restaurants and shops.


Switzerland is very organised and boasts an extremely efficient public transport system. So, if you don't feel like driving while you are here, the trains are an awesome way to get around. Easy, punctual, reliable, but not so cheap! However, although driving is relatively easy due to the well-organized highways, it might not be the best option for a relaxing holiday, as highways are prone to traffic jams at peak times. (Early morning, late afternoon, Sundays). Buses and trains within major cities in Switzerland are punctual and efficient. Expect to pay $2 - $5 for a single trip. Another option is carpooling – BlaBlaCar is a popular ridesharing service in Switzerland. Furthermore, if you plan to stay for a while and travel frequently, make sure to get the Swiss Travel Pass that allows unlimited traveling throughout the country by train.


With a cuisine that combines influences from the German, French and Italian culture, Switzerland has an incredible foodie ethos that differs from region to region. No trip to Switzerland is complete without indulging in world famous Swiss cheese and chocolate!  There are many cheese and chocolate tours which explain the production process and provide tastings.  Some of the more popular Swiss dishes include: fondue, muesli, raclette, and rösti.


Switzerland is intrinsically more culturally diverse than perhaps any other European country, with four national languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh - a language of Swiss origin – spoken in the mountainous area of Graubünden. If you do not speak one of these languages, don’t worry, English is widely spoken, especially in cities.


Switzerland is a bonafide playground for adrenaline thrill-seekers because of its year-round roll of activities. In winter, ski-gliding, ice skating, sledging, snowboarding, ice climbing, deep-snow skiing, heli-skiing, glacier-walking and snow-biking are most popular between January and March. Skiers can choose between downhill and cross-country trails for day and night and at all levels. In the warmer months, hiking, sailing, water-skiing, cycling, climbing, canoeing, swimming, rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, and skydiving are just some of the activities to be enjoyed here. Our Switzerland tour package will take you to all the top-rated adventure destinations of Switzerland and provide you with a fantastic chance to pamper yourself in awesome adventure sports.


Switzerland is a country with a wide offering of night time entertainment to suit everyone’s taste and budget. As there are numerous clubs, bars, pubs and a lot more, the nightlife in Switzerland is known to be one of the best tourist attractions. You can dance all night, get classy drinks and even ski at night. If you are looking to experience the lively nightlife scene and discover some thrilling joints, Zurich will not disappoint you. Zurich isn't just Switzerland's largest city; it's also the country's nightlife capital. As such, the city has its share of long-established bars and clubs—including Einstein's favorite café—as well as a frequently changing roster of new "it" places. With a huge assortment of music genres and venue styles on offer, tourists will be spoilt for choice.


All our Switzerland tour packages have been carefully put together to include the highlights of each region and take away the hassle of having to plan things for yourself. With included excursions like exploring the magical city of Zurich, trips on the iconic Mountain Pilatus, Glacier Express Train in Switzerland, cruising on Lake Lucerne or cycling through winding forests in Bern, these Swiss tours promise to leave you with some incredible holiday memories. With all the details taken care of including flights, accommodation and transfers, all you need to do is just have a great holiday.

Get inspired by our most popular Switzerland itineraries below and book now for huge savings:

Switzerland Packages



Classical Italy and Switzerland

6 Nights / 7 Days


From Zurich to Paris

5 Nights / 6 Days


Swiss and Italian Spotlight

6 Nights / 7 Days


European Extravaganza

6 Nights / 7 Days


French and Swiss Spirit

7 Nights / 8 Days


Switzerland with Apartment Stay

7 Nights / 8 Days


Highlights of Switzerland

5 Nights / 6 Days


Enchanting Switzerland with Glacier Express

5 Nights / 6 Days


Alpine Swiss

5 Nights / 6 Days


Panoramic Switzerland

7 Nights / 8 Days


Stunning Tops of Switzerland

6 Nights / 7 Days


Scenic Switzerland

8 Nights / 9 Days


Super Saver Europe

12 Nights / 13 Days



This beautiful country is truly heaven on earth. It doesn’t only boast of having some of the cities with the highest quality of living in the world, it also has the most picturesque attractions including glorious mountains and serene lakes one can ever see.

Book our Switzerland holiday package and get up-close and personal with iconic sights, nibble on Swiss delights, go shopping and get lost in the enchanting streets of the charming cities! With included flights, accommodation and activities, our Switzerland tour packages give you the freedom to explore the cities the way you want to!


Switzerland's largest city Zurich is a global centre of finance and also one of Europe's best nightlife destinations. Often mistaken as the capital of Switzerland, this vibrant and dynamic city is also considered the commercial, cultural and political capital of Switzerland. A historic city center, lakes and parks, vibrant bars and restaurants, a big expat population and a bustling nightlife, Zurich has it all. Known as the gateway into the Alps, and set along the juncture between the beautiful Lake Zurich and the Limmat River, Zurich is undeniably mesmerising. For all shopaholics, Zurich has all the top brands right on the main street (Bahnhofstrasse, leading right from the train station). The city hosts one of the lit street parties in Europe known as the ‘Street Parade’. Whether it's Michelin-starred restaurants or a museum visit with Alpine views, plan your Zurich city break like Swiss clockwork and get the most out of your stay with our Switzerland tour package.

Lucerne (Luzern)

Centrally located in Switzerland, Lucerne is considered one of the prettiest cities in the world and is a hotspot of all travelers and even amongst the Swiss themselves. Occupying an exquisite position on the banks of Lake Lucerne where the River Reuss meets the lake, Lucerne is a captivating, colourful city winning the hearts of its many visitors.  It offers best things that a traveler could wish: nature in the mountains and hiking trails, boat rides in the lake and the city life, with a lot of shops and restaurants to give you an authentic taste of the Swiss cuisine. Small enough to explore on foot, discover the charismatic streets of the traffic-free ‘old-town’, with its frescoed buildings, enjoyable cafés, shops and boutiques, or drop by one of the city’s museums. Pack your camera (or make sure to have your smartphone on hand at all times!) as the many sights are sure to unleash your creativity!

St Moritz

Many places on earth are simply unlike anywhere else. St. Moritz is one of them and is listed among the rare places in Switzerland and in the world. It serves as the perfect place for travelers who want to enjoy the cold under the sun. The winter wonderland of St. Moritz has the most beautiful ski resorts in Switzerland and has been attracting the visitors, celebrities and royal families since 1864. Here one can indulge in adrenaline filled adventure sports like skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating, as well as, spend a fancy relaxing holiday in luxurious hotels with spas and heartwarming sights. This place is also well-known for its luxurious hotels with high-quality services, considered among best ones in the Swiss Alps, especially the hotels that are situated on the Lake St. Moritz. St Moritz may be renowned for its winter sports but there are plenty of outstanding possibilities for hiking in the warmer summer months. In fact, the mountains of St Moritz and the surrounding Engadin region offer over 300 miles of hiking trails overlooking attractive valleys, glaciers, and lakes. With an average of 322 sunny days a year that's just one reason to book a Switzerland ski holiday package to glitzy St Moritz in the Swiss Alps.

Bern (The Capital of Switzerland)

With the old capital city surrounded on three sides by the turquoise waters of the flowing river Aare, numerous medieval buildings straddling the old town and the pinnacle of the Bern cathedral piercing the blue sky, Bern is a sight not to be missed. The region of Bern is the perfect example of what Switzerland offers at its best: a UNESCO World Heritage capital city with all year round cultural atmospheres, a combination of crystal clear blue water lakes, the most impressive peaks of the Alps, meadows, green foothills, icy glaciers and sky-piercing peaks. Bern is also famous for the Einsteinhaus (Einstein House); a museum and a former residence of Albert Einstein (yes, Switzerland is where he lived, worked and studied). Besides, if you are a culture vulture and plan to visit many of Bern’s museums, a small fee buys you a 24 / 48-hour Museum Card and thus unlimited free entry throughout the city. Bern also has a great reputation for wellness and relaxation so you should book in for a day in one of its many luxurious spas.  


Set suitably in central Switzerland, the small town of Interlaken takes its name from its geographical position: between two lakes. To the west Lake Thun and on the East is Lake Brienz. Interlaken is a scenic starting point for mountain excursions that has been built at the foot of three world-famous mountains, the Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau, Europe’s highest mountain at 3,454 meters above sea level. The city is also known as the outdoor and action sports capital of Switzerland with everything from skydiving, bungee jumping, hiking, to white-water rafting and canyoning. Climb, hike, or paraglide your way to stunning views of the Swiss Alps' iconic peaks, as well as, enjoy the original attractions that can be reached by train, funicular, cable car or boat. No matter what you love about travel, Interlaken has it.


If Switzerland is on your bucket list, you’ll certainly want to visit Geneva, the central city of chocolates, luxury watches, Swiss army knives, and world peace. Nestled in the far southeastern corner of Switzerland between the Alps and Jura Mountains, Geneva embraces the southern end of Lake Geneva (also known as Lac Léman) and is known for its natural beauty and wealth (It is one of the 5 richest cities in the world). Switzerland’s second largest city is home to extravagant hotels, independent boutiques and high-end jewellers, not to mention an exotic choice of excellent restaurants and mouth-wateringly good chocolatiers. It’s called a “world city” of cultural, economic, and political significance, as it hosts numerous international organizations and corporations, including the European headquarters of the United Nations and is a must-visit.

Geneva is the stronghold of its French-speaking society, so take a dip into the sweet life.


The city of Basel exudes history and sophistication and has a typically Swiss ambiance of order. Resting on the Rhine River in northwest Switzerland, near to both the French and German borders, Basel is a haven of history and culture. With 40 acclaimed museums, from the renowned Kunstmuseum (Art) to several tiny “pocket” museums built by architects like Renzo Piano, Mario Botta and Herzog & De Meuro, picturesque views, world-class renaissance art, plentiful markets for shopping and a youthful vibrancy courtesy of its large university student population, the city provides travelers with a wide array of unique travel experiences. Basel is especially well-known for its vibrant carnival festival which attracts lots of visitors in the second half month of February every year.


Discover a selection of amazing sights and activities in Switzerland from incredible mountains to unforgettable rail journeys.


Thanks to the fact that Switzerland is Europe's most mountainous country, hiking is second to none. Each region of Swiss offers breathtaking views, whether you want to see snow-clad Alps, icy blue glaciers, or serene Alpine lakes. Its resort destinations feature among the best places to enjoy hiking in the Swiss mountains, though trails can be found all over the country.

Explore Swiss mountains and waterfalls

From Rhine falls to the famous Toblerone mountain (also known as Matterhorn), Switzerland knows how to serve up those epic nature views. In picture postcard perfect Lauterbrunnen, stroll through the valley and soak in the sheer cliffs and waterfalls.

Take a trip to the ‘Top of Europe’

The highest-altitude railway station in Europe is in Switzerland. While every mountain experience in Switzerland is stunning, Jungfraujoch - also known as the ‘Top of Europe’ - has a railway that takes you 11,332 feet to the top and is the highest in all of Europe. Once at the top of Jungfraujoch, you’ll be at a astounding height of 3,454 metres above sea level with views over the Aletsch Glacier and beyond. Keep your Camera ready!

Go Lake Hopping

Switzerland is home to some of the most beautiful, glistening lakes in the whole of Europe. Its natural attractions include a number of picturesque lakes, the most renowned of which is Lake Geneva. Other Swiss cities along the line of scenic lakes are Zurich and Lucerne, to name a few. Boat tours are the best way to take advantage of these pristine bodies of water. From turquoise and emerald to icy-blue and royal, Swiss lakes come in every color. So take some time to visit some of the best and see those crystal clear waters for yourself.

Do a Helicopter Flight

A helicopter flight is always an overwhelming idea, but even more if you decide to do a helicopter flight over the Swiss Alps. The views are simply unbelievable and out of this world. While helicopter rides in Switzerland can be little pricey, they are worth every penny.

Wine Tasting

A glass of fine wine and spectacular views on Lake Geneva sounds extravagant, doesn’t it?! Do it while you’re in Switzerland. Explore the exclusive vineyards, and get your hands on the best neighborhood wines of the city. From the wine manufactured using Chasselas grapes on the shorelines of Lake Geneva, Merlot from Ticino to Pinot Noir from the Valais, enjoy all the neighborhood names.

Thermal Baths & Spas

Thermal baths and spas thrive in Switzerland where the warm thermal waters flow from mountain bases and are directed into various pools for a relaxing and therapeutic treatment. After ski, or just for fun, the numerous spa and bath options are great to unwind and enjoy the winter weather.

Titlis Cliff Walk in Mount Titlis

Take the new Titlis Cliff Walk in Mount Titlis for a breath-taking experience of walking on a swaying suspension bridge at 10,000 feet above sea level.

Boating on Lake Zurich

Boating on Lake Zurich is a very popular activity and a must-try while in Zurich.

Indulge in the Swiss Chocolates & Cheese

Switzerland is where milk chocolate and fondue were invented. Regardless of whether it’s not your first or 50th trip to Switzerland, the love of Swiss chocolates and cheese never leaves! Treat your sweet tooth with the well-known Swiss milk chocolates, and take a shot at all that you can. There are more than 450 varieties and you’ll want to balance all that chocolate with something savory. You can melt, mix, and eat your way through the country’s most popular export. Pampering your taste buds is just another way to embrace with the locals, after all.


From the above information, it is clear that Switzerland has some very impressive natural landscapes that must be seen to be believed. Soaring mountains, fairytale villages, vibrant cantons and all the Swiss chocolate! Yep, a visit to Switzerland is where it's at. So, whether it's heading out on a hike in the Swiss Alps to breathe in that fresh mountain air or taking the journey up the Jungfrau Railway for OMG views or ending the day with some yummy cheese fondue, you're onto a winner destination.

Discover Europe’s most spectacular destination with our affordable Switzerland tour packages. Our cheap Swiss holiday packages allow you to get a feel for the region whilst seeing and hearing about all the history, culture and views in the area. You’ll get the most out of your holiday with the numerous guided excursions and experiences included. Each of our Switzerland holiday packages have been carefully crafted to create itineraries that explore the very best this country has to offer. And while planning your amazing Swiss love story; be definite to include Switzerland honeymoon places such as St Moritz, Zermatt, Montreux etc in your itinerary, and you will cherish these days with your soul mate forever.

Apart from best Switzerland holiday packages, we also offer a wide range of tours across the European continent from visiting the most iconic monument Eiffel Tower in Paris, eating a Belgian waffle in Belgium, wine tasting in Italy to playing chess in a thermal bath in Budapest, sunbathing on the French Riviera or speeding past Germany’s dramatic scenery on a rail tour. Or why not explore the beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast or Norway’s remarkable fjords? Perhaps venture a little further and discover the many highlights of Netherlands on our Europe tours exploring this diverse and spectacular country.

Choosing Akbar Travels’ Europe tour packages gives you the freedom to discover destinations without having to worry about the details. We've spent over 40 years crafting and refining tour itineraries full of must-see sites and off-the-beaten path experiences you won't find on other tours. Our Travel Experts will take care of every element and their passion and local knowledge will bring your journey to life. We do the work, and you concentrate on taking the trip of a lifetime. You can also book budget Switzerland tour packages from all major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Kerala, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

Everything's sorted for you - from flights and hotels to sightseeings and activities. Ready to start your adventure? Switzerland is calling you; get your suitcase ready!

Book your Switzerland holiday today.

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