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London is arguably the most recognisable city in the entire globe. It has a rich history and has long served as the Royal Family's residence. If you're eager to visit this vibrant city, think about choosing London packages that will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere and explore the area. Another strong draw in this location is the allure of the old-world components. London receives 27 million visitors each year, making it the m Read More

London is arguably the most recognisable city in the entire globe. It has a rich history and has long served as the Royal Family's residence. If you're eager to visit this vibrant city, think about choosing London packages that will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere and explore the area. Another strong draw in this location is the allure of the old-world components. London receives 27 million visitors each year, making it the most visited city in Europe. With some of the best art, music, shopping, cuisine, and history in the world, it is nearly impossible to stay bored in London.

London's lengthy history is responsible for one of the world's most amazing civilizations today. In addition, it is one of the cities with the most diversity. Akbar Holidays offers a variety of carefully thought-out London tour packages that will help you enjoy your visit to this stunning city. London is one of the most iconic and vibrant cities in the world. It's rich in history, culture, and cosmopolitan flair. As the capital city of England, it's the centre of political, financial, and cultural power in the UK.

Travel and tourism in London offer an array of experiences that cater to all types of travellers' interests. From world-class museums, art galleries, and theatres to iconic landmarks and monuments, shopping, and dining, our expert curated London tour packages have something for everyone. Some of the attractions in London that you absolutely cannot miss on your London trip package include the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament. The iconic River Thames runs through the city, and taking a river cruise along it is an excellent way to see London's sights from a different perspective.

London is also home to some of the world's best museums, such as the British Museum, the National Gallery, and the Tate Modern. These museums are a window into the city's history, art, and culture. If you’re a shopping enthusiast, our 4 day London tour packages have got you covered! From luxury boutiques to high street fashion, London has it all. Popular shopping destinations include Oxford Street, Covent Garden, and Knightsbridge, home to the famous Harrods department store. London's theatre scene is famous worldwide, and if you’re a theatre lover, catching a West End show is something you cannot miss on your London holiday packages. If you’re someone who enjoys music, Akbar Holidays’ London travel packages have got you covered! The city's music scene is equally vibrant and diverse, with venues such as the O2, Royal Albert Hall, and Wembley Stadium hosting concerts and events throughout the year. Foodies will love the endless dining options available in London.

Curated specially for food loving Indians, the London tour packages from India ensure that you get to experience the best food in this city. From traditional English pub food to Michelin-starred dining experiences, the city's culinary scene is a melting pot of different cuisines from around the world. London is a must-visit destination for travellers seeking a mix of history, culture, and modern flair. With its iconic landmarks, world-class museums, vibrant nightlife, and endless shopping and dining options, we promise you that there will never be a dull moment in this energetic city on your London package. 


Top spots you cannot miss


  1. The British Museum: This is one of the largest and most impressive museums in the world and is home to a vast collection of treasures such as the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies. The British Museum is one of the most comprehensive and diverse museums in the world, located in the heart of London. Established in 1753, the museum contains over 8 million objects that span the entirety of human history and culture. Aside from its impressive collection, the British Museum also boasts an extensive research library that is open to the public. The museum is also home to a variety of temporary exhibits and events, showcasing artefacts and works of art from around the world. The British Museum is a fascinating and insightful place to explore the history and culture of humanity. On your London packages with Akbar Holidays, visit the British Museum with its massive collection and ongoing contributions to scholarship and research, making it one of the world's most significant cultural institutions.


  1. The Tower of London: The Tower of London is a historic castle and former royal palace located on the north bank of the River Thames. It has served as a prison, a royal palace, and a fortress over the years. One of the main attractions of the Tower of London is the Crown Jewels. On London tour packages with Akbar, you can see the British monarch's collection of crown jewels, including crowns, sceptres, and orbs that have been used in coronations for hundreds of years. Another popular attraction on your London trip package are the Yeoman Warders, who are also known as Beefeaters. These uniformed guards give tours of the Tower and share stories about the history and traditions of the Tower. For history buffs in our London travel packages, The Tower also has a number of historic buildings and exhibits, including the White Tower, which was built by William the Conqueror and is now home to the Royal Armouries collection of weapons and armour. The Tower of London is open year-round, and visitors can expect to spend at least two hours exploring the historic site. Tickets can be purchased online in advance or at the Tower's ticket office on the day of your visit. To avoid the crowds, visitors should plan to arrive early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The Tower can get very busy during peak tourist season, so it's best to visit during the off-season if possible. For those who’re worried about the London trip cost, travelling during the off season will help relieve some of your stress.


  1. The London Eye: This iconic ferris wheel is located on the south bank of the River Thames and provides breathtaking views of the city. The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, is a prominent tourist attraction situated on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. It is a giant Ferris wheel that stands tall at a height of 443 feet, making it one of the tallest observation wheels in the world. The London Eye offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the city and is a must-visit attraction for tourists exploring the capital in London tour packages. The ride takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and visitors get to experience breath-taking views of London's skyline, landmarks and historic buildings. The London Eye is also a great starting point for tourists exploring London, which is why we’ve made sure it's included in all our London packages. It is located near several other popular attractions such as the Sea Life London Aquarium, the London Dungeon, and the Tate Modern Gallery. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops in the area, making it the ideal place to spend a day out with family and friends on your London city tour packages.


  1. Buckingham Palace: The official residence of the British monarchy, Buckingham Palace is a must-visit location for tourists. Buckingham Palace is open for visitors during the summer months, from July to September. During this time, tourists are allowed to explore the magnificent state rooms, which include the Throne Room, the Ballroom, and the Picture Gallery. Each of these rooms is beautifully decorated with exquisite paintings, sculptures, and luxurious furniture. If ornate interiors are your forte, this will be your favourite place on your London packages. The highlight of the Buckingham Palace tour is the Changing of the Guard ceremony, which takes place every day at 11:00 am sharp in front of the Palace's main gate. Akbar Holidays makes sure you don’t miss this spectacle on all London packages! The ceremony has been performed since 1660 and is a major attraction for tourists. It's a fascinating display of British pomp and tradition, where the Queen's Guard swaps duties with the New Guard. If you are someone who loves gardens and all things nature, don’t forget to visit the Palace's extensive gardens on your London tour package from Mumbai, which cover an area of over 39 acres. The garden's highlights include the famous lake, the Rose Garden, and the wisteria-filled Japanese Garden. If you are lucky, you may even catch glimpses of the wildlife that thrives in the gardens, such as swans, ducks, and squirrels. Finally, if you are interested in the history of the Palace, an option you must explore on your London tour packages is to visit the Royal Mews, which houses the Queen's carriages, horses, and other vehicles. Here, you can get a closer look at the ornate carriages that are still used for royal processions and events.


  1. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament: These iconic landmarks are located on the north bank of the River Thames and are an impressive example of Victorian architecture. The Big Ben, officially known as the Elizabeth Tower, is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. You absolutely cannot miss this one on your London tour packages. It is a striking feature of the famous Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament. The tower stands at an impressive height of 96 meters (315 feet) and is adorned with elegant gothic-style architecture. The tower, completed in 1859, was named after Queen Elizabeth II and weighs over 13 tons, making it the world's largest chiming clock. The Big Ben is not only a time-teller but also a significant symbol of London's history and culture. On your London tour packages from India you can witness the clock's remarkable mechanism and learn about its fascinating history in the Clock Tower Room. The view from the top of the tower is breathtaking, offering panoramic views of London's skyline. Tourists can partake in guided tours of the House of Parliament in their London packages, where they can witness the debates and proceedings within the chambers. Visitors can also explore the palace's chambers and viewing galleries, marvelling at the ornate architecture and rich history. The Palace of Westminster also houses a remarkable collection of art and artefacts, including the impressive bronze statue of Winston Churchill, an iconic British leader.


  1. The St. Paul's Cathedral: This impressive cathedral is one of the most iconic buildings in London and is a popular tourist attraction. There are many things to see and experience inside St. Paul's Cathedral as a tourist from India on your London packages from Delhi. The Highlights of the cathedral are:
    1. The Nave: A 224 ft-long hallway that's the forecourt of the cathedral. The high ceilings and intricate designs carved around the pillars will leave you awestruck.
    2. The Whispering Gallery: This is a dome that uses acoustics in a unique way - a person who whispers around one end of the gallery can be heard clearly at the opposite end some 100 feet away!
    3. The Crypt: Travellers can wander through the crypt, an underground space filled with tombs and memorials dedicated to the cathedral's famous patrons, including Admiral Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington.
    4. The Golden Gallery: The top of the dome offers unparalleled views of London city, which is a 528-foot climb to the top.
    5. Artwork and Decorations: Various artworks and decorations are located throughout the cathedral, including a moving Pietà statue that commemorates the death of Jesus Christ.


  1. The Shard: This skyscraper is the tallest building in Western Europe and provides a stunning 360-degree view of the city from the top floor. It is one of the most iconic and recognizable buildings you’ll get to see on your London packages from India. Located in the heart of the city, and towering 310 metres above ground, it is the tallest building in the United Kingdom and the fourth-tallest in Europe. It offers stunning views of the city from all angles, making it a favourite destination on London packages from Mumbai. Visitors can enjoy the view from the open-air Skydeck on the 72nd floor. This observation deck offers a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of all of London. On a clear day, the view stretches for up to 40 miles in every direction, showing visitors the full expanse of the city's skyline. The Shard also houses a variety of shops, bars, and restaurants for visitors to enjoy. From fine dining and champagne bars to casual cafes and bistros, there is something to suit every taste and budget. There are also several hotels located in the building itself, allowing tourists to stay right in the heart of the city. For those who want to learn more about the building's history and design, there is a guided tour available in our London package from Bangalore and other parts of India. The tour takes visitors through the various levels of the building, showing them everything from the innovative engineering that makes the structure possible to the luxurious amenities that make it a world-class destination.

The Nightlife in London Tour Packages

London is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world, and its nightlife is no exception. Whether you're into chilled-out bars, lively clubs, or world-renowned music venues, Akbar Holidays’ London packages have got you covered. Here are some of the best things to do in London after dark:


1. Soho

Located in the heart of London's West End, Soho is a lively and colourful neighbourhood that's perfect for a night out. Here, you'll find a huge range of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, many of which stay open until the early hours of the morning. From chic cocktail bars to bustling pubs, Soho has it all. Don’t miss this on your London trip package from India!



Camden is known for its eclectic and alternative vibe, and its nightlife is no exception. The area is home to some of London's best live music venues, including the Roundhouse and the Camden Assembly, as well as a huge range of bars and clubs. Whether you're into indie rock, electronic music, or something in between, there's sure to be a spot in Camden that suits your tastes. Get your groove on this holiday season on your London holiday package.


3. Shoreditch

Shoreditch is one of London's trendiest neighbourhoods, and its nightlife reflects this. From hipster bars to warehouse clubs, Shoreditch is the perfect place to explore if you're looking for something a little bit different. Be sure to check out the stunning rooftop bars and unique pop-up venues that make Shoreditch such a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Take your family out on a unique dining experience on your London family tour packages.


4. The West End

London's West End is famous for its world-class theatre scene, but it also offers an incredible nightlife experience. From glamorous cocktail bars to historic pubs, the West End has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated night out or a more relaxed evening with friends, the West End is a must-visit destination. So if you want to take your partner out for a romantic dinner the West End is known to provide for a memorable experience on your London packages for a couple.


5. Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of London's most charming and picturesque neighbourhoods, and it's a great place to enjoy a night out. There are plenty of cosy pubs and trendy bars to choose from, as well as some fantastic nightclubs that stay open until the early hours of the morning. If you're visiting London during the summer months, be sure to check out the Notting Hill Carnival (that we include in our London package deals) a colourful and vibrant celebration of Caribbean culture that takes place every August bank holiday.


Theatre in London Packages

London is one the world's most iconic cities for theatre. With a wide variety of shows covering everything from classical drama to modern musicals, London's theatre scene offers something for everyone. The West End, which comprises numerous theatres, is arguably the centre of London's theatre scene, but there are also plenty of small theatres and performance spaces scattered throughout the city. On our London tour packages, we’ve made sure that you get to experience the theatrics of this city!

Here are some of the things you need to know about London's theatre scene for tourists:

Shows for Everyone: London's theatre scene offers a wide range of shows to tourists, from musicals to dramas. Some of the must-see musicals include 'The Lion King', 'Les Miserables', 'Phantom of the Opera', and 'Mamma Mia!'. Dramas such as 'Hamlet', 'The Importance of Being Earnest', and 'A Streetcar Named Desire' are also popular choices. For lovers of comedy, there are hilarious shows like 'The Book of Mormon' and 'The Play That Goes Wrong'. So whether you’re here on London family tour packages or on a London tour package for couples, you’re definitely in for a treat!

Ticket Sales: The most popular and in-demand shows sell out weeks before their performances, so it’s always best to book well in advance. However, there are discounted tickets available for some shows, and it's also possible to purchase last-minute tickets. Tourists can also get tickets from the official box office websites or at their hotel's reception desk. If you’re wondering if this would increase your London trip cost from India, worry not because we’ll make sure you get to have the best experience at the best prices!

Accessibility: London’s theatre scene strives to be accessible for all people, and most theatres have wheelchair-accessible seating and audio description available for the visually impaired. Most theatres also offer discounted tickets for patrons with disabilities, and many productions have specific performances that cater to those with sensory needs, so,on your London holiday packaage the only thing you need to be worrying about is making the most out of your experience!

Theatrical Dining: London's theatre scene offers plenty of dining options to complete your evening's entertainment. Many theatres have their own restaurants, bars, or cafes within the venue, ideal for pre- or post-show dining. Visitors can also find a wide array of restaurants around the theatre district, which offer pre-theatre menus and set price deals.

Overall, London's theatre scene is a vibrant and thrilling experience that will leave tourist wanting more. With a wide range of shows, accessible venues, and great dining options, it's a must-visit destination for theatre lovers on London packages from Delhi and other parts of the country.


London Packages for Foodies

London is a culinary delight for foodies, with a wide range of dining options to suit all tastes and budgets. From high-end restaurants to street food vendors, there is no shortage of delicious food to feast on in this vibrant city. Here's a guide to the food and dining options in London that tourists must try on their London holiday packages:


Traditional British Food

No visit to London is complete without indulging in some traditional British food such as fish and chips, scones with clotted cream, roast beef, and shepherd's pie. We have the most delicious places curated for you without causing a huge dent in your London trip cost! Head to The Mayfair Chippy or Poppie's Fish and Chips for the best fish and chips in town.


International Cuisine

London is home to some of the best international cuisine, from Chinese dim sum and Indian curries to Italian pasta and Middle Eastern mezze. Head to Borough Market or Camden Market to sample a variety of international foods. For all of you who love to try new varieties of food, Akbar Holidays’ London tour packages from Kolkata and other parts of India are made for you!


High-end Dining

For those looking for a fancy dining experience, London has an impressive collection of high-end restaurants such as The Ledbury, The Ritz and The Ivy. These restaurants serve exquisite dishes made from the finest ingredients and offer a real dining experience. If you are looking for a real posh experience as a Londoner would say, make sure to not miss out on this experience on your London tour packages from India.


Pub Grub

London's pub culture is famous around the world, and no trip to the city is complete without trying some pub grub. Head to the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese or The Churchill Arms for classic pub food and a pint of beer.


Street Food

London has a thriving street food scene with numerous food markets and stalls dotted around the city. Street food vendors offer a variety of cuisines, including tacos, burgers, Asian fusion dishes, and vegetarian and vegan options. Try the street food at Brick Lane Market or Camden Market to experience the real taste of London. For everyone who loves Delhi’s street food, don’t forget to try London’s street food on your London tour package from Delhi so that you can rave to your friends! London has something to offer for all foodies, whether you want to indulge in traditionalBritish food or try international cuisines. From high-end fine dining to affordable street food, London offers a culinary experience that's hard to beat.


Music in London Tour Packages

London is a vibrant city with a rich music scene, catering to all tastes and genres. Whether you're a classical music lover or a die-hard fan of rock and roll, London has something for everyone. Here are some of the top attractions that music lovers in London shouldn't miss on their London vacation packages.


  1. The O2 Arena: The O2 Arena is one of the top music venues in London, hosting concerts and events by some of the biggest names in music. Located in the historic Greenwich district, the O2 Arena has a capacity of up to 20,000 people and has played host to acts such as Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Timberlake. Make sure to feel the vibrations on your London package deals
  2. Royal Opera House: The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden is an iconic music destination in London. This historic venue hosts some of the most famous operas, ballets, and classical concerts in the world. Whether you are a seasoned opera-goer or a beginner, the Royal Opera House is the perfect place to enjoy a night of music and culture.
  3. Jazz Cafe: For jazz lovers, the Jazz Cafe in Camden is the perfect spot to enjoy live music in an intimate setting. This venue has been entertaining audiences since 1990, and has played host to some of the most famous jazz musicians around the world. The Jazz Cafe also offers a range of dining options, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a night out.
  4. Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club: Ronnie Scott's is another iconic jazz venue in London, located in the heart of Soho. This club has a long history of attracting some of the greatest jazz musicians in history including Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald and Buddy Rich. Ronnie Scott's has been described as one of the best jazz venues in the world, and is a must-visit for any serious jazz aficionado. This is a place you cannot afford to miss on your London holiday packages.
  5. Roundhouse: The Roundhouse in Camden is another iconic music venue in London, hosting performances by some of the biggest names in rock and pop music. The impressive building has played host to legendary acts like The Doors, David Bowie, and Pink Floyd. Today, it continues to be a popular venue for up-and-coming artists and established musicians from around the world.
  6. Wembley Arena: Wembley Arena is another major venue in London, capable of hosting a capacity of up to 12,500 people. This iconic venue has played host to some of the biggest acts in music history, including Queen, Prince, and Madonna. If you're looking for an unforgettable live music experience, Wembley is the place to be.
  7. Camden Market: Finally, for those music lovers who want to experience something unique, Camden Market in North London is the perfect destination. This vibrant market offers a range of different stalls selling everything from vintage records to handcrafted instruments. You can browse the market while enjoying live music from local artists, making it a fun and memorable music experience. Make sure you take back home something from here on your London tour packages from Chennai.

London is a city that embraces music in all its forms, and there is no shortage of venues and experiences for music lovers to enjoy. Whether you're looking for world-class opera, jazz, rock or pop music, you're guaranteed to find something to suit your tastes in this dynamic and exciting city.


Art and Museums in London Packages

London is undoubtedly one of the most iconic cities in the world, with an array of attractions that cater to all kinds of visitors. For tourists who are interested in art, the city offers an abundance of incredible museums that showcase some of the most significant artworks and artefacts from different periods in history. We’ve curated the best experiences for art and history buffs in our London tour packages.
Here are some of the top art and museums in London that tourists should visit on their London packages.

The British Museum

One of the most famous museums in London, The British Museum exhibits over 8 million objects that span over 2 million years of human history. The museum has an outstanding
collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, including the Rosetta stone and the statues of Ramses
II. Additionally, it houses one of the most extensive collections of Greek and Roman antiquities, including the Parthenon sculptures and the world-famous Elgin Marbles.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery is a world-class museum that we won’t allow you to miss on your London tour packages from India. It is located in Trafalgar Square, which is home to over 2,300 paintings from the 13th to the 19th century. The museum features works by some of the most renowned artists, such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, and Van Gogh. It also has an impressive collection of British artwork and houses numerous temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is a contemporary art museum located on the banks of the River Thames in the heart of London. The museum is home to a comprehensive collection of modern and
contemporary art and has a remarkable collection of works by Picasso, Warhol, Dali, and Matisse. The museum is also famous for its large-scale installations and regularly hosts
exhibitions, talks, and events. It is quite the site to behold, is what we’ve heard from our patrons who took the London tour package from Mumbai.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum is the largest museum of art and design in the world and has a collection of over 2.3 million objects. The museum showcases art, fashion, costumes, textiles, and decorative arts from different periods, including the Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau. The museum offers an unparalleled insight into the history of design and fashion and is a must-visit for art enthusiasts.
London is truly a haven for art and museum lovers, with its numerous world-class museums that offer something for everyone. From ancient artefacts and paintings to contemporary
exhibits, London has it all. So, whether you’re an art enthusiast or a casual tourist, make sure you add these museums to your itinerary as they are sure to leave you amazed and inspired.


Travelling to London on a budget is certainly possible, although it may require some extra planning and effort. That’s what Akbar Holidays is here for, to make sure that your London trip cost from India stays under budget. Here are some tips to help you save money on your London tour package price from India.


How to reduce London trip cost from India

  1. Book your flight in advance: The earlier you book your flight, the cheaper it's likely to be. Look for budget airlines such as Ryanair or EasyJet, which offer low-cost flights to London. This is how you keep your London trip cost from India budget friendly!
  2. Travel during off-peak season: London is a popular destination all year round, but you can save money on your trip by travelling during the off-peak season. Typically, this is from November to March, when the weather is colder and there are fewer tourists.
  3. Stay in budget accommodation: There are plenty of budget-friendly accommodation options in London, including hostels, guesthouses, and budget hotels. Look for options in less touristy areas or on the outskirts of the city, which tend to be cheaper. We’ll do this for you on your London packages so you won’t have to worry about making the right choice.
  4. Use public transport: London has an extensive public transport system, including buses, trains, and the tube. Using public transport is usually cheaper than taking taxis or hiring a car. Consider getting an Oyster card, which gives you discounted travel on public transport. This is another big way to reduce your London trip cost from India.
  5. Eat like a local: London has plenty of cheap eats, including street food markets, food trucks, and local cafes. Look for places where locals eat, rather than tourist hotspots, which tend to be more expensive.
  6. Take advantage of free attractions: London has plenty of free attractions, including museums, galleries, and parks. Check out the British Museum, the National Gallery, and Hyde Park, among others.
  7. Plan your itinerary in advance: By planning your itinerary in advance, you can avoid last-minute expenses and make the most of your time in London. Look for free walking tours, discounted theatre tickets, and other budget-friendly activities.

By following these tips, you can enjoy all that London has to offer without breaking the bank.

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