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Nothing can purify your soul and rekindle your spirit like a trip to the Emerald Isle on our Ireland holiday packages! Ireland, which boasts some of the greenest and most magnificent scenery on earth, is bursting with tourist destinations that are so alluring that you'll want to check them all out. There are many exciting things to do in Ireland on our all-inclusive holidays to Ireland, from the mind-blowing Cliffs of Moher to the glitterin Read More

Nothing can purify your soul and rekindle your spirit like a trip to the Emerald Isle on our Ireland holiday packages! Ireland, which boasts some of the greenest and most magnificent scenery on earth, is bursting with tourist destinations that are so alluring that you'll want to check them all out. There are many exciting things to do in Ireland on our all-inclusive holidays to Ireland, from the mind-blowing Cliffs of Moher to the glittering lights of Dublin's Grafton Street and the revered halls of Trinity College. Choosing which exciting sites should be at the top of your must-see list will be challenging.


Ireland's vibrant culture, gorgeous green scenery, and hospitable people are just a few of the attractions that draw so many tourists to this island nation. However, choosing which cities, quaint small villages, and natural wonders to visit with our Ireland tourism packages may be challenging given the abundance of options. The top destinations in Ireland were chosen by us at Akbar Travels based on sights, activities, cuisine, and culture, as well as the advice of travel experts and the opinions of other tourists to curate the best deals on our Ireland travel packages!


It is not surprising that Ireland has such a strong reputation among tourists given the country's historical sites, beautiful landscapes, and rich culture, which begins with the renowned warm Irish welcome. Start off your trip with a trip to Dublin on our cheap Ireland packages, the country's enchanted capital, where you can see Dublin Castle, numerous art museums, and even the Guinness Storehouse, home of Ireland's renowned beer while being charmed by the colourful homes along the river and learning about its history.


Some people may believe there isn't much to see or do on such a small island. Those who venture here with our Ireland vacation packages will learn there are many undiscovered beauties, though. There is something here for everyone on our Ireland holiday packages, regardless of your interests in Irish music, history, or extreme sports.


No matter what you're looking for, you can be sure that these are the top spots to visit in Ireland on our all-inclusive trips to Ireland packages! You can't go wrong with any of them if all you want is to have a good time with our best Ireland vacation packages! It's an attractive sight. Come and breathe in the fresh air, stroll through winding country alleys, sit on weathered brick walls, and gaze at jagged mountain peaks. Take in the curious sheep and wild bird flocks. Pay attention to the Atlantic Ocean's crashing waves. Ireland is more of a subtle sort of mind abduction than a direct assault on the senses. It simply radiates its untamed natural beauty in an effort to capture your spirit. The entire island is crammed with locations that will compel you to frequently stop your automobile for a photo. The places you must see while on our Ireland holiday packages are listed below. First, let's check out the deals that we have to offer on our Family Ireland vacation packages!








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Places to visit in Ireland on our all-inclusive trips to Ireland:


  1. The Cliffs of Moher

It's difficult to find the perfect words to adequately describe the majestic Cliffs of Moher because so many superlatives have been used. They immediately come to mind as vertigo-inducing and awe-inspiring, and they are both of these things in addition to being absolutely untamed and ruggedly gorgeous. The cliffs are well-known to people who have read about the Emerald Isle because they are the subject of numerous postcards and travel guides. A picture, though, can never do them justice. There is a solid reason why this is one of Ireland's most popular tourist destinations on our Ireland vacation packages!

Nearly a million tourists from all over the world visit the cliffs each year in County Clare, which is near Galway, and it takes around an hour and a half to get there. One of the well-liked day trips from Dublin with our holiday deals in Ireland is this one. They rise 214 metres at their highest point and span eight kilometres along the Atlantic. Take a stroll along the trail on our Ireland holiday packages to witness nature's untamed force at its most spectacular.


  1. Causeway Coast

Ireland's Giant's Causeway has long been a popular tourist destination on our Ireland tourism package! The only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland, located on the Antrim Coast, continues to draw tourists from all over the world who come to behold the amazing puzzle-like arrangement of interconnecting rocks.

The scientific hypothesis that the Giant's Causeway is the consequence of millions of years of volcanic activity is one that is widely accepted. Others who are more inventive like the story of the Irish giant Finn McCool, who is said to have constructed it in order to reach his Scottish opponent Benandonner.

Although the stunning Causeway Coastal Route was already a sight to behold, the area has recently experienced a spike in tourists as a result of increased fiction. Since the epic TV program Game of Thrones is filmed nearby, many fans now travel from far and wide to capture the ideal Instagram photo in one of the show's famous locales. One of the most admired locations on our Ireland travel packages is the Dark Hedges section along Bregagh Road. You'll realise why once you see its eerie atmospheric beauty in person!

To fully appreciate Ireland's stunning shoreline, head to the well-known Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge which is also included in our family holidays in Ireland all-inclusive package! Visit historical places like Dunluce Castle along the Causeway Coast also included in our trip to Ireland package, and take in the breathtaking beauty along Ballintoy and Murlough Bay.


  1. Connemara

Here, in one of Ireland's most lovely locations on our Ireland holiday packages, you can get away from the chaos of city life. Since many Connemara locals speak Irish as their mother tongue rather than English, Irish customs are still very prominent in this region.

Connemara has drawn interest from around the world for many years because of its expansive, lush environment, which best captures Ireland. The area, which is remote and rural, offers outdoor pursuits in a tranquil setting, providing tourists on our all-inclusive holidays to Ireland with the option to partake in activities like horseback riding, hiking, and fishing near the Twelve Bens mountain range.

The magnificent Kylemore Abbey in our holiday deals from Ireland, renowned for its heartbreaking tale, is without a doubt the region's tourist attraction of choice. A prominent English surgeon from a


prosperous Manchester family purchased the location of a lodge and built a magnificent castle for his wife Margaret. It was supposed to serve as their family's home, but Margaret passed away not long after it was finished. Mitchell, who was devastated, remained to reside at the Abbey with his young family until he too went away and could be buried there with his wife.

When visiting Connemara on our all-inclusive trip to Ireland with airfare, you must go here!


  1. Dingle

The Dingle Peninsula was previously referred to as "the most beautiful place on Earth" by National Geographic, which is of great praise for such a modest tiny community on the far southwest corner of the Emerald Isle. Dingle's breathtaking scenery and picturesque journey around Kerry's coast will not disappoint visitors on our last-minute deals to Ireland package. If you're feeling very brave, you might venture out onto the ocean in hopes of catching a glimpse of Dingle's beloved dolphin, Fungi with our family package holidays Ireland!

The charming pubs are a bustling hub of amiable residents, delicious beers, and toe-tapping fiddle music, like many little towns in Ireland. Dingle is particularly unique because of the delectable fresh seafood that several chefs serve!


  1. Malin Head

Malin Head is located at the northernmost point of the Emerald Isle. This rough terrain on the Inishowen peninsula included in our Ireland holiday packages is surrounded by the untamed waves of the Atlantic and is best renowned for its magnificent coastline beauty and birds.

It should come as no surprise that the waters at Malin Head have been the scene of many shipwrecks given the North Atlantic's reputation for having ferocious waves.

Malin Head is unquestionably one of Ireland's premier locations for viewing the Atlantic Ocean in all its hypnotic, wild magnificence. It's one of the few locations on our all-inclusive holidays to Ireland where you might catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis, and if you're very lucky, you can even see the Northern Lights!


  1. Slieve League

While the Cliffs of Moher receive most of the attention on our all-inclusive holidays to Ireland, Ireland is home to another stunning cliff! Because Slieve League in Donegal is more difficult to reach, those who are adventurous enough can appreciate the highest sea cliffs in Europe is comparatively peaceful and quiet. You should be aware that getting there can be a little difficult without the rival's parking lots and signposts. In contrast to the tourist trap of Moher, Slieve League is just as breathtaking and boasts more untamed natural beauty. This is undoubtedly one of the top tourist destinations on our Ireland holiday packages and a standout feature of The Wild Atlantic Way!


  1. Wicklow

Ireland was first referred to as "God's Country" by English author Edward Dubois in 1807. He was referring specifically to the Wicklow Mountains. Oddly enough, Wicklow is frequently forgotten about when tourists come to the Emerald Isle, which is unfortunate because many people will miss out on one of Ireland's most stunning regions. Wicklow must be included on your itinerary with our trip to Ireland packages if you wish to experience the country's legendary untamed beauty.


In Wicklow, Glendalough is a must-visit location with our all-inclusive holidays to Ireland. The area is known as the "Valley of the Two Lakes," and it is home to a monastery from the sixth century, a

well-known round tower, and an extraordinarily tall cross.

St. Kevin's Cross, which is made of granite and is named after the saint who established the monastery, has almost a metre-long arms. If someone can wrap their arms around the cross's entire width, it is said to have the capacity to grant wishes.

Glendalough on our Ireland holiday packages is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering some excellent hiking routes, rock climbing, and enthralling scenic drives through the natural scenery that predominates much of Wicklow's countryside, away from the magical crosses.

If climbing incredible mountains is too much for you, perhaps you'll prefer taking a stroll through Powerscourt House & Gardens on our all-inclusive holiday deals from Ireland package. Almost any time of the year is a pleasant time to spend an afternoon at this UNESCO site with our 7-day Ireland vacation packages, but spring is particularly lovely. The biggest waterfall in Ireland, Powerscourt Waterfall, is also close by.


  1. Grafton Street, Dublin

Grafton Street in Dublin is so much more than simply a terrific area to shop from; it's also bustling with street performers, flower vendors, and buskers. There are also a tonne of areas where you may stop and do nothing except observe the world go by. On a beautiful day, you might mistake the capital for Barcelona or Lisbon due to the city's flourishing café culture.

Although this is the centre of Dublin's shopping, there is no need to blow all of your money while there. No matter where you go on our Ireland last-minute deals, you'll receive amiable, talkative service and be amused from the bottom of the street to St. Stephen's Green at the top. Visit Bewley's Grafton Street Café for a cup of coffee or, in the mornings, a famed Irish breakfast with our family package holidays in Ireland!

Spend some time as well ducking down the many alleys and alleyways to see what you may find!


  1. The Cashel Rock

The Rock of Cashel, Ireland's most popular tourist destination on our 10-day Ireland vacation package, is featured in innumerable pictures of the Emerald Isle. During her formal visit to the nation in 2011, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain even travelled there by helicopter. This beautiful collection of medieval structures is located in the Golden Vale and comprises the High Cross and Romanesque Chapel, the

12th-century round tower, the 15th-century castle, and the 13th-century Gothic cathedral.

Another one of the buildings is the renovated Hall of the Vicars Choral. Exhibitions and an audio-visual show are examples of tourist attractions on our Ireland vacation packages all inclusive! Additionally, it is stated that prior to the Norman invasions, this served as the residence of the High Kings of Munster.


  1. Kinsale, Cork, Ireland

Kinsale has been drawing enormous crowds of tourists who travel here on our Ireland holiday packages for decades! It is a town steeped in history and is located in a beautiful coastal location at the entrance to West Cork. One of Ireland's top tiny towns for tourists on our honeymoon packages from Ireland is this one!

The village has a distinctly Spanish vibe, especially in the summer. This is not particularly surprising given that the Spanish deployed a military force to Ireland in 1601, three years after the Spanish Armada


was routed, with the majority of them disembarking at Kinsale. Due to the English laying siege to the town as a result, the Spanish and Irish forces were finally defeated by the English military's greater might. Nowadays, those who enjoy sailing, hiking, fishing, beautiful scenery, and delicious food flock to Kinsale. There is a tonne of restaurants in the village, and the seafood is fantastic. Along with other events, there is an annual Gourmet Festival, and a trip to the impressive Charles Fort is a must with our best Ireland vacation packages!


  1. Derry

The second-largest city in Northern Ireland was bitterly divided for a long time. The city with two names' fortunes has changed as a result of the recent improvement in the political climate. The ancient name of Derry is still often used, despite the legal correctness of the unionist-imposed appellation of Londonderry. Regardless, the once-cold relations between the two communities have warmed, and a surge in construction led to Derry's selection as the UK City of Culture in 2013. The city has partnered with Belfast to compete for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2023, and it shows no signs of stopping there.

There is a good chance that Derry will top many lists of places to visit in Ireland with our short break Ireland special offers for a city break because the city that straddles the River Foyle is already brimming with museums, murals, and sites that chart its history! Additionally, new hotels, restaurants, and bars are likely to open alongside the city's excellent shopping and parks.

Halloween is one of the most celebrated festivals in the globe, possibly even more so in the USA. But it all started in Ireland, where the Celtic holiday Samhain had its origins. Every year on Halloween, Derry City holds a renowned event where all kinds of ghouls take over the streets. You can experience this with our all-inclusive trips to Ireland package! So book now at!


  1. Doolin

Little more than a single, tiny street and a few little pubs make up the unofficial centre of Irish traditional music, but despite this, most visitors find themselves entranced by its charm and hesitant to depart too soon. The village is a picture-perfect representation of Irish countryside, with winding stone walls and narrow country lanes winding through fields of rolling greenery and breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean pounding against the west coast.

Visitors on our holiday deals to Ireland can use the region as their home base for a few days to explore the Cliffs of Moher or go on a trip to the Aran Islands. You can retire to O'Connor's Pub in the village at the night to avoid the stormy weather. There is never a dull time here, and the amazing cuisine, drink, and music will make you want to stay with our Ireland travel packages for just one more day by warming your body and spirit!


  1. Dublin City

Around 2 million people reside in the lively but condensed centre of Ireland's capital city, the majority of whom are spread out in the suburbs. Visitors on our Ireland holiday packages to Dublin will see a cosmopolitan city teeming with foreign immigrants, college students, and successful businesspeople.

Dublin is still very much a contemporary and dynamic city, full of life, fun, and opportunity, despite the tiger economy's downturn during the previous ten years.


The River Liffey, which divides Ireland's capital city, is straddled by stunning modern architecture and gleaming new commercial buildings, serving as a constant reminder to tourists that the nation is far from in trouble.

Phoenix Park, the largest urban park in Europe, and Stephen's Green are just a couple of the wonderful open spaces and botanical gardens Dublin has to offer if you visit here with our trip to Ireland package! There are plenty of museums in Dublin for history aficionados, and a tour wouldn't be complete without stops at Trinity College and the infamous Kilmainham Gaol, where many of the Republican insurgents perished.

Ireland is a huge sports nation, and Dublin is the epicentre of this! There is no better site than Croke Park to witness the passion and pride that Irish people feel for their national sports, hurling or Gaelic football. The Dublin GAA teams play their home games in the third-largest stadium in Europe, which also serves as the home field for the Irish soccer and rugby teams. An educational experience in and of itself, both historically and from a sporting standpoint, is a tour of the grounds and museum. Get ready for an energetic atmosphere if you're fortunate enough to score tickets to a big game here!

As cliché as it may sound, Dublin's drinking culture is very much alive and well, along with fantastic shopping and superb food. Whisky enthusiasts on our all-inclusive holidays to Ireland package will undoubtedly appreciate the Old Jameson Distillery brewery tour, and you shouldn't miss the renowned Guinness Storehouse tour at St James Gate while visiting Dublin!

Dublin is rated as one of the greatest cities to visit in Ireland with our cheap Ireland vacation packages for stag parties, cultural adventures, and top-notch city holidays equally, despite the effervescent Temple Bar area being swamped with tourists. The craic is enormous and makes it clear why.



  1. Galway

Galway comes up more often than most when people from other countries are asked to list other notable locations on the island. In actuality, everyone ought to be aware of this metropolis on our cheap

all-inclusive holidays from Ireland.

Although having the youngest population in Ireland may seem like hell to some, the youthful exuberance of this student haven is actually a big part of the charm that gives life to a city known for its arts, music, and crafts, which are unmatched anywhere else in the nation.

The nightlife in Ireland's festival capital is unmatched, and the country's literary and musical scenes provide visitors on our Ireland holiday packages with nonstop excitement!


  1. Kilkenny

In the past, the big town of Kilkenny on the River Nore was a major supplier of polished black marble. Due to its vibrant nightlife beneath the protection of a grand 12th-century castle located high in the city, it has recently gained a significant reputation on our all-inclusive trips to Ireland for weekend getaways and stag parties! However, 'The Marble City' is home to more than just a castle and some booze.

Since it started in 1995, the annual Cats Laughs Comedy Festival has become a mainstay on the local calendar, bringing in a number of well-known comics. In August, Kilkenny also holds an arts festival that turns the city into a massive street celebration.

This is the spot to watch your first hurling match with our Ireland vacation packages if you haven't done so already! The Irish national sport is stunning and extremely skillful, but it hasn't gained much popularity


outside of the Irish diaspora. Seize the opportunity to watch some of the top hurlers in the world compete in the fastest grass sport in the world!


  1. Belfast

In the latter decades of the 20th century, the unwelcome British military presence in Northern Ireland led to a terrible reputation for the capital city as a hotbed of violence and animosity. Belfast is a city on our Ireland last-minute deals that is still not fully appreciated by the greater tourist population despite having spent the last 20 years working to overcome its terrifying reputation for bombs and gunfire.

You'll discover a lively city with lots of personalities and friendly residents. The city is rich in culture and history, giving visitors on our Ireland holiday packages the chance to learn more about the troubled past and gain insight from the numerous museums, open-top bus tours, and fascinating murals painted throughout the city that represent the political landscape and competing ideals of the two sides of the community.

When visiting Belfast on our all-inclusive trip to Ireland, be sure to stop at the Titanic Museum to truly understand the tragic history that befell the magnificent ship that was constructed in this city more than a century ago.


  1. Croagh Patrick

St. Patrick is well known to people who are not Irish. The former shepherd and well-known snake-hater later became the patron saint of Ireland and is now a primary driving force behind the annual March 17th global binge drinking event. In his prime, St. Patrick scaled this mountain's 2,500 feet to its peak and fasted and prayed for 40 days there.

Every July, thousands of tourists on our holiday deals to Ireland honour the well-known saint by walking in his footsteps to the summit, where a mass is celebrated in a little church built in the fifth century.

Many people on our Ireland travel packages climb the mountain barefoot, but if that's too extreme for you, don't worry—you can do it almost any day of the year as long as the arid weather of western Ireland permits you. But take care, since the ascent is more difficult than the three-hour round journey would imply due to centuries of climbers and erosion.

After the ascent, Westport, a village near the mountain's base, is the ideal place to unwind on our

all-inclusive trip to Ireland for two! Despite being small, it is renowned throughout Ireland for its bustling bars and welcoming residents. Visit Matt Molloy's for some of the nation's top traditional music nights.


  1. Aran Islands

While certain tiny towns, like Connemara and Doolin, might make you believe you've located Ireland's most overused location, there is a way to top them all. The tiny, rocky islets known as the Aran Islands are only accessible by ferry from the mainland, and a trip there with our best Ireland vacation packages is like hopping in a time machine and returning to nineteenth-century Ireland!

The islands, undisturbed by tourism, are covered in rugged hills that descend to exposed rock faces. There are no indications of tourism and there is even less proof of historical British intervention. In actuality, one of Ireland's very few Gaeltacht regions is the Aran Islands which you can experience exclusively only with us at Akbar Travels by booking your Ireland holiday packages with us at!

This means that everyone in the area speaks Gaelic Irish, and practically all the signs and publications are written in what would seem to outsiders to be an elfin tongue. But don't worry, everyone here is friendly and hospitable, and when necessary, they also speak English.


The Aran Islands provide a variety of hiking, biking, and fishing options. Additionally, there are many early Christian churches and Bronze Age forts to explore with our all-inclusive holidays to Ireland!

The annual TedFest, which celebrates Father Ted, Ireland's beloved sitcom, lights up the neighbourhood pubs and is a real cracker on Inishmore. For their transgressions, the three inept priests from the episode were sent to the Aran Islands-inspired fictitious "Craggy Island."

Residents of Inishmore throw a sizable celebration every year to honour the popular programme. Attendees dress like show characters and recite memorable lines until the wee hours of the night.


  1. Waterford

The mediaeval city of Waterford is located in a lesser-visited region of Ireland that many tourists skip while they are here on our family holidays in Ireland all-inclusive. If only they were aware of what they were missing. Even though many people may be familiar with the brand name "Waterford Crystal," shockingly few appear to have made the link that it was created in Ireland. There is much more to do here with our Ireland vacation packages than just taking a tour of the facility to observe the master craftsmen at work.

Since Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland, it naturally has a rich history and culture both within its ancient walls and in the neighbourhood. The "Viking City" in Ireland's "Sunny South-East" still exudes a laid-back, calm attitude despite formerly being a highly significant European port. Waterford also has some of Ireland's best weather.

This is significant because Waterford is also home to some of Ireland's top beaches. In the region known as the Copper Coast, visitors on our Ireland holiday packages to Dungarvan and Tramore can find unspoilt beaches, sea caves, and some delectable seafood eateries! Waterford is a fantastic place to visit Ireland with our all-inclusive holidays to Ireland packages for a cultural tour or camping vacation because of its numerous distinctive features!


  1. Bundoran

In many aspects, including its architecture, the abundance of amusement arcades, and the tourist-friendly beach resorts and restaurants, Bundoran on our trip to Ireland package resembles an English seaside town. This is an excellent place to start if you want to cruise the Wild Atlantic Way along the western shores, and it has long been a favourite destination for beach vacations!

The characteristics of the Atlantic itself are what actually set it distinct from anywhere else in the country. With its waves regarded as some of the best in the world by numerous professional surfers from all over the globe, Bundoran has established a reputation as the nation's surf capital. To take a turn, you don't have to be an expert. Just be mindful of the crosswinds!


  1. Carlingford

There are many beautiful places along Ireland's Ancient East Coast, but very few are as gorgeous as Carlingford which is included in our holiday deals to Ireland packages! With the Mourne Mountains on one side and the imposing peaks of Slieve Foy on the other, this former Viking fjord lies tucked away on the coast just across the Irish border.

Visitors may still sense the town's historical roots in the striking century-old buildings, the quaint cobblestone alleyways, and "The Tholsel," one of Ireland's rare remaining examples of an original feudal town gate.


There are several hiking and biking trails on the Cooley Peninsula, and there are plenty of opportunities for adventure on the sea. There is hardly ever a day when you can't find a sailing boat or a few windsurfers out on the lough. Jet skiing and kayaking are becoming more and more popular.

Carlingford comes to life at night when Viking and Gaelic influences meet, with plenty of craic to be had in the town's numerous quaint bars and top-notch eateries. Don't pass up the fantastic oysters on our family package holidays Ireland!


  1. Cuilcagh Mountain Park

Ireland has occasionally been called a "bog land," a description we find offensive despite the fact that the island is home to some very sizable bogs. At the boundary, where counties Cavan and Fermanagh converge at the Cuilcagh Mountain, one of the largest regions of blanket bog in the north may be found. The region is also home to the well-known Marble Arch Caves, and recent improvements made by the Northern Irish Tourism Board included the creation of a superb boardwalk. Visitors on our Ireland holiday packages can visit the caves, stroll through the park's lush terrain, and scale the mountain all in one trip thanks to the Legnabrocky Trail!


  1. Glenveagh National Park

Glenveagh, one of the most popular destinations on our Ireland tourism package is in Donegal, home to another castle. Although you cannot use your camera inside the Scottish-style castle, the castle grounds have beautiful gardens, and excursions are offered. But don't worry, the best photo chances are outside. With more than 40,000 acres of mountains, glens, lakes, and woods, Glenveagh National Park is renowned for its sprawling grounds and draws visitors from far and wide to take in the breathtaking natural splendour. The park also has Ireland's largest herd of red deer, and more recently, it welcomed the golden eagle's restoration. This might be one of the most popular camping destinations in Ireland on our Ireland holiday packages! Since fishing is allowed in the lakes, you may fish for your own dinner in the wild with our Ireland tourism packages!


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