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Australia, the biggest island and smallest continent in the world, is a haven for travellers with our Australia tour packages. With its coral reefs, gorgeous rain forests, red-eared national parks, stunning beaches, and scorching deserts, Australia is a full package with our Australia tour packages. Home to some of the strangest animals and legendary legends of the aboriginal tribes explore it all with all inclusive Australia trip cost from India Read More

Australia, the biggest island and smallest continent in the world, is a haven for travellers with our Australia tour packages. With its coral reefs, gorgeous rain forests, red-eared national parks, stunning beaches, and scorching deserts, Australia is a full package with our Australia tour packages. Home to some of the strangest animals and legendary legends of the aboriginal tribes explore it all with all inclusive Australia trip cost from India. In this nation, you may take pleasure, have fun, and experience an unforgettable trip. Here are all the exciting and pleasant Australia tourist attractions for your Australia honeymoon packages to the land down under! 


Australia is a lovely yet strange country with numerous sites to explore. Australia is referred to be the "country of dreams" and is recognised on our Australia tour packages for everything from the discovery of Aboriginal stories to its stunning coral reefs, lush rainforests, and fiery deserts. All tourists should visit Australia's tourist destinations at least once in their lives on our Australia tour package from India since they are truly breathtaking.


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Australia Tour Packages



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Being a country of ongoing competitions and mesmerizing beauty, this continent occasionally attracts tourists with our Australia packages who explore its vibrant multicultural cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, as well as its extensive islands, rain forests, and Great Barrier Reef. The national parks and its deserts are usually good options for adventurous vacation to get your heart racing. The laid-back folks are really nice and welcoming on our Australia tour package from India, which is the icing on the cake. These all benefit Australia even if on our Australia honeymoon packages.


There are many wonderful locations in Australia that are worth exploring with our Australia tour packages. The Fraser Island, Scenic World, Kakadu National Park, Sydney Opera House, Port Arthur, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Amp Tower Centrepoint, National Gallery, Great Barrier Reef, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, and many more tourist destinations are among Australia's top attractions. The world's smallest continent, Australia is the biggest island and is approximately the same size as the United States. It boasts unusual animals, natural wonders, very wide open areas, and expansive, unspoiled beaches on our Australia holiday packages.


Australia has a lovely temperature on our Australia packages, albeit it is not always sun-kissed and can occasionally be chilly and damp. The most well-known foods on the island are snags and tomato sauce, although you can get many different kinds of food there inclusive of your Australia trip cost from India. Various herbed treats may be found all around the place. Nothing embodies Australia more than a traditional BBQ with loved ones. You will without a doubt have a great time and experience if you travel to Australia's tourism destinations on our Australia holiday packages. Australia is the ideal destination for anyone looking to travel, experience high-octane activities, and take a short vacation.


Places to visit:


Sydney Opera House

This lovely opera house, located directly in the centre of the ocean, is one of Australia's most stunning heritage monuments and a great place to visit on your Australia trip from India. This single building houses theatres, studios, a music hall, exhibition spaces, and a movie theatre. One of the top locations to visit in Australia, it is renowned to captivate hearts with its stunning outside architecture and intricately fascinating interior design.


Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

One of the most pristine sites to visit on our Australia packages from India in Australia is the great barrier reef, which is one of the largest living environments that can be seen from space as well. About 70% of Australia's marine life, which includes tropical fish, sharks, dugongs, dolphins, turtles, rays, and huge clams, calls this one-of-a-kind beauty home. Scuba diving, exclusive of your Australia tour package price is a great way to see the beauty of the animals that exist underwater.


Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is just another of Australia's most amazing tourist destinations. This bridge, which rises to a height of 134 metres and is entirely constructed of steel, is regarded as a top architectural structure and one of the greatest tourist destinations in Australia part of your Australia trip cost. This distinctive building connects Sydney's North Shore to the financial centre over a distance of 500 metres.


Blue Mountain National Park

This outstanding UNESCO heritage site, known for being a hiker's paradise on our Australia honeymoon packages from India, guarantees you the most stunning summit vista. Its enormous stretch of distinctive wildness is what distinguishes this location as one of the top tourist destinations in Australia. You'll see some of nature's most beautiful canyons, waterfalls, Aboriginal rock art, and 140 kilometres of hiking trails throughout your tour.



Each site has a variety of reputations, but the type of terrain there is always one of the key draws especially with our Australia tour package for couple. Queensland is one of those vacation spots that has it all, including lively city life as well as plains, mountains, and beaches. On our cheapest Australia tour package, the entire North-East region of Australia is covered, and tourists may discover practically anything here. The reason why Queensland is referred to by its name is because the exquisite Queen Victoria arrived in this city alongside the first European settlers. That is one of the primary explanations for how this area got the name "Queens Land."

Queensland, exclusive of your Australia tour packages from India price, is bordered by the Torres Strait in the north, and is home to a number of prime places that make excellent tourist destinations. For instance, the Boigu Island, off the coast of New Guinea, which represents Queensland's northern hemisphere, or the triangular Cape York Peninsula, which accounts for the majority of the country's vegetation. Also very lovely is the climate here if on our Australia packages from Delhi and Mumbai. When the environment shifts from minimal rainfall to scorching, intense summers, there is a noticeable difference in the climate. Apart from these two, Queensland's weather is excellent and suitable for holidays for visitors.

One of Australia's cities with the highest levels of development is Queensland. Queensland's economy is thriving, and a small part of that success can be attributed to the city's thriving tourist sector, which has managed to draw a lot of attention to the area. The majority of the country's top attractions are easily accessible because to the country's well-connected major areas. Numerous hotels, resorts, and eateries excel in providing travellers on our Australia tour package from Delhi and Kerala with the most convenient and pleasant accommodations.


Western Australia:

Western Australia (WA) is frequently referred to as Australia's last unexplored land. Reason? Perth's distinction as the capital city with the fewest residents, enormous size. All of these things add up to a stunning conclusion to what Australia has to offer. You may find just about every kind of picturesque environment up in the north. As part of your Australia tour cost from India, you can see fiery red sunsets on Cable Beach, which is close to the remote town of Broome, and you can see beautiful waterfalls and gorges in Karijini National Park. You'll find similarly vast wildflowers, magnificent beaches, and vibrantly alive woodlands on the South West end. On your Australia package holidays from India, Margaret River is the perfect location for fans of surfing and water sports. 

Every guest will also be satisfied with the gourmet fare served at the local restaurants, as well as the superb wines of the highest calibre. Anywhere in Western Australia offers exceptional opportunity to see wildlife on our Australia vacation packages. You can see whale pods moving off the coast of Albany, take in the unique flora and wildlife that exists before the rust-colored outback, and interact with dolphins at Monkey Mia by feeding, watching, and playing with them. The flora and animals are just the beginning, though. Perth and Fremantle, which are neighbouring metropolitan areas, both still have a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere that is typically attributed to the abundance of parks and beaches. In addition to all of this, Western Australia is very large. So, go in and discover WA on your next vacation.



On your Australia travel package from India, visit here. Australia's most populous state, Victoria, is located in southeast Australia. This area combines urban living with a laid-back, energetic lifestyle that is perfect for a holiday destination. Victoria receives a tonne of visitors every year, mostly because of the tourism attractions it can claim. Victoria is a place you can visit with your family, friends, and even your parents because there are so many things to do there to keep you entertained on our Australia tour packages from Hyderabad. This location offers everything exclusive of your Australia tour package cost from India but in one location, including peaceful beaches, camping areas, nightlife and entertainment, beach watersports, adventure sports, culture, and art and history.

This location is for those looking for some action, amusement, as well as peace and tranquilly in their lives. Victoria is the spot you need to be if you're sick of the hustle and bustle of city life and are just anxious to relax and find peace of mind. You will find a variety of travel, lodging, and food alternatives here, regardless of your budget, so you won't need to worry about anything else. All you have to do to enter a world of pure joy is get your tickets to Victoria and our Australia packages from Chennai!


Northern Territory:

Australia's Northern Territory, sometimes known as NT, is located in the northern and central parts of the continent. It is renowned for its Aboriginal culture, diversified terrain, and tropical climate. The territory's national parks, which are home to a diversity of indigenous animals, and its Aboriginal culture, which is part of your cost of Australia trip from India and accessible through art, dance, and song, are among its main draws. With activities like camping, hiking, fishing, and bird viewing accessible, the Northern Territory is also a well-liked vacation spot for thrill-seekers. With a rich history spanning tens of thousands of years, the Northern Territory is a singular and exceptional location to explore as part of your Australia tour cost.

With our India to Australia package, it offers some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in the nation and is home to the biggest indigenous population in Australia. The Northern Territory is a 1.4 million square kilometre region in northern Australia. Queensland borders it to the east, South Australia to the south, and Western Australia to the west. Darwin, which is situated on the Timor Sea, is the nation's capital. The Katherine Gorge, Kakadu National Park, and Uluru (Ayers Rock), as well as other well-known Australian landmarks, may all be found in the Northern Territory. There are numerous possibilities to learn about traditional ways of life, art, and music, making it a fantastic area to explore Aboriginal culture.

The Northern Territory is the ideal location to visit on our Delhi to Australia tour package, if you're seeking adventure. Numerous activities are available, including 4WDing, fishing, and hiking and camping. A excellent spot to explore Australian culture and environment is the Northern Territory. Numerous national parks and reserves are available for exploration, along with Aboriginal rock art sites, hiking routes, and chances to see unusual species. The Northern Territory has everything you need, whether you want to unwind or be active.



Bass Strait divides Tasmania, an Australian island state, from the Australian mainland by 240 kilometres. The state includes Tasmania's main island, the 26th-largest island in the world, as well as the 334 nearby islands. With its gorgeous beaches, rugged landscapes, and temperate forests, Tasmania is renowned for its natural beauty you must visit on your honeymoon trip to Australia The Tasmanian devil, the biggest carnivorous mammal in the world, is one of the island's many distinctive plants and animals. Tasmania, a well-liked vacation spot, provides a variety of activities part of your Australia tour plan, including hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and kayaking. The island is also home to a number of vineyards that are well-known worldwide and beautiful natural scenery.

Tasmania is a well-liked travel destination because of its stunning natural environment and attractions like the Bay of Fires and Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park. Additionally, the state is home to some of the best-preserved colonial buildings in Australia, including Port Arthur. Aboriginal people lived on the island of Tasmania before it was found by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman in 1642. On the island, the British founded a prison colony in 1803, which was later replaced with a free community in 1856. Australia added Tasmania as a state in 1901. Tasmania is increasingly well-known for its agricultural products, which include wine, cherries, apples, and potatoes.

In addition, Tasmania has a thriving tourist sector, with travellers flocking there to take in the island's breathtaking scenery and fascinating past. Hobart, a gorgeous city with a rich history and numerous cultural attractions, is only one of the lovely spots to visit in Tasmania, Australia, that possess a tremendous historic and cultural worth. On your Australia package deals, if you are interested in Australian history and culture you must visit the Port Arthur Historic Site. The Tasman Peninsula, a gorgeous natural region with hiking trails, beaches, and breathtaking vistas, is another spot you may explore. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the Freycinet National Park is a must-visit because of its stunning scenery and diverse fauna.


South Australia:

Spend a few days in South Australia on our best Australia tour packages, which is comparatively calm and courteous, to get away from the mayhem on Australia's east coast. South Australia's bleak desert scenery, vast wilderness, and breathtaking coastline have perfectly caught the creativity of explorers and artists for generations. The state capital of Adelaide, which is surrounded by natural beauties, boasts a vibrant calendar of events and laid-back hospitality. There are many unique tourist wonders in this state that is sparsely populated. The most notable inland features are cobalt crater lakes, verdant hills, and whimsical rural towns steeped in European charm. Visitors may relax on the beaches along the shoreline and bathe in the sunshine.

On Kangaroo Island with our holiday deals Australia, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, you can also have a picnic with your family in a quiet area or spend time with the local fauna. Additionally, South Australia is a heaven for foodies. Fresh produce is abundantly produced in the state's untamed oceans, scenic pastoral terrain, and River Murray-fed seas. Along with the greatest seafood in the nation, you can find everything here, from hand-made cheeses to citrus fruits. All of these factors make South Australia your top vacation choice.


New South Wales:

One of the often travelled places in the island nation is New South Wales with our special luxury tours Australia, which is situated on the eastern coast of Australia. The ideal position is bordered to the north by Queensland, the south by Victoria, and the east by the Tasman Sea. The state manages to completely encircle the Australian Capital Territory thanks to its vast geographic dominance. This location offers a wide range of experiences, from thrilling water sports to a spectacular and raucous nightlife. There is a lot that visitors may do and bring back from New South Wales in the shape of memories and images.

Looking for last minute travel deals Australia? Go here! Australia's most populous state is New South Wales, whose capital is Sydney. According to estimates from 2014, the state has around 7.5 million residents, making it one of Australia's most populous areas. The discovery of the state of New South Wales may be traced back to 1788. The location was significantly larger when it was first discovered. It also includes a number of additional locations, including Norfolk Island, New Zealand, and Lord Howe Island. But once the British invaded Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, New Zealand, and the Northern Territory in the nineteenth century, the areas were split based on their shared interests.

Few people are aware of this, however because of the discovery made by the individual, New South Wales is also known as New South Welshmen. While Norfolk Island and Jervis Bay Territory now have their own distinct administrations, Lord Howe Island is still a part of New South Wales.


Blue Mountains:

Get our all inclusive holidays Australia to explore this exceptional destination. One of Australia's most amazing sights is the stunning Blue Mountains, which are located in New South Wales, in Sydney. This mountain range, which covers 11,400 square kilometres, was created from the bedrock of a dissected plateau using sandstone. It is located in the Sydney Basin and has evolved over millions of years into a succession of ridge-lines that are divided by gorges that may reach a depth of 760 metres. The Hawkesbury and Nepean rivers border the Blue Mountains to the east, Lake Burragorang to the south, and the Cox River to the west. 

On the mountain's northern slope, the Colo River runs. A number of well-known communities, including Blackheath, Mount Victoria, Springwood, and Katoomba, are located in this area's junctions. The immense tracts of eucalyptus rainforests are the Blue Mountains' most outstanding natural feature. The gorgeous blue haze that covers the mountains, which is caused by small, suspended droplets of eucalyptus oil emitted from the eucalyptus trees that adorn their faces, gave rise to the mountain range's name. Due to the significance of the eucalyptus forest, which has been stabilising Australia's ecosystem and climate from ancient times, UNESCO designated the Blue Mountains as a World Heritage Area in 2000.

The Three Sisters rock formation, which is visible from the Echo Point Lookout in Katoomba, is one of the many intriguing locations you may explore in and around the Blue Mountains. This location draws a large number of visitors from all over the world since it is the meeting point of several exhilarating walking paths and valleys. The historic Jenolan Cave, with its stunning limestone crystal formations and underground rivers going back to 340 million years, is also located on the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountain Range is home to about 400 distinct native animal species, with koalas, spotted-tailed quolls, grey kangaroos, long-nosed potoroos, yellow-bellied gliders, Blue Mountain water skinks, and many rare species being the most common.


Freshwater beach:

An amazing beach called Freshwater is tucked between two peak lands. In the summer, the northern peak does offer some wave shelter, although the waves are generally constant all year long. The Manly-Freshwater National and World Surfing Reserve, which acknowledges the environmental, cultural, and historical benefits of beaches, oversees Freshwater Beach. The Beach is stunning and unique in its own right due to its natural history. While most tourist destinations are enjoyable, this one attempts to inform visitors about the need of protecting the environment.


Customs House:

The Custom House, located in the Central Business District, is almost a Brisbane landmark. This stunning representation of superb architecture is run by the well-known University of Queensland and serves as a venue for education and culture. There are many artefacts that represent the past and the city's historical roots. The area is a popular tourist site, and it is accessible to the public every day. Visit the ancient structure and have a look at the Stuartholme-Behan collection of Australian art, which is housed here. 

From here, one may enjoy a stunning view of the river while spending time at this significant spot. These days, private events are held here since the hall rooms can hold up to 350 people. With nearby bus stops and railway stations, the location is quite accessible.


Things to do:


Great Ocean Road: 

The Great Ocean Road, which is located in Victoria, is regarded as one of the world's most beautiful and best-driven highways. Don't miss the magnificent limestone stack formation known as Twelve Apostles, which is located next to a lovely turquoise ocean. Torquay to Allansford's 243 km travel is in and of itself a wonderful drive.


Kakadu National Park 

Australia's largest national park is Kakadu National Park, which is also a World Heritage Site. Kakadu, the second-largest national park in the world, is one of the best places in the world to experience wildness and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia.


National Blue Mountains Park

Popular day trips from Sydney include the stunning Blue Mountains National Park, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its name refers to the blue haze that is produced by the numerous eucalyptus trees and is a breathtaking panoramic sight to see. You must visit this park, one of Australia's most well-known locations.


Fraser Island

The world's biggest sand island, Fraser Island, is only a short boat ride from Hervey Bay and is a popular tourist destination in Australia. It delivers one of the most distinctive four-wheel-drive excursions in Australia. Additionally, you may take the boat from Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach. Due to the excellent weather in March, it is actually one of the greatest spots to visit in Australia.



Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is one of the biggest monoliths in the world and a popular tourist destination in Australia. This impressive red monolithic sandstone rock, which is part of the Kata Tjuta National Park and has the Aboriginal name "shadowy place," is more than 348 metres high. This is among Australia's top locations for hitchhiking.


Heide Museum of Modern Art 

The Heide Museum of Modern Art combines a gallery of modern art, a museum of historical art, and a heritage park. The site of this unusual museum, which is situated on a huge area of verdant farmland, is its most attractive feature. It is a must-see location and an important component of Australian tourism!


Harbor Bridge 

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is among the most well-known tourist destinations in Australia and is a must-see. The bridge, which rises 134 m above the port, is lovingly referred to as "the Coat hanger." The biggest steel arch bridge in the world is this engineering wonder.


Sydney Opera House 

One of the most visited tourist destinations and part of our Australia budget tour packages in Australia is the Sydney Opera House, which is surrounded by the picturesque Harbor Bridge and the lovely Royal Botanic Gardens. This achievement of humankind, which is regarded as an architectural masterpiece of the century, has a number of venues that are modelled like enormous sailing ships and resemble billowing sails or shells.


Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art 

A quirky museum in Australia is the Tasmania Museum of Old and New Art. Although it may be reached by car or plane, the most common method of transportation to this museum from Hobart is a 30-minute boat journey. It is renowned for housing some of the exclusive, uncommon, and special treasures possessed by the Aboriginal tribes.


Carlton Gardens 

The Royal Exhibition Building and the Carlton Buildings are two tourist destinations in Australia that are recognised as World Heritage Sites. They are among the earliest sites still serving as tourist destinations in Australia and were constructed in the 18th century. This is perhaps the most distinctive tourist destination in Australia!


Great Barrier Reef 

The Great Barrier Reef is the world's biggest barrier reef system and one of the seven natural wonders of the world. This world heritage-listed landmark, which lies in the Coral Sea, is one of the biggest living structures on the globe and is visible from space. It takes up a sizable region, home to thousands of coral reefs and dozens of beautiful islands. Are you eager to take your loved ones to one of the most incredible tourist destinations in Australia?


Yarra Valley 

The Yarra Valley is the location to conduct a hot air balloon tour of Melbourne, one of the few places in the world that allows this. The Yarra Valley is one of Victoria's most stunning wine areas, and ballooning above it provides breathtaking views of the vineyards and verdant surroundings.


Sea World Marine Park 

The largest aquatic park in Australia, SeaWorld, amuses both adults and children. It's a fantastic amusement park that will easily keep you busy for an entire day. Polar bears, penguins, and tiny sharks could all be seen.


Skiing At Snowy Mountains 

The area of the Snowy Mountains is Australia's premier snow sports paradise. Mt. Kosciuszko, one of the highest peaks on the continent and home to its sole glacial lake, is located here, in an area renowned for its pure alpine wildness. There are many ways to have fun in this location, both on and off the snow fields. So, if you're looking for an exciting excursion during your vacation, travel right to one of Australia's top tourist destinations!


SkyDiving In Melbourne 

The many skydiving schools in Melbourne are definitely worth checking out if you're an adventurous spirit wandering about. You experience a mind-blowing free fall over to some stunning vistas that are just below you.


Melbourne Chapel Street 

Melbourne is a shoppers' paradise, luring both visitors and compulsive shoppers with its wonderful stores that exude luxury, grace, and flair. This is undoubtedly one of the most well-known locations in Australia if you're in the mood for some fine shopping time.


Pitt Street Mall In Sydney 

Sydney, one of the well-known locations in Australia, maintains a number of records for being the most well-known emblem of the country's tourist attractions, one of which is that it is well-known for shopping. While you're here, you may shop as much as you want. The retail districts are a bonus!


Taronga Zoo 

Prepare yourself for close-up interactions with beautiful Australian wildlife as well as other species from across the globe. The zoo is really housed in a great real estate region, which are the opulent suburbs of Mosman, situated along the northern portion of the harbour. Numerous incredible events are held at the zoo, such as the Roar and Snore, which includes an overnight stay and a summer performance.


Hyde Park 

The Hyde Park refuge is located amidst all of the central business district's daily hustle. A large park with picnic areas, fountains, flowers, and fig trees may be found there. It resembles a small-scale version of Central Park. Its original name, Hyde Park, was inspired by the London park of the same name. Come here to unwind and chat with other folks. Bring a picnic basket if you can so you may have a romantic afternoon meal with your loved ones.


Barangaroo Reserve 

An incredible illustration of how an urban redevelopment project should be carried out, creating a lovely area for taking a stroll along the waterfront. It has the name of a female native chieftain who gained prominence during the era of European colonisation. It was changed from a depressing-looking container terminal to a large, 22-hectare waterfront zone that was made accessible to the public. There are already more than 75,000 natural trees and bushes there. There are several stores, eateries, and exhibition areas, all of which will keep you entertained while you're here.


Art Gallery of New South Wales 

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is one of the country's most prestigious institutions and is surrounded by beautiful parklands. The Art Gallery, which opened its doors in 1885, has opulent courts, bright, large galleries, and a wealth of collections that include pieces by prominent European artists as well as the most prominent modern artists. The largest collections of historical indigenous art in the nation are also housed in this gallery.



Go shopping for some of those great Chinese specialties while inhaling the mouth-watering aroma of hot Szechuan spices. Bring an empty stomach so you may indulge in some deliciously genuine Asian cuisine. The lion gates, which are positioned here at either end, will welcome you to this modest neighbourhood, which is right in the middle of Doxon Street's pedestrian zone between Central Station and Darling Harbour. Come here on the first full moon night after January 21 because the celebration of the Chinese New Year has filled the streets with a riot of activity.


St. Mary’s Cathedral 

St. Mary's Cathedral, located just across from Hyde Park, is a representation of the Catholic Church's enduring spiritual roots. The architecturally stunning neo-Gothic building also serves as the Sydney Archbishop's residence. This location features twin spires, and the Lincoln Cathedral served as inspiration for the design of the edifice. Its exterior design is also strikingly similar to that of Paris' Notre-Dame. When you enter the cathedral, you'll discover very detailed stained-glass windows that cast stunning light patterns. Christmas is the ideal time to come since the cathedral's magnificence is accentuated by the lights and decorations.


Horizontal Falls Scenic Flight

This is the spot to go if you're looking for action while you're here. You may board a seaplane for a picturesque flight to the breathtaking horizontal falls from this location. The waterfalls are violent floods that flow across two distinct valleys. The normal journey to Cape Leveque takes around 90 minutes and passes between rugged islands and red cliffs on Western Australia's northernmost coast. Water splashes onto Talbot Bay as the trip comes to an end. The next option is to take a jet board for a magnificent tour directly through the roaring falls.


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