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Andaman Tour Package

Andaman and Nicobar Tour Packages If beauty could be defined in one word, it would be Andaman! Offering everything from awe-inspiring scenery and vibrant cities to silky beaches, rich history and pleasingly luxurious resorts, Andaman has it all. The picturesque islands of Andaman & Nicobar are a chain of small islands that include a total of 572 islands, located in Bay of Bengal off the Eastern Coast of mainland India. They are one of t Read More

Andaman and Nicobar Tour Packages

If beauty could be defined in one word, it would be Andaman!

Offering everything from awe-inspiring scenery and vibrant cities to silky beaches, rich history and pleasingly luxurious resorts, Andaman has it all. The picturesque islands of Andaman & Nicobar are a chain of small islands that include a total of 572 islands, located in Bay of Bengal off the Eastern Coast of mainland India. They are one of the seven Union Territories of India. Out of the chain of 572 islands of which a little more than 37 are inhabited. The capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the Andamanese town of Port Blair. It is the home to many administrative headquarters of the region, as well as historical and natural attractions. The capital of the Nicobar Islands is Car Nicobar. The Islands are plastic free, clean and green, and safe.

Renowned as India’s most spectacular holiday destination, the Andaman and Nicobar packages feature incredible natural scenery including turquoise tropical waters, sun-dappled sands, soaring coconut trees and sheer limestone cliffs that rise from the sea. Towards the north of the islands you’ll spot muddy volcanoes, limestone caves, and giant turtle nesting grounds and rich marine life in the coral reefs beneath the crystal virgin sea. The Andaman Island is home to some of the last remaining tribes of our planet Earth, which makes this place a lot more intriguing. Its existing forest covers 86% of the total area. Offering countless natural beauty, the Islands enjoy a laid back tranquil lifestyle with little interruptions from the outside world. Possibly the most photographed destination in all of India, the Andaman Islands are an extremely popular destination, with thousands of tourists flocking to the Islands every year. Travelers flock here to get their slice of paradise, longing for cobalt turquoise blue waters and palm-fringed beaches. Truly, a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands will leave you amazed with its scenic beauty and landscapes.

If you’re hoping for an opulent retreat nestled on white sand beaches, and dining with sheer limestone cliffs behind you – the Andaman Islands are for you. We’d always suggest choosing Andaman packages if you’re looking for a unique holiday – it truly offers the world in one. You’ll find just about anything that you could be looking for, whether it’s the exuberant bustle of Neil Island, the party-animal instincts of Port Blair, the sugar-soft beaches of Havelock Islands or the unspoiled seclusion of Barren Island.

With its purest white pearly beaches and home to many coral reefs, the Andaman Islands is touted as a top sentimental goal for honeymooners. If you are among those couples who just dream of a fairytale honeymoon, then Andaman is just the destination for you. There really cannot be a better choice than Andaman and Nicobar Islands for a romantic honeymoon destination. These Islands allow you all the seclusion and privacy you need with your spouse while every other fantasy is fulfilled in this romantic destination. Along with being exotic, beautiful and fun, Andaman packages are also very economical as compared to a trip abroad. Moreover, Andaman Nicobar has incredible resorts for a romantic and idyllic honeymoon in India. There’s also no limit to activities you find here to feed your adventurous soul. Grab great deals on Andaman honeymoon packages from and enjoy the best of what Andaman has to offer.

The only way you could possibly learn more is by embarking on your journey and discovering Andaman for yourself.  Our Andaman tour packages offer gorgeous beaches, flora and fauna, wonderful wildlife and adrenaline-filled adventure water sports among others. Enjoy luxuries Andaman honeymoon package or family vacation package to Andaman with special offers and exclusive discounts.

Start exploring… book one of our Andaman tour packages today!

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you and all the information you need to pick the right Andaman package for you.


Andaman has a moderate temperature of 22°C to 33°C throughout the year. Although, the clear blue sea and the pleasant weather makes Andaman Nicobar a place that can be visited year round, the best time to visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands is from December to May. The evergreen lush forests and perfect landscapes make it a picturesque destination. The days are mostly sunny at this time of year, and the sea sometimes flat enough to reflect the clouds. Andaman sightseeing in March to May is basically a good idea and also you can indulge in a lot of tourist and outdoor activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and exploring the marine life. The monsoon months between June and August are best avoided due to the high tidal waves, nonstop rains and solid winds.


The main international airport is Veer Savarkar International Airport (IXZ) located at Port Blair and is connected to all major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vizag, Chennai and Kolkata. Serving as the entry point for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair is connected with mainland India by both air and sea. Spice Jet, Indigo, GoAir and Air India are some of the airlines that offer flight services to Andaman. There are no direct flights to Andaman from Mumbai and Delhi. You can get direct flights from Kolkata, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam or Chennai. A direct flight from to Port Blair takes around 2 hours 40 minutes, while a connecting flight takes around 5 to 6 hours. Akbar Travels is India's most preferred travel company, offering the lowest air fares with the highest consumer value. Compare and book cheap flights to Andaman with huge discounts and big savings. Once you have your cheap tickets to Andaman and Nicobar Islands in hand, Andaman holiday planning can move forward full steam ahead. You can also avail ships from Chennai, Kolkata and Vizag. It takes approx. 3 days (about 70 hours) to reach Port Blair via ship.

Our all-inclusive Andaman packages save you money and time by bundling flights, hotels and attractions. What are you waiting for? Your next holiday in Andaman and Nicobar Islands starts right here!


Andaman Islands has earned itself the reputation of being one of the most beautiful islands in the world, but even in paradise one has to think pragmatically. Choosing your Andaman hotel well is an integral part of a successful holiday experience. All the hotels offered by Akbar Travels have several things in common - prime location, superior facilities and top-quality service. Our list of the best Andaman Islands hotels caters for many tastes and preferences, whether for singles, groups, or families and covers a wide choice of accommodation with both beachside and village locations. Instead of spending hours on the internet searching for the best hotel offer, visit for guaranteed best prices on hotel reservations. From budget to luxury, choose the hotel category that suits you the best and pick your accommodation from an array of option.


Andaman is not very well known for shopping, as much as, it is well-known for white shorelines with shimmering clear blue waters, adventure sports and pollution free environment. The specialty of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands could be best found in their artworks made of corals and shells. The Islands offer an extensive variety of handicrafts made of wood, sea shells and pearls in the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Also spot coconut shell lamp shades, ashtrays, Nicobari mats apart from wood items like walking Sticks, trays, bowls, tables and chairs. Andaman’s capital Port Blair is the main shopping centre. Our Andaman packages cover some of the best shopping places are Aberdeen Bazaar, Sagarika Govt.Emporium, Queen Sea Shell Craft, Shopping Singapore.


All foreign nationals require a permit (RAP - Restricted Area Permit) to travel to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which is easily available on arrival at Port Blair from the Immigration Authorities for 30 days subject to availability of valid India visa. Indians do not require a permit to enter Andaman, but if you wish to enter the tribal areas of Nicobar you need special permission from the Andaman District.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands are known for serving scrumptious tropical cuisine. Being a renowned beach destination, seafood is the best that is offered on the Islands. Seafood like lobster, prawns and several other sea-fish dishes constitute the principle cuisine of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Some of the popular mouth-watering cuisines include Fish Curry, Amritsari Kulcha, Tandoori Fish, Chilli Curry, Grilled Lobsters, Macher Jhol, Coconut Prawn Curry and Khadi Crabs. There is no dearth of eating options for travelers; both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Annapoorna restaurant in Port Blair serves excellent vegetarian food. Few of the hotels and restaurants also serve Chinese, South Indian, Continental and Western cuisine. Andaman packages mostly includes seafood as a major part of the cuisine and thus the Tandoori fish is a must try while at Andaman Nicobar islands.


Despite their popularity and stunning natural wonder, the Andaman Nicobar Islands are surprisingly affordable ensuring that such a breathtaking holiday destination is not exclusively reserved for the wealthy, although you'll certainly feel in the lap of luxury while you're there! Whether it is value for money, a sense of satisfaction or a dependable brand name you're looking for - or indeed a combination of the above - all play important role in having a perfect Andaman package.



Andaman - A charming destination everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime.

Andaman packages are built from different kind of itineraries which give you an idea about finding the most suitable Andaman Nicobar package for your Andaman vacation. Our carefully curated Andaman packages include all the main highlights of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Join us on your dream Andaman package that will fulfill your travel dreams, whether you’re looking for a sun-drenched escape as you sail Andaman, a culturally stimulating experience filled with art and gastronomy or an informative trip that takes you deep into Andaman history. Visit the beautiful Andaman this holiday season!

To help you plan your Andaman package, we have made some tailor-made Andaman Nicobar packages considering your budget and choices. Get inspired by our most popular Andaman itineraries below and book now for huge savings. Have a Look at our best-selling Andaman packages:

Andaman Holiday Packages



Charming Andaman

3 Nights / 4 Days


Magical Andaman

3 Nights / 4 Days


Amazing Andaman

4 Nights / 5 Days


Scuba diving in Havelock island (Andaman)

1 Nights / 2 Days


Andaman Short break

3 Nights / 4 Days


Discover Andaman

5 Nights / 6 Days


Mesmerizing Andaman

5 Nights / 6 Days


Incredible Andaman

5 Nights / 6 Days


Breathtaking Andaman

6 Nights / 7 Days


Adorable Andaman

7 Nights / 8 Days


Taj Exotica Resort and Spa Havelock Andaman

3 Nights / 4 Days


Taj Exotica Resort and Spa Havelock Andaman 2

4 Nights / 5 Days



In a country famed for its unbelievable natural beauty, the Andaman Islands are renowned as the place to visit if you’re looking for something truly special. On your Andaman trip, you can visit an active volcano, enjoy wildlife viewing in a tropical rainforest, and bask on sugar-white beaches with turquoise waters, all in the space of a few days. Add to this the opportunities most Andaman packages also cover outdoor adventures such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, glass boating, the glorious national parks, the seafood delicacies, and the luxury resorts, and you have an ideal spot for an all-out family vacation or a honeymoon to remember forever.

Radhanagar Beach

Located on the Havelock Island about 67 kilometres from the capital city of Port Blair, Radhanagar beach is one of most famous beaches in the Andaman Islands covered in most Andaman packages, and arguably the best beach in the whole of Asia. Besides, the Radhanagar beach has been voted World’s 8th best beach. With its virgin turquoise water, striking white sand, and a wild, towering jungle backdrop — it’s no wonder Radhanagar is one of the most lusted-after beaches. A wide view of open sea and shoreline with white sand that stretches out for as far as your eyes can see gives out a sense of freedom and candidness. Additionally, a walk on the 2 km long beach gives insight into the bird life and the fauna of this region.

Things to do: Swimming, Snorkelling, Game Fishing, sightseeing, nature walk, relax in the shack

Cellular Jail

At a distance of 1.5 km from Port Blair Central Bus Stand, the Cellular Jail, also identified as Kala Pani, was a colonial prison in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It stands as a mute witness to the most brutal and barbaric atrocities meted out to national freedom fighters, who were incarcerated in this jail. This jail was used mostly by the British to expatriate political prisoners who would defy their law and order. Many notable dissidents such as Veer Savarkar and Batukeshwar Dutt, among others were imprisoned here during the struggle for India’s independence. The Cellular Jail is an enormous three-storeyed structure with seven wings, radiating from a central watch tower, shaped like spokes of a wheel. Each wing in this prison had three storeys, which consist of total of 698 cells. Today, the compound serves as a national memorial monument and also one of the top places to visit in Port Blair. A trip to the Cellular Jail may be saddening to many, but it is sentimental and of immense value and an educational experience for anyone interested in Indian history.

Things to do: Light and sound show, sightseeing, historical experiences

Baratang Beach

Baratang Island is a natural wonder with a huge network of tropical rainforests, dense mangrove creeks, astonishing beaches, active mud volcanoes and fascinating limestone caves. A small part of the Andaman Islands, Baratang Island is situated 100 km away from the capital city of Port Blair. It lies in the North and middle region of the Andaman Islands. Due to its distant location, a huge part of the Baratang lies unexplored from the travelers and hence is a delight for the offbeat wanderers. Also fondly called as Ranchiwalas Island, Baratang Island is the heart of Andaman which is hidden from the entire world. The top attractions covered in most Andaman packages at this Island are Parrot Island, Baludera Beach, Limestone Cave and Mud Volcano. The Baratang islands were earlier the home of the Jarawa tribe. While taking a boat ride to limestone caves, you pass through the reserved areas of tribes, if lucky; you can still witness the Jarawans in their tribal avatar.

Things to do: Boating, trekking, bird watching, dense forest with tribes, mangroves

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

If you think a museum tour is boring, well think again! The Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is operated and maintained by the Indian Navy and stores five galleries dotted with history, geography, anthropology and marine life of the Andaman Island. Moreover, there is also a small zoo that shelters saltwater crocodiles in Haddo of Andaman Island. The museum which is a must-visit attraction with your Andaman package has a wide range of installations with informative coverage of the islands’ ecosystem, plants, animals, tribal communities and marine life and aims to generate awareness about the environment in the ocean and the marine life. The displays in the museum include some 350 species of marine life and a variety of shells and coral found in the islands. If you are in Port Blair, a visit to “Samudrika”, the Naval Marine Museum is absolutely necessary and strongly recommended.

Things to do: Sightseeing, cultural experiences

Rajiv Gandhi Water sports Complex

The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is located in the city of Port Blair and is the closest area for water sport activities in the city. The Complex offers all possible aqua-sport facilities like Water-skiing, Sail boats, Windsurfing, Speed Boats etc.. The safe water sports component includes paddle boats, rowing boats, water cycles, banana rides and many more. The spectacle of the Marina Park that surrounds the complex is captivating. Furthermore, the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex houses a memorial of the ‘Battle of Aberdeen' fought between the Britishers and the Andamanese aboriginals in 1859. If you feel like you could do with an exotic escapade that’s out of your comfort zone but absolutely thrilling, Andaman is the place for you. Explore our budget Andaman tour packages as we take you up close to this fascinating Indian destination.

Things to do: Adventure sports, sightseeing

Mount Harriet National Park

The Mount Harriet Island National Park is a spectacular national park located in Ferrargunj tehsil in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This National Park was established in 1969 with rich conservation of flora, fauna, magnificent views of valleys, breath-taking mountains, etc. On your Andaman trip, rest on the other side of the Ross Island at 365 meters above sea level, the national park is the third highest peak in the Andaman and is named after Harriet Tytler, the wife of Robert Christopher Tytler, a British soldier, naturalist and photographer. The Harriet national park covers around 46.62 square kilometer area. Mount Harriet is famous for nature trails/treks and is majorly known for its Andaman wild pigs, saltwater crocodiles, turtles and robber crab. There are viewpoints in different directions from this Park, from which you can see the Ross Island, Havelock Island and North Bay Island.

Things to do: Breathtaking Mountain views, marine wildlife preservation and display museums, trekking, picnicking

Chatham Saw Mill, Andaman

The honor of not only being Asia’s largest and oldest saw mill, but having an entire Island to itself makes Chatham Saw Mill stand out from the ordinary. Established in 1883 the Chatham Saw Mill has been operating for over 175 years, keeping in place the original machinery and technology of wood processing. It is an Island that has been converted into saw mill and acts as a storage house of countless varieties of Timber like Satinwood, Padauk, Marble and Gurjan. All Attractions of the mill are chains made up of wood. We offer a simply unrivalled service in designing luxury Andaman tour packages.

Things to do: Relaxing, cultural tour, sightseeing

Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu, also known as the bird island is located 25 km from Port Blair in the archipelago of Andaman Islands. This is one of the most lovely tourist attractions in most Andaman packages. The Island is well recognized for its rich collection of birds, vibrant butterflies, white spotted deer, and orchids. It is one of the most beautiful bird-watching sites in India. Amid birds, the Island is inhabited by around 46 species of birds namely, hanging parrot, scarlet minivet, long-tailed and red-breasted parakeets, drongos, emerald dove, white-bellied sea eagles, grey-fronted and green pigeons to name a few. The top attractions here include the soft golden shores, Chidiya Tapu Biological Park, Chidiya Tapu Beach, and the Munda Pahar beaches. Although the weather of the Andaman Islands remains pleasant throughout the year, the best time for Chidiya Tapu is between October to April. Do not miss the pleasure of watching the sunset on the horizon. Spot migratory birds decorating the sky, tempting nature lovers and travel enthusiasts.

Things to do: Wildlife photography, trekking trail, water sports like snorkeling, boating, sunset watching, trekking to Munda Pahad, bird watching

Corbyn’s Cove

One of the greatest  surprises offered by the town of Port Blair is the mysterious Corbyn's Cove, located only 8 km from the centre of the town. The Corbyn’s Cove is essentially a small curve of sand lined by Palm trees towards the back of the beach. It is the closest beach to the city, which is a main docking hub of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The place is full of life and tourists at all times and is lined by restaurants and many sports activities such as scuba diving, swimming, surfing, jet skiing etc and sas a remarkable resemblance to Kovalam Beach, Kerala. In spite of being the busiest beaches of Port Blair, the Corbyn’s Cove is the cleanest and most well-maintained of them all. On your Andaman trip, zip across the ocean in a jet ski or a motor scooter. Enjoy a relaxing drink with your friends at the beach facing restaurant. The blue benches lining the area make for a great seat to relish the view. Our guided & escorted Andaman tour packages are nothing short of spectacular.

Things to do: Relaxing, Adventure sports, picnicking

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Does the idea of a National Park fascinate you? If yes, then this is the place to be! Dotingly called as Wandoor Marine National Park, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Andaman. The park is famous for its Marine life attracting visitors with its varied ecosystem and water sports opportunities. The total area of the park is 28.5 sq. km and it is made up of 15 Islands such as Jolly Buoy, Red Skin, Alexandra, Boat, Hobday, Tarmugli, Grub, Chester, Snob, Bell, Pluto, Malay, Riflemen, Twins and parts of Rutland island make up this park and the open sea creeks flowing through the area. Out of these Islands, the only two Islands open to the tourists are the Jolly Buoy and Redskin. The interesting marine fauna that adds to its charm include turtles, salt water crocodiles, coral reefs, molluscus, starfish, shells and an array of enthralling colorful fishes. Tourists require special permits to visit this national park and such permits can be procured at the Wandoor forest office or through travel agents from Port Blair.

Things to do: Glass bottom boats, scuba diving, snorkeling, bird watching, fish spotting


Wherever you see yourself touring in Andaman Nicobar Islands, get ready for the time of your life.

Port Blair

Branded as the "Veritable Garden of Eden", the city of Port Blair is situated on the South Andaman Islands and is the capital of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Interestingly, Port Blair is the main entry point for all the Islands. It connects to the North Andaman places of Diglipur, Rangat, Bharatpur and Mayabundar. Considered to be the most peaceful city in the whole of India, Port Blair is a place that is free of discrimination, politics and religious conflicts. This place presents the olden time’s history of independence. The national parks of Port Blair are ironic in bird species, greenery, aquatic life, tropical rainforest, colorful fishes, and a variety of flora and fauna is kept inside the parks as a sample. Being a perfect fun gateway Port Blair has an array of sightseeing places that you must visit at least once in a lifetime. Port Blair is a must-visit destination on your Andaman package.

Popular for: All kinds of exciting watersports such as sailboats, parasailing, water scooters, rowing boats, kayaks, paddle boats, water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sea wWalk(at Water Sports Complex), museums, Cellular Jail, Mini Zoo, & Science Centre.

Havelock Islands

A cluster of small Islands known as Ritchie’s Archipelago, Havelock is a picturesque natural paradise with beautiful white sandy beaches, rich coral reefs and lush green forests. Located 39 km of north-east of Port Blair, it is one of the populated islands in the Andaman group with an area of 113 sq. km. The Island boasts some of the most well-defined spots of attraction with a perfect mixture of tropical jungle and gorgeous beaches. The most beautiful and famous beach in Havelock is the Radhanagar beach which was entitled the ‘Best Beach in Asia’ by Time Magazine. The Island offers plentiful opportunities for exploring sea life and coral reefs with scuba diving, snorkeling as well as glass-bottom boats, on your Andaman trip. Enjoy its turquoise waters, gentle waves, swaying trees and the massive horizon along with the sense of connecting with nature on the remarkable Havelock Island.

Popular for: White sandy beaches, relaxing, Adventure sports, scuba diving, sea walk & kayaking.


On the northern Andaman Island, Diglipur Island is a distinctive ecotourism goal that covers a span of greenery, and marine life. The interesting town of Diglipur is the biggest town in the North Andaman Islands but, frequently goes unnoticed due to its separation from other famous vacation spots. The Island, for the most part is known for its dreamy shorelines like Kalipur Beach, Ross and Smith Islands, Ramnagar Beach, and Pathi Level Beach that offer activities like swimming, scuba plunging, and trekking. In addition, Diglipur happens to be the biggest tops in the archipelago, which regularly stay thronged by the trekkers to witness its novel untamed life. With your Andaman package, visit Ramnagar Beach, and Kalipur Beach to see the turtle settling. A trek through the 41 group of Limestone caverns is an absolute must as well.

Popular for: Diglipur National Park , trekking, scuba diving, speed boats, water scooters snorkeling, angling, turtle nesting, Saddle Peak (highest peak in Andaman)

Little Andaman

The Little Andaman Island is the fourth largest of the Andaman Islands of India with an area of 734 km², lying at the southern end of the archipelago. This Island offers a perfect mix of exotic beaches bewitching waterfalls, boating through the Creeks, Surfing, thrilling Elephant Safaris, Elephant lumbering, and Elephant calves training etc. Surfing has fast gained popularity in the Island as an activity with small resorts renting out surfboards and arranging for surf camps near Butler Bay beach whose waves make it the best surfing destination in India. This Island is more of a one-day trip destination as it has fewer options of accommodation. Little Andaman is a destination which is must visit and the island is least populated if compared to other islands. It should definitely be an addition to your Andaman and Nicobar package.

Popular for: Boating, sightseeing, watersports activities like nnorkeling, diving, swimming, game fishing, coral watching, sun basking etc

Great Nicobar Island

Great Nicobar is the largest of the Nicobar Islands of India, north of Sumatra, Indira Point. Its southernmost tip is also the southernmost point of India. Among the Nicobar Islands, the Great Nicobar is the largest. It is very close to Sumatra island of Indonesia. The Car Nicobar is the northernmost. The island has numerous rivers, including the Alexandra, Amrit Kaur, Dogmar and Galathea. Virtually all rivers flow in a southern or southwesterly direction, which is indicative of the general slope of the terrain across the island. The island covers 1045 km² but is sparsely inhabited, with a population of 9,440, largely being covered by rainforest and known for its diverse wildlife.

Popular for: Diverse flora and fauna, marine life and many varieties of birds and flowers.

Ross and Smith Island

If you’ve ever dreamt of going Island hopping, then this is the place to visit. Twin island “Ross and Smith” at Diglipur (approx. 12 hrs by road from Port Blair) is one of the most exotic and untouched destinations not even explored in most Andaman tour packages. The Island pair stands as a silent reminder of ‘Beauty in Connectedness’. Furthermore, Ross & Smith Islands are home to the spectacular Olive Ridley turtles which means, being in the right place at the right time. One can even witness the turtle nesting! As a turtle nesting area and spectacular diving or snorkeling location, the beaches are perfect for relaxing on soft pearly white sand in comfortable huts on the beach strand. Accessible from North Andaman Island by boat, this outstanding marine sanctuary destination requires travelers to apply for a special access permit from the local forest office.

Popular for: Sea walk, museums, wildlife, botanical garden, sound & light show.

Barren Island

Barren Island is the fiery heart of Andaman, that is home to India’s only active volcano. The waters around the Barren Island are reputed to be one of the finest scuba diving destinations around the world. Not all holiday escapades can boast of pure white sand beaches, emerald blue waters, lush rainforests and an active volcano – all in one vacation! The crystal clear waters, thought-provoking basalt formations, vibrant coral gardens are few of the things you mustn’t miss at this Island. What makes this Island more gorgeous is the purple-black toned bedrock. It’s distinct and one of a kind. Since the Island is inhabited by humans, there are a lot of animal species such as the hardy goats, birds, bats and rats. Our Andaman tour packages offer unforgettable trips that permit you to discover the beautiful landscapes of Barren Island in your own way, and also the opportunity to indulge in several exciting and fun filled adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing and boating.

Popular for: Sea plane ride, nature walk, sightseeing

Jolly Buoy Island

One among the most loved attraction at the Andaman Islands; Jolly Bouy offers travelers attractive coral views through glass bottom boats. The Island is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park (also known as Wandoor Marine National Park). The underwater marine life is eccentric and indicates a sharp reflection of the flamboyant corals, marine fishes, sea anemones, sea cucumbers and unique sea weeds. This Island is only open to tourists for six (6) months, from November to May. When Jolly Bouy Island is closed, another Island, Red Skin Island opens. So, you’re never short of option and adventure! One needs to go to Wandoor beach, which is about 45 minutes’ drive from Port Blair, and then take a ferry to Jolly Buoy Island. Jolly buoy is a no plastic zone. Before leaving to Jolly Buoy Island, people have to submit the list of all plastic items at Wandoor beach.

Popular for: Snorkeling activity, White beaches, dense forest & beautiful coral.


From island paradises that go from beach relaxation to late night parties, to smaller islets yet to be touched by tourism, the Andaman Islands have a little bit of everything.

Delicious Sea Food—A Must Try

For all the Non-vegetarians, there’s a lavish treat that the Andaman Islands have to offer. Extensively known for the diverse marine wildlife, there is a mind-boggling variety of amazing and mouth-watering sea food cuisines on the Islands. We bet you wouldn’t want to miss out on the same.

Beach Hopping

Shake off the urge to stay in the first beach you see and instead, go exploring as Andaman Islands has loads of other gorgeous beaches. While some beaches are very remote and are best reached by either a long-ass hike through jungles or a longtail boat, the end result is always worth it. White beaches, silk blue water, and palm trees on the foot of an enormous limestone cliff.

Best Beaches in Andaman:

  • Corbyn’s Cove
  • Wandoor Beach
  • Radhanagar Beach
  • Elephant Beach
  • VIjaynagar Beach
  • Kala Pathar Beach
  • Laxmanpur Beach
  • Bharatpur Beach

Sea of Adventure Sports

The huge range of outdoor activities will appeal if you’re looking for a more active holiday – here you can go snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, game fishing, trekking, rock climbing and cliff jumping and the list is endless.

Go diving

Andaman Islands have some of the best dive sites in the world. Considering the abundance of marine life and the ease of getting there, this is an incredibly cheap place to learn how to dive. After a day of exploring the colourful reefs, you can down some cocktails in the bars that line the beaches.

Island Hopping

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the Andaman Sea by doing some island hopping to idyllic beaches and vistas that you will remember forever. You can go island hopping to the smaller, uninhabited stretches of land. With plenty of options for island hopping tours, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and your budget.

Best Islands in Andaman:

  • Swaraj Dweep
  • Neill Island
  • Baratang
  • Barren Island
  • Little Andaman
  • Long Island
  • North Andaman
  • Viper Island
  • Smith Island
  • Twin Islands


Hiking in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Put on your sports shoes (if you brought them) and get ready to hike to the viewpoints. This is totally worth it and best done in the early morning while it is still cool or otherwise late in the afternoon to watch the sunset. One of the most visited national parks in Andaman; Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is one of the most surreal spots in Andaman. The park’s landscapes are made up of mountain ranges, dense forests, waterfalls and valleys. It’s a magnificent place to go hiking.

Shopping at the Sagarika Emporium

The famous Sagarika Emporium in Port Blair is a Government operated shopping center and thus, one of the most genuine shops that sell Coral wood artifacts. Shop till you drop!

Wander Around Port Blair

Port Blair is the place to go if you’re hoping to find some souvenirs or gifts to take home with you, with lots of clothes, handicrafts and jewelry all around. You’ll also find lots of cafes and restaurants, and get a sense of the everyday lives of the local people of Andaman. Explore the vibrant markets for an authentic experience and purchase some souvenirs for your loved ones.

Creek Cruises

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have some astounding natural creeks that flow through dense mangrove forests. Port Blair, Mayabunder and Baratang Island are three such places in the Andaman where you can enjoy an exciting creek cruise to the fullest. As you cruise through the green creeks amidst the bushy mangrove forests, you will see that at many places, nature has made tunnels out of creepers and trees and many butterflies, insects and birds dwell there. A must-experience!

Nature walks

Andamans provide you the perfect natural setup to walk through the peaceful forests or by the beautiful beach shores to get the feel of being in the lap of nature all through the time spent there.

Swim and Dive with Dugong

Dugong, a non-dangerous sea cow, is the National animal of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. A few places in the Neil Island allow you to swim and dive with this animal as long as you’re with a guide. Go on, test your limits!


Once you arrive in Andaman Islands, you will find yourself in an area of land that is surrounded by water. Naturally, that means that there is plenty of space for you to go snorkeling at. Underwater activities unsurprisingly make up a large part of island life and with so much incredible coral and marine life, there’s no wonder!

Andaman and Nicobar Island – Favourite Snorkeling Locations

  • Neil Island
  • South Button
  • Elephant Beach, Havelock Island
  • Kalipur, North Andaman
  • Tamarind Camp
  • North Bay Island, Port Blair

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a Scuba Diving paradise

Scuba diving in Andaman Islands is world renowned. Andaman is home to some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. The islands have clear warm waters all year round making it a very attractive option. There are plenty of places for you to explore underwater. Pick a company that is safe and start diving!


The benchmark of holiday destinations, this idyllic destination needs little introduction. Whether you're looking for a family adventure or simply a luxurious beach stay, our Travel Experts are here to guide you to your perfect Andaman trip. For couples, witness the best of this slice of heaven with our Andaman honeymoon package. Our cheap Andaman packages offer the opportunity to create everlasting memories without breaching the bank. Book your Andaman Nicobar package from all major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Kerala, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc.

Akbar Travels also provides affordable holiday in Indian destinations such as Kerala tour packagesKashmir tour packages, Andaman tour packages, Himachal tour packagesRajasthan tour packagesLeh Ladakh tour packages and Manali tour packages, as well as international destinations such as Dubai tour packagesSingapore tour packagesMalaysia tour packagesThailand tour packagesBali honeymoon packagesMauritius tour packagesMaldives tour packagesEurope tour packagesSri Lanka tour packages etc.  Our tailor-made itineraries to some of the most fascinating places in India and the world provide you with the flexibility to travel when you want and in accordance with your interests and budget.

Everything's sorted for you - from flights and hotels to sightseeings and activities. All you need to do is enjoy the real Andaman hospitality and create unforgettable memories in the land of islands. Ready to start your adventure? Andaman is calling you; get your suitcase ready!

Akbar Holidays provides you a range of Andaman packages, ranging from best Andaman packages for family & couples to Andaman packages from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and all across India. Book your Andaman package with Akbar Holidays today!

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