Georgia: Unique, Charming, and Fascinating

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Georgia: Unique, Charming, and Fascinating

Are you looking for a convenient little adventure that can help you escape the mundane days of work and stress? Your dilemma can be solved in seconds with our Georgia holiday packages! Unlike any other vacations you have previously been disappointed by, a Georgia tour package could just be the thing you’re searching for. Just imagine yourself hiking the majestic Caucasus mountains, admiring the ancient churches and monasteries, or just bask Read More

Are you looking for a convenient little adventure that can help you escape the mundane days of work and stress? Your dilemma can be solved in seconds with our Georgia holiday packages! Unlike any other vacations you have previously been disappointed by, a Georgia tour package could just be the thing you’re searching for. Just imagine yourself hiking the majestic Caucasus mountains, admiring the ancient churches and monasteries, or just basking in the sun on the Black Sea coast.


But before considering the various Georgia holiday packages available in the market, you need to know all about the place you might hopefully be visiting soon. We promise there are no spoilers here. After all, the right Georgia travel package cannot be spoiled by reading a few words. The quaint little bite-sized town that many travelers overlook is something right out of your dreams. And our Georgia holiday packages can help you discover the wonderful country, at your own pace. Before that, here is all you need to know about Georgia and about booking the right Georgia tour package.



All About Georgia

A perfect Georgia tour package can prove to you that the best things indeed come in small packages. Spanning across just under 70000 km², the size of this country might be modest but the magnificent place does have much to brag about. From the wild landscapes to the friendly cosmopolitan atmosphere, Georgia is a pleasant mixture of contrasts that can truly surprise you. Although the country itself is located in Asia, Georgia holiday packages can surprise you with the European aura of the place. The cobbled streets, mountaintop villages, art scene, colorful houses, and warm people can make you feel like you are in an old European fairytale.


Georgia once belonged to the nineteenth-century Russian empire and was later forcibly incorporated into the USSR. However, once the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, the country of Georgia regained its status as an independent nation. What you see when you visit the country might not be what you picture when you read about its history. Georgia is a historically significant multiethnic with friendly people, ancient monuments, Unesco World Heritage Sites, admirable art scenes, snow-capped mountains, scenic nature, and delicious wine. In fact, Georgia is one of the most ecologically diverse places on the planet with more than twelve different climate zones across the country, from semi-desert and alpine to subtropical. Georgia is absolutely an undiscovered gem tucked away between Europe and Asia. But with a Georgia tour package from us, the time might just be right for you to discover it.



How Well Do You Know Georgia?


Did you know that…

  • Georgians don’t call their homeland Georgia. They refer to their country as Saqartvelo or, in the local language, საქართველო.

  • Georgia is the homeland of wine. As long as 8000 years ago, Georgians made  their own wine using the traditional Qvevri technique.

  • With origins in the 4th century AD, the country’s official language of Georgian is not spoken anywhere else in the world.

  • Georgia loves toasts! Not the morning toasts that you spread butter on, but toasts given at events are considered an art form.

  • Georgia has the world’s most liberal visa policy that allows citizens of over 98 countries to enter Georgia without a visa for a year.




Where to go in Georgia

Our Georgia holiday packages offer everything a traveler could ever want. With excellent transportation options at affordable prices and an extremely welcoming culture, Georgia can give you the most well-rounded vacation you could ask for. From solo hiking excursions to heart-racing wildlife encounters and beachside relaxation, a great Georgia travel package will have everything you need to make your trip a real success.


However, visiting a place with so many things to explore can be a little confusing. Especially if you are trying to set up an itinerary and choose the right Georgia tour package to meet your needs. There is certainly some happy news though– whatever you choose to do in Georgia, the green valleys dotted with vineyards and the ancient buildings perched in fantastic mountain scenery will never disappoint. Before you start planning the itinerary for your Georgia travel package, here are some places you cannot miss!


  • Georgia Holiday Packages to Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, is usually the first stop on most Georgia holiday packages.  Tbilisi is nothing short of dramatic, a charming old town perched on the side of a cliff with views that could put a novel to shame. The city has much to offer tourists, including affordably priced first-class dining options, great historical sites, multiple accommodation choices, and spunky nightlife. You can even visit the medieval Narikala Fortress on a cable car across the Kura river and the stunning view of Old Tbilisi you catch on your way is just a small perk. Tbilisi is also the main tourist base for a reason– its strategic placement lets you travel to many great places within the same day.


  • Georgia Holiday Packages to Kakheti

According to history books, Georgians are among the first to make wine. And their love for wine has not waned even a little to date. Kakheti is surely a gorgeous place to visit even without the added benefit of great wine. But, just about every family you’ll come across in Kakheti will have some wine fermenting in their homes. So it is no surprise that a Georgia tour package would also take you to Kakheti, the city of delicious yet affordable wine. You won’t be feeling left out in Kakheti even if you are not a wine lover as the city also houses the 6th century David Gareja monastery complex.


  • Georgia Holiday Packages to Mestia

While Mestia might not be the easiest place to get to, this isolated but stunning mountain region is totally worth the visit. If luck favors you, you can make the trip a lot easier by booking one of the rare flights from Tbilisi to Mestia. Nestled in the Svaneti region of the Caucasus mountains, Mestia is the holy grail for trekking and hiking enthusiasts. It is home to a fierce culture that has made the hills their home, warding off various threats for hundreds of years. This small town is slowly rising as one of the top tourist destinations in all of Georgia. If you want to enjoy the majestic natural beauty of the Caucasus mountains, then don’t miss this spot in your Georgia travel package.


  • Georgia Holiday Packages to Batumi

Did we forget to mention that Georgia is not all about mountains? Batumi is the perfect city to add to your Georgia tour package itinerary if you want to relax at the pebble beaches of the Black Sea. Unlike the rest of Georgia, Batumi offers you an incredible array of modern architecture. In addition to the breathtaking buildings, the city also houses black pebble beaches, an enormous botanical garden, and nightclubs that buzz with energy throughout the night.



What to do in Georgia?

It can be hard to make a selection of the most wonderful things to see, exciting things to experience, and delicious dishes to try when you are in Georgia. There are so many of them, even a year-long trip will not be enough to cover them all. But when choosing a Georgia tour package from us, we ensure that you visit all the unmissable spots in Georgia to make memories that stay with you forever. Here are the things you can’t afford to miss when you make it to Georgia!


  • What to See?

Unmatched in its natural beauty and awe-inspiring in its artificial wonders, there is enough for everyone to see and enjoy in the beautiful country of Georgia. Nestled amidst the beautiful Caucasus mountains, you can try to picture how pretty this place is but you will be spellbound when you actually see it for real. From the shimmering Black Sea coast to the snow-caps of Svaneti, here are some places that you cannot miss if you are a traveler in Georgia.


  1. Tusheti National Park: The historic home of the Tush people on the edge of Russia and Chechnya, the Tusheti National Park gracefully cascades down the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountains.


  1. The Ananuri Fortress: Located on the Georgian Military Highway just 44 km from the old capital city of Mtskheta this castle resembles a perfectly captured postcard. The castle, built in the 6th century, once served as a home to the Duchy of Aragvis. 


  1. Sighnaghi: Also known as the city of love, Sighnaghi could easily be the most beautiful place included in your Georgia tour package. The cobblestone streets, vintage houses, and ancient fortresses lend an air of undeniable romance to this place.


  • What to Experience?

Georgia will be a truly memorable experience for any traveler. And the best part? You can easily find an affordable Georgia travel package according to your budget, however small or big it might be. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in Georgia to have some unforgettable experiences you won’t get anywhere else. If you are looking for the most unique experiences to include in your Georgia travel package, here are a few things you might want to add to your itinerary.


  1. The Thermal Springs of Tbilisi: The beautiful Georgian capital has so much to offer you that exploring it might tire you out a bit. But why worry about that when a soak in the hot springs located right in the middle of Tbilisi’s Old Town can refresh you?


  1. Vineyard Tours: As one of the first places to produce wine, Georgia is among the producers of the highest quality wine in all of Europe. When you are in Georgia, going on a vineyard tour in the Kakheti wine region is definitely a must-do.


  1. The Uplistsikhe Cave Tour: The 5000-year-old Uplistsikhe cave complex is impressively set on a cliff overlooking a majestic river. Since it is located outside of Gori, just around 2 hours away from Tbilisi, the trip is very easy to make.


  • What to Savor?

The love that Georgians have for wine, food, and dinner guests cannot be compared to anything else. In a country where dinner guests are described and treated as "gifts from God'', it is unsurprising that food is given so much importance. In the land of traditional supra feasts that sometimes lasts for days on end, there is enough and more to satisfy your taste buds if you are a foodie. While you might want to try a new Georgian delicacy each chance you get, here are 3 delicious dishes that you should taste at least once.


  1. Khachapuri: Widely considered to be the national dish of Georgia, khachapuri is a traditional bread served in a canoe-like shape. The gooey sulguni cheese melted into the middle with butter chunks and a perfectly cracked egg is absolutely heavenly.


  1. Churchkhela: Often mistaken for sausages, the Churchkhela is actually a sweet made from walnuts covered in layers of concentrated grape juice. This is a staple food in Georgia that can be found hanging in almost every bakery and shop.


  1. Khinkali: These meat-broth filled dumplings are a true work of art. The complicated folding technique of these dumplings warrants a ritualistic eating process. You use your hands to pick each dumpling up by its top knot, bite into the side to slurp out the broth inside, and then eat!



Georgia, or Saqartvelo as the citizens call it, is slowly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia and Europe. With the right Georgia travel package, you will be able to experience and enjoy the extensive hospitality, mouth-watering delicacies, awe-inspiring architecture, scenic nature, and amazing wines in this republic. The country has something to offer the historian, the adventurer, the traveler, and the foodie in you! Choose from our Georgia holiday packages now to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

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