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Saudi Arabia Visa

Type of Saudi Arabia Visas

Saudi business visa is only available for UAE high profession residence visa holders

  • Processing time: 3 WORKING DAYS
  • Validity: 60 DAYS
  • Fees: 550 SAUDI RIYAL
  • Processing time: 7 WORKING DAYS
  • Validity: 60 DAYS
  • Fees: 1450 SAUDI RIYAL
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Saudi Arabia Visa FAQs

  • add Do I require a visa to enter Saudi Arabia?

    Yes. Before entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, non-citizens of the GCC must get a visa. Visas can be requested via the Saudi Arabian Embassy in the destination nation. Tourist visas are not distributed by the embassy. Only business or personal visits to family and friends are permitted for applicants to go to Saudi Arabia. Please confirm the sort of visa you are qualified to apply for before submitting an application.

  • add How can I submit an online visa application for Saudi Arabia?

    Applying for a Saudi Arabia visa online with Akbar Travels is a simple and smooth process:

    • Depending on the nature of your trip, select the Saudi Arabia visa category you desire.
    • Online payment.
    • Send us your documents using our pick-up and drop service.
    • Get your visa after it has been approved.

  • add What various Saudi Arabian visas are there?

    • Business Visa:

      Those who qualify for business visas include entrepreneurs, investors, corporate representatives, managers, sales managers, and sales representatives. This visa is for travellers who intend to travel to Saudi Arabia for conferences, meetings, and other business-related activities. A single-entry or multiple-entry visa is available. It is forbidden for visa holders to work or look for work in Saudi Arabia.
    • Family Visit Visa:

      Any Saudi expat with a residential visa who wishes to invite family members to stay with them for a set period of time may apply for a Saudi family visit visa. A family member could be a mother, father, wife, child, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother, or sister.

  • add Is it possible for me to obtain a standard holiday/tourist visa for Saudi Arabia?

    There aren't any holiday visas, unfortunately. You must get in touch with a tourism organisation established in Saudi Arabia if you wish to take a holiday there.

  • add How long is the validity of the business visa?

    The Saudi Arabian Chamber of Commerce must authorise the length of your stay. Usually, it can only last for three months.

  • add How long is the Saudi Arabia family visit visa valid?

    The validity of the family visit visa is up to one year.

  • add How long does the visa processing take?

    The processing of the visa takes five days.

  • add How far in advance can I submit my online Saudi Arabia visa application?

    Two months prior to the date of trip is the earliest time to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa. It is advised that all visa applications be submitted ten days before travel in order to enable enough time for visa processing.

  • add What kind of entry is permitted under the business visa?

    With a Saudi Arabia visa, there are single- and multiple-entry possibilities. The entry type will depend upon the sort of visa you apply for.

  • add Is the submission of a passport along with the application required?

    Yes, the Embassy will stamp the original passport with the visa. Thus, the passport must have two vacant pages. Your passport should also be valid for minimum six months beyond the intended stay.

  • add What requirements must be met before applying for a visa to Saudi Arabia?

    You must precisely specify in order for the authorities to process your application that:

    • What brings you to Saudi Arabia?
    • How much time do you plan to spend in Saudi Arabia?
    • How will you maintain your livelihood while you are in Saudi Arabia?
    • What's the reason behind your trip to Saudi Arabia?
    • What kind of passport do you have, and how long is it valid?
    • Where are you planning to go after your trip to Saudi Arabia?
    • If you have a permit to the country you intend to travel to after your stay in Saudi Arabia?
  • add How can I obtain my Saudi Arabian visa online?

    Your passport will be stamped with the visa.

  • add What distinguishes a single entry from a multiple entry?

    The type of admission that is allowed must be carefully considered. A single entrance visa only allows the holder to enter and exit Saudi Arabia once, whereas a multiple entry visa allows repeated entries.

  • add Do I have to go to the Consulate or Embassy in person to submit my documents?

    No. It is not necessary to personally visit the Saudi Embassy. Your application for a visa will be submitted by us.

  • add What if my visa for Saudi Arabia is denied?

    The decision to deny a Saudi Arabia visa rests with the Embassy. The decision of the authorities is final, and no refund will be given if your application is declined or approved for a shorter time frame.

  • add Can I be permitted to work there if I am entering Saudi Arabia from India on a family visit visa?

    You are not permitted to work for a living in the country in any capacity on a business or family visit visa for Saudi Arabia.

  • add Do I really need to buy travel insurance?

    Candidates are strongly encouraged to buy travel insurance to protect their vacation in the event of unforeseen circumstances like medical problems, flight cancellations, baggage delay or loss, etc.

  • add What is the quickest way for Indian citizens to obtain a visa to Saudi Arabia?

    Call our visa consultants to apply for a Saudi Arabian visa right away with the minimum required documents and at the lowest cost. No need to contact the Embassy or come into our office. All of it is done for you.

  • add Do you still have concerns regarding the Saudi Arabia visa application procedure?

    If you have any questions about Saudi Arabian visas, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • add Are there any specific days or times when flights are cheaper to book?

    Flight prices can vary, but generally, booking on weekdays and during off-peak hours may offer better deals. Additionally, booking in advance can help secure cheap flights.


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Easy procedures to obtain a visa for Saudi Arabia:

Over a million people's travel fantasies have been fulfilled, thanks to Akbar Travels. We provide rapid and simple help with Saudi Arabia visas. We are here to meet all of your Saudi Arabia visa application needs with a highly qualified and committed staff of visa experts. Read more

You will have a dedicated visa expert overseeing your application throughout the entire visa procedure.

The steps for requesting a Saudi Arabia visa through Akbar Travels are as follows:

Step 1: Call our visa expert with your travel itinerary and complete all necessary paperwork.

Step 2: Pay your Saudi Arabia visa fee online, and we'll pick up your documents from your house or place of business.

Step 3: As part of the visa procedure, our visa expert will confirm, finalise your online Saudi Arabia visa application, and set up an appointment.

Step 4: Come in person to the High Commission / Visa Application Center (VAC) on the day of your appointment to turn in your biometrics (fingerprints) and paperwork.

Step 5: Get your visa for Saudi Arabia.

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Requirements for travelling to Saudi Arabia

  • Have a valid passport and a valid visa for Saudi Arabia
  • Have a good health Read more
  • Good morals
  • complete understanding of your lodging and travel information to provide at immigration if required
  • To assure your return to your home, purchase round-trip or return tickets
  • Country or your next destination once your visa expires
  • Follow the broad rules and the moral standards of the country.
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Travel Checklist

  • Passport that is valid for at least six months
  • Depending on the reason for your travel and how long you want to stay, a valid Saudi Arabia visa Read more
  • Tickets for a confirmed return or next stop
  • Accommodation information.
  • Travel itinerary
  • Foreign money
  • any further proof of your visit's purpose, particularly for those on business visa
  • Before leaving, have all documents validated.
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What should you do when you go to Saudi Arabia?

  • Make all of your travel documentation readily available for the immigration agents to inspect.
  • Be sure you don't have any prohibited materials with you, such as "any immoral items liable to cause a breach of the peace" such novels, audiobooks, audio and video tapes, that won't pass through customs. Read more
  • When travelling within Saudi Arabia, always have a copy of your passport with you.
  • Write down the country's emergency hotlines.
  • Be aware of the standards of behaviour that apply in public settings.
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Travel information for Saudi Arabia

Islam was first practised in Saudi Arabia, which is also where its cultural legacy began. The Middle East is where Muslims go to meet their Prophet and pay respects to Mecca and Medina, two of Islam's holiest locations. Although the inhabitants of this stunning but widely misunderstood nation are extraordinarily cordial and welcoming, Sharia law is strictly enforced there. The country's breathtaking natural beauty includes an oasis in the sand, magnificent mountains, and clear rivers. You can feel connected to the west in Riyadh, the country's sophisticated capital city, where there are many contemporary eateries and towers.Read more

Visitors should familiarise themselves with a few basic words and phrases in Arabic before travelling to this Muslim nation. English is spoken in many tourist destinations and large cities, but learning Arabic is essential if you plan to travel to any of the outlying cities. It's crucial to respect and adhere to local norms when visiting the strict Muslim nation. When visiting places of worship, women should wear the Abaya and dress modestly. It is advised not to go to the restricted borders and surrounding communities because of recent terror acts.

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What attractions are there in Saudi Arabia?

Only Muslims are permitted to enter the holy towns of Mecca and Medina, yet it is said that those individuals who are fortunate enough to do so are blessed. There are many wonders outside of spiritual locations that will astound and surprise you. Safari and camel rides are available at the 65000 sq km dunes of Empty Quarters, also referred to as the Abode of Silence. A pre-Islamic open-air exhibition is called Jubbah Rock Carvings. The 5500 BC petroglyphs raise questions about the area's past and the inhabitants who formerly called it home. Read more

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Saudi capital is the Masmak Fortress. A must-see list of attractions includes the wildlife of Asir, the Pink Palaces in Taif, the remains of Maiden Saleh, and the ancient cities of Timna and Shiban. While in the nation, you should put the Arabian Night Safari on your itinerary. Purchase items such as brassware, incense holders, ancient swords, chest covers, and other mementos from the traditional souks. Discover the camel market and buy your pals some real jewellery as gifts.

Every restaurant in Saudi Arabia serves a variety of the country's well-known non-vegetarian food. Being a vegetarian and travelling to Saudi Arabia on a visa can be difficult because you cannot sample most of the local cuisine. Several vegetarian options, such as Ful wa Tameez, Tamiya, Muttabaq, and vegetarian kebabs that would sate your hunger, are available on the Saudi menu, although few people are aware of this. The heaviest meal of the day is usually lunch, which is hot and spicy in the traditional cuisine. Lamb and fowl are included, but pork is prohibited. The typical vegetarian foods include lentils, Burghul, and pita bread with hummus. Alcohol is completely forbidden during the holy month of Ramadan.

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Saudi Arabia Facts and Figures

Middle East
Major cities :
Riyadh, Jeddah, Taif, Dammam
National Day :
September 23rd Read more
Sunni Islam
Time in Saudi Arabia:
MT/UTC + 3h during Standard Time
Days that constitute the weekend:
Friday and Saturday
Language :
2,149,690 km2
Population :
Currency :
Saudi Riyal (SR)
Important Holidays :
Eid-al-Fitr, Eid-al-Adha and National Day
Main Airlines :
Saudi Arabian Airlines, NasAir, Charter Airlines, and Cargo Airlines
Main Airports :
Riyadh King Khaled International Airport, Dammam King Fahd International Airport and Jeddah King International Airport
Best time to visit :
October to March
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