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There aren’t many destinations on Earth where turtles feel so impregnable that they come ashore in to lay their eggs. But Seychelles is one place where they do! Lined with palm trees, lush hills, white sand, and topaz water, Seychelles is endowed with natural beauty, man-made attractions and breath-taking ancient wonders. Nature lovers and honeymooners, gourmets and sports enthusiasts, gamblers and sailors - all come to Seychelles for a tranquil holiday. Sounds idyllic? It certainly is! So plan your Seychelles holiday and get the chance to live out of your tropical island fantasy in pure, world-class luxury.

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GMT +4

Best Time to Visit Seychelles

As the temperature in Seychelles is pleasant throughout, travellers can fly to this tropical paradise at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit Seychelles is from April to May and October to November. During this period, flight and accommodation costs run low as well as the water temperature is perfect to go for a dip.

Weather in Seychelles

Mostly Clear
Mostly Clear
12oC Max
8oC Min
Humidity : 88 %
Visibility : 7.27 km
Chill : 48
Direction : 250
speed : 2.49

Pressure 29.8
Weather Forecast
22-Apr-2021 Thu SunnySunny 12oC 8oC
23-Apr-2021 Fri Scattered ShowersScattered Showers 12oC 9oC
24-Apr-2021 Sat Scattered ShowersScattered Showers 9oC 8oC
25-Apr-2021 Sun RainRain 10oC 8oC
26-Apr-2021 Mon Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy 12oC 8oC
27-Apr-2021 Tue Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy 11oC 8oC
28-Apr-2021 Wed CloudyCloudy 11oC 9oC
29-Apr-2021 Thu Scattered ShowersScattered Showers 12oC 9oC
30-Apr-2021 Fri Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy 11oC 9oC
01-May-2021 Sat Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy 11oC 8oC

May till July is the driest period of the year. Monsoon in Seychelles lasts from November to March. Most of the islands are out of the cyclone belt so there is no specific threat of storms in this season. Winter here overlaps with the drier season which lasts from May to October. Hotel and flight prices are usually higher during the winter holidays in this season.

Places To Visit in Seychelles

  • Mahé Island
    Mahé Island

    Mahé Island is the largest island in the archipelago and one of the most famous tourist places in Seychelles. It boasts of verdant forests, highest mountain ranges and over 65 beaches with a vast diversity of flora and fauna. Mahe Island is also famous for the Beau Vallon beach and the numerous tourist attractions of the Victoria city.


    Bird Island
    Bird Island

    Bird Island is home to dugongs i.e. the sea cows and over a million migratory birds that are found here. It is considered as one Seychelles tourist attractions. Amongst the most famous places to visit in Seychelles for bird watching, the island also boasts of fairy terns, noddy terns, sooty terns, saunders’s terns, ground doves, cardinals, crested terns, and Giant land tortoises on this island.


    Anse Volbert
    Anse Volbert

    Anse Volbert is one of the island's most popular beaches. Be it the warm water, sun-bleached sands, or coral reefs, this island has it all. The calm waters here are safe for swimming with kids. There are a number of boats tied on the bay, from where you can reach out to the Curieuse, St Pierre and Chauve Souris. One can walk or swim out to the island and enjoy great snorkelling activities around the rocks.


    Victoria, Mahé
    Victoria, Mahé

    Named Port Victoria in honour of the British queen, this small capital of Seychelles is the only seaport in the country. One of the main tourist attractions here is the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens. Established almost a century ago, the gardens include 15 acres of native and exotic plants as well as giant tortoises, orchid garden and flying foxes.


Things To Do in Seychelles

  • Enjoy The View From Petit Amour
    Enjoy The View From Petit Amour

    If luxury is on your mind, then spend a day at this classy and swanky villa of Petit Armour. Enjoy the heavenly view of the surroundings amid ultimate magnificence. Live life king size by resting in one of the super deluxe rooms overlooking the turquoise blue ocean.


    Sunbathing On The Beaches
    Sunbathing On The Beaches

    Seychelles has a few of the incredible beaches of the world. The blue shoreline, Takamaka trees, sparkling white sands, glitzy ocean water, and sun-kissed beaches are all to die for. You can take a stroll swim, sunbathe and surf at these fascinating beaches and spend some time-out admiring the appealing natural beauty. Some of the beaches here have ample opportunities for snorkelling, jet skiing, water skiing, and scuba diving.


    Rock Climbing In Constance Ephelia
    Rock Climbing In Constance Ephelia

    Rock climbing and zip lining are two of the most fascinating things to do in Seychelles. Challenge yourself as you climb the enormous granite outcrops of Mahé at Constance Ephélia- the luxury resort. The adventure zone at this resort also offers zip lining depending on proficiency.


    Visit the Morne National Park
    Visit the Morne National Park

    Morne National Park in Seychelles is a preferred hotspot amongst trekkers and nature lovers. Discovering this extensive bio-reserve is one of the most exhilarating activities to do in Seychelles. Morne National Park comprises of a rich diversity of flora and fauna and several interlinked trails that are perfect for adventure enthusiasts.


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