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Greece is the Cradle of Western Civilization, a breathtakingly beautiful land with a storied past and colourful present that offers visitors an intoxicating mix of history and culture with endless sunshine, blue seas, and incredible food. This travel guide to Greece gives your Greece travel planning a head start with glimpses of the mighty Acropolis, the mountains of Meteora and the blue domes houses of Mykonos.



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Best Time to Visit Greece

The Greek calendar is filled with events and festivals throughout the year but summer is ,perhaps, the best time to visit Greece. May sees the Aegean Festival is the stunning island of Skiathos and the Athens Festival in the capital; both huge celebrations of Greek culture, music, food and wine. Later in the year, attend the Epidaurus Festival, a cultural festival that takes place in Athens and

Weather in Greece

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
19oC Max
11oC Min
Humidity : 99 %
Visibility : 3.73 km
Chill : 53
Direction : 245
speed : 2.49

Pressure 29.38
Weather Forecast
19-Apr-2021 Mon Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy 19oC 11oC
20-Apr-2021 Tue SunnySunny 19oC 11oC
21-Apr-2021 Wed Mostly SunnyMostly Sunny 19oC 11oC
22-Apr-2021 Thu Mostly SunnyMostly Sunny 20oC 12oC
23-Apr-2021 Fri Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy 21oC 13oC
24-Apr-2021 Sat RainRain 22oC 14oC
25-Apr-2021 Sun Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy 21oC 13oC
26-Apr-2021 Mon Mostly SunnyMostly Sunny 20oC 12oC
27-Apr-2021 Tue Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy 22oC 12oC
28-Apr-2021 Wed Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy 24oC 13oC

Greece is best experienced in spring, summer and early autumn which makes the months of May through September the best time to visit the country. You can enjoy sunny days, warm seas and swarms of other tourists who descend upon the country to make the most of the lovely weather. Winters in Greece usually mean the off season for tourists. While this means great bargains on hotels you could also hav

Places To Visit in Greece

  • Athens

    The capital and largest city of Greece, Athens is regarded as the birthplace of democracy, theatre and western philosophy. Every Greece travel guide recommends a visit to the Plaka District, one of the oldest and chic neighborhoods in Athens, in the shadow of the Acropolis. The largely pedestrian friendly streets are lined with restaurants, cafes, jewellery stores and tourist shops. Plaka is also the perfect place to savour some delicious Greek dishes like gyros, baklava and souvlaki. The area is also home to several of the city’s museums such as the Acropolis Museum and the Museum of Greek Folk Art. Be sure to also visit Syntagma Square where the Greek Parliament stands and the Panathenaic Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games were held.



    Essential to your Greece travel planning is Delphi. Considered the navel of the world by the Greeks of antiquity, Delphi was the home of the legendary Oracle and the Sanctuary of the Greek god Apollo who is said to have spoken to the Oracle. The site is located a short walk from the modern town of Delphi, 180 km from the Greek capital. Walk down the Sacred Way on the slopes of Mount Parnassus on your way to the Temple of Apollo. The path has spectacular views of the valley below and is strewn with millennia old debris. Visit the Treasury of the Athenians, Theatre, Stadium, Castallian Spring, Temple of Athena and the mysterious Tholos building, the purpose of which is still unknown.



    A region in Greece unjustly ignored by most Greece travel guides is Meteora. The area is known for a rock formation that is home to six Eastern Orthodox Monasteries that are perched on the towering boulders that litter the region. The monasteries were built sometime in the 11th century by hermit monks escaping Turkish raiders. Learn about medieval Greece and enjoy the spectacular views of the countryside from your perch in the Meteora monasteries. You must visit the Monastery of the Holy Trinity, the Monastery of St Stephen and the Monastery of the Great Meteoron during your stay in Meteora since they are of the highest historic and religious significance in all of Meteora.



    Known for its whitewashed and blue domed houses that drape the cliffs of a caldera, Santorini is one of the most recognizable regions of Greece and a favourite of Greece travel guides. The island is shaped like a crescent and was once part of an active volcano. Its steep cliffs have luxury establishments on one side and volcanic black sand beaches on the other. Visit Fira, the island’s capital and Imerovigli, the highest point of the island, both of which are strewn with restaurant terraces that look over the sea and promise Instagram worthy photo opportunities. The Red Beach with its colourful sand is another tourist draw as well as the traditional villages in the interior of the island. Be sure to try some Santorini fava and crisp, white wine during your stay.

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Things To Do in Greece

  • Go island hopping in the Sporades
    Go island hopping in the Sporades

    While not as glamorous as their southern cousins, the Sporades islands are just as beautiful without the cacophony of tour bus crowds and amorous newlyweds. We prefer making Skiathos a base with day trips to the islands of Skopelos, Alonissos and the scores of tiny specks of rock between them.

    Skiathos, Greece


    An afternoon on the Acropolis
    An afternoon on the Acropolis

    Any Greece travel guide would be incomplete without a tour of the iconic Acropolis of Athens. The skyline of the city is dominated by the Acropolis, visible from almost anywhere in the city. Head up to the hill for a trip to ancient Greece. Atop this historic citadel are the ruins of many ancient buildings; most over 2000 years old. The most prominent of these is the Parthenon, the magnificent temple to the Greek goddess Athena, the city’s protector and patron. The complex also consists of the temple of Athena Nike and the Odeon amphitheater. The Acropolis is also home to a museum, one of the finest in Greece, that houses some of the precious archeological finds, discovered on the hill.

    Athens, Greece


    Party like it’s 450 BC
    Party like it’s 450 BC

    Part of the Cyclades and a regular in every Greece travel guide is the island of Mykonos, often called the “Island of the Winds”. The island is a magnet for party animals and history buffs in equal measure. The island is a base to visit the nearby Delos, one of the most important historical and mythological sites in all of Greece. The island has been inhabited for over five thousand years and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit the Sacred Lake, Minoan Fountain and the Temples of Hera, Isis and Apollo. If history doesn’t interest you, make the more popular side of Mykonos, its glamorous nightlife, a part of your Greece travel planning. The island is brimming with chic cafes, nightclubs and bars that welcome patrons all night long.

    Mykonos, Greece


    Be an Olympian
    Be an Olympian

    The ancient city of Olympia was once home to the fastest, the highest and the strongest. The city was where the first Olympic Games were first held 2400 years ago. While largely in ruins today, Olympia still hold several temples dedicated to Greek gods, gymnasiums and baths. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is also home to two museums dedicated to the history of Olympia and that of the Olympic Games. Make a tour of the site a part of your Greece travel planning and be an Olympian, if only for a day.

    Olympia, Greece

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