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The slice of paradise that is Fiji has long been ignored by the Indian traveller but not anymore. Better connectivity has put Fiji back on the map and the swaying palms, fine sands and sunny days make it hard to resist. With this Fiji travel guide we introduce you the bustling capital Suva, the reefs of Coral Coast, the pristine beaches of Mamanuca Islands, and more.

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Best Time to Visit Fiji

Fijian culture is a mix of Melanesian, European and Indian influences; and it shows. The Fijians party throughout the year looking for any excuse to let their hair down lending Fiji tourism its biggest USP. Check out the week long Hibiscus Festival in the capital Suva with its parades, parties, and competitions. Held in August every year, this is the biggest celebration in the entire country.

Weather in Fiji

27oC Max
25oC Min
Humidity : 81 %
Visibility : 10 km
Chill : 81
Direction : 90
speed : 11.18

Pressure 29.77
Weather Forecast
18-Apr-2021 Mon ThunderstormsThunderstorms 27oC 25oC
19-Apr-2021 Tue ThunderstormsThunderstorms 28oC 25oC
20-Apr-2021 Wed Scattered ThunderstormsScattered Thunderstorms 29oC 25oC
21-Apr-2021 Thu Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy 28oC 25oC
22-Apr-2021 Fri ThunderstormsThunderstorms 28oC 25oC
23-Apr-2021 Sat ThunderstormsThunderstorms 28oC 25oC
24-Apr-2021 Sun Scattered ThunderstormsScattered Thunderstorms 27oC 24oC
25-Apr-2021 Mon ThunderstormsThunderstorms 27oC 23oC
26-Apr-2021 Tue ThunderstormsThunderstorms 28oC 23oC
27-Apr-2021 Wed ThunderstormsThunderstorms 27oC 23oC

Think tropical paradise. Think Fiji. The coldest it ever gets in Fiji is around 18 degrees which means summer all year long. The best time to visit the islands is during the dry season between May and October. Fiji weather in the months from April to November see torrential rainfall several hours a day. And when it doesn’t rain, it gets hot, hot, HOT.

Places To Visit in Fiji

  • Suva

    Sometimes called the New York of the Pacific, Suva is the cultural and economic heart of Fiji. The city is home to museums, gardens, and shopping centres with a thriving arts and culture scene. Suva is where you will see the Hibiscus Festival with its colourful carnivals and beauty contests. It is also where you will find the latest in pacific fashions being the fashion capital of the region as well as the most cosmopolitan Fiji attractions. We recommend making a stop at Fiji Museum a part of your Fiji travel planning. It’s the perfect place to learn about Fijian history and culture with its artifacts and exhibits.


    Mamanuca Islands
    Mamanuca Islands

    An archipelago of 20 islands, each prettier than the next, the Mamanuca Islands are perfect for a tropical getaway. The islands promise powdery white sand, turquoise waters and swaying palm trees with a host of accommodation options ranging from budget hotels on Beachcomber Island to the luxurious resort on Mana. You can see most of the archipelago on day trips to each of the islands with marine parks, unspoiled wilderness and water sports on offer. Enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking or just lay by the sea, soaking up some sun. Fiji packages from India invariably include trips to Treasure Island, Bounty Island and Castaway Island for their crystal clear lagoons, beautiful beaches and coral reefs.



    One of the largest islands in Fiji, Taveuni is the whole package and one of the top places to visit in Fiji. White sands, blue seas and thick jungle. Called the Garden Island of Fiji, Taveuni is home to lush rainforests, hundreds of waterfalls, marine parks, caves and, of course, picturesque beaches. The island has a rich tradition that you can experience in Qeleni Village, an eco-tourism project that has delightful dance performances and handicrafts in store for you. We also suggest a Fiji travel guide favourite, Wairiki Mission. A Romanesque catholic church, it is built on the edge of a coconut plantation and is one of the most popular attractions on the island.


    Pacific Harbour
    Pacific Harbour

    The adventure capital of Fiji, Pacific Harbour is where you go you’re craving an adrenaline rush. A short drive from Suva, Pacific Harbour lets you go spear fishing, snorkeling, white water rafting, and golfing all on the same day. The region packs a punch with its huge gamut of adventure experiences and seaside resorts. Your Fiji travel planning could include a day trip to the Harbour or you could spend a whole week swimming with sharks and traipsing through the jungle while staying in some of the best resorts in Fiji.


Things To Do in Fiji

  • Sample some Kokoda
    Sample some Kokoda

    Fiji offers the kind of food, salad bars in luxury hotels wish they did. Fresh produce and seafood with a healthy dose of tuber and coconut make up the Fijian diet. The strong Indian influence on Fiji culture also means that you are never too far from some roti and chicken curry. One of the best things to do in Fiji is sample some Kokoda. A Fijian specialty made of fresh mackerel, coconut, tomatoes and chilies, this dish is a simple as it is delicious. We also recommend you try the lovo, a delicious mix of meat and spices that is cooked underground and served in banana leaves.


    Ride the Waves
    Ride the Waves

    If you are a surfer you would know about the legendary ‘Cloudbreak’ in Fiji. If you don’t, then your trip to Fiji is the perfect time to learn. While the islands are a mecca for seasoned surfers, they are also the perfect place for first timers. Fiji has dozens on surf schools and newbie friendly beach breaks that will ease you into one of the most exciting sports in the world. Head to Frigates in Pacific Harbour, Natadola on the Coral Coast or Desperations on the Mamanuca Islands for your first taste of the surf.


    Get Some R&R
    Get Some R&R

    When it comes to wellness, Fiji does it best. They say that the Fijians have mastered the art of the massage, something you will experience firsthand in one of the country’s many spas. The islands are also known for their yoga retreats aimed at rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. Soak in a mud bath or laze on a hammock by the sea, Fiji takes rest and recreation seriously and so will you.


    Dive into the Blue
    Dive into the Blue

    Fiji is called the Soft Coral Capital of the World and not without reason. Its kaleidoscopic coral reefs may not be as widely known as the Great Barrier Reef but that just adds to its appeal. The reefs in Fiji are not covered in swarms of tourists like in Australia, nor are the corals damaged by unabated tourism. Dive regions on the islands are aplenty with spots in Beqa, Pacific Harbour, Rakiraki and the Bligh waters. The warm waters are the perfect breeding ground for not just coral but large schools of fish and predators. Which means you will have manta rays, hammerheads and whales for company. It is not every day that you swim with sharks.


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