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Serbia is bragging about its breathtakingly gorgeous nation, which is bordered by mountainous plains and intermingled with historically preserved towns and cities, under the spotlight of previous headlines. We have the best Serbia travel packages. None of these items vanished throughout the conflict. When the time came for a fresh start in Serbia, which is safe and open for exploration despite being somewhat still politically split, they were Read More

Serbia is bragging about its breathtakingly gorgeous nation, which is bordered by mountainous plains and intermingled with historically preserved towns and cities, under the spotlight of previous headlines. We have the best Serbia travel packages.

None of these items vanished throughout the conflict. When the time came for a fresh start in Serbia, which is safe and open for exploration despite being somewhat still politically split, they were shrouded and prepared to be revealed.

As a region of the continent that is currently growing and forging a strong route for tourism, more and more people are coming here to learn more about it and quickly discover that there is more to it than its turbulent past. Akbar Travels offers the best Serbia travel packages.

Getting to Serbia

Many European, American, and British cities may reach Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, via direct flights operated by Air Serbia. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport serves as Serbia's primary airport (BEG). The best Serbia travel packages can be booked on Akbar Travels website.

You can take the bus 72 to Zeleni Venac Square or the 30-minute minibus A1 to Slavija Square from the airport for about two euros each (less than 1 Euro). Although it is more expensive and only takes half the time, a taxi will run you about 15 euros. Use the authorized "Taxi Info" service counters only, and make sure to obtain a printed receipt to give the driver.

From Belgrade city, it is simple to travel around Serbia and plan a return journey to the capital. Get the cheapest Serbia travel packages on our website.

Visa for Serbia

Those who reside in or possess passports from countries in the Schengen region and EU member states, as well as those who already hold valid visas from those countries, are not need to obtain a visa in order to enter Serbia for stays up to 90 days. Canada and the US can enter Serbia without a visa, as can a large number of other nations. Choose from a variety of Serbia travel packages below.

Best Time to Visit Serbia

The ideal times to visit Serbia are during the shoulder seasons of March through May and September through October. Outside of the scorching summer months of June to August, the weather is more pleasant at this time of year, which is ideal for covering a lot of ground.

That is not to argue that summer should be avoided in Serbia. Enjoying time on or near the Danube River is a way of life in Serbia's many gorges or higher elevations in the Carpathian and Balkan Mountain ranges to escape the heat of the city. Another July event is the renowned EXIT music festival. Serbia tour packages from Saudi Arabia that are ideal for any budget.

Where to Go

In the centre Balkans, the Republic of Serbia has a sizable territory that is landlocked, making it challenging to decide where to go. Need assistance? Here are a few of my favourite Serbian sights and my personal favourites. We offer the most affordable Serbia Tour Packages from KSA.


Belgrade is a first trip, as it is for most travellers to Serbia. Give yourself as much time as you can here; preferably, at least four days. Get plunged into a cosmopolitan metropolis of artistic resurrection that hummed amid pastel-coloured classicism without any idea of what to expect outside the citadel and ancient sites. It is everything one hopes a central Balkan capital would continue to be. Although Belgrade still has structural damage and unresolved economic problems, it is the lively, feisty, and resolute heart of the new Serbia. Serbia Tour Packages from Saudi Arabia designed especially for you and your family.

One of those tourist attractions you simply must see when in a new city is Kalemegdan, often known as the Belgrade Fortress. There is a lovely park inside, as well as centuries-old stone walls for visitors to stroll over. When you combine the two, you have the ideal location for unwinding, wandering, and taking in some of Belgrade's most breath-taking vistas.

The confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, Zemun, New Belgrade, bridges, and a portion of the ancient town can all be seen clearly from the stronghold. Choose from a variety of Serbia Tour Packages from KSA and get amazing prizes.

For the past 200 years, writers, artists, and intellectuals have all congregated in Skadarlija, a bohemian neighbourhood. Although it is now a popular tourist destination, the area is still populated by locals who enjoy fine dining, fine wine, live music, and a bohemian lifestyle.

The first eateries started operating there in the early 1800s; it is a pedestrian area with cobblestones. Many refer to it as "Serbian Montmartre." If you enjoy experiencing local culture, sampling the best cuisine in the city, admiring works of art, and listening to street entertainers, you shouldn't miss this location. The easiest and safest booking for Serbia Tour Packages from Medina.

The largest Orthodox Church in the Balkans and the second-largest in the world is the Church of St. Sava, or St. Sava Temple as it is known in Serbia. On the Vraar plateau, near to the National Library, with a view of the city, it is situated. Since it is taller than the majority of the buildings and perched high on the hill, you can see it from practically every part of Belgrade.

Zemun was a distinct city until 1934, when Belgrade incorporated it. Even today, walking through Zemun feels and looks different from walking through the rest of Belgrade. The architecture is reminiscent of historic Austro-Hungarian towns, and the Danube River position lends this site a unique quality. Serbia tour packages that are too good to miss!

Locals like strolling along the river, dining at waterfront establishments that transform into popular gathering spots in the evening for live music and socializing with friends. Zemunski Kej, also known as Kej Osloboenja (Quay of Liberation), is a waterfront promenade that connects Zemun to Brankov most (Branko's bridge), where you can cross to the old town or continue strolling or riding bicycles further along the New Belgrade beach. Serbia Tour Packages designed for Families and Honeymoons.

The Nikola Tesla Museum, as its name suggests, is a museum honouring Serbian-born inventor and physicist Nikola Tesla. The museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm, and admission and an English-speaking guided tour cost 800 RSD.

There are two parts to the show. The first one covers Tesla's life, while the second one covers his contributions to science and inventions. The second display is likewise interactive and includes 3D renderings or working replicas, such as an induction coil that can generate discharges of 500,000 volts. We offer the best prizes on Serbia Tour Packages.

Tamajdan, arguably the most well-kept and stunning municipal park, is just 15 minutes' walk from Republic Square and 5 minutes' walk from the Serbian National Assembly. Sit on a park seat and take in the fragrance of flowers, the sound of water fountains, and the sounds of kids playing.

Only a few structures from Prince Milo Obrenovi's reign are still standing, including Princess Ljubica's home. It was constructed in 1830 to serve as the Serbian court's seat, but it was never really used for that. Princess Ljubica, the wife of Prince Milo Obrenovi, temporarily lived here while he was at his home in the Kalemegdan citadel (cannot be visited inside, but you can see the outside of the building and take pictures). The most affordable and Cheapest Serbia Tour Packages are listed below.

In the summer, White Palace, a royal palace in the posh Dedinje area south of the city, occasionally gives visits.

In the heart of the city, Terazije Street runs from Sremska Street to Kralja Milana Street. Book your Serbia Tour Package with Akbar Travels now.

Since the OttSerbias ruled Belgrade, there was a water fountain (Terazijska esma) at the start of the street, hence the name Terazije, which is derived from the Turkish word for a water source. This fountain, which is still in use, is a lovely landmark in front of the Hotel Moskva and a representation of the street.

Novi Sad

Similar to Belgrade, which has been proposed as the European Capital of Culture for 2021, Novi Sad is a city showpiece thanks to its conserved cultural history. We offer Serbia packages from KSA that you shouldn’t miss.

The "Square of Freedom" marks the artistically detailed city centre, where the City Hall, Catholic Cathedral of Mary's Name, and the monument to Svetozar Miletic are located. Before you get at the bustling café and bar-lined Laza Teleki street, the sundown meeting point, you are invited to explore by candy-coloured houses and palaces, side alleys brimming with museums and art galleries, and small passages (such Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska). Akbar Travels provides the widest range for Serbia Packages from Saudi Arabia on the web.

The Upper and Lower towns of the 18th-century Petrovaradin Fortress are a feature. Climb up to the symbolic clock tower with the opposing time hands through the arched gateway tunnels (large shows hours and small shows minutes). From here, one can see the Danube and the Lower Fortress town's grid streets, whose deteriorating Baroque architecture still bears the ghosts of bygone eras in their fading façade.

Petrovaradin, a strategically important outcrop on the Danube held by the OttSerbias for 150 years before being taken from them by the Habsburg Empire in the Great Turkish War, was a strategic treasure. Book Serbia Packages from KSA at amazing costs.

You have the option of scheduling a tour of the tunnels or contenting yourself with wandering the citadel, which features a history museum and eateries with breath-taking views of the Danube.

The fortress's Baroque clock tower is perched high above one of the entrance gates on a square with a magnificent view of the Danube and Novi Sad. The huge hand has been switched out for the small one, which may have caused you to notice that something is wrong with the clock face. Don’t delay your Holiday, Book Serbia packages from Saudi with Akbar Travels Today.

This was done to make it possible for fishermen on the Danube who were far below to tell the time. As this side of the fortress faces west, it is a joy at sunset. There are benches on the terraces so that you may enjoy the panorama of Novi Sad.

A major east-west street known as Dunavska (Danube) Street is bordered with regal townhouses and mansions and is partially pedestrianized. Serbia Packages From Saudi Arabia can be found at mind-blowing rates only on Akbar Travels.

For as long as Novi Sad has been, its citizens have been coming here to stroll and meet acquaintances. The majority of the structures you can see date from the middle of the 19th century and were constructed after Novi Sad suffered losses during the 1848 Revolution against the Austrian Empire.

On this square in the middle of the city, which is nearly totally surrounded by old buildings, Novi Sad is at its most distinctive. All-inclusive holidays to Serbia are listed below.

Svetozar Mileti Square, also known as Trg Slobode (Liberty Square), features a statue of this historical person in the centre.

Mileti, a previous mayor of Novi Sad, was a persistent pain in the Austro-Hungarian Empire's side. Get you all-inclusive holiday to Serbia Today.

His bronze statue, which had to be buried during the Axis control of the city, wasn't reinstalled until the city was liberated in 1944. The Neo-Renaissance town hall from 1895, the Name of Mary Church, and the Hotel Vojvodina, which was the pinnacle of luxury when it opened in 1854, are a few additional monuments to photograph on the square.

Valjevo and Nature Preserve

When planning your trip to Serbia, keep in mind that the country is 75% mountainous and is therefore dotted with rolling green, protected natural parks, canyons, rivers, and lakes. But where do you even begin? Plan the perfect Honeymoon and choose from the list of all-inclusive holidays to Serbia now.

Valjevo, a city 90 minutes southwest of Belgrade, is a place where you may go off the rails and wild. The town itself, however, wasn't the main attraction; rather, it was the nearby hub of a nearby wildlife reserve. Then you hike through the 50 km long Gradac River Gorge (Klisura Reke Gradac), which passes by the Canyon's high rock formations and steep slopes.

Bajina Bašta and Tara National Park

Bajina Bata, a village in south-western Serbia near the Bosnia and Herzegovina border, is located three hours south of Belgrade. Additionally, it's the ideal place from which to visit Tara National Park, which features the renowned House on the River Drina postcard-perfect backdrop. It was once a haven for swimmers and sailors in a sea of breaking waves, and now it serves as one of the primary emblems of the region. We offer the best ranges in our all-inclusive holidays to Serbia on our website.

Kadinjača Memorial Complex

The Kadinjaa Memorial Complex is located on the road that connects Bajina Bata and Uice, 90 minutes east of Tara National Park. The Workers Battalion of Uice lost its lives here during the Battle of Kadinjaa in November 1941, and this stunning memorial honours them. It serves as a place of remembrance as well as an exhibition hall with the goal of evoking strong feelings. Huge white stone sculptures stand out against the low-sloped hills, and one more stone stand’s by itself with a massive bullet hole carved into it. Visit this beautiful country by checking out the list of all-inclusive holidays to Serbia only from Akbar Travels.

The Sargan Eight Railway to Mokra Gora

You can begin an excursion that avoids taking another bus in the Southern edge of Tara National Park. A different perspective of Serbia's natural beauty can be obtained by traveling further south to the Mokra Gora on the small gorge railway known as the Sargan Eight. We offer the best Serbia Tour Packages on our website.

Drvengrad, a medieval wooden village and timber town in Serbia, is a well-known attraction in Mokra Gora. It is perched on a plateau between Tara National Park and the rocky Zlatibor. Drvengrad, a charming living village with historical significance, was made as a set for the Serbian drama Life is a Miracle by Emir Kusturica, and it was never taken down after production.

Visit Zlatibor and Serbia’s Mountainous Region

From Mokra Gora, travel another 30 minutes south through the hilly valleys and open-air spa region of Zlatibor, which is more than just a ski resort. This region offers a wonderful network of hiking paths in the spring and summer. Book cheap and affordable Serbia Tour Packages with Akbar Travels today.

Serbia's Sirogojno is a settlement atop Mount Zlatibor. The Old Village Museum, a nearly 5-hectare open-air museum featuring genuine items of everyday life gathered from all across the Zlatibor region in the 19th century, is located in Sirogojno. An assortment of historic wooden structures, including a bakery, a dairy, and an inn, are on show in the ethnographic hamlet. The Republic of Serbia protects the settlement of Sirogojno, which was designated as a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1983. Serbia Tour Packages from KSA are available on our website.

Central Serbia's Studenica Monastery, a Serbian Orthodox monastery from the 12th century, is located 40.9 kilometers east of Ivanjica and 39 kilometers southwest of Kraljevo. One of the biggest and wealthiest Serb Orthodox monasteries is this one. The monastery was established in 1190 by Stefan Nemanja, who also established the medieval Serb state.

Uvac Gorge and Nature Reserve

From Zlatibor, travel further south to the mountain park and biodiverse Uvac Special Nature Reserve. The best part is taking a leisurely motorboat along the stunning curves of the Uvac Gorge. You can check the list of our best Serbia Tour Packages from Riyadh.

If you are not planning a longer stay to Serbia, you can reserve a hiking and boat ride tour of the Uvac Nature Reserve from Belgrade.

Žiča Monastery

One of Serbia's most revered Orthodox monasteries in terms of history is located east of Zlatibor, about three hours south of Belgrade. Stefan the First-Crowned, the first king of Serbia, gave the go-ahead for the construction of the earthy red Monastery in the 13th century, which Stefan designated as the coronation church for all Serbian Kings. In 1979, it was designated as a Cultural Monument of Extraordinary Importance. Contact our customer service if you want customize your Serbia Tour Packages from Riyadh in the KSA.

Novi Pazar

From the Uvac Nature Reserve, head south until you reach Novi Pazar, a valley town nestled between the Golija and Rogozna mountains. Smaller towns with their individual personalities are isolated from the larger ones and the natural surroundings, adding to the overall picture of Serbia's religious, cultural, and artistic variety. Serbia travel packages to all major cities can be found on our website.

Despite the fact that Muslims are currently a minority, South Slavic Christian and Muslim nations originally comprised Yugoslavia. An architecturally, artistically, and culturally diverse side of Serbia may be seen in Novi Pazar, a town that is predominately Muslim. It is little and at first glance seems unremarkable, but as you stroll the streets, accept the offers of the inhabitants to eat fresh bread from the bakery and drink coffee in their home. In a region of the country that struggles with a negative reputation and an almost isolation in its Muslim identity, although not being off-limits, smiles rapidly overcome language obstacles. Custom designed Serbia travel packages can be found only from


The Serbian winemaking region of Topola is located just one hour south of Belgrade and features abundant landscapes with the makings of good terroir. And not many individuals are aware of it. a region known for its award-winning vineyards that create sweet wines with distinct regional flavours, like the outstanding Triumph series from the Aleksandrovich Winery. The hilltop, five-domed St. George's Church in Oplenac, which is close to the vineyards, serves as the mausoleum for one of Serbia's dynastic houses. It has a marble floor and stunning mosaic pictures and icons on the walls. Serbia travel packages from Jeddah are all the rage in KSA. And we offer you the best ones.

The Aleksandrovic Winery is located in the Vinca town, which has a long history of viticulture and wine production. Vinca is a village at the base of Oplenac. Sunny slopes, a rich soil composition, beneficial breezes, and a temperate environment are a natural gift that results in the premium wines produced by Aleksandrovic Winery. Aleksandrovic winery rose to the top position among wine producers in the entire Balkan region by utilizing the most recent technology, closely monitoring international trends, scientific advancements, and the proud tradition of our older generations. You can find all-inclusive Serbia Holidays below.

With a little assistance from the locals and a short walk, you can reach the old royal winery, which is a little trickier to get to on foot but leads to the picturesque Topola vineyards. A sightseeing tour of Oplenac and Topola, a visit to the Old Royal Wine Museum with a sample of Royal wines, a tour of the winery and vines of the renowned Aleksandrovic Winery, and a wine tasting of four unique varieties of wine are all included in this full-day excursion. Book an all-inclusive Holiday to Serbia with Akbar Travels today.


The village of Gua, which is about two hours south of Belgrade and north of Uvac, is well-known for its yearly trumpet festival, which is enough of a reason to visit. If you’re planning your honeymoon this year, then book our Serbia Honeymoon Package Now!

Even if you are not a fan of trumpet music, the sheer number of musicians who filled the town with these unmistakable low hums and beats will live on in you forever. A distinctive cultural celebration in Gua has a natural way of bringing people together. The best Serbia Honeymoon Packages can be booked only on Akbar Travels.

Serbian Food

In Serbia, socialization revolves around food in many ways. If a local invite’s you to a feast, accept and enjoy it thoroughly. Sarma, packed grape leaves with minced meat, Cevapi, grilled meat shaped like miniature sausages, and Kajmak, a curd-based spread eaten with warm bread, are examples of meat-heavy Serbian dishes. All of these are typically served with side salads, fruit relishes, hot chutneys, and cool Rakija, the national spirit that tastes a lot like Schnapps. We have the best Serbia travel packages.

Akbar Recommended Best Serbia Tour Packages

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Akbar Travels offers the best Serbia travel packages.

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