Frequently Asked Questions - Medina to Istanbul Flights

Are Flights from Medina to Istanbul Open?

Flights between Medina and Istanbul have resumed. 1 flights flying directly to Istanbul from Medina on a daily basis

How many Airports are there in Istanbul

There is currently only one main airport in Istanbul. Juhu Airport is small airport operating in Juhu, Istanbul.

  • Airport name: Istanbul International Airport
  • Location: Istanbul
  • No. of Terminals: 1

What is the best fare for a roundtrip from Medina to Istanbul?

Go to Akbar Travels flights now and just put in the dates you want to travel on. The website will automatically show you the latest and lowest fare at the top.

How long is the flight from Medina to Istanbul?

A direct flight is generally 3h 0m long.

Who do you contact for any more queries?

Feel free to call our customer support at +966 125108055 or drop us an email at

How to book Medina to Istanbul Flight Ticket on Akbar Travels?

Kindly follow below mentioned process to book your Medina to Istanbul flight tickets:

  • Login to your Akbar Travels account. Create one for free if you don’t have one already.
  • Search part enter your details, like – source city ( Medina), destination city (Istanbul), travel date, travel date, number of travelers etc.
  • Click on search and you will get the directory of all Medina to Istanbul flights sorted by airfare with a wide range of filters.
  • Apply desired filter like – Morning flight, non-stop flight etc. as per your requirement. Finally click on Book Now to proceed to payment.
  • Apply promo codes to get additional discounts on your Medina to Istanbul Tickets.
  • Once the payment is done you will receive the E-TICKET along with your invoice for your flight.

How can I check the flight status and schedule for my Medina to Istanbul Flight?

You need to follow the following simple steps to check the status and schedule for your Medina to Istanbul Flight:

  • Login to your Akbar Travels Account and visit the Flight Status Page.
  • Choose Origin City as Medina and Destination City as Istanbul.
  • Enter your departure and Return date.
  • Click on “GO” TAB and get the real time flight status for your Medina to Istanbul Flight

How much baggage can I carry on my Medina to Istanbul Flight?

The amount of baggage one can carry depends on the airline your ticket has been booked on. But Your baggage information can also be found on your ticket or you can go check the airline you are traveling on to see specific baggage details.

Where will I board my flight at Medina and deboard my Istanbul flight?

You will board your flight at Medina International Airport and deboard at Istanbul International Airport.

How can I do web check-in for my Medina to Istanbul Flight?

Visit our web check-in page, you will be asked to select your upcoming Medina to Istanbul Flight Trip. Enter your PNR number and Last name and also select the seat of your choice. Some seats are free and some are paid. You can now even book your meals on Akbar Travels.