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How to book hotels on Akbar Travels?

It’s universally acknowledged that travelling to places brings a different joy with it. You can do much of your travel planning all in one place- Akbar Travels. Whether it to register for a visa, or book a hotel; everything is so very simplified and user-friendly.

Online hotel booking makes it so convenient for one to find the hotel they need anywhere and anytime. Once you have a proper internet connection and a functioning device, you can book the hotel of your choice even at the last moment in literally 3 steps:

Step 1: Go to akbartravels.com/hotel

The website will need you to punch in some basic information like the location of your stay and for how long you wish to stay there. These are the basic inputs you would need when you want to browse through different options.

For a more refined search, you could enter in more details of what you want. If you want a cheap hotel booking, you could move the scale according to your budget. If you want other basics included in this, arrange the inputs accordingly.

Step 2: Find the best hotel

Now that you have filtered your search, you can easily browse through the different hotel stay options available at Akbar Travels. The search will include information about the hotel and the services provided. This way you could look for the details and then choose the hotel you want.

Step 3: The Booking

With Akbar Travels, you can directly make the final booking even without a registered account. In this final part, information of the person staying needs to be filled in. After this, you can choose your preferred payment method, and voila! Your stay waits!

Yes, it is that easy. We hope this helps you book the best stay you can! Bon voyage!