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Greece – Where the azure Mediterranean Sea meets ancient ruins, cliffs formed by volcanic activity, and kind natives. Your first visit to Greece on our Greece tour packages is sure to be a summertime excursion that includes stops in Athens and Mykonos. You can take The Yacht Week on our Greece tour packages to sail the Saronic Islands once again, and also go back to see the Cyclades islands on your Greece honeymoon packages of Santorini, Mi Read More

Greece – Where the azure Mediterranean Sea meets ancient ruins, cliffs formed by volcanic activity, and kind natives. Your first visit to Greece on our Greece tour packages is sure to be a summertime excursion that includes stops in Athens and Mykonos. You can take The Yacht Week on our Greece tour packages to sail the Saronic Islands once again, and also go back to see the Cyclades islands on your Greece honeymoon packages of Santorini, Milos, Paros, and Naxos. On our Greece packages, you will find that some islands are well known for their beaches and other natural attractions, while others are well known for their vibrant nightlife or enduring cultural traditions.


One of the most well-liked vacation spots in the Greek islands on our Greece honeymoon packages is Mykonos, which is recognised for its amazing beaches and legendary nightlife. On your Greece holiday packages, you can stay on the island for a week, indulging in delectable cuisine, breathtaking sunsets, and some of the finest parties you can ever attended.


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Best of Athens with Santorini


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Fascinating Greece


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Historical Greece


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Greece Island Hopping


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Greece Italy Switzerland and Paris


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On your Greece tour packages from India, keep in mind that Greek is the official language of Greece. Greece uses the euro as its official currency.


If on our Greece packages from India, ATMs and credit cards are both accepted everywhere in Greece. There will be a few in every large city and town, and there will be at least one machine on every populated island. On your trip to Greece from India, In most stores and hotels, credit cards are accepted as payment, however there may be a few bars without a functional credit card reader. Thus, we advise you to handle your handle Greece trip cost from India with currency exchanged beforehand.


Plugs: Type C and F plugs are available in Greece. On our Greece travel packages, know that both the standard voltage and frequency are 230 V and 50 Hz, respectively. We advise purchasing a universal adapter (certain that it includes surge protection) and use a converter for hair dryers and hot tools.


Safety: Despite the fact that there have been times of turmoil in Greece, we believe it to be a safe place for solitary female travellers if on our Greece packages from Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. We strongly advise getting our travel insurance with your Greece holiday package from India if you're going to go sailing as part of your Greece trip cost or engage in any other risky activities while you're in the nation so you're protected in case something goes wrong.


In our opinion, April and May are the ideal months to visit Greece on our Greece honeymoon packages from India. Before the summer crowds arrive, the weather is ideal for outdoor pursuits, and you'll have the Greek Islands to yourself on our Greece trip packages.


Easter weekend is the one occasion you must schedule a Greece tour package from Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. The nation is quite busy during this period, and hotels on our Greece packages for couple from India at this time are sometimes fully booked several weeks in advance.


Winter is the ideal season to visit if you're on a budget trip to Greece from India or want to escape the crowds. If on a Greece package from Bangalore, you won't have any trouble obtaining inexpensive flights and hotel accommodations, and the best sights are devoid of other visitors.


Greece is a fantastic destination for vacations on our Greece honeymoon package from Mumbai and Kolkata, because of its stunning beaches, scenic islands, excellent climate, and delectable cuisine. However, because there are so many options with out Greece trip from India for places, organising a trip might feel stressful. If you intend to stay in Greece for a week, take our Greece tour package for couple as there are a number of things to consider.


If on our Greece honeymoon packages from Delhi, you may spend some time in Athens exploring the city's landmarks and taking in the energy. As an alternative, Greek island hopping vacations are quite well-liked right now and made easier with our Greece tour packages with airfare from India. Beautiful islands like Crete, Zakynthos, Mykonos, or Santorini might be visited for a week.


A villa vacation can be the perfect option for you if you're seeking for something more peaceful for your India to Greece packages. Think of spending a week in a gorgeous white villa located on a cliff, with breathtaking views of the blue lake below. Or how about a Greek boat hire for something extra special for your Greece vacation packages? Your quest as part of your India to Greece trip cost will take on a new dimension if you wake up on the ocean.


Whatever travel style you decide on, you can fill your week in Greece on our Greece tour packages all inclusive, with a variety of activities. There are several excellent dining establishments, breathtaking locations, adventure activities, and excursions to enjoy, that can be included in your trip to Greece from India cost.


In every sense, Greece is one of the sunniest nations in the world when on your India to Greece tour package. Laughter, music, dancing, and cuisine are the mainstays of daily life and represent the essence of Greek culture you can experience as part of your Greece honeymoon package cost. You enter a state of wonderful delight with our Greece tourism packages from India, as the waves of the sea crash against the taverna, the aromas of the local olives explode in your tongue, and the sounds of people laughing over a shot of ouzo.


Take a trip back in time to one of the planet's first civilizations with our Greece travel package from India! This is the nation where the first Olympic games were held and the legends of the legendary Greek gods were brought to life. The Acropolis in Athens is the best location to learn more about Greek history in depth. Wander among the soaring columns and take in this magnificent example of architecture on our Greece vacation packages from India that has been copied all over the world.


Your heart will really belong to Greece once you arrive to the untamed and breathtaking coastlines of the islands with our Greece packages for couple. Perfect and inclusive of your honeymoon in Greece cost, admire the white and blue homes, jagged cliffs, vast olive orchards, and brilliant Aegean sea blues as the boat enters the harbour. The sound of donkeys and cicadas is the only sound you hear as you hike along the rocky trails. The most memorable moment, though, is when you uncover the hidden cove you've been searching for by breaking through the pine tree shadow on your Greece couple package. Jump in the clean water and enjoy the variety of fish, turtles, and dolphins that you may see there.


This is Greece and it will leave a sandy, salty, sunny imprint on your heart forever.


1. Athens:

After the 2004 Olympics, Athens revealed its jazzy side to the globe and is now one of the top destinations in Greece you can explore all inclusive of your cost of trip to Greece from India. Athens, an old city, is now known for its cutting-edge subways, immaculate streets, groomed parks, amazing motorways, and very friendly residents. It is a city that possesses both outstanding ancient monuments and gorgeous modern architecture, making it an exceptional fusion of mythology and modernism on your Greece honeymoon package with flight. The Acropolis pillars and the Temple of Zeus are only two of the many attractions in Athens, Greece.


2. Chania Town

The Old Venetian Harbor in Chania Town is its main draw, even if you’re on our India to Greece honeymoon package. The location's unusual architecture has served as the setting for several Hollywood films and television shows. Because to its cobblestone streets and kind locals, it is one of the nicest locations to visit in Greece part of your Greece tour cost from India. The lighthouse stands out boldly over the expansive cityscape. Many lovers and couples may be seen gazing off into the distance while clinging to one other tightly.


3. Santorini:

If on our Greece 5 days package, Santorini is a must. In the 2003 hit Chalte Chalte, the song "Tauba tumhare ye ishare" became a classic. Santorini, then, was the obvious choice for the song's location. It has whitewashed buildings, chaotic but adorable small coloured dwellings, spiralling walkways, soaring blue domes, and stretches of turquoise lake and similarly azure sky, and it perfectly like a fairyland. Inclusive of meals as part of the cost of your Greece trip from India, the fact that the homes and hotels are situated on cliffs adds to the area's charm. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Greece is Santorini. Its incredible beauty is famous, as are its quaint houses and cafes. Numerous historic monasteries, churches, cathedrals, monuments, and structures add to the area's charm that all inclusive as part of your Greece honeymoon package price. It's a must-see location in Greece that you should set foot at least once in your lifetime. It is also one of the best places for skydiving in Greece.


4. Hersonissos:

The historic harbour city of Hersonissos is one of the most well-liked destinations in Greece. If on our Bangalore to Greece packages, visit here. It features amusement parks, white sand beaches, fascinating museums, historical ruins, and local retail hotspots to visit, making it ideal for a whole family holiday. Additionally, Hersonissos is well known for its delectable and fresh fish you must try as part of your Greece honeymoon packages from India cost. The town's unpretentious, natural beauty has its own allure. It makes sense that it is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in Greece.


5. Rethymnon:

Looking for some worthwhile tourist destinations in Greece? Rethymnon, a beautifully maintained historic Venetian town, is frequently cited as one of the top tourist destinations in Greece. The breathtaking structures and historic architecture from the 16th century are clearly influenced by European and Moorish designs. The enchanted waterfalls are ideal for a cosy nighttime hideaway. Another highlight is the magnificent St. Anthony Gorge Cave Church. As you savour the delicious fresh feta topped with olive oil and regional herbs, take in the sights of the vibrant, bustling docks.


6. Mykonos Town:

Greek architecture is typified by the traditional whitewashed structures with the blue, soaring domes. Mykonos has a number of winding lanes that are really attractive with our Greece tour packages from Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Kerala. The iconic windmills have evolved into this charming city's main draw. The traditional crab dishes and the island of Mykonos' rich culture are the main draws for tourists. It is among Greece's more unusual destinations that the two of you can witness with our honeymoon trip to Greece.


7. Tsilivi:

Greece's golden beach town is one of the must-visit destinations on our Bangalore to Greece tour packages due to its breathtaking beauty and impeccable cleanliness. The Venetian observatory at the northernmost point is ideal for seeing the city and learning about the amazing past of the location. Tsilivi is a wonderful holiday spot where you can go surfing, parasailing, sunbathing, and eat good food.


8. Apokoronas:

If on a budget Greece tour packages, visit here. Apokoronas' lush vegetation and pristine blue lake are mesmerising. It is renowned for its cheese tasting trips and bread manufacturing workshops. Beaches with shallow water are perfect for splashing around in for uneasy children and non-swimmers. Apokoronas, one of the least visited tourist destinations in Greece, may serve as your own retreat and provide the joy of a peaceful getaway.


9. Meteora:

The English equivalent of the Greek word "Meteora" hangs in midair. The term perfectly captures the Meteora monasteries, which seem to be hanging over enormous rock cliffs. The monasteries, which are located at an elevation of more than 1,200 feet, provide a view over the populated settlements of Kalambaka and Kastraki as well as hazy valleys. Some monasteries date from the first half of the fourteenth century. It unquestionably tops the list of Greece's most picturesque locations. These monasteries, which were designed to promote spiritual seclusion and freedom of religion, have twisting corridors, tight staircases, and occasionally even less than simple hanging boards. It is guaranteed, nevertheless, that the journey on our Kolkata to Greece tour package will be worthwhile.


10. Crete:

Crete must be included on any list of the top tourist destinations in Greece with our Greece honeymoon packages with airfare. The vast island of Crete is home to a variety of different landscapes, including long coasts, sweeping mountains, lush vegetation, and rocky terrains. Both peaceful villages and thriving cities exist. Greece's largest island, Crete, is well-known for its fascinating ancient Greek ruins and historic buildings. You cannot ignore its beauty, though. It is also among the safest areas in Greece to go with our Greece honeymoon packages all inclusive from India.


11. Nafplio:

Nafplio, a playground for the aristocracy of Athens, has been influenced by many different cultures over the years. You may explore the area and discover remnants of the Ottoman, Byzantine, and Venetian cultures in the food and architecture as part of your Greece tour package from India price. One of Greece's most stunning and charming villages is the seaside city. Here, in what was once Greece's first capital, you will discover the most fascinating facts about Greek history. It is one of Greece's unusual tourist destinations you can witness on our Greece trip package from India.


12. Corfu:

One of the greatest islands to visit in Greece is Corfu, an island off the northwest coast of the nation with a rich cultural legacy. On one of the many beaches this island has to offer, discover your ideal sanctuary. White sandy beaches are in great contrast to the untamed mountains in the background. It provides a wide range of activities, such as taking an olive tasting tour or visiting an old monastery, aside from beach tanning inclusive of your Greece trip from India cost.


13. Sifnos:

You should bring your hiking boots and flip-flops to this Cycladic location if you wish to go exploring the island's natural beauties and its settlements, all part of your trip to Greece cost from India. While you're here on our Delhi to Greece honeymoon package, be sure to check out the Sifnos trails, the greatest network of routes in the Aegean that have grown here in only the recent years. There are actually more than 100 miles to explore here. You may see charming churches, temples, towns, farmhouses, and other locations on the routes. This may be enjoyed with the Aegean as a backdrop. It is one of the fun vacation destinations in Greece.


14. Therasia:

Looking for suggestions on places to go in Greece? Although Santorini is today a well-known cosmopolitan island, Therasia offers a glimpse of the cycladic and volcanic island before tourism took over. There are just 250 people living in this underappreciated location, and the only tourists it attracts are day trippers from Santorini. People come here mostly to discover the quaint towns and peaceful churches. However, there are also well-maintained hiking trails that provide breathtaking panoramic vistas. These hiking trails weave between terraces made of dry stone that date back many years. People travel to Therasia to find serenity away from the crowds.


15. Patmos:

It is a lovely island with a charming settlement that is centred on a monastery dedicated to St. John the Theologian. On that island, John is renowned for having written the book of Revelation. The months of July and August are ideal for travel. Both the Patmos Religious Music Festival and the International Film Festival of Patmos take place at the same time. However, there is more to do in this area because, beginning of last year, athletic activities were also added to the schedule for the summer. It is a three-day competition where competitors compete in open water swimming or running events towards the end of June.


16. Nisyros:

The volcano on this island is well-known, and it is an active one. One of the few Aegean islands that has avoided development and preserved its uniqueness, making it a preferred vacation spot for those with an artistic bent. Numerous activities are available here, some inclusive of your Greece tour packages price, like hiking through the volcano's hydrothermal craters, exploring the spaces between charming yet beautiful residences, sipping on a drink of iced tea, and more.


17. Parga:

Parga, which lies on the Greek mainland's western coast and is encircled by the Ionian, has an island-like atmosphere despite being a mainland location. The town is a sight to behold, with charming, winding lanes that lead to Parga's castle and provide breathtaking views of the lovely harbour. There are lovely long sandy beaches where you may take in calm, deserted expanses of glistening sand. You may lay out your beach towel in this area and have a swim in the ocean. Parga is truly adjacent to several archaeological sites for people interested in archaeological explorations, including the temple of necromancy, which is located directly next to the powerful Acherontas river (linked to the underworld in the classical age). The spring is a fantastic time to visit since you can go rafting or boating and enjoy the pure river running through the thick forest.


18. Zagori:

This region, which is part of Epirus, is a gem in the Aegean crown. This mountainous area is a favoured winter holiday destination, and due to its outstanding natural beauty, it is also well-liked by tourists from other countries in the summer. Routes through the Zagori region are clearly defined and pass by monasteries, more than 45 villages, and bright woods, stone bridges, rivers, steep gorges, and streams. Since all of this extends across several miles, Zagori is truly a hikers paradise. Mountaineers take on the task of ascending the alpine Drakolimni Lake or to one of its summits, and there are many activities for the adventurous, as well as the routes utilised for the summer Zagori Mountain Running event. The Zagori Rivers allow for plentiful options to engage in canoeing or rafting, making it one of the best places to see in Greece.


19. Kefalonia:

It is the biggest island in the Ionian and well-known for its stunning beaches and vivid vegetation. Given that local families have a history of creating wine, this is one of the greatest locations to do a wine tasting. However, in some of these wine-producing regions, you will be able to witness more than that because some locations also offer concerts or movie screenings in the summer.


20. Cape Sounion:

Famous for its Poseidon temple, Cape Sounion is a notable location in Greece because it contains the remnants of the temple dedicated to the Greek Sea God, Poseidon. Cape Sounion is a beautiful location for people who want to recreate Homer's Odyssey and is the ideal vacation spot for anybody interested in Greek history and literature.


21. Naxos:

The largest and greenest island resting on Greece's floors, Naxos is one of the best destinations to visit in the country. Naxos is a place of tallest mountains, soft valleys, lush green gorges, historic towns, and the most breathtaking seascapes one has ever seen. It is nothing less than heaven on earth for all nature lovers. The lovely addition to an already attractive location is the stone-paved valleys and the exquisite Cycladic and mediaeval buildings.


22. Peloponnese:

Peloponnese is a destination in Greece that is fashioned like a large mulberry leaf and is one of the must-see locations in the country. By virtue of the Classical Greek temples and fortifications that cover its floors, this location, which is in the southernmost part of Greece, never fails to awe. Peloponnese is a paradise for all history fans out there since it is replete with remnants of ancient cultures and a very rich past. Greek history is well recognised around the world, and one may find indications of it in the ancient ruins that still survive here.


23. Thessaloniki:

If on our Greece 7 days package, visit here. Thessaloniki consistently ranks as one of the top destinations in Greece for a variety of reasons. It is Greece's second-largest city and is endowed with a lengthy past. The picturesque Macedonian town of Halkidiki is home to several churches that date back to the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman periods. The city's beauty, culture, and delicious variety of Greek cuisine make it simple to fall in love. Explore the historic neighbourhoods, landmarks, and museums. It may not be the most popular tourist destination in Greece, but it is a compelling example of Greek history. This is the perfect location to comprehend the eras that have passed and left their impact, and it is also surrounded by some of the greatest cottages in Greece for a perfect stay.


24. Zakynthos:

The lush island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands is one of the best locations to visit in Greece. It is endowed with many unspoiled beaches and stunning scenery. The potential to witness an up-close view of an endangered Caretta sea turtle exists. Additionally, you may sample meals produced with premium island products like ladotyri and dopia olives. The Navagio beach, which has the greatest nightlife in Greece and crystal-clear waves, is one of Zakynthos' main attractions.


25. Delphi:

Delphi is among the most fascinating and wonderful locations in Greece. The Oracle is the oldest of the city's many archaeological sites. This location is well-known for having received pilgrims from the Mediterranean who sought to learn more about the God Apollo. Exploring one of Greece's most ancient places is a truly wonderful experience since it helps one comprehend Greek culture from a different angle. Due to the beauty of the weather, this is among the top destinations in Greece to visit in November.


26. Delos:

Have you been to the trendy island of Mykonos? The twins Apollo and Artemis were born on Delos, a mythological location. Delos, one of the greatest Greek islands, is extremely significant spiritually. Leto, the mother of the twins who were allegedly seduced by Zeus, is the subject of numerous remarkable legends connected to Delos. Due to these factors, Delos is still regarded as being really sacred long after it was destroyed in 88 BC. After then, the island underwent a cleansing and is now a fantastic historical site. Delos is one of the top destinations in Greece for historians and archaeologists because of this.


27. Rhodes:

On Dodecanese, the largest Greek island, Rhodes is a hidden treasure. When it was constructed in the 14th century, it was surrounded by defences and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ancient town's cobblestone alleyways and the beach town of Lindos, which is regarded as one of the best locations to visit in Greece, are a true treat to explore. Greece's town has the ideal beaches for sunbathing and relaxation. Due to its beach culture, Rhodes is one of the most popular islands in Greece and unquestionably one of the greatest destinations to visit.


15 things to do:



The Acropolis is the main landmark of ancient Athens. It is an archaeological marvel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of the most instantly identifiable sights in the whole world. The remains, which date back to as early as 510 BC, are placed dramatically atop the so-called sacred rock of Athens, which overlooks the contemporary city.


Santorini Volcano

The first peak, Thira, which erupted approximately 1600 BC and destroyed the prosperous Minoan civilisation and may have given rise to the myth of Atlantis, is also referred to as the "Santorini volcano." The island of Nea Kameni, the second "Santorini volcano," was created by millennia of eruptions, and it attracts tourists eager to walk to the rim of its active crater.



Oia (pronounced "ee-yuh"), perched on the rocky rim of the caldera with a panoramic view of the sparkling Mediterranean, is well known for its romantic sunsets. With its distinctive white structures, blue-domed churches, and evocative cave homes that delve into the volcanic rock, Oia is also one of Santorini's most gorgeous communities.


Odeon of Herodes Atticus (Odeio Irodou Attikou)

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, which was built in 161 BC and is located on the Acropolis' southern slopes, can accommodate 5,000 spectators. Despite being abandoned for millennia, the theatre was renovated in the 1950s and, because to its breathtaking location, is now a well-liked open-air venue.


Acropolis Museum (Museo Akropoleos)

The Acropolis Museum, a famous landmark in Athens and a marvel of modern construction, is located at the foot of the Acropolis and has a floor that can be seen through the remains of an old town. The collection spans from the pre-classical to the Roman era, but the jewels from the fifth-century BC are the main attraction, particularly the statues from the Parthenon Frieze.


Little Venice

One of the best places on the island to watch the sunset is Little Venice, a waterfront district of Chora Mykonos (also known as Mykonos Town). With their vibrantly painted red and blue balconies sticking out over the ocean, rows of ancient fishermen's homes that have been whitewashed and are now taverns, stores, and restaurants back onto the seashore.


Temple of Olympian Zeus (Naós tou Olympíou Diós)

In the sixth century BC, the Athenian kings started building the Temple of Olympian Zeus (Naós tou Olympou Diós). By the time the Roman Emperor Hadrian finished it 600 years later, it was the biggest temple in Greece and housed one of the biggest statues of Zeus, monarch of the Mount Olympus gods. Only 15 of the temple's original 104 columns are still standing today, and the majority of its marble has been recycled or stolen for other temples since it started to fall into disrepair shortly after it was constructed. What is left, nevertheless, is a truly amazing sight to behold.


Olympic Stadium (OAKA)

The Olympic Stadium, also known as the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens "Spiros Louis" or OAKA, was renovated for the 2004 Summer Olympics by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It was initially constructed in the 1980s for the European Athletics Championships. The Olympic Stadium, Greece's largest stadium with 70,000 seats, plays home to big-name international performers like U2 and Lady Gaga.



Delphi, with its remarkably preserved ruins dotted along the southern slopes of Mount Parnassus, is one of Greece’s most famous archaeological site. Dating back to the seventh century BC, the ancient city of Delphi is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to sites such as the Sacred Way, Stoa of the Athenians, polygonal wall, monument of Platea, and Temple of Apollo.



For generations, Meteora's soaring vertical cliffs have offered a safe haven for people to engage in spiritual reflection. The original hermit monks lived in caves up there, but ultimately 24 Byzantine monasteries were constructed (six of which are still in use today). The stunning location, which is both a natural and man-made marvel, is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a well-liked tourist destination in Greece.


Red Beach

Red Beach in Santorini is not your typical white-sand paradise. Instead, it is a constricting, pebbly length that is surrounded by tall, crimson cliffs and enormous volcanic boulders. Photographers are drawn to the Aegean Sea's coasts by the spectacular natural colour palette these volcanic features provide when combined with the sea's crystal blue seas.



The Parthenon is often featured on postcards of Athens and is undoubtedly the most spectacular of the city's ancient remains. It is perched atop the Acropolis, a holy rock that towers over the modern city. The Greek goddess Athena's worship image, a massive ivory and gold-plated statue by Fidias, was originally placed in the temple, which was constructed between 447 and 432 BC. The rebuilt temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its imposing marble façade, traditional Doric columns, and intricate sculpted friezes, serves as a vivid reminder of the splendour of Ancient Greece. The website also acts as an intriguing history book for Athens.



Plaka, one of Athens' oldest residential neighbourhoods and once known as the Turkish Quarter under Ottoman rule, was constructed around the ruins of the ancient agora. A large portion of it was destroyed in a fire in 1884, exposing several ancient ruins beneath the neighbourhood. Since then, the region has been the subject of archaeological investigation.


Myrtos Beach (Paralía Mirtos)

Myrtos Beach (Parala Mirtos), on Cephalonia's north coast, is a 0.5-mile (700-meter) stretch of sparkling white sand that curves between two towering promontories and frequently appears on lists of the world's greatest beaches. The view from the azure Ionian Sea is breathtaking, despite the magnificent hue coming from rounded stones and coarse sand rather than fine powder.


Academy of Athens (Akadimía Athinón)

The 19th-century Academy of Athens (Akadima Athinón) was founded during the post-independence re-flowering of Greek culture and is home to the national institutes for sciences, philosophy, fine arts, and humanities—following a tradition first established by Plato. It is one of a trio of Neoclassical buildings known as the Athenian Trilogy.

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