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When planning a holiday in Cambodia, the first thing that comes to your mind is perhaps ‘The Angkor Wat’ - Southeast Asia’s most magnificent archaeological treasure. And yes, the remnants of the powerful Khmer Kingdom of the times long passed are as impressive as they can get. A small country but an impressive player on the platform of world tourism, Cambodia is one of South East Asia’s gems, boasting exquisite natural bea Read More

When planning a holiday in Cambodia, the first thing that comes to your mind is perhaps ‘The Angkor Wat’ - Southeast Asia’s most magnificent archaeological treasure. And yes, the remnants of the powerful Khmer Kingdom of the times long passed are as impressive as they can get. A small country but an impressive player on the platform of world tourism, Cambodia is one of South East Asia’s gems, boasting exquisite natural beauty, enchanting landscapes, magnificent temples and pagodas, colonial buildings, enviable history, and rich culture. While other Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore etc may be wealthier, with great shopping and a vibrant city life, Cambodia has risen from the ashes left by the Khmer Rouge and is proving to be a true contender in the Southeast Asia travel arena.

Cambodia has a history that is both glorious and horrifying in equal measures and takes great pride in its variety of cultural heritages, making it a paradise for historians, archeologists and everyday people wanting to see some of the many wonders of the ancient world. Its massive temples are known to cast an ancient spell on tourists. The most famous Angkor Wat Complex, a UNESCO Heritage site, lures tourists to the ancient glorious Cambodia. You cannot help but be in awe of their beauty and be captivated by their magnificence. Though Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia, yet most visitors bypass the city and head straight to Siem Reap to see the story of the ancient Khmer capital with its amazing temples. Moreover, Cambodia is also a very affordable destination. If you are trying to travel on a budget, you can easily travel on a 20-30$ per day budget.

Cambodia is one of the most popular tourist destinations from India. The proximity of the country from India makes it one of the most favorite and accessed international destinations of Indians. Explore beautiful Cambodia with our tailor-made Cambodia tour packages and enjoy your trip amidst temples, waterfalls, beaches, caves, art, culture and much more.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you and all the information you need to pick the right Cambodia holiday package for you.


The visa process for entering Cambodia is simple. Indian tourists need to have a valid passport and a Cambodian visa to cross the border. To make life even simpler you can apply for a Cambodia e-visa online which gets processed in 2 days. Tourist visas for Cambodia last for 30 days and can be extended up to one month.


The main International Airports in Cambodia are Phnom Penh (PNH) and Siem Reap (REP). There are regular flights between major Indian cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc and Siem Reap/Phnom Penh. Akbar Travels offers some of the lowest prices on one-way and round-trip flights to Cambodia. Visit to find the best flights from India to Cambodia where many airlines have regular connections.          


One of the things about accommodation in Cambodia is that there are plenty of really beautiful, really affordable options. Hotels in Cambodia vary greatly from basic guesthouses to superb luxury resorts, charming, locally-run boutique properties and functional provincial hotels. The hotels included in our Cambodia tour packages ensure you have an unforgettable and worry-free holiday in Cambodia.  From historic properties to boutique hotels, discover the best places to stay.


Cambodia is a year-round destination for travel that has a tropical climate and is one of the few Southeast Asian countries that boasts a fairly consistent climate. Cambodia's climate can be divided into wet and dry seasons. The most pleasant time to visit Cambodia is between November and March as this is typically the dry season, however, going during the wet season has its benefits too as the country’s landscapes come to life. The country’s rainy season, which runs from around June to October, is a good time to travel if you want to avoid the crowds.


Like other Asian countries, Cambodia has a wide range of interesting local specialties, souvenir and stuffs that highlights the country’s culture and lifestyle. It is widely famous for many Buddhist architectural masterpieces, long-term history and an extremely unique culture. The capital, Phnom Penh, has a number of exceptional options including the Night Market, Kandal Market and the Central Market that stock everything from clothes, souvenirs, music and DVDs to food, household goods and vehicle parts. In Siem Reap, Angkor Night Market and the Old Market are hot spots. Purchasing some valuable souvenirs featuring the famous Angkor Wat and other Khmer symbols is a good choice to mark your Cambodia holiday.


If white and gold powdery sand, palm trees, turquoise waters by day and  rainbow-like algae glowing in the shimmering moonlight by night sound like your kind of thing, look no further than the beach towns of Sihanoukville and Kep on the southwest banks of Cambodia. Some of the best can be found on the islands, and include Southwestern Beach on Koh Rong and Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Sanloem.


Cambodia may have Angkor at its heart, but the soul of the country is in the locals – ever smiling, friendly and affectionate. Cambodians may not be wealthy, but they're all rich in spirit. They may not have much, but they're never short on smiles. With genuine locals always ready to share a sincere smile, Cambodia will steal your heart and enrich your spirit.


From the country’s signature fish amok and beef lok lak to crab and Kampot pepper and the mass of noodle and rice dishes that are eaten on a daily basis, Cambodia is famous for its Khmer flavors. Although Khmer food draws inspiration from Thai and Vietnamese cuisines, it has a distant flavor of its own. The most famous Cambodian dish, Amok, is a preparation of shrimp or fish, chicken and some veggies cooked in coconut milk. Lok Lak beef, fish or chicken amok and different types of Curry are a few of the delicacies one should try when in Cambodia. And if you have a sweet tooth, then Cambodia is the place to visit, as it is home to some of the most delicious sweetmeats including Pong Aime.


Though Thailand is most famous for its beautiful islands, but Cambodia has its own version of much-less developed islands to explore. Whether you’re looking for an all-night party or an underwater adventure among pristine coral reefs, Cambodia’s got an island for all types and all budgets. Some of its best islands are Koh Russei, Rabbit Island and Koh Rong Sanloem.


Cambodia is a country with a wide range of night time entertainment to suit everyone’s taste and is a lot more locally orientated than in other Southeast Asia countries, although foreigners are amply catered for in its many bars, restaurants, and clubs. From the more classy clubs and casinos in Phnom Penh to the laid-back beach shacks of Sihanoukville, there are plenty of partying options in Cambodia.


Our Cambodia tour packages are designed to facilitate the value for money for travelers from around the globe and a perfect Cambodia package will assure that travelers enjoy the best of the holiday at the fullest. Our Cambodia tours will not be around the sensational ruins of Angkor Wat which may be the main attraction, but will also include Cambodia’s exquisite temples, secluded beaches, charming villages and magical markets that equally deserve a lot of attention too.

The following Cambodia packages showcase just some of the myriad sights, activities and experiences that we can include and make it a best Cambodia itinerary – it’s completely flexible, excellent value and designed especially for you.

Cambodia Tour Packages



Best of Vietnam

6 Nights / 7 Days


Cambodian Delights

4 Nights / 5 Days


Highlights of Cambodia

6 Nights / 7 Days




With the glorious temples of Angkor in Siem Reap as the leading draw, Cambodia boasts many other famous tourist attractions in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and other cities:

Siem Reap

No trip to Southeast Asia is complete without a visit to Cambodia, particularly to Siem Reap, the hometown of Angkor Wat Temples, and other magnificent medieval temples such as the Bayon, Ta Phrom, etc. Aside from this worldwide famous heritage, Siem Reap has a lot more to offer. The provincial capital is also called Siem Reap and is situated in the South of the province on the shores of the Tonle Sap Lake, the greatest sweet water reserve in Southeast Asia. Once known primarily as the gateway to the Angkor temple complex, Siem Reap has evolved into a modern, fun and very visitor-friendly city. The town is a hive of activity, with attractions running the range from contemporary galleries to edgy boutiques and slick eateries. If you’re fascinated by ancient architecture, this place is undoubtedly a great reason to travel to Cambodia and a must-visit in Southeast Asia.

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a lively hive of hustle and bustle mixed with a modern as well as a dash of traditional feel that makes for a really eclectic mix of experiences. The vibrant busy capital of Cambodia since the days of the French colonial era, Phnom Penh was once lauded as the “Pearl of the orient”, for its gorgeous beauty and enormous architecture. The city centre has broad appeal, and its French influence is evident in the open-fronted colonial shophouses that line the streets. There are a overwhelming number of restaurants, bars and cafes to try. Many tourists that travel to Cambodia loiter here for the culinary experience.


Cambodia’s second largest city, Battambang is a riverside city with exquisite French colonial architecture, mellow cafes and a unique mix of classic Cambodian style and modern upgrades. With a picturesque riverside setting, Battambang represents for many visitors the essential and authentic Cambodia and is a lovely example of a preserved French colonial destination. You can zip past rice paddies and rattle over bridges when you ride the quirky bamboo railway too.

Koh Rong

Located in the west of Cambodia, Koh Rong is one of the country’s finest island and beach destination for anyone in search of peace and quiet. With its white sandy beaches and calm turquoise waters, Koh Rong has recently become a top tourist and backpacker destination. In addition to its lovely, sweeping beaches and inland jungle, Koh Rong is a cool place to involve yourself in a bit of diving, snorkelling or kayaking, and is so photogenic that a production company has set up a permanent camp at Soksan Beach. If your traveler’s heart is calling out for Cambodia, Koh Rong is a must! The flabbergasting beauty of the sea, the mellow village life, the feeling of freedom when on a small tropical island … all of these await in abundance.


This provincial town is Cambodia’s best beach destination with miles of dusty, white-sand beaches, picturesque islands and warm tropical waters that can be visited year round. The main draw is undoubtedly its relaxed atmosphere, scenic beaches, cheap accommodation and friendly locals. Being an ideal tropical getaway, Sihanoukville provides the perfect setting for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving or just sunbathing. Boat trips are also available for island hopping to many of the nearby islands. The very best way to take in all that Sihanoukville and the rest of the country offers is through our cheap Cambodia packages.


Life here is mainly on the riverside promenade, with several cosy restaurants and bars lending added hippie flair to the ambiance. The Kampot area also offers several other attractions including pre-Angkorian ruins and caves, jungle trekking, bicycling tours, river cruises, island trips, fishing trips, isolated beaches, pepper plantations, bamboo train rides and some beautiful rural countryside. The city is majorly known for its pepper plantation and salt field. Most travelers also visit this place to have a look at the old French Colonial Architecture. Whether you’re into outdoor adventure, art, or you like the sound of eating and drinking your way around one of Cambodia’s best destinations for foodies, Kampot has something for you.



Cambodia- A kingdom of wonder, we’re committed to making your trip have a positive effect on the destination you’re going to. Our variety of Cambodia tour packages take you from Wat Toul Bassaet to Khmer Villages. We believe in delivering the best travel experiences to our travelers so that they consider exploring the world with us.

Angkor Wat

Visited by over two million tourists every year, UNESCO’s World Heritage Site since 1992, Angkor Wat, is the largest religious monument in the world and the symbol of Cambodia. Built in the 12th century, Angkor Wat features a high classical style of Khmer architecture. Primarily dedicated to God Vishnu, the temples were gradually converted into a Buddhist temple. The modern name, Angkor Wat, means “Temple City”. Most travellers to Cambodia will cite the iconic Angkor Wat as one of the reasons they pack their bags for the country. It’s grand beyond belief, and absolutely worth every second spent. It may not have been included in the recent list of the new Seven Wonders of the World, but Angkor isn’t less impressive than the Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China among others. If you do not believe us, head there straight away and see it with your own eyes!

The Royal Palace

Located in Phnom Penh, the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda are the city’s finest example of twentieth-century Khmer influenced architecture with slight French touch. While there, you will gain an insight into Cambodia’s past and present. You can stroll this complex of regal structures and perfectly manicured grounds.

National Museum

The National Museum is a treasure house of Angkorian and pre-Angkorian artifacts, mainly stone statues of awe-inspiring beauty and craftsmanship. Built around a divine, tranquil courtyard, you can spend hours marveling at the sublime statuary and wondering at Cambodia's bewildering history. Inside, the National Museum houses over 5,000 artifacts from all time periods in the country – it’s a great place to reflect and learn so much more about the strong national heritage of Cambodia.

The Temples

The Temples of Angkor are world-renowned and house some of the country’s finest monuments. And depending on your preference for architecture and ambience you may find them even more magical. Also, Angkor Wat is far from the only worthy temple to tour. There’s Ta Prohm, whose ruins are seemingly held together by twisting strangler figs, and the pink sandstone Banteay Srai, the pyramid-shaped Koh Ker and spiritual overgrown Beng Mealea.

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and The Killing Fields

The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in central Phnom Penh is a former high school which was used as security prison 21 (S-21) by the Khmer Rouge regime from 1975 to 1979. In S-21 many people were tortured into confessing collusion with foreign forces or free market activities before they were deported to the killing fields and murdered. Almost two million people died from starvation, disease, torture and execution under the Khmer Rouge. The ‘Killing Fields’ are a collective set of sites where prisoners were brought to be executed. Cambodia has a very recent painful history, and learning about it isn’t only responsible, it’s a way to help the country, and indeed the world, move on. They're also a must-visit for anyone looking to gain a further understanding of the Khmer Rouge’s barbaric dictatorship.

Tonle Sap Lake

Designated as an UNESCO ecological biosphere in 1997, the Tonle Sap or the ‘Great Lake’ is also Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake. It is also called Boeung Tonle Sap and houses one of the most vibrant ecosystems in the world, with many different species of wildlife in and around the lake. The massive lake is as much as 250 km long and 100 km wide, making it look like an inland ocean. Tonle Sap lake is also famous for its fascinating local communities and their picturesque floating villages.


Cambodia is a hidden treasure in Southeast Asia packed up with breathtaking temples, quaint villages, golden sand beaches, lush green forest, limestones and mountains, rich history and culture, Khmer cuisine, nightlife, and everything else that an ideal holiday destination must have. In our Cambodia holiday packages we have included all the main Cambodian highlights that give you the taste of Cambodian life in a variety of forms, from the big city, to sightseeing in a quiet hillside town, to a beautiful beach break and feel of some of the magnificent natural wonders of Cambodia.

Cambodia is for every soul; for history buffs, foodies, beach hoppers, culture and art lovers, as well as, adventure seekers. Traveling as a couple, with your family, friends and or on your own? Looking for an adventure that fits your interests and expectations? Want to spot exotic places? No matter what kind of Cambodia package you are looking for; be it a Cambodia family package, Cambodia honeymoon package or Cambodia adventure package, we have it for you. Our team of dedicated Cambodia Holiday experts will help to design your perfect, unique itinerary. The carefully-curated itineraries in our Cambodia tour packages will inspire you to make the most of your trip.

We specialize in tailor-made Cambodia holiday packages for individuals, groups of all sizes and families. Backed with over 40 years of expertise in offering cheap & best tour packages for Cambodia, Akbar Travels is your one stop destination for the most valuable deals for Cambodia. Travel to Cambodia by choosing from a variety of our affordable Cambodia tour packages from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and other cities of India. Our all-inclusive cheap Cambodia tour packages feature iconic sights and quintessential cultural encounters, designed to give you a true taste of this fascinating destination, so prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday!

Let's choose one of our Cambodia Holiday Packages for a real adventure, all in style. Our Holiday Experts will assist you in selecting the destination, accommodation and activities that best suit your requirements.

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