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Belgium is one of the smallest nations in Europe, yet despite its size, it packs a powerful punch in terms of attractions on our Belgium tour packages. More than 1,000 breweries may be found here, and Belgian brewers were among the first in the world to develop the art of making beer. Additionally, the nation's chocolate on our Belgium tour packages is comparable to that of Switzerland and offers delectable treats that will cause you to gain Read More

Belgium is one of the smallest nations in Europe, yet despite its size, it packs a powerful punch in terms of attractions on our Belgium tour packages. More than 1,000 breweries may be found here, and Belgian brewers were among the first in the world to develop the art of making beer. Additionally, the nation's chocolate on our Belgium tour packages is comparable to that of Switzerland and offers delectable treats that will cause you to gain a few pounds while you're there. Additionally, you'll never look at French fries the same way again thanks to the nation's delectable frites. And, if you're interested in history, learn on our Belgium tour packages that Belgium is home to a wealth of attractions, including the site of the terrible Battle of Waterloo, which took place there in 1815.


Most frequently, tourists who spend a day in Brussels, Bruges, and maybe a trip to Ghent before continuing their journey skip past Belgium. However, if you dig a little deeper, you'll discover that this nation has a ton of medieval towns, historical buildings, and parks that are well worth staying for. Belgium seamlessly blends the old and the contemporary on our Belgium tour packages, keeping pace with modernity without losing its medieval grace. It is a little nation tucked in between France, Germany, and the Netherlands and is well-known for its Grand Place, one of Europe's most stunning squares, as well as its waffles, chocolates, Smurfs, and funny Manneken-Pis monument.


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The European Union's headquarters are located in Brussels, which is also one of Europe's culinary capitals. You will taste some of the best food in Europe as part of your Belgium trip cost from India, including the creamiest chocolates, the best beer, and the best French fries. UNESCO has designated several of the medieval cities of Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, and Ghent as World Heritage Sites. These cities are home to some spectacular architecture, as well as a variety of delectable regional delicacies. The steep, forested south and the flatter north of Belgium also have some breathtakingly lovely rural areas.


The weather in Belgium on our Belgium packages


The weather is the most important factor to consider when making travel plans to Belgium. It may get fairly chilly from November through March during the winter season. If you love the winter, now is a fantastic time to visit Belgium's Christmas markets and go skiing. In addition, the canals will freeze over and turn into ice skating rinks that you can skate on as part of your Belgium trip cost from India. Unquestionably, spring and fall are among of the greatest seasons to go to the nation. The weather is pleasant, and there are often less tourists. As the leaves start to change color in the fall, the landscape is painted in shades of red, orange, and yellow. The Jazz Marathon and the Ghent Film Festival are two other festivals to consider during the season.


As in much of Europe, summer in Belgium brings nicer weather but also more tourists. For the greatest deals and availability, make your reservations as soon as possible!


What to expect on our Belgium holiday packages:


Flemish (Dutch), French, and German are the three official languages of Belgium. Signs are frequently written in both French and Flemish.


Currency: The Euro is Belgium's official currency (EUR). The USD to EUR exchange rate is now 0.88.


ATMs & Credit Cards: On your Belgium holiday packages, using your credit card in Belgium shouldn't be a problem. Keep in mind, too, that many individuals prefer cash for smaller transactions. It's a good idea to have both with you since certain companies ask that you present ID when using a card and some may even demand that you present your passport. All Belgian cities and towns have ATMs, and you can typically find them next to petrol stations, retail malls, and bus and railway terminals.


Plugs: Belgium uses type E power plugs, 230 V as the default voltage, and 50 Hz as the default frequency. I advise using a converter for hairdryers and other hot instruments and purchasing a universal adapter (make sure it has surge protection).


Safety: Overall, it is safe to go to Belgium. However, petty crime does occur, so be careful with your money and watch your baggage.


Places to visit on our Belgium packages:


1. Dinant 

This hidden gem of a city is located in Walloon province of Belgium on the banks of the Meuse River. The old structures of the city are steeped in history on our Belgium tour package from India, and as you wander through the winding alleyways, you can sense that this is a place with many stories to tell. The attractive town is backed by a breathtaking sheer cliff face and defended by the ancient walled citadel. The birthplace of Adolphe Sax, the man who developed the saxophone and whose house you may now visit, may be the city's most well-known link. Try the Flamiche, which is similar to a Tarte Flambe, and the Couques de Dinant, which are exquisite brittle honey cookies, if you're a foodie on our Belgium tour package from India. Undoubtedly one of the most stunning locations in Belgium.


2. Bruges

For couples looking to embark on a romantic European trip, Bruges, the immaculately maintained medieval city, is the place to go with our Belgium packages. It is one of Belgium's most well-known and stunning tourist destinations. Bruges, the canal-side city suspended in time, is very romantic and unquestionably photogenic. Thousands of visitors can't be wrong, and with a collection of charming market squares, steep-gabled houses lining dreamy canals, and winding cobbled streets all tied up in a compact, mostly traffic-free package.


Include Burg Square, the Stadhuis (City Hall) from the 14th century, which has an elaborately carved ceiling, Market Square, which has a belfry from the 13th century with panoramic views on our Belgium travel packages, and, of course, one of the many critically regarded restaurants!


3. Brussels 

Forget the unappealing reputation that one of the most prominent cities in Europe seems to be carrying, Brussels is a stunning destination. The city has developed into a flourishing, global metropolis in recent decades that you can explore on our Belgium travel packages. With its magnificent historical architecture, which includes a beautifully preserved late-17th-century center, as well as its fine collection of art galleries and museums, as well as its renowned foodie scene, which offers everything from chocolate and waffles to Michelin-starred fine cuisine, and of course its delicious beer, Brussels is deserving of its place on this list.


4. Ghent 

I cherished Ghent. While most travelers choose to visit Brussels or Bruges, the small but stunning port city may be Europe's best-kept travel secret. Ghent was once the most powerful city in all of Europe, but now it is a very tranquil, lovely location with a somewhat bohemian vibe which you can discover on our Belgium honeymoon packages. With its collection of medieval buildings along canals, Michelin-starred restaurants, unique boutique shops, and a full program of cultural events, charming Ghent is also picture-perfect. Skip the touristic canal boat tours and explore all the local places instead to get a true sense of the area on our Belgium trip packages.


5. Spa 

Spa is a stunning and opulent location to visit in Belgium, and you probably have realized that it is well-known for being a "original" spa. Eastern Belgium's Ardennes area is home to an abundance of mineral-rich hot springs, which are a natural blessing. Visitors swarm here to unwind and take advantage of the water's and the hot springs' health and wellness advantages. With gorgeous structures, thermal spas, a historic casino, a variety of opulent hotels, and a charming retro 19th-century vibe, it's also quite attractive.


6. Eifel Nature Park 

This park has a magical, almost otherworldly appeal with its low-hanging mist and miles of wild, rocky nature. The discussion region, which is primarily in Germany but also borders Belgium, is covered in beech forests you can view on our holiday packages from Belgium. Wild cats, wild boars, and wildcats, as well as black grouse, red deer, and eagle owls, all call this lovely location home. Since the turn of the century, the lynx has also been observed for the first time in three centuries in this isolated and highly protected territory. One of Belgium's must-see locations, the park's moors have portions from the previous Ice Age.


7. Durbuy 

Durbury, which has a population of 500 and holds the distinction of being the smallest town on Earth, is living proof that the finest things can come in modest forms. Durbury is only two hours from Brussels on our Belgium vacation packages. It has also been able to keep its attractive medieval surroundings, and today's pedestrian streets are flowery, tiny, and cobbled, flowing through the old bluestone homes and buildings and luring interested visitors to its shops, upscale eateries, and hotels. Shop for handcrafted goods, admire half-timbered homes on your all inclusive holidays Belgium as you explore the lovely Topiary Park, and stop by La Ferme du Chêne, which produces beer using a 14th-century technique, to satisfy your thirst. The Ourthe River, which flows through the city, is another option for active types to kayak or raft.


8. Chateau de la hulpe 

Fairytale castles are not exclusive to France; one of Belgium's best is genuinely magnificent. Less than an hour from Brussels, in the Walloon Brabant town of La Hulpe, this magnificent chateau, which was built after the French Loire Valley castles, was Marquis Maximilien de Béthune's residence. The castle itself is not accessible to the public, but you can visit the garden, which is dotted with sculptures and overflowing with vibrant flowers, as well as the nearby park, which is renowned for its rolling lawns, little ponds, and fragrant rhododendrons and where you can go for a stroll, have a picnic, or just unwind.


9. The Sonian Forest 

Recently, a portion of this breathtaking woodland received UNESCO heritage designation. The 4,000 hectares of forests were once a natural border of beeches and oaks that extended from Brabant to the north of France, beginning in the Iron Age. In this cherished, serene, and untouched area of Belgium, on your India to Belgium tour package you may see wild boars, foxes, and roe deer ambling around freely. It is also a fantastic location to see natural beauty.


10. Torgny

This lovely little hamlet, with more than a hint of Provence, is frequently mentioned as one of the most beautiful in Belgium. Torgny, located south of the Ardennes and bounded by France on three sides, is the southernmost point of Belgium and is located in the Gaume district of the province of Luxemburg. The homes are reminiscent of the south of France and are made of hand-hewn stones that are ochre in color and red curved tiles. The town has a favorable environment that makes it ideal for vineyards. Expect little activity because it's a calm area; instead, unwind and enjoy the scenery, which includes the honey-colored houses, the profusion of flowers, the rolling hills, the local restaurants' cuisine, and walks and bike rides through the countryside as well as as a visit to the Abbey of the Trappist Cistercian monks of Orval.


11. The Wallonia region 

Without traveling to the stunning Wallonia, a trip to Belgium would be incomplete. Despite being one of the biggest regions of the country, this French-speaking part of it has a traditional and laid-back vibe. Wallonia has a lot to offer both visitors and residents, such as medieval villages, Renaissance-era buildings, and an abundance of traditional Trappist beers.


12. Veurne 

In the past, strongholds surrounded the Belgian region of Veurne to protect it against oncoming Viking raids. Sadly, all the remnants of the past have vanished, leaving Verne as a historically significant yet picturesque region of Belgium. However, fortification failed, and the region was conquered. Veurne still has glaring reminders of the past because it is a city with a rich history. If this period of history is interesting to you, Veurne may be your perfect destination because many of the structures and ruins there exhibit a particular Renaissance and Gothic architecture.


13. Hoge Kempen National Park

In Belgium's Hoge Kempen National Park, you may explore and stay inside the park to fully experience its profound beauty. Our national parks are gems waiting to be discovered. This hiker's paradise offers both camping and hiking opportunities, and for those who are not accustomed to such arduous circumstances or who just prefer not to camp, Hoge Kempen National Park provides contemporary hotel options for a more pleasant stay.


14. De Haan 

Tourists come to Belgium's coastal districts from all over the world, and De Haan is among the most well-liked. Despite having a population of just under 13,000, De Haan nonetheless exudes a wonderful small-town atmosphere. Unique retail choices, historic mills, and outdoor pursuits like exploring the dune forest are just a few of De Haan's attractions. There are no restrictions on what you can find in De Haan, and in contrast to other places that solely serve high-end tourists, this place has something for everyone and for every price point. One of De Haan's better photo chances is from Spioenkop.


15. La Roche-en-Ardenne 

While driving across Belgium offers some breathtaking landscapes, if you're searching for something to do without a car, La Roche-en-Ardenne is the ideal destination. La Roche-en-Ardenne is located above it all, 25 miles northeast of St. Hubert. Hills and castle ruins are only a few of the gorgeous landscape features in this area. Enjoy your time traveling through this untamed region of the country. This breathtaking region of Belgium is a favorite destination for cave divers and outdoor lovers of all kinds. You will need a camera, so bring one.


16. Vallee du Ninglinspo 

One of Belgium's most popular outdoor attractions is Vallee du Ninglinspo, often known as "The Most Beautiful Walk in Adrennes." Miles of paths wind through a breathtakingly magnificent wilderness, providing delightful views. Vallee du Nignlinspo is undoubtedly a hiker's heaven; there is something new to discover around every corner. In this region, raw, undeveloped wilderness coexists harmoniously with waterfalls, natural lakes, and rocky terrain. Bring your camera when you visit Vallee du Ninglinspo, and maintain the area's natural beauty by removing any litter so that future generations may also take pleasure in it.


17. Damme

Oostkereke, Vivenkapelle, Sint-Rita, Sijsele, Lapscheure, Hoeke, and Moerkerke are all parts of the Belgian region known as Damme. This expanding region has slightly about 11,000 residents. It is still a wonderfully tiny, cozy town, yet it has a lot to offer both visitors and residents. Damme, a city in northern Belgium, attracts a lot of book lovers since it has a growing number of bookstores. If you're one among the many readers and poets that enjoy Damme, have fun there! Damme is particularly bike-friendly and has a very walkable layout, so no matter how you choose to get around, you will enjoy this charming hamlet. It also has a great bus route.


18. Gaasbeek Castle 

Are you seeking for a place to take that special someone that is romantic? The best Belgian site is Gaasbeek Castle. Visitors may have an incredible tour of Gaasbeek Castle from April 1 to August 30. The castle is filled with romance at every turn, and the gardens are among of Belgium's most breathtaking. The grounds are reasonably priced to enter, and there are several periods throughout the day when you may take a tour of the actual castle. Bring your camera with you so you may take advantage of the endless photo possibilities at this magnificent castle.


19. Oud Rekem 

Oud Reken, known as "The Most Beautiful Village in Flanders," is eagerly awaiting guests to wander its ancient streets and cobblestone pathways. Oud Reken is the ideal location if you're one of the numerous people who want to move a little more slowly. One of the most well-known locations is the Castle d'Aspremont-Lynden, albeit it is not the only one. Visitors may explore this ancient village's many indoor and outdoor museums as well as the hospitable inhabitants that live there. When visiting Belgium, Oud Reken need to be on your itinerary if quaintness is your concept of the ideal location.


20. Ypres 

With a population of little under 35,000, Ypres is a bustling city eager to fulfill all of your travel fantasies. Ypres has a long history of conflict, especially during World Battle II, but today's Ypres is home to many stunning landmarks and is a popular destination for pilgrims who want to remember those who unfortunately perished in war. Tourists like strolling along the Yperlee River's edge and snapping photographs of the numerous memorials erected around Ypres, among the many historical sites spread around the city. Bring your camera and some comfortable walking shoes to Ypres since the city's history comes to life there.

I slept at the Indrani Lodge, which is only a 45-minute drive from Brussels and is tucked away in the middle of the charming Brabant-Wallon hamlet of Loupoigne. The lodge, a beautifully restored medieval property nestled amidst rural countryside, combines modern trendy comfort with historic elegance and personalized service. It is a location to get away from city problems while yet being within easy reach of the cultural attractions of one of Europe's quirkier cities.


Wander through rural farms, old monasteries, historic war sites, or play a game of golf at one of the many surrounding courses while surrounded by gorgeous, lush green scenery! The Indrani Lodge features a tranquil garden, a revitalizing sauna, and 5 opulently furnished en-suite guestrooms. They have introduced a new retreat program that offers a variety of wellness retreats with an emphasis on the themes of yoga, wellness, mindfulness, and good food, in line with the tranquil surroundings.


21. Antwerp

Antwerp is the epitome of culture, art, and customs; a real Belgian joy. It has historic architectural marvels and palaces on the one hand, and contemporary and hip art galleries and museums on the other. More than 70% of the world's uncut diamonds are traded in this area, which is also well known for its delicious cuisine and beer. It is among the top destinations in Belgium to see in two days.


22. Ardennes

One of the most popular locations in Belgium for adventure seekers is the rugged Ardennes. The Ardennes region is perfect for hiking, camping, and riding. It has dense woods, rocks, and caves, as well as Belgian biodiversity and wild creatures including lynx, deer, and wild boar. After seeing the Ardennes, you won't be let down if adventure is what you're looking for on your trip to Belgium. It is among the top destinations in Belgium to see in a single day.


23. Tournai

One of the most stunning churches in the world is housed in this bustling city near the Belgian-French border. This is a center for sculpture and art, attracting history enthusiasts and art lovers all year long. Tournai is one of the most picturesque cities in Belgium, and it boasts some fantastic museums and art galleries, as well as the oldest town bell tower in the nation. Visit this location if you're seeking for intriguing things to visit in Belgium.


24. Leuven

Leuven is another name on the list of top places to visit in Belgium, boasting some of the greatest Belgian breweries. Like any other Belgian city, this gorgeous location is well known for its lively markets, sidewalk bars, cafés, cathedrals, and galleries. However, being the site of the oldest Catholic university in the world, Leuven is also constantly humming with international students. One of Belgium's top hotels may be found here as well.


25. Mons

Mons is included among the top places to visit in Belgium. Mons, the charming capital of the Belgian province of Hainaut, welcomes visitors with a sizable cobblestone plaza, the Grand Palace, and a centuries-old town hall. However, the charming tones of the town's famous Belfry bells, placed at the top of a 270-foot tower, are what draw and delight every tourist here. One of the top tourist destinations in Belgium is this.


26. Mechelen

Mechelen, another vibrant and beautiful city in Belgium, lies near to Antwerp. Mechelen stands out in a lot of ways. Famous for its boat trips and brewery tours, Antwerp is also home to the St. Rombout Cathedral, which visitors may climb for a breathtaking view of the harbour or to visit the internationally renowned Carillion School for instruction in the intricate bell instrument. When discussing the top destinations in Belgium, it would be unjust not to highlight Mechelen.


27. De Haan

De Haan, a charming town on the coastlines in northern Belgium, is situated there. It is most known for its 11-kilometer-long beach, which is flanked with some of Belgium's top homestays, upscale cafés, fantastic restaurants, and interesting pubs. But it has more to offer than just gorgeous white sand and a wild nightlife. Another wonderful feature of this beach town that makes it one of the most romantic locations to visit in Belgium is that couples love to wander the streets of Concessie. You must not skip the magnificent Belle Époque structures and the stately town hall while you're here. The large sand dunes here are perfect for riding and trekking, and there are also thrilling amusement parks.


28. Arlon

Arlon is another another well-liked tourist destination in Belgium. Arlon has a large population. It is near to the Luxembourg and French borders. It is at a point where several invaders converge. Arlon is home to all the wonderful remains of the fascinating past, including Celtic, Roman, and Gaullish villages. One of the greatest sites to visit in Belgium with your family and friends is the Archaeological Museum of Arlon. This is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Belgium.


29. Beguinage

The Beguinages were communities built to suit the needs of women who desired to devote their entire lives to God without totally renouncing the outside world in the thirteenth century. The Beguines were their moniker. This is a summary of Beguinage's past. There are 13 beguinages in Flanders. They are encircled by walls and drainage canals.


30. Hoge Kempen National Park

Hoge Kempen National Park, the country's first national park, is another breathtaking destination in Belgium. It is situated halfway between Genk and the Meuse River Valley. The park's 5,000 acres are made up of enormous lakes, expansive pine forests, and purple floral heathland. The park's highest point provides a breathtaking vista. Many unique and unusual creatures, including roe deer, slippery snakes, swallowtail butterflies, and European beewolves, may be seen in the park living in their native habitats.


31. Knokke-Heist

One of the nicest sites to visit in Belgium in a day is Knokke-Heist. It is a little seaside hamlet in Belgium that is situated next to the well-known Zwin Nature Park. Because of its stunning beauty and extensive history, the location draws visitors from all over the world. It is well-known for the magnificent sandy beach and nearby mudflats. Oystercatchers and storks are the birds that are most frequently sighted. The For Freedom Museum, which chronicles the history of the region during the Second World War, is another reason for its fame.


32. Kortrijk

The northern region of Belgium, Flanders, has the lovely city of Kortrijk. The city features a beautiful historic core that includes a number of market squares, churches, vibrant commercial districts, and also a creative sector. The Broeltowers are these towers that are the symbols of Kortrijk and some of the best tourist destinations in Belgium. You may sample some incredible foods at a variety of eateries, lunch counters, and coffee shops. They also provide some excellent vegetarian alternatives.


33. La Roche-en-Ardenne:

La Roche-en-Ardenne, a charming small town providing you a range of things to do and Belgium attractions, is situated on the banks of the River Ourthe about 70 kilometers from Liege. To understand more about the customs and history of the area, be sure to stop by the WWII Museum, Ardenne Ham Museum, and Pottery. The renowned animal park on the Deister plateau is home to a variety of agricultural animals as well as red deer, wild boar, pheasants, wild sheep, and wolves.


34. Liege

The third-largest city in Belgium, Liege, is known for its exciting nightlife and mouthwatering cuisine. For lovers of architecture and the arts, Liege is one of Belgium's must-visit locations because of its world-class museums, cathedrals, and art galleries. Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the Coteaux de la Citadelle or a picnic in the immaculate Parc de la Boverie. Plan your vacation to Liege during a festival to give your stay in this city even more charm. Your one journey during the several festivals that are observed throughout the year may persuade you to return sometimes.


35. Malmedy

A little town in the Belgian province of Liege called Malmedy has a lot to offer tourists. The Second World War is credited with shaping Malmedy's history, according to the Baugnez 44 Historical Centre. Malmundarium is a historical location that details local history and culture. You can find hiking and bike routes all across Malmedy, and they provide breathtaking views of the countryside as you pass by the flower fields.


36. Zwin

The picturesque natural reserve of Zwin is located on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. It was founded in 1952, with the majority of its 158 hectares in Belgium and the remainder in the Netherlands. (30 acres) The reserve is renowned for the wide variety of salt-resistant flora it contains, as well as the numerous bird species that call it home. For bird lovers, it is undoubtedly a sanctuary. The reserve also contains a small zoo with a variety of fascinating domestic birds.


37. Ostend

Ostend, one of the biggest cities on the Belgian coast, has grown in recognition because to the advantageous placement of its port. It is a popular tourist destination in Belgium and is well known for its stunning sandy beaches, Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum, and other attractions. The finest way to get to know a city well is to stroll around the winding streets near Het Visschersplein while savoring the fresh goods at neighborhood markets. Don't overlook the exquisite Gothic Church of St. Petrus and St. Paulus's architecture.


38. Rochefort

The captivating city of Rochefort in the Belgian province is well known for its abundance of boutiques, cafés, and high-end churches. In the city, there lies a lesser-known treasure of a cave network. With practically everything located on the main street, it is a simple city to explore. also known as Place Roi Albert 1er, Rue Jacquet, and Rue de Behogne. You will pass several cafés on the road that serve Rochefort's renowned Trappist beer.


39. Namur

Namur, which is famed for its high rise fortress that sits overlooking the city and lends it its name, is sandwiched at the junction of the two tranquil rivers Meuse and Sambre. Due to its historic fortification as well as the friendly smiles of its residents, Namus is without a doubt one of the most picturesque sites in Belgium. This castle, which once had the title of being the most powerful stronghold in all of Europe, now stands solemn and silent, yet it is nevertheless able to entice visitors from far and wide because to its overflowing attractiveness and commanding surroundings.


The several internationally renowned castles in Bruges are even comparable to it in terms of beauty. This fortress is one of a kind in all of Europe. It is adorned with magnificent gardens, provides beautiful views of the rivers and the city beyond, and is home to a dashing bronze statue of a huge turtle.


40. Bastogne

This little but quaint Belgian town is ideal for history buffs and nationalists and is not far from the Luxembourg border. It is the exact location of one of World War II's largest conflicts, the "Battle of the Bulge," which claimed the lives of several American soldiers. To honor the dead warriors and their role in helping our nation become what it is now, there are several original memorials spread out around the city.


Visit the Wood of Peace, which honors the American war veterans, Belgian troops, fighters, and even citizens who gave their life defending the Ardennes. This Wood of Peace, a thick forest with more than 4,000 trees planted to remember the 50th anniversary of that famous war, is one of the top tourist destinations in Belgium because of its distinctive layout. The trees are arranged to resemble the UNICEF logo, which is only visible from above.


41. Hasselt

Hasselt, a Flemish city and municipality, is a well-known vacation spot noted for having some of Belgium's finest homes. The town is made up of the hamlets of Kiewit and Rapertingen as well as a number of tiny communes such Spalbeek, Wimmertingen, Kuringen, and Stokrooie. The Demer River and Albert Canal, which pass through the town, both provide boat rides. This location may be one of Belgium's must-see locations.


42. Ypres

Ypres, a significant town in the western Flanders area, is a must-see destination in Belgium. The nearby battlefields, military museums, and memorials serve as a visual representation of the town's losses during World War 1. During the war, several significant structures were destroyed, but the Belgians were able to rebuild a few, notably the renowned St. Martin's Cathedral. It is one of the top priorities while visiting Belgium in the winter. Additionally, you may take advantage of other retail areas like the Grote Markt.


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