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Type of Thailand Visa for Indians

Thailand E-Visa on Arrival (e-VOA) – We bring to you easier, faster and hassle-free Thailand Visa, 100% online in 24 hours only!

Thailand e visa (Popular)
  • Processing time: 2-3 days
  • Stay period: Up to 15 days
  • Validity: 1 month
  • Entry: Single
  • Fees: INR 7,499/-
Thailand e visa (Express)
  • Processing time: Up to 24 hours
  • Stay period: Up to 15 days
  • Validity: 1 month
  • Entry: Single
  • Fees: INR 11,999/-
Thailand Tourist Visa (Stamp Visa)
  • Processing time: 3-4 days
  • Stay period: Up to 60 days
  • Validity: 3 months
  • Entry: Single
  • Fees: INR 5,999/-
Thailand Business Visa (Stamp Visa)
  • Processing time: 3-4 days
  • Stay period: Up to 90 days
  • Validity: 3 months
  • Entry: Single
  • Fees: INR 7,999/-

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Documents required for Thailand Visa for Indians

  • Must have Thailand e visa Documents:
    expand_more expand_less
    • Scanned colour copy of first and last page of your valid Passport;
    • Scanned colour copy of your passport size photograph with white background;
    • Confirmed onward & return flight ticket;
    • Accommodation proof in Thailand

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Thailand Visa FAQs

  • add Do I require a Bangkok visa to visit Thailand?

    Yes. Indian Passport holders can apply for a Thailand Tourist Visa prior to their travel at the Thailand Consulate/Embassy or can also opt for a Thai Visa on arrival. However, it is recommended to get the Thailand visa for Indians before arrival itself to avoid any last minute problem or long queues at the Thailand Airport. Getting a Thai Visa for Indians is a really easy and hassle free process and much cheaper than on arrival Thai visa. Also, on applying for a Thailand tourist visa prior to arrival; you can get a longer validity visa, whereas a visa on arrival will only permit you for a maximum stay of 15 days.

  • add Is it advisable to apply for Thailand Tourist Visa for Indians before travel or get a Thai Visa on arrival?

    Applying for a Thailand Tourist Visa for Indians through will be a 3 to 4 day’s process and cost almost the same. It is highly advisable to process your Thailand visa online through us, as we will take care of your complete Thailand visa requirements right from getting your Thailand e visa documents ready to stamping of your visa. Hence save the trouble and delay on arrival and apply Thailand Visa online in advance

  • add Do I need to visit your office in person to apply for Thailand Visa?

    No. You are not required to visit our office personally to apply for Thailand Visa. The e visa Thailand process is completely online. Moreover, for Thailand sticker visa applications, we provide the facility of pick-up and drop of Thailand Visa documents at your doorsteps or any place of convenience.

  • add Will I receive my documents back once I submit it?

    Documents once submitted to the Thailand Immigration for Thailand visa applications shall not be returned to the applicant.

  • add What is the Thailand Visa Cost for Indian citizens?

    The Thailand Visa cost for Indian citizens starts from INR 7,499 for Thailand e visa application with a processing time of 2-3 days. We also provide Express Thai Visa services with a processing time of up to 24 hours and Thai Visa price of INR 11,999. With getting your Thailand visa for Indians is both easy and affordable!

    Thailand Visa Price for Indian Citizens:

    Type of Thailand Visa Thailand Visa Price
    Thailand e visa (Popular) ₹ 7,499
    Thailand e visa (Express) ₹ 11,999
    Thailand Tourist Visa (Stamp Visa) ₹ 11,999
    Thailand Business Visa (Stamp Visa) ₹ 11,999
  • add When can I apply for a Thailand Visa online?

    The Thai Embassy/Consulate accept Thailand Visa applications only 30 days prior to the travel date. Apply for Thailand Visa online well in advance to avoid visa delays.

  • add How long does it take to get a Thailand Visa for Indians?

    The processing time for thailand visa for Indians takes nearly 3 to 4 working days by the Thailand Immigration after all the relevant documents are received. For applicants who want to travel to Thailand urgently, there is also the express visa service, wherein Thai visa is processed within 24 hours.

  • add Is Thailand Tourist Visa for Indians a sticker visa or an eVISA?

    There are two types of Thai visa for Indians: Thai e visa and Thai sticker visa. The Thai e visa is the most popular visa among tourists.

  • add What is Thailand Visa on Arrival facility?

    Passengers travelling to Thailand have two options either to get their Thailand Visa from India before departure OR Get a Thai Visa on Arrival. Opting for the Thai Visa on arrival will require more time due to the long waiting immigration queues at the Thai airports. Many a times, there is a huge rush at Thailand Airports, tentative waiting time for Thailand Visa on Arrival can be 2 to 3 hours depending upon rush on a particular day. So, in order to travel hassle free, it is advisable to obtain Thailand Visa for Indians before you depart from India.

  • add What are the disadvantages of Thailand Visa on arrival facility?
    • Time consuming & tiring, Long waiting queues. (can go up to 3 hours)
    • Thailand Visa price must be paid in cash and Thai currency only.
    • Shorter visa validity. (Stay validity is only 15 days).
    • Single entry Thailand Visa only.
    • Only Thailand Tourist Visa processed.
  • add Is it possible to get a multiple-entry Thailand Tourist Visa or Thailand Business Visa?

    Yes, you can acquire a multiple entry Thailand tourist visa for Indians as well as Thailand business visa which are valid for nearly 3 months and depending upon the Thai visa type, you are allowed to stay for a period up to 60/90 days on each entry.

  • add Is It true that tourists entering Thailand must be able to prove that they have adequate finances during the stay as currently being widely reported in local and international media?

    Yes, this is true. Without appropriate means of living, tourists risk becoming economic and social burdens of the host country. In this connection, according to the Notification of the Ministry of Interior dated 8 May 2000, Thailand Visa holders must be able to prove that they have adequate finances equivalent to at least 20,000 Baht per person or 40,000 Baht per family. For Thailand Visa on arrival tourists, they must be able to prove that they have adequate finances equivalent to at least 10,000 Baht per person or 20,000 Baht per family.

  • add What is the difference between validity of Thailand visa for Indians and period of stay?

    Please note that the period of Thailand visa validity is different from the period of stay. Thai Visa validity is the period during which a visa can be used to enter Thailand. In general, the validity of a visa is 3 months, but in some cases, visas may be issued to be valid for 6 months, 1 year or 3 years. The validity of a Thailand visa for Indians is granted with discretion by the Royal Thai Consulate-General and is displayed on the visa sticker. The period of stay is granted by the Thailand immigration officer upon arrival at the port of entry and in accordance with the type of visa. For example, the period of stay for a transit visa should not exceed 30 days, for a Thai tourist visa should not exceed 60 days and for a non-immigrant visa should not exceed 90 days from the arrival date. The period of stay granted by the immigration officer is displayed on the arrival stamp. Travellers who wish to stay longer than such period may apply for extension of stay at offices of the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok, located at Soi Suan Plu, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Tel 02-2873101-10 or at an Immigration office located in the provinces.

  • add How to apply for a Thailand Visa online?

    Thailand visa for Indians can be acquired in a breeze with the convenience of our online Thailand Visa application processes. We are experts in the travel and tourism sector with over 40 years of experience in processing visa for all countries. Through our expertise, in-depth knowledge and integrity, we commit to delivering an exceptional experience to our customers each and every time you use our service. In order to help us understand your unique visa needs, please drop in your query and our Expert will get in touch with you.

    How to apply for Thailand Visa Online:

    1. Choose your preferred type of Thailand Visa for Indians based on your Travel type
    2. Make payment online
    3. Submit documents online on our portal
    4. Receive your Thailand Visa online once approved
  • add Do I need to take a health/travel insurance?Do I need to take a health/travel insurance?

    You are strongly advised to purchase a health / travel insurance to cover yourself in Thailand as medical treatment can be very expensive in Thailand. Along with Bangkok Visa for Indians, we can certainly assist you with the travel insurance as it’s an absolute necessity for International travel in the event of unexpected events such as medical emergencies, baggage delay or loss etc.

  • add Are you still having doubts about the Bangkok Visa process?

    We have you covered across India with presence in all the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow and many more. Visit to understand the Thailand entry requirements and apply Thailand Visa online.

  • add What are the passport requirements for Thai Visa applications?

    Your Indian passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date you plan to depart Thailand and must contain at least two blank pages (unused visa pages) to allow for entry and exit stamps upon arrival and departure from Thailand.

  • add What are the Thailand Entry Requirements for Foreigners?

    All visitors to Thailand must meet the following entry requirements:

    • Valid Passport document (minimum validity of 6 months at the time of departure)
    • Thailand Visa for Indians
    • Confirmed onward or return tickets (if applicable)
    • Entry facilities, including visas, to the next destination (if applicable)
    • Sufficient funds to maintain themselves during their stay in Thailand; and,
  • add Can I work on my Bangkok Visa in Thailand?

    Bangkok Visa holders are strictly not allowed to engage in any form of employment, business profession or occupation, whether paid or unpaid. If you intend to take up Employment, you must strictly apply for the appropriate Thai Visa for Indians.

  • add What is a Multiple Entry Thailand Visa for Indians (MEV)?

    A Multiple Entry Thailand Visa for Indians (MEV) is issued to allow you to make any number of journeys / entries into Malaysia.

  • add How long does it take to get an entry Bangkok Visa for Indians from the Thailand Embassy?

    This depends upon the Thailand Embassy in your home country. However, it typically does not take more than 3 working days to process your Bangkok Visa for Indians.

  • add What happens if I overstay my Thailand Tourist Visa for Indians?

    Penalty fees may apply, and these fees are at the discretion of the Thailand Immigration Department. You

  • add My Thai Visa for Indians has expired and I did not travel to Thailand. Now I want to travel to Thailand. What do I do?

    It is mandatory to enter Thailand before the expiry of the Thai Visa for Indians. In the situation that your Thailand Visa is expired, the Thailand Immigration Department does not extend the validity of the Thai visa. As such, you are required to apply for a new visa prior to your entry into Thailand. Kindly contact to submit a new application for Thailand visa for Indians.

  • add How much does Thailand e visa for Indian cost?

    The e visa Thailand costs Rs.7,999/- per person.

  • add Is the Thailand Visa cost for Indian (Thailand e visa) the same as the Sticker Visa cost?

    No. The costs for Thai e visa and sticker visa differ.

  • add I will be travelling to Phuket from Bangkok. Do I need a separate Phuket visa for Indian?

    No. Phuket is the biggest island of Thailand and no separate visa is required. You can visit all the islands of Thailand on a single Thai visa.

  • add Which are the types of Thailand Visa for Indians?

    There are three types of Thai visa for Indians:

    • Thailand Tourist Visa - Issued for the purpose of tourism or leisure. The Thailand Immigration issues Thailand e visa as well as Thailand sticker visa.
    • Thailand Visit Visa - Issued to visit family or friends in Thailand.
    • Thailand Business Visa - Issued to undertake business activities such as conference, meeting, seminar, training etc in Thailand.
  • add I plan to visit my friends/relatives. I have sufficient funds to pay for the Thailand trip myself. What kind of invitation is required for the Thailand visa application?

    You need to submit an informal invitation from your friends/relatives along with the address and a copy of the friend's/relative's passport. The residence permit copy is an additional requirement if your friend/relative in Thailand is not a Thailand national. If your friends/relatives will be paying for your travel expenses, you will need to submit a sponsorship letter along with bank statements.

  • add My flight itinerary requires a transit at Thailand airport. Do I have to apply for an airport transit visa or a regular Thai visa?

    Airport transit visa are only good for short stopovers while you are waiting a few hours for your onward flight in the airport's international transit area. Generally, transit visa is not required if you wont be leaving the airport area, but we recommend checking with the respective airline about the transit visa requirements.

  • add Will you verify and review my Thai Visa application documents before submission?

    Yes. Our Thai Visa Experts will take care of the complete Thai Visa process, from verification to submission and receiving the Thailand Visa for Indians.

  • add Is the Bangkok Tourist Visa for Indians paper submission or online?

    The Thailand Immigration has two types of Thai visa applications: Thailand e visa application and Thailand sticker visa application. Applying for Thailand e visa is a completely online process with minimum documentation and quicker processing time.

  • add Do you’ll guarantee Thailand Visa approval?

    Thailand Visa issuance is at the discretion of the Thailand Immigration Officials. Our Thai Visa Experts will guide you and take complete care of your visa application.

  • add Do I need to have a strong travel history before applying for Bangkok Visa for Indians?

    Thailand Visa for Indians is one of the easiest visas to obtain. Strong travel history is just an added advantage.

  • add My Thailand Visa was refused? Can I reapply, if yes, when is the best time to reapply?

    Yes! You can reapply immediately for Thailand Visa for Indians.

  • add In case of Thai Visa rejection, will I get refund?

    No. The Thailand Visa cost is non refundable, irrespective of the visa decision.

  • add I am not available in India at the moment, can I still apply for my Thailand Tourist Visa for Indians?

    Yes. Thailand e visa is an online process and does not require you to be there physically to submit the documents.

  • add After getting my Thailand Tourist Visa, can assist with flight, hotels and Thailand tour package?

    Yes. is a one stop shop and can take care of all your travel requirements.

  • add Is there an Indian Embassy in Thailand?

    Yes. There is an Indian Embassy in Thailand. The address is : 46, Prasarnmitr, Sukhumvit, Soi 23, Bangkok - 10110, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok.


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Simple steps to get a Thailand Visa:

Akbar Travels has been a part of more than one million travel dreams. We offer a superior, quick and hassle-free Thailand Visa for Indians. With a highly professional and dedicated team of Thai visa Experts, we are here to cater to all your Thailand visa requirements. Read more

Throughout your visa process, you will have a dedicated visa expert handling your application.

Here are the steps to apply for a Thailand Visa online through Akbar Travels:

Step 1: Provide your travel details to our Visa Expert and get your queries answered.

Step 2:Pay your Thailand visa cost and upload your documents online.

Step 3: Our Visa Expert will thoroughly check the Thailand visa requirements, verify your documents and process your Thai visa online.

Step 4: Receive your Thailand Visa for Indians.

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Basic Requirements to visit Thailand

  • Have a valid Passport and valid Thailand Tourist Visa for Indians;
  • Be in good health; Read more
  • Good moral character;
  • Be able to convince the immigration officer that you have your family, property, assets, etc. that would serve as an incentive to come back to your home country;
  • Be able to convince the immigration officer that you will leave the country before your Thailand visa for Indians expires;
  • Have sufficient funds to support yourself in Thailand and the amount depends on how long you will stay in Thailand and whether you will be staying with family, friends or any paid accommodation.
  • Show less

Travel Checklist

  • Passport;
  • Valid Thailand Visa for Indians; Read more
  • Confirmed return Ticket;
  • Contact details of your relative, friend or business contact in Thailand;
  • Confirmed hotel bookings (If Any);
  • Thailand Currency and other forms of forex;
  • An unlocked smartphone, preferable with a Sim card from India;
  • Any additional documents required to prove your purpose of visit (especially if you are travelling on a business Visa).
  • Show less

Thailand Tourist Attractions

1. The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Thailand’s most iconic tourist attraction, the Grand Palace in Bangkok is the ultimate display of Thai architecture. This marvellous building is also the official ceremonial residence of Thailand’s monarch and houses about 100 other buildings including Buddhist Temples, ceremonial halls, museums with Thai artwork and historical artefacts and palace grounds. The Grand Palace is open for visitors from 8:30am to 3:30pm, keep in mind to grab your tickets for admission to the Grand Palace beforehand.

₹ 8770/- per person
Enquire Now
Enquire Now

2. Phi Phi Islands

Located off the coast of Thailand, a total of six paradisiacal islands are worth your couple of days. Take a speed boat or ferry to explore the untamed natural landscapes of Phi Phi made up of azure blue waters, white sand beaches and gasp-worthy cliffs shadowed by jungles in the daytime. However, as night falls deck your party hat for some bar-hopping around town or the infamous beach parties.

₹ 4650/- per person
Enquire Now
Enquire Now

3. Phang Nga Bay

Another group of islands in the Malay Peninsula, the Phang Nga Bay is characterised by its picturesque sights of limestone cliffs and unique rock formations, surrounded by mangrove forests. For all the ‘Bond’ and ‘Star Wars’ fans, Phang Nga Bay has been the shooting location for films in both franchises as it even has an island named ‘James Bond Island’.

₹ 2250/- per person
Enquire Now
Enquire Now

4. Thailand Floating Markets

Not only a mere tourist attraction but a source of livelihood for several Thai communities, there are several popular floating markets in Thailand. Hop on a boat and navigate through waterways as you come across other boats carrying edibles like fruits, vegetables and Thai street food while others have Thai souvenirs and other knick-knacks.

₹ 2414/- per person
Enquire Now
Enquire Now

5. Wat Pho

Also known as the Temple of Reclining Buddha, the Wat Pho is one of the biggest temples in Thailand as it houses a 46 m long and 15 m long statue of Buddha covered in gold. The temple grounds also have the Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School. The temple is open for visitors from 8am to 7:30pm daily and is just an 8-minute walk from the Sanam Chai MRT station.

₹ 4195/- per person
Enquire Now
Enquire Now

6. Wat Arun

A Khmer-style building on the banks of the Chao Phraya River decorated with intricate designs of floral mosaic from glass and Chinese porcelain, the Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn is one of Thailand's top attractions. Climb up the 82 m high tower for panoramic views of the river and the best sunset in all of Bangkok.

₹ 7390/- per person
Enquire Now
Enquire Now

7. Railay Beach

Nestled between Krabi and Ao Nang, Railay Beach has got the best for everyone. The tranquil white sand beaches are perfect for lazing around, kayaking and active diving, however, the karst cliffs make it the best spot for rock climbing in the world and also have several rock-climbing schools operated by locals.

₹ 5783/- per person
Enquire Now
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8. Chatuchak Weekend Market

The biggest market in all of Bangkok, spreading over 25 acres, the Chatuchak Weekend Market has over 27 sections with 15,000 stalls selling items like clothing, accessories, handicrafts, furniture, art, food, books, antiques, etc. Be ready to bargain your best and carry an extra bag and cash for your convenience.

₹ 999/- per person
Enquire Now
Enquire Now

9. Sukhothai Historical Market

For your Saturday night adventures, the Sukhothai Night Market is held once every week from across the Yom River from 5 PM to 10 AM. Along with shops selling Thai art and crafts, the market also has special OTOP products and food items that display the unique Sukhothai culture.

₹ 999/- per person
Enquire Now
Enquire Now

10.Ayutthaya Historical Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Thailand’s former capital Ayutthaya which was once destroyed by the Burmese now stands as a historical park with ruins that are an example of Ayutthaya’s pristine architecture.

₹ 5730/- per person
Enquire Now
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11. Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai

A busy night market that is no short of a vibrant festival with complete entertainment, massage parlours, local Thai food stalls, and shops selling handicrafts and Thai souvenirs to shop from 4 PM until midnight, every Sunday. One thing to not miss at the Sunday Walking Street is the feature performances for beauty pageants and dance recitals.

₹ 999/- per person
Enquire Now
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12. Erawan National Park

The Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi is home to the famous Erawan Waterfalls which cascades down to 7 tiers. Visitors can hike up this waterfall for a surreal view and even plunge into the various pools along the way. The park also has many caves and limestone cliffs for visitors to explore and is home to elephants and deer.

₹ 6227/- per person
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What to do when you arrive in Thailand

  • Keep your Declaration form in hand (provided to you on the flight); Read more
  • Keep all travel documents (passport, valid Thai Visa, return ticket, hotel bookings etc.) ready in case the immigration officer asks to produce any document;
  • If you are an unaccompanied minor, make sure you stay with the flight attendant who is in charge of your safety. Additionally, you must recognise the adult picking you up at the airport. If you have any doubts, you must inform the airline staff immediately.
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Thailand Travel Guide

The Land of Smiles Thailand lives up to its moniker with friendly locals rustling up delicious recipes on golden beaches surrounded by azure waters. Simply put, Thailand is really tourist friendly. Read more

A majority of the locals speak Thai, but being a tourist driven economy, most locals also speak enough English to help the average tourist get by. A typical Thai itinerary should see you digging into cuisine that draws starved foodies to its streets, and sprawling on beautiful beaches buzzing with water sports by day and hedonistic parties by night. . It is not a surprise if you too are looking to grab that Thailand Visa and fly off to this sandy paradise as soon as possible. The tropical country with its lovely natural landscape, luxurious stays and plenty of wonderful activities to enjoy, sure it is one of the best travel spots on the globe.

Thailand is situated in the heart of the Southeast Asian mainland, covering an area of 513,115 and extends about 1,620 kilometres from north to south and 775 kilometres from east to west. Thailand borders the Lao People's Democratic Republic and the Union of Myanmar to the North, the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand to the East, the Union of Myanmar and the Indian Ocean to the West, and Malaysia to the south. Tourism is a major economic contributor to the Kingdom of Thailand.

Thailand tourism offer the best beautiful and most popular beaches, Islands, diverse, wildlife and tourist destination. You should also find yourself relaxing at spas in resorts where the only focus is to get you to unwind, shopping till you drop in the retail friendly capital city, or backpacking your way around the countryside. The weather in Thailand remains consistently tropical, ranging between hot, rainy and cool. Even the obvious tilt towards hot does not deter the hordes of tourists from heading to its pretty shores crowned by tropical jungle throughout the year, year after year. Thailand remains a popular choice among travellers. A Thai getaway can be tailored to suit all pockets, tastes and preferences. For budget backpackers to those used to the last word in luxury; for souls searching for the answer to hedonistic pleasure seekers; for adrenaline addicts to laid back beach bums – Thailand has something for everyone.

Places to visit

With Myanmar sharing its Northern border, Laos and Cambodia located on its Eastern front, The Gulf of Thailand located in the South and the Andaman Sea in the West, Thailand makes for a picturesque retreat the gorgeous country has a total area of 513,120 sq. km, with numerous topographical features that are absolutely striking. From winsome stone cliffs to scenic green valleys and sprawling wildlife reserves to imposing extinct volcanoes, Thailand has scores of attractive places worth paying a visit, not to mention the countless beautiful beaches every bit an exemplar of ultimate beauty and diversity.

You can also enjoy a wide spectrum of other activities in the country, right from enjoying hordes of thrilling water and land activities, superb nightlife of Thailand to throbbing beach rave parties, and rejuvenating massages on the beach, which are certainly some things to look forward to with your Thailand Visa. The attractions in the country are no less either. Apart from the pristine tropical beaches, the ancient ruins of the famous Ayuthaya, numerous royal palaces, Wat PhraKaew, ornate Buddha idols and the many beautiful Thai temples, along with impressive architecture and delightful gardens located here, are worth your attention. Known for its street food, the country lets you relish the many delicacies sold at the roadside eateries, including the famous rolled ice-creams and tangy fruit plates that are simply too good to ignore.

Thailand is also a potpourri of different ethnicities, cultures and traditions. From discovering the ascetic lifestyles of the Buddhist monks to visiting the proofs of pre-Buddhist Thai culture vested in spirit houses or attending the many colourful festivals and typical Thai dance and music shows are other things you are sure to enjoy here. Thus, getting your Thailand Visa for Indians means not just paying a visit to this lovely nation to enjoy all of the great attractions that this country offers your way, or the indulgent back massages and water sports, but experiencing a whole new world donning a variegated pair of glasses. Apply Thailand Visa online on

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Thailand Facts and Figures

South East Asia
IST (+) 1 ½ hours Read more
Major cities:
Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Pattaya
Thai, English (secondary language of the elite), ethnic and regional dialects.
513,115 sq kms
National day:
05 Aug
Baht (THB)
Main Airline:
Thai Airways
International Airports:
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Hat Yai (HDY)
Phuket (HKT)
Chiang Mai (CNX)
Don Muang (Bangkok) (BKK)
Best time to visit Thailand:
Thailand is an all year round destination but the best time to visit Is between November to April.
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Reasons for Thailand Visa Rejection

  • add Wrong type of Thailand Visa applied

    Applying for the wrong Thai visa category can lead to rejection. Essentially, the top Thailand visa for Indians types are Thailand tourist Visa, Thailand visit visa and Thailand business visa. All the Thai visa types have different visa requirements. For instance, If you are planning to travel to Thailand for business, different documents and information will be needed from your employer or the company you are visiting in Thailand to obtain a letter of invitation outlining why you are travelling to Thailand and what business activities you will engage in. Failure to adhere to specific Thailand visa requirements will not work in your favor.

  • add Incomplete Documents

    When you go through the Thailand visa requirements and list of the required documents to apply for a Thailand visa, note that each requirement has its importance and might determine whether you get your Thai visa or not. There may be times, when a document has been missed or unintentionally a detail was wrongly filled, leading up to a rejection. For instance, something as simple as your Cover letter not having your name on it can lead to a visa denial. Failing to provide one of the documents deemed essential can result in Thailand visa rejection.

  • add Late Submission of Visa Application

    The Thailand Immigration receive thousands of visa applications each year around the world. Applying for your Thailand visa last minute, especially during peak travel season can lead to visa delays or even a refusal.

  • add Previous Thai Visa refusals

    In case, the applicant has had earlier visa refusals, it can weaken the case if the same issues have not been addressed.

  • add Previous Immigration background

    If the Consul officers find out that there are any previous violations of the Thai visa rules or violation of visa rules for any other countries, it could have an impact on your Thailand visa application.

  • add Criminal Case

    If the applicant has a pending criminal case or any criminal background, the Thai visa application will be refused if you are not able to convince the Thailand Government that you are not a risk to public security.

  • add Hiring services of non-qualified Experts

    With the rise of fake and inexperienced companies, many Thailand visa applications are either refused or delayed due to improper guidance and process.

How to avoid Thailand Visa Rejection

  1. First and foremost, you should make sure you are applying for the appropriate type of Thailand visa for Indians. Choose the type of Thailand visa for Indians that is most relevant to you so you can prepare on gathering the right documents.
  2. The Thailand Visa application form is the main document and it is important that all information be entered correctly. Applications with incorrect information are refused. For instance: passport numbers, date of birth or other information.
  3. Each document plays an important role in the outcome of your Thai visa application. On receiving the full list of the Thailand visa requirements, make sure, you go through the list thoroughly and create your own checklist and do not miss on anything.
  4. With reference to previous Thai visa rejections, find out the reasons behind them and address them accordingly so as to not repeat the same mistakes again. Otherwise, the applicant may face a Bangkok visa rejection again.
  5. Whether your Thailand tourist visa, visit visa, or business visa was denied due to some or other reasons, our Thailand visa online process is designed in a way to improve your chance of successful Thailand e visa approval. You can visit our official website for detailed information about the Thailand visa process and get in touch with our Visa Experts to get started.
  6. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the Thailand visa requirements as well as submit the necessary documentation well in advance of your Thai trip, in order to avoid a visa rejection due to late submission. We recommend you apply 30 days within your intended date of travel.
  7. Seek professional assistance for your Bangkok visa application. Once you have an idea of what you think led to the Thai Visa rejection, seek help from a trusted Visa Agent. Get their professional opinion. Allow them to evaluate your application based on its merits and how to go about.

Visa Services - Terms & Conditions

  1. Visa application fees along with the service charge are non-refundable in all cases. Even in case of visa application rejection the entire amount is non-refundable.
  2. Visa application approval/rejection and processing time is at the sole discretion of the immigration and we do not have any control over the same.
  3. Visa applications may require more than usual working days for processing and it is completely dependent on the immigration.
  4. Immigration/ may ask for additional documents on a case to case basis.
  5. Prices are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice.
  6. Visa applications processing will only be after the verification of all required documents and receipt of complete payment.
  7. Visas issued under visit/business/transit/tourist profession are not eligible to work in the destination country.
  8. reserves the right to refuse applications at its discretion and bears no liability for the processing time or rejection of visa applications by the immigration.
  9. Traveller or the customer has to fully bear the penalty amount in case the destination country levy any charges.
  10. Additional charges such as documents courier, photograph development, attestation etc has to be borne by the applicant.

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    Karol Bagh,
    New Delhi – 110005.

  • add Chennai,
    142, 1st Floor, Continental Chambers,
    Nungambakkam High Road,
    Chennai - 600 034. Tamil Nadu.

Thailand Embassy

12th Floor, Express Towers,
Barrister Rajni Patel Marg,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400021

Other Visas


INR 2000/-


INR 3499/-


INR 7199/-


INR 7199/-
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Other Thailand Visa types

We currently only process Thailand Tourist Visa and Thailand Business Visas. Kindly contact the Embassy for the following Thailand visa applications.

Work Permit Visa

This is the type of Thailand Visa for Indians which needs to be obtained if you wish to establish business in Thailand or want to visit the country for suitable employment. In the latter case, you must have the offer letter from the employing company. The validity of the Thai Visa is that of 90 days, but you can extend the stay through an Extension of Stay Permit.

Education Visa

If you are a student and wish to study or join a training program in Thailand, you need to apply for an Thailand education Visa. You must produce a relevant document, or a letter of acceptance issued by the concerned university or institute in the country in order to get this Thailand Visa for Indians. The Thai Visa validity is 3 months and 6 months for a single entry and multiple entries respectively.

Marriage Visa

If you want to enter Thailand in order to marry a Thai citizen and stay in the country, you require a Marriage Visa. The validity is between 3 to 6 months with single or multiple entries respectively.

Retirement Visa

Those individuals who are aged 50 years or above can apply for this type of Thailand Visa to enter the Kingdom of Thailand. The validity of this Thailand Visa is up to one year with multiple entries.

Dependent Visa

If you wish to enter the country along with your family and stay there, you need to apply for this type of Thailand Visa.